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v33 qt4 fails to build00:14
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clbbi seem to remember seeing gstreamer=no when i updated qt401:15
clbbmight snow tuesday01:18
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tilmanspeaking of pdfs -- thanks to whoever mentioned mupdf in here01:34
tilmani like it a lot01:34
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linXeatalking about pdf. I got a pdf file from a govt department which I only can open up in windows (in my case through vbox).. I find that highly unusual.01:58
linXeaeven the native adobe reader on linux doesnt manage to open it... I thought pdf was just a "picture"01:59
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elderKHey guys!02:35
elderKI was wondering how one updates a package in the contrib repository?02:35
elderKI've found some issues with the Skype build :)02:35
elderKAnd also, after updating, I've found you've had to reinstall wpa_supplicant.02:35
elderKAs it can't find libnl anymore.02:35
elderK:) Otherwise, things are great. Good work! And it's awesome to have the latest gtk-2.24. version02:35
niklasweelderK: send an email/bug reports to the maintainer for the skype-packages02:36
elderKAh, okay.02:36
elderKthanks niklaswe :)02:36
elderKLast question for now:02:36
elderKI've started a little semi-repository. I have around 100MiB webspace so I'm putting the packages I create for my use, up there fo rothers ,too.02:37
niklaswenice :)02:37
elderKOther than testing in a virtual machine, how do I determine what dependencies a package uses that aren't listed in it's readme or configure options, other than LDD?02:37
elderKLikewise for testing new packages I create - how do I test htem well without using a VM?02:37
elderK:P Sucks because I overlooked the fact that crux comes with a fluxbox port and such, which I rebuilt :P02:38
elderKand I noticed they added qt4-32, I was about to build that too.02:38
elderKand xscrnsaver 32, etc, etc.02:38
elderKThey didn't have libsigc++-32 though, so I've created that :)02:38
elderKI'm not sure why skype needs it, it's not listed in it's ldd output.02:38
elderKHow's it going, niklaswe ?02:38
elderKThings are mostly good here, too.02:39
niklasweIm sitting and consider if I will went to manila for work or :P02:39
elderKI'm trying to setup a nice Linux system to which I can covertly migrate to ,fully.02:40
elderKAs work won't let me do my shit on a nix even though I do all of my work for them in a VM and do my shit on my own machines :P02:40
niklaswemy company I working for want that I helping the guys in mnila..02:40
elderKer, pines.02:40
niklasweelderK: yes philliphines.02:41
elderKThe company I work for has recently opened a branch there.02:41
niklasweasterisk confbridge doesnt like me :/02:45
klrrlol youtube's community is strange, watch a music video and scrolled down and checked the comments, the first comment that appears: "im pooping" and it had 12 upvotes xD02:48
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elderK[heya klrr !03:23
elderKHow's Crux going man?03:23
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klrrelderK: going well, you?03:32
prologicCRUX rocks!03:35
prologic$ ssh bart "crux && uptime"03:36
prologicCRUX version 2.703:36
prologic 03:35:55 up 558 days, 7 min,  0 users,  load average: 0.22, 0.20, 0.1803:36
prologicg'night :)03:36
klrrwell have to take a walk with my dog bb03:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ghostscript: update to 9.0706:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hpcups: update to 3.13.206:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: imagemagick: update to 6.8.206:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libtirpc: update to 0.2.306:42
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clbbanyone use ccache?11:10
clbbi see ghostscript and imagmagick have been updates11:11
clbbyesterday it was qt411:11
clbbwebkit the day before that11:12
clbbi'd like to actually use my computer sometime11:12
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tilmanteK_: qemu 1.4 is out btw12:12
v33im going to try crux again on this system12:30
jaeger-bash: su: command not found12:33
v33like i said, i have 3 keyboard, i keep forgetting which is which sometimes12:35
v33i was about to say ooooooo jaeger, you in trouble!12:35
v33hey jaeger, when do you think the 3.0 version for 32 bit is going to come out?12:36
tilmanone of us has horribly misunderstood the 3.0 announcement :P12:37
jaegerDon't even know if there will be one12:37
v33ahhh poopie12:37
v33guess ill stick with 2.812:38
v33not that i have a choice anyway lol12:38
v33another question. lets say i want to setup a server, a really powerful one, and have it be used to compile software for anyone, both on my network and out. would that be doable?12:41
tilmanv33: "anyone" includes random hippies you don't know?12:44
v33i figure i could set one up so the people here could use a really powerful cpu to compile their stuff. i know some of you guys are on a atom :P12:47
tilmanv33: sounds like a huge security problem12:50
v33i suppose thats what i get for being helpful xD12:56
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clbbwhat's a good optical media tool?13:29
clbbdon't say burn-cd13:29
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clbbanyone interested in a port for graveman?13:41
clbbneeds a lot of xfce stuff, no?13:41
teK_'lot' xfce is slim but you are right13:42
clbbi tried building silicon-empire13:43
teK_cdburnerse rocks but is .NET software :\13:43
clbbgui or cli?13:44
teK_Windows GUI13:44
teK_.NET? dunno =)13:44
teK_I'd prefer cdrecord with CLI to that setup13:44
clbbdoes .NET=mono13:46
teK_I bet not but I don't know really13:46
v33was the skype issue resolved by any chance?13:46
teK_which one?13:47
teK_skype is in contrib which is just bogus13:47
teK_it lists the 64bit deps instead of their -32 counter parts13:47
v33what do you mean bogus?13:47
teK_that's what I'm pinging Romster  for13:47
v33i tried to compile it yesterday, and qt4 failed on my 64 bit machine13:48
teK_I did to but it didnt fail13:48
v33im about to build it for 2.8 32 bit system13:48
teK_I'm on 3.013:48
v33i posted the pastebin yesterday, but regardless will try again13:48
teK_-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 40848259 [2013/02/16] /usr/ports/packages/qt4#4.8.4-3.pkg.tar.gz13:49
v33was that your way of saying qt4 built fine? :P13:49
v33such a good internet friend, teK_13:50
teK_I can upload it for you if you are so inclined to trust my finest compilate13:50
v33reall wish chromium was in the prebuilt binary during the cd installation. that would be cool13:50
v33well, let me try rebulding it again13:50
teK_37 megs hmmmm13:51
v33if i run into the same issue, i might ask you for it good sir13:51
clbbhow about a repo of pre-built packages?13:51
v33^that would be prettty cool13:51
teK_we had someone trying that before13:51
teK_he quit out of the blue :\13:52
teK_this would be a cool feature maybe in conjunction with jenkins or so13:52
teK_but well so many dreams and so litte time13:52
v33once i learn the ways of compiling software, and, acquire proper funds to build a powerful tower to compile stuff, i' wouldn't mind doing it13:53
v33but until then....13:53
teK_it was built with :13:54
teK_export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=native -mtune=native"13:54
teK_on an i713:54
v33im on an i7 as well, but a laptop one.13:54
teK_me too13:54
v33well now...13:54
teK_54sec to go ;)13:55
v33whats your upload?13:55
v33i remember one time i was getting ridiculously high upload and download13:55
v33i usually get 60 down about 8-9 up13:55
v33i was getting 80 down 15 up13:55
v33so many torrents....13:56
v33not bad13:57
teK_have fun13:57
teK_now excuse me, I have to watch the final episode of house of cards :>13:57
v33i need to watch this show too!13:58
teK_you do have to, yes13:58
v33watch suits. i lvoe that show14:01
clbbi need to setup ccache14:01
clbbis 25Gb a big enough ccache folder?14:02
clbbsuits is cool14:03
clbbfinale next week14:03
clbbharvey fires michael14:03
v33harvey has fired michael like 10 times14:04
clbbi know14:04
clbblouis is starting to be a "good" character14:05
v33oh yea14:06
v33i love his development, though at one point, they nearly destroyed him for me14:06
v33i hate what they're doing with rachel14:06
v33and shes weird. one moment, shes hot. the next she "meh"14:06
clbbi was hoping she'd go away to harvard14:06
v33she probably will14:06
v33thats my guess14:07
clbbhow about that new bitch lawyer?14:07
clbbwhat a c*nt14:07
v33she is14:07
v33she plays her part well14:08
v33shes pretty hot too14:08
v33woot woot. enw episode of top gear is going to come out soon14:08
clbbi liked michael's old girlfriend14:08
v33she was very cute14:09
v33that new lawyers line "its a good thing you're going to law school. lawyers may sleep with paralegals, but they always end up with lawyers."14:09
v33sweet jesus14:09
clbbi going to wipe my slackware partition14:15
clbband keep debian14:16
clbblinux-3.7-8 on my debian install14:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.3.1 -> 1.4.014:31
teK_thanks, tilman14:31
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klrryay new qemu :D14:32
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clbbslackware is gone15:26
clbbnew 25Gb partition ccache15:27
clbbshould i make fstab mount it in $HOME/.ccache?15:30
teK_anyone willing to try extract kexec-tools.2.3.0 with bsdtar?15:48
teK_bsdtar -p -o -xf kexec-tools-2.0.3.tar.xz15:49
teK_won't work for me. tar is fine with it15:49
frinnstCan't create 'kexec-tools-2.0.3/purgatory/arch/i386/entry32-16.S'15:50
teK_same here15:50
teK_fscking crap ;)15:50
teK_repacked && put it on
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: kexec-tools: 2.0.2 -> 2.0.315:52
frinnsthm, qemu ignores $MAKEFLAGS15:52
frinnst"make $MAKEFLAGS" maybe? or does it crap out if its not set then?15:53
teK_how did you notice? make is not run verbosely15:54
frinnstonly one cpu under load15:55
teK_oh and it does seem to use my cflags15:55
teK_makeflags .)15:55
teK_doing a quick test15:56
frinnstnope, seems it works without makeflags set15:56
teK_  make ${MAKEFLAGS:=}15:56
teK_works for sure ;>15:56
teK_thanks for noticing15:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: honor $MAKEFLAGS15:57
teK_always wondered why qemu would take so long to build15:57
frinnsti noticed it before, but i thought maybe you forced -j1 or something in the Pkgfile. never actually looked until now15:58
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tilmanso that's why the build used to take so long ;]16:01
Rotwanghow is it even possible that make didn't accept MAKEFLAGS?16:02
teK_yeah the proper way would have been to inspect the Makefile :\16:02
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teK_fakeroot pkgmk  5246.53s user 236.37s system 343% cpu 26:36.39 total16:26
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Rotwangand why is it this way: ${MAKEFLAGS:=} ?16:27
Rotwangnot simply $MAKEFLAGS16:27
teK_both work, while the first is slightly more explicit as it says: if makefalgs are unset pass nothing16:28
teK_I stayed in line with the configure-flags in the Pkgfile syntax-wise16:29
teK_now I'm heading to bed16:29
teK_good night folks16:29
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clbbconfigure: error: C compiler cannot create executables19:14
clbbdo i need to change permissions for ccache?19:14
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v33i have a question. when i open up skype, it finds my microsoft video camera, but, doesn't display anything...19:40
v33what could be causing this?19:41
v33is there any software that'll allow me to take pictures (hopefully small or lightweight too) sort of like cheese19:52
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nthwyattwhy doesn't prt-get stop with error when a dependency is not found in the ports tree?20:36
nthwyatton depinst i mean20:36
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v33god damn skype audio21:42
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Romsterv33> qt4 fails to build <- seen that easy fix either remove gstreamer or install gst-plugins-base23:01
Romsterclbb> anyone use ccache? yes i do.23:07
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Romsteralso what the hell i thought changed the deps to have -3223:11
Romsteri was out working tek23:12
clbbromster: does ccache work for prt-get builds?23:12
Romsteryes edit pkgmk.conf23:13
Romsterisn't there a readme for ccache23:13
Romsterprt-get cat ccache README23:13
Romsterit lists the shadow directory way i've since been using the set CC and CXX way.23:14
Romsterexport CCACHE_DIR="/var/cache/ccache"23:15
Romsterexport CC="ccache gcc"23:15
Romsterexport CXX="ccache g++"23:15
clbbi used $HOME/.ccache23:15
clbbi've a 25Gb partition mounted there in fstab23:16
clbbthen i ln -s everything to /bin23:17
clbbbecause its before /usr/bin in $PATH23:18
clbbit seemed to work for a test build23:19
clbbam i doing it wrong?23:19
Romsterno no23:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: skype: fix dependencies23:20
Romsterif want todo the mask directory way jsut do as the README says prepend /usr/lib/ccache to your $PATH environment variable23:20
Romsterin /etc/profile preferably.23:20
Romsterbut like i said i do it with the 3 variables in pkgmk.conf now above ^23:21
Romster/dev/sdc3                22G  1.2G   20G   6% /var/cache/ccache23:22
Romstereven 20GB seems excessive.23:22
clbbok thanks23:23
Romsterand that's with 4 different crux flavours in that ccache too.23:23
Romsteri share the same ccache in all my chroots.23:24
Romsterccache is a SSD mount. i used to use a raid0 for that though.23:24
Romsteruntil i got a SSD23:25
Romsteri can remember editing the deps before commiting so how the f did i not get the deps correct on skype.23:26
Romsteri sware i am losing my mind...23:26
Romsterunless i edited them after in the chroot and forgot to copy the file over to my system again...23:27
Romsterstupid mistake :(23:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: skype: fix dependencies23:28
Romsterv33, i'm not sure about skype audio i ahven't had tme to see if the issues in the newer skype have benne fixed23:30
Romsteram i missing any other ports now?23:30
clbbso like this will work with symlinks method ?23:31
Romsterthat'[ll work with the majority of ports, but make sure you set CCACHE_DIR to where your ccache cache is.23:34
Romsteryou said it's in /home/foo/.ccache23:34
Romsteri prefer to use a system wide cache in /var23:34
clbbok thanks23:34
Romsterand i like to use /var/cache/ccache since /var/cache/ is where cups fontconfig and ldfonfig reside.23:35
Romsterbut that's a personal preference.23:35
Romsterif oyur using fakeroot which it appears your not, you wont need to change any permissions on ccache.23:37
v33well its really weird.23:38
v33it picks up the microphone off one of my webcams, but its really muffled23:38
Romsterand don't forget to generate the cccache cache aswell.23:38
*** clbb has quit IRC23:39
Romstergot any boost set in alsamixer?23:39
Romsteri usually have to use +20db on a mic.23:39
v33i tried turning the boost on and off23:40
Romstergone into sound devices and picked the correct one?23:40
Romsterin skype23:40
Romsterusually default is fine but sometimes it'll be the wrong mic.23:40
Romsteror you can set alsa to default to the correct mic for system wide use.23:41
Romsteri get the feeling that clbb keeps rebooting when he does not need too.23:43
Romsterwas tek trying to ping me about skype or other issues as well?23:44
*** clbb has joined #crux23:47
Romsterknew it why?23:48
Romsteralso how much ram do you have?23:48
Romsterand swap space?23:48
clbbwanted /etc/profile to get reread23:48
clbb2Gb each23:48
Romsterdid you add to the PATH variable to /usr/lib/ccache ?23:49
Romsteryou either use /usr/lib/ccache in PATH /or/ set CC and CXX as you have in pkgmk.conf not both.23:49
clbbif i mount sda4 in /var the files located in /var on sda3 don't get moved there23:50
clbbdo they?23:50
Romsterit's preferable in my opinion to do the later use CC and CXX and not prepend /usr/lib/ccache in PATH, but that's upto you i thnk the PATH method broke on multilib which is crux 3.0 now.23:51
Romsterbut then i think jaeger reworked stuff in pkgutils to fix that but I have not tested the PATH shadow directory of symlink way.23:52
Romsterso it's untested.23:52
Romsterto use /usr/lib/ccache23:52
clbbi'll remove the prepend23:52
Romsterfeel free to use that if you like and unset CC and CXX in pkgmk.conf23:52
clbbor that23:52
Romsterbefore rebooting.23:52
Romsteruse one or the other but not both.23:53
Romsternow on other matters23:53
clbbwhat happens if i mount sda4 in /var?23:53
Romsterusing tempfs for compiling is faster unless you have a SSD23:53
Romsternothign it'll mount in var23:53
clbbmy crux install is on sda323:54
Romsteri mkdir /var/cache/ccache23:54
Romsterthen i mount /dev/sda3 /var/cache/ccache in fstab23:54
clbbok i'll try that23:54
clbbgotta put my kid to bed, brb23:54
Romsteras long as export CCACHE_DIR= points to it.23:54
*** v33 has quit IRC23:55

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