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Romsterwhy did he reboot again when i said not too yet...00:04
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Romsterv33, you probably need to rebuild qt4-32 with gst-plugins-base for skype to use sound.00:05
Romsteri'm assuming as i have done that on my system already as i had wine already installed.00:05
Romsterclbb, i said to wait before rebooting -_-00:05
Romsteryou have setup ccache but i see 3 other things that 1 of could of been done before rebooting.00:06
clbbok sorry00:08
Romsterand you haven't set MAKEFLAGS= in pkgmk.conf either.00:08
clbbi tried using ram but i don't have enough00:08
Romsterand your using the generic x86-64 on mtune than your cpu type if you value speed and not building stuff for other computer's i would suggest setting mtune to your cpu type00:09
Romsterthat's where swap takes over.00:09
clbbits just an atom dual core00:09
Romsterfor the large jobs but you need more than 2GB for swap and preferably multiple hdd's each with a small swap partition for faster speed.00:10
Romsterbut if you can't do that or add more ram then your stuck with what you got now.00:10
Romsterdual core so export MAKEFLAGS="-j2" in00:10
clbbi can add more swap00:11
clbbno wait00:11
Romster-mtune=atom instead of x86-6400:11
clbbits not adjacent00:11
clbbok -mtune=atom00:12
Romsterif you only got 1 hdd you really in swap in one location.00:12
Romsterbut it might be a bit slower on a atom, might be an idea to skip that for now and try it later.00:13
Romsterif it speeds up or not. when i did it i used different hdd's for swap to increase seek.00:13
Romsterjust set MAKEFLAGS and your mtune then you should be set to go.00:13
clbbis it -mtune or -march?00:14
Romstersorry -march00:14
clbbok thanks romster :)00:15
Romsterconfusing myself -mtune is for another purpose. too many things on my mind.00:15
Romstercan do stuff like -march=x86-64 -mtune=atom to have code work on all x86-64 but tuned on a atom. but don't do that.00:16
Romsteri was also going to mention i like setting00:17
Romstermakecommand      nice -n10 pkgmk -in00:17
Romsterin /etc/prt-get.conf00:17
Romsterso it's not chewing all your cpu /only if/ your using it for other tasks.00:17
Romsterand ignore all new files in footprints.00:17
Romstersaves having to come back finding out your cmpile stopped due to a new port adding extra files. or cpu 100% on pkgmk that you can't even use your pc.00:18
Romsteralso ccache will be slightly slower on the first rebuild of everything. after that it'll be faster.00:19
clbbok rebooting00:31
Romstershouldn't need too.00:31
Romsterthis is not windows.00:31
Romsterbad habbit...00:31
Romsteronly a few things need a reboot.00:32
clbbi used to have t-shirt that said "real men edit the registry'00:32
Romsterkernel upgrades, (not counting module changes), fstab changes (but you can manually mount stuff so you don't need to reboot there either)00:32
Romsterprofile changes, not required to reboot but it's easier than doing . /etc/profile in every terminal00:33
Romsterheh i do tons of windows repairing at work.00:33
Romsteri still hate windows.00:33
clbbits the worst00:34
clbbmy lasy job everything was qnx00:34
clbband windows for the busines types00:35
clbbgonna prt-get sysup then00:35
clbbghostscript and imagemagick00:36
clbbthanks again romster00:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.5.22 -> 1.5.2401:37
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-base-32: clean footprint04:00
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v33Romster, this is on crux 2.8. its a 32 bit system...10:06
v33alright, so i got the mic working. but the screen flickers blue during video talk10:16
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v33how is everyone doing today?12:29
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darkrabbitI'm at work, buying games on steam12:34
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v33oh yea12:35
v33steam came to linux...12:35
frinnstno, it came to ubuntu :)12:35
v33close enough12:35
frinnstubuntu seems to want to do its own thing12:36
v33im sure you can port it to any distro though12:36
darkrabbitIt came to linux through ubuntu12:36
darkrabbitI'm on arch, works like a charm12:36
v33what do you mean its own thing?12:36
v33inb4 RMS calls it spyware12:37
darkrabbitRMS can suck a dick. Yes, it's DRM in a nutshell12:37
darkrabbitBut it's acceptable DRM.12:37
darkrabbitCould be better, but the industry won't change obernight12:38
frinnstoh please, im so sick of the rms bashing12:38
tilmanyou know who else can suck dicks?12:38
tilmanungrateful bitches12:38
frinnstplease shut the fuck up12:38
darkrabbitWhat, I can't say he's wrong because he did a lot for the open source movement?12:39
darkrabbitYes, he did. He is also annoying.12:39
frinnstas are you12:39
darkrabbitAnd often just plain paranoid.12:39
darkrabbitAnyway, steam works surprisingly well12:40
darkrabbitIt's refreshing to not wait 15 seconds for steam to register your clicks12:40
v33oh god. i started it a fight. QUICK. calm the situation down!12:40
v33i do believe we should all be aware of the dangers of closed source software (such as skype), but, the way he handles himself could be better12:42
v33totally believe in the cause though12:42
v33its why i initially switched12:42
tilmanactually the fight was already over v3312:42
darkrabbitSteam is the most non-invasive DRM in the mainstream part of the industry btw12:43
darkrabbitAlso the biggest12:43
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darkrabbitStill not ideal though.12:44
darkrabbitI would prefer to be able to launch my games bypassing steam entirely12:45
v33man, the only game i play is rome total war12:45
v33i feel so left behind12:45
darkrabbitI want Tribes: Ascend on linux :(12:47
v33i want skype to work flawlessly on linux xD12:49
darkrabbitWell, that's probably not a priority12:49
darkrabbitSkype's a part of MS now, after all12:50
v33yea i suppose13:06
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joacimI like owning physical copies of games, so i dont really use steam that much13:18
joacimonly bought a couple of games on steam. mostly valve titles.13:19
RomsterteK_, what now?13:48
v33hi Romster13:50
teK_skype in contrib.. it has no 32 bit deps listed13:50
v33speaking of skype, would you happen to know why the screen flickers blue when on a video chat?13:51
RomsterteK_, if you looked i fixed that already13:53
Romsterand i was out working, and now i'm out again working <_<13:54
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frinnstload average: 22.19, 22.40, 19.1614:53
frinnstsilly rebuilds14:53
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teK_Reading site-wide parameters from ./
teK_Oh no, not another x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu system...15:18
teK_Using /usr/bin/gcc for a C compiler (set CC to override).15:18
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Romsteri still don't know why the arch is unknown17:36
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darkrabbitI've just showed my ~/.xinitrc to a guy I know. He stopped answering me. An hour ago.19:39
darkrabbitWe were arguing about shell scripts in daily life19:40
darkrabbitI don't see anything overly complicated here!19:41
jaegerwell, it's more complicated than most19:52
jaegermost of them say something like "exec openbox" :)19:53
darkrabbitI used to switch wms a lot19:54
darkrabbitSo that setup is kinda natural if you want to launch and set stuff regardless of the chosen session19:55
darkrabbitThat's not the actual .xinitrc though19:57
darkrabbitIt's that way because xinit ignores the shebang :)19:59
darkrabbitI know why, yes.19:59
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niklaswegood morning22:57
Romsterdarkrabbit, nothing over ordinary there.23:00
v33Romster, any idea why skype would be flickering blue?23:07
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Romsterv33, no idea23:14
Romsterhas not flickered here23:15
v33are you on 4.x?23:15
Romsterwhat triggers it?23:16
v33video chat23:16
Romsteri haven't tried that yet, i haven't had time23:16
v33if the image of my webcam is covered (while talking to someone else), it fixes itself somewhat23:16
Romsternot using crazy cxflags on qt4-32?23:17
v33i left it on the default use flags23:21
v33cflags, sorry23:23
Romster-_- this is not gentoo :D23:27

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