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v33im not on  gentoo00:40
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frinnstergo the smile00:58
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nogagplzit's just Romsters way of getting out the grinning02:55
nogagplzotherwise he'd explodeif he tried to keep it contained in his beard02:55
joacimnogagplz: you can remove my updated weechat port from your repo now. I have my own host and my repo is listed and searchable.03:13
frinnstwhat is weechat used for? irc and random IM services?03:23
fireglowmostly IRC. There's a XMPP script, but I don't know if anybody actually uses that03:26
frinnstirssi <303:31
teK_+ bitlbee <303:32
nogagplzjoacim: I'll kill it on thursday if that's ok, not near my main machine atm03:33
nogagplzprefer weechat to irssi, dunno why irssi just wasn't very accessible without fighting every step of the way03:34
frinnstIM feels very -9803:42
frinnsteven microsoft ended their IM network recently iirc03:43
teK_to buy another one03:43
teK_for quite some money03:43
joacimnogagplz: thats ok03:46
joacimmsn messenger is dead now?03:46
nogagplzamsn still works at the very least03:47
joacimoh. in one month03:47
joacim"Discontinued and retiring on March 15, 2013"03:47
joacimaccording to wikipedia03:47
frinnstcompiling firefox.. seems the $SOURCE dir had grown quite a bit :)03:48
joacimi like weechat, but there are some annoying bits. weechat tends to destroy long urls. something irssi rarely do.03:48
fireglowthat is a very valid point03:49
nogagplzthe urlgrabber hsandles things well03:49
nogagplzat least imo03:49
frinnstI use nicklist in irssi.. always manages to destroy long urls03:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission: update to 2.7709:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.7709:30
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v33i like irssi, just never figured out how to use it to view previous messages10:26
v33im on xchat now. works flawlessly (except being transparent, because dwm -____-)10:26
klrrv33: page up10:27
v33i remember i accidently did it once10:27
klrrman irssie10:27
klrrman irssi10:27
v33never figured out how, nor bothered to look into it10:27
klrris your friend :P10:27
v33but i have a far greater enemy, its name is laziness muhahaha10:28
teK_anyone using virtualbox on 64bit/3.0 CRUX?11:17
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joacimfetchmail: IMAP connection to failed: Success11:23
v33new top gear11:29
teK_and new Californication11:34
v33but i like top gear...11:35
teK_but I like Californication more..11:35
v33you disappoint me, teK_11:36
v33i would give peoples lives to have their job :P11:36
joacimtop gear is ok11:36
joacimi mostly just like james may tho.11:37
joacimhe is a nice gay11:37
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v33jeremey is a troll, hamand is funny, but yea, may is a chill dude11:42
v33there was this one pic11:43
v33using OS's to describe them. jeremey was win7, hamond MAC OS, and may, gnu/linux :P11:43
joacimi dont think it works like that, but ok =)11:52
tilmanteK_: :D12:43
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teK_Romster: libnetfilter_queue dependes on libmnl13:43
teK_and 'linking' against libnetfilter_queue with swig will fail as usr/include/libnetfilter_queue/libnetfilter_queue.h fails to include <stdint.h>13:46
teK_so much breakage \:13:46
Romsterit all worked the last time i tested them ports... i'm heading to work it'l have to wait.13:50
teK_the swig error occured while building the pythonbindings for libnfqueue13:51
teK_which is a custom buildt port of mine :)13:52
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frinnstRotwang: thunderbird needs two minor bumps (security issues)14:12
Rotwangfrinnst: k, will bump it tomorrow14:12
Rotwangfrinnst: or you can bump it if it is urgent and you have tested port14:13
frinnsti run updated ports at work. can quickly rebuild it here and push, no14:18
frinnstdo you mind if i fix the crash bug with avx? :)14:19
frinnst(like in firefox)14:19
frinnstjust a cflag tweak14:20
Rotwanggo on [;14:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 17.0.214:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 17.0.214:37
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frinnstholy crap, the chromium source is 1.1G14:40
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clbbadded a port for simpleburn
clbbit installed and runs ok15:14
clbbi haven't had anything to burn to test it yet15:15
clbbanyway it seems like a good companion for backlite15:16
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frinnsttwo tips: gtk-2 is called "gtk" and udev does not need to be listed15:33
frinnstoherwise, nice :)15:34
clbbok thanks frinnst15:35
teK_jaeger: bridge-utils fail for me iff /usr/src/linux refers to some kernel source; if there are only /usr/src/linux-n.m.o links, it builds15:56
teK_failure is: <asm/linkage.h> file not found15:56
teK_if you care; it's somewhat obscure :)15:56
jaegerI didn't think anyone was using that anymore, hehe. I'll look into it. :)16:03
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jaegerteK_: on a side note, why symlink /usr/src/linux? does something else require it?16:43
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v33im going to install crux on my friends laptop17:07
v33its on an atom OxO17:07
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Romster/usr/src/linux is a old practice and not needed anymore.17:16
RomsterteK_, where can i find your port?17:16
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RomsterteK_, on the netfilter web site17:30
Romsterlibnetfilter_queue requires libnfnetlink and a kernel that includes the nfnetlink_queue subsystem (i.e. 2.6.14 or later).17:30
Romsterbah the web site is incorrect -_-17:31
RomsterteK_, i can't test anymore without your Pkgfile work. other than libmnl is indeed required.17:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libnetfilter_queue: add missing dependency17:52
Romsterhappy now tilman ? i made a two line commit.17:54
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.41 -> 2.4.4218:02
Romsterafk work18:03
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v33Romster, you ever get a chance to check on the skype video19:51
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v33so if i setup a chroot22:56
v33and want to build a file to install on another computer22:56
v33do i just coyp the built package to a usb, and transfer it?22:56
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Romsterv33, not yet23:23
Romsteror any other way sure.23:24
v33but my question is23:24
Romstercopy the built package pkgadd it on the other system23:24
v33where is the built package stored, though?23:24
Romsterin the same directory as the Pkgfile unless you set the variable PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR in pkgmk.conf23:25
Romsterseriously do you ever read any of the documentation23:25
v33i try to...23:29
v33i figured it would be in there though23:29
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