IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-02-19

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v33so i was building the kernel and i got this error00:20
v33/usr/src/linux-3.5.4/arch/x96/include/asm/uaccess error call to copy from user overflow00:21
v33make fs/binfm_misc.o error 100:21
frinnstx96 ?00:23
frinnstoh, you didnt paste it :)00:23
frinnsti dont think i've ever come across a buildfailure in the kernel00:24
frinnstv33, you manage the wierdest things :)00:24
v33i swear to god00:24
v33i feel like this thing knows...00:24
v33this is an x86 build00:24
frinnstCONFIG_DEBUG_STRICT_USER_COPY_CHECKS=y in the kernel config?00:26
v33its set to yes00:26
v33though trace_branch_profiling is set to no00:26
frinnstdeselect it00:27
v33let me give it a shot00:29
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v33just hope it doesn't have to start all over again. this poor atom processor... xD00:30
v33which reminds me, i have to update my kernel00:30
v33that seems to have done it. thanks frinnst :)00:33
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frinnstselecting random kernel stuff ftw!01:11
frinnstcool stuff01:18
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Romsterthis is eppic bing bang theory dressed up as star trek get there car stolon in the country side..01:32
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joacimRomster: you're hosting some prebuilt packages for larger packages like firefox, dont you?04:34
joacimcan i have the url? =)04:35
teK_jaeger: (proprietary) third party projects like virtualbox or nvidia?04:38
teK_though I'm not sure if they have another way of finding the kernel sources04:38
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jaegerteK_: nvidia uses the build symlink, don't know about virtualbox05:14
teK_it  switches to /opt/VirtualBox/src/ and runs make05:18
teK_too bad that this directory does not contain a Makefile05:18
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vredfreakCan some explain to me how to escape spaces in source urls for pkgfile?06:00
vredfreak@tek_ : Thanks06:02
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niklaswehave someone get gparted to work with hp - servers? and the old driver cciss ?06:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpng: updated apng-patch08:50
Amnesia*disables firefox's pdf reader*09:02
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Amnesiacause I have more faith in mupdf:)09:19
frinnstyeah but printing09:20
frinnstbesides, it felt pretty nice in the betas09:20
AmnesiaI'm paranoia:)09:21
Amnesiafirefox will be targeted more as mupdf^^09:25
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v33good morning, or, wht ever time of day it is there09:54
v33i didn't select random kernel stuff. horrorStruck had simplified my kernel config for my laptop, and, i just transfered it to this other laptop with minor changes. :P09:54
frinnstbut you did have CONFIG_V33_BREAK_COMPILE=y enabled, right? :)09:56
sepenor as a module=M at least09:59
v33you guys are terrible10:05
joacimman. zsh makes me a sloppy typer. I'm not that mindful about typing out commands anymore as zsh tab completion fixes many of my mistakes.10:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: updated to 19.010:13
tilmanman the compilers!10:14
frinnstload average: 13.11, 16.29, 18.5510:14
frinnstnot that bad10:15
joacimi really wish you did that before i built firefox today10:15
frinnsti waited specifically to annoy you10:16
v33frinnst is starting trouble with everynoe today10:16
tilmani really should set up a qemu build farm10:17
tilmanbut i don't wanna mess with the qemu networking bs :/10:17
Amnesiafrinnst: :)10:20
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frinnstpkgadd: package database is currently locked by another process10:32
frinnstprobably the first time ever ive seen that message :)10:32
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v33you guys wont believe what happened lol12:44
Amnesiaa meteorite struck down?12:45
v33thats old news12:45
Amnesiaa new one12:45
v33no not yet. one is due to land in a few days, though. dont ask how i know.12:46
jaegera meteorite hit YOUR computer and that's what causes all the weird issues you've run into? :)12:47
joacimI hope it lands here and it is more DDR2 ram for my desktop12:47
joacimI ran out of ram while building firefox :]12:47
jaegerAlmost cheaper to buy a new computer than DDR2 now12:48
joacimI see people give away 2006-era computers once in a while12:48
joacimso i think i'll get one of those and transfer parts over to my desktop12:48
v33for desktop or laptops?12:49
joacimI need ram for my desktop. maxed out my laptop two years ago (also DDR2)12:49
v33im pretty sure i have quite a few spares12:50
joacima 4GB kit isnt that expensive honestly. tho i could probably get much better DDR3 modules for the same money12:51
v33i have 1 gig sticks...i think like 6 of them. lol12:53
joacimI used  to have 3GB in this computer, but the pair of 512MB sticks was incompatible with my chipset12:55
joacimthey caused kernelpanics and bsods12:55
v33let me look at my stack. if i do have them, and they work, ill send them to you lol12:58
joacimI tend to save all my ram ;)12:59
joacimthink i have a bag of those old 90s sticks somewhere12:59
v33oh i do too12:59
v33i have REALLLLY old ram13:00
v33not sure why or how lol13:00
joacimI don't really have anything older than pentium era stuff13:04
jaeger <-- this is the slowest thing I still have13:07
v33im trying to setup a chroot, but i dont get what "for p in *; do sudo pkgadd -r $CHROOT $p; done" means13:08
v33when i runn the command, it says pkgbuild option missing...13:08
jaegerpkgbuild? you running it on an arch box?13:10
v33no, this is crux...13:10
jaegerwhat's the exact error?13:10
v33pkgadd: option missing13:11
jaegeris $CHROOT set to anything?13:11
v33im trying to follow romsters guide13:12
v33i think i figured it out. ill just add all the core files and get the building...lol13:14
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frinnstI gave 1gig ddr2 to joe9, but he used it in a mb with ddr1 ram and shorted both out :)13:27
frinnstmight still have a couple of sticks left. 512mb modules probably13:28
frinnstaye, 2x512mb pc420013:29
v33hold on, let me check what i have13:33
joacimI have 2x1GB PC640013:34
joacimI think13:34
frinnstanyways, let me know if anybody wants them13:34
frinnstthey are just collecting dust over here13:34
v331 gig 667ghz ddr 213:35
v33a 5300 1 gig13:35
frinnstyeah these are slower13:36
v333 more 5300u 1 gig sticks13:37
v33i have a pc 100 ram stick too :P13:37
joacimI think I have one too =)13:37
joacimand a PC66 stick13:37
joacimboth are in my P2 computer that I'd like to configure for old video games13:38
joacimsome games simply wont run on my modern 2006 era computer =)13:38
v33if you need some ram, i might be able to send you some13:38
joacimI'm not in dire need13:39
joacimdont know how much shipping would cost13:40
v33me either lol13:41
frinnstdepending on the weight, its usually not that very expensive13:41
v33ill make sure to throw in some rocks in there, then...13:42
frinnsti remember when i sent beer to the states, it was pretty expensive iirc13:42
frinnstalso not very successful13:43
frinnstone can exploded13:43
v33oh boy13:43
v33wait. why did you send beer?13:43
joacimso it might as well be cheaper to spend 250 NOK on some sticks from =)13:44
joacimand less likely to blow up13:44
v33i hate american beer13:46
v33its pretty nasty13:46
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frinnstI had some lovely samuel adams during the weekend13:47
frinnstbut yeah, most of the stuff you guys make is shit :)13:47
v33german beer is the best13:48
v33and i hate beer13:48
v33i will chug that thing like its the last drink ihave13:48
joacimI usually drink norwegian beer13:48
v33never had it...13:48
v33i just know corona is the same as mexican dog piss13:49
joacimgoing to sweden to buy cheap beer is pretty popular around these parts. there is a free bus that goes from my city to a store in sweden.13:50
joacimpeople tend to buy booze and meat there13:50
frinnsthah, its insane that you guys think beer in sweden is "cheap"13:50
frinnstbut yeah, i guess it is for you :)13:51
frinnstwe travel to denmark or germany instead13:51
v33i read an article that the average income of people in sweden is purdy high13:51
joacimthe bus is called the meat bus13:51
frinnsthah, filled with bums?13:51
joacimprobably =)13:52
frinnstv33: we do alright13:52
v33land of opportunity my ass. im coming to sweden13:52
frinnstavg. income is probably a lot higher in norway. but everything is also more expensive13:52
joacimlots of taxes too13:52
v338 dollars minimum wage, FTW13:53
Romsterbuilding new firefox i'll upload it at my lunch break13:53
joacimfrom what i can see, respectable entry level work can pay around 130 NOK an hour13:53
joacimprt-get update firefox  8558.44s user 537.26s system 131% cpu 1:55:13.61 total13:54
frinnstI leave you all with this:
tilmanfuck you i'm not clicking that13:54
joacimgood night13:55
v33strange...lspci -k doesn't really list vga on this atom laptop13:57
v33oh nvm, gma50013:58
v33any binary chromium packages available?13:59
v33sweet jesus14:00
v33i love you14:00
joacimlove romster14:00
v33i was actually contemplating installing chromium on this atom.14:00
v33i occassionally love Romster too, when he's not making fun of me. xD14:01
joacimtakes two hours to build a 30MB package on this computer :S14:01
v33just to make sure. i download the package, and run pkgadd and the file name, correct?14:02
v33well, on the atom, the kernel took a solid 30 mins to compile14:02
joacimi think so14:02
joacimthink the kernel takes about 15-20 minutes on this one14:02
joacimwhat's your atom model?14:02
v33just realized im on 2.8.14:03
v33i dont think itll work14:03
joacimoh. 32-bit?14:03
v33yep :/14:03
joacimcan't be helped then =)14:04
v33prt-get depinst more ram and faster cpu plz14:04
joacimfirefox#11.0-1.pkg.tar.gz <- there is this in the i686 directory14:05
v33ill just leave the chromium buld over night. im sure itll finish in 12 hours14:05
v33at least i hope...lol14:05
joacimalso i68614:06
v33suppose i could14:08
v33grab the slightly older version....14:08
joacimthis aggressive version numbering scheme makes 6 month old software seem really old14:10
v33lol its not that old, i know14:11
v33ill just force update it later down the road :P14:11
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v33says error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file. no such file or directory14:14
joacimare you missing nspr or something?14:18
v33not quite sure14:18
v33no, i dont have it. ill compile it once wicd is finished :)14:19
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v33now libxss is complaining17:45
Romsterabout what?17:48
v33a binary installation of the chrome you have on your website17:48
v33loading shared libraries and what not17:48
Romsteroh it's probably after a older version of that.17:49
Romster i'll bump 2.8 when i get that compiled again.17:49
v33oh boy17:50
v33well, let me know if you do. i have to return this laptop to my friend soon xD17:50
v33i did a fairly good job with it, if i may say so myself17:51
Romsterload average: 7.02, 5.68, 3.8517:52
Romsteri need a faster pc...17:52
v33dont we all :/17:53
Romsteri see this wonder if it'll work on my motherboard.17:53
v33the 8350 is pretty insane17:55
v33it had really fast compile times when testing it on the linux kernel17:55
v33MOAR COARZ17:55
Romster that's the mobo i got17:56
Romsteruh wrong mobo that's the other one...17:57
v33from what i remember17:57
v33they made the 8350 backward compatible17:57
v33though dont quote me on that17:57
Romster this is my main pc one.17:59
Romsterthe next thing i need todo is get my distcc going over a few of these quadcores i now have on gigabit lan18:00
v33a "few" quad cores?18:01
v33lucky you :P18:01
Romsterdamn it where is this cpu support chart vs bios firmware version gone.18:02
Romsteryeah i got 2 so far my main desktop and another 2.4Ghz quad core that was my desktop.18:03
Romsterand a dual core for my firewall18:03
v33and here i am with my p4's and one i718:03
v33get on my level, romster18:03
Romsterah there is the link badly formatted page.18:03
Romsteri threw my last p4 out recently.18:04
v33must have been a good feeling lol18:04
Romsterbut i did keep my 486's for dos use.18:04
Romsterweb site why are you so broken...18:05
Romsteri'll look at it at work.18:05
Romsterhope it supports that or i might replace the mobo and get ddr3 ram instead then have 2 quad cores and 1 8 core for distcc.18:06
v33that woul dbe lovely18:08
v33but your electric bill...18:08
v33wait. you said you had a few solar panels18:08
Romsteri'd only have the other two on when i needed to compile.18:09
Romsterno i will have at some point.18:09
Romsterafk work, firefox for 3.0 uploading18:10
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Romsterand firefox23:53
frinnstyou build with the basix x86-64 march?23:58

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