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Romsteryes x86-64 on 3.0 and i686 on 2.800:11
v33sweet. thanks romster!00:17
v33ill add it tomorrow!00:17
v33good night though00:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_1500:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_1500:30
Romstergod damn it this never ends...00:41
Romsterwait what happend to 14?00:42
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jueRomster: was never released01:04
Romsterseems to be a fad went from 9 10 11 13 15 i see a pattern here01:10
frinnstyeah and why chose odd numbers for stable versions when everybody else uses even? "fuck you, world /oracle" thats why03:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_1503:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_1503:36
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elderKHey guys.04:43
elderKHas anyone had any trouble with the SLiM port?04:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: 9.2.1 -> 9.2.304:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 3.004:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: fluxbox: 1.3.4 -> 1.3.504:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: feh: 2.8 -> 2.9.104:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: 4.37.0 -> 4.38.004:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: freeciv: 2.3.3 -> 2.3.404:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
pitilloelderK: which kind of trouble? building? running? configuring?04:51
teK_elderK: which trouble?04:52
elderKpitillo: Naw. Just, when I boot slim, nothing appears.04:52
elderKNo mouse, no nothing. No images.04:52
elderKThe logs show no errors.04:52
elderKJust... nothing.04:52
pitillonothing in Xorg log neither?04:52
elderKAlso, shutting down slim (rc.d/slim stop), doesn't kill X. Only SLIM. X is left running.04:52
elderKNope :(04:52
pitilloelderK: yer, there are some problems with service's stop04:53
elderKI would've thought that X would terminate when SLIM died, as slim is it's only client?04:53
elderKI'll play with it's scripts later, after I get SLIM working properly...04:54
pitillocan you pastebin slim.log?04:54
elderKSure. Give me a moment.04:54
elderKWell. No.04:54
elderKI remove dit in frustration :(04:54
elderKLast I used it, however, there was nothing in the log. Nothing pointing out something wrong.04:54
elderKI know Slim was reading it's configuration file correctly as when I put jumbo in there, it did spit out errors.04:55
elderKI just don't get why nothing appeared on screen.04:55
pitillowhat's jumbo?04:55
pitillohave you tried to run it without that garbage?04:56
pitilloslim default setup and then, try to debug your garbage04:56
elderKOf course. I crammed the garbage in there just to make it spit out errors in the log. I did that just to make sure it was actually paying attention to it's configuratiopn file. I thought maybe it wasn't finding it and SLIM didn't fail gracefully when it couldn't find a theme or osmething...04:56
elderKAye. I tried default setup.04:57
elderKJust a black, blank screen.04:57
elderKNo mouse, no nothing.04:57
elderKThe only thing that pointed out anything,04:57
elderKwas that it kept complaining about no XSecurity for SLIM.04:57
pitillodoes your Xserver start right without slim and with your current wm?04:57
elderKand it never seemed to create one for SLIM.04:57
elderKI'm in Openbox now, just fine.04:57
pitillostrange then04:57
elderKI'd tinker more with it but I've just started a sysup04:58
elderKand I'm not running that in screen so I can't just detach :/04:58
pitilloslim.log and Xorg's log can help here04:58
elderK:/ Firefox is going to take freaking years to build.04:58
pitilloI've built it on a toy and currently builds and run right...04:59
elderKFF or Slim?04:59
elderKNo doubt FF will build. Just, man, ages... same with QT.04:59
pitilloelderK: here will take some more years to build xD04:59
pitilloI meant slim... I'm currently building FF on the same toy and slim was pretty fast :D04:59
pitillothe problem isn't how much time it will take... the problem will begin if the build is broken on ARM xD05:01
pitillosome cups of patience on the way05:01
pitillonot yet, the smarttop, the pi is on the way with a sysup before I put hands on omxplayer05:02
niklaswehello guys, how are you?05:10
pitillohey niklaswe, here finishing cooking and heading to take it :D05:17
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niklaswepitillo: hehe nice to hear :) what will it be to lunch/dinner?05:34
pitilloniklaswe: lunch time here :)05:43
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frinnst<3 veeam + cbt06:41
frinnst125gb processed, 165mb backed up06:42
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niklaswehehe =)07:13
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v33Romster, even with the upgrade to the new one, it stills complains about the same lib09:38
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frinnstwhat complains about what?09:57
Amnesiapitillo: is omxplayer still as crap as it was previously?09:58
pitilloAmnesia: no idea, I've never used omxplayer but seems it plays fine with the rpi10:00
Amnesiait doesn't allow forwarding/rewinding10:00
v33chromium complains about libxss10:10
v33and for some reason, lilo messed up again -___-10:13
Amnesiav33: you were using wicd weren't you?10:16
v33its currently stuck on bios data check successful10:17
AmnesiaI'm going to write a script enable you to connect to a wireless AP10:17
v33i dont think that'll help :P10:18
v33still stuck at bios data check successful haha10:18
Amnesiais the kernel image actually present?10:18
v33im going to try to rebuild the kernel10:18
Amnesiathat's useless if it doesn't load at all:)10:19
v33i was thinking maybe the image could be corrupt...10:19
v33was the smile your way of saying im wrong? xD10:20
v33was booting just fine yesterday. the only thing i added was chromium. doubt that'll mess anything up10:21
v33lets hope it works10:25
v33fixed it :D10:25
Amnesiacorrupted image?10:27
Amnesiaor corrupted mbr?10:27
joacimare you missing dependencies for chromium still?10:27
v33not sure if the image or the mbr. since last time i tried just cp the kernel and running lilo but to no avail10:28
v33joacim yes i am. though not sure which ones10:28
joacimprt-get depends?10:28
v33looks like im missing xorg-libxinerama10:30
v33ill finish those up once i get back from school.10:30
elderKHey guys,10:32
elderK:P Which one of you guys is Simone Rota?10:32
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v33the wireless tools link seems to be down10:37
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v33samsung ssd drive for
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v33.xz files, the most blasphemous of them all11:55
Amnesiawieso ?11:56
v33can never seem to extract them normally11:57
Amnesiatar xJf $xz_file11:57
Amnesiayou could even omit the J11:58
tilmanv33: "bsdtar xf file.tar.xz"11:58
tilmanv33: it's not getting easier11:58
v33i mean i've googled aroudn and every time i try one of the commands, it looks like its doign something and then chagnes its mind11:59
v33maybe linux just isn't for me xD11:59
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v33so, what can be done to make this crux setup on the atom perform a bit better/12:45
rauzhi is anyone useing icecream for distributed compilation ?12:56
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frinnstRotwang: new thunderbird again :)13:00
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rauzhow can i tell pkgmk.conf to use more cores ?13:17
frinnstadd export MAKEFLAGS="-j 4" or how many cores you want to use13:18
frinnsti wonder what will break when i convert two disks in raid0 to a single disk with btrfs13:21
frinnstdont say that!13:22
tilmanfrinnst: but..but.. we're talking about btrfs here13:22
jaegerI didn't say anything, don't know anything13:22
frinnstit has moved ~600gb, 2tb to go13:22
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rauzi dont get it why my system dont use icecream i set it up as told in the man page13:34
frinnstwith what? pkgmk?13:37
frinnstdoes pkgmk still use gcc?13:37
frinnstshould probably be useful13:38
rauzi used distcc before but i want to switch to icecream13:38
frinnstyeah but did you set the path stuff in pkgmk.conf ?13:39
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v33somehow i get the feeling this hard drive is getting ready to go...21:32
v33it randomly got stuck at the loading bios screen...21:33
v33i dont get how this is possible....the root pcmanfm icons, the regular user doesn't. lol22:23
v33i got it, nvm :P22:27
tilmanv33: i had the same symptom (bios hangs trying to identify the drive) with a bad hdd22:36
tilmanv33: i guess you know smartmontools? you probably should that for errors22:36
Romsterv33, chromium is built with prt-get depinst chromium so do that then it will work.23:30
Romsteryour probably missing a dep23:30
Romstericecream name isn't even descriptive unlike distcc is.23:33
Romstersmartctl -t long /dev/sda23:39
Romsterrauz, you make a Pkgfile of icecream?23:40
Romsterhmm my mobo can't take that newer cpu and i'm not keen on moving to a fm2 socket quadcore with the apu in it... where the hell are the newer cpus that have 12 cores already23:44
Romsterthat they promised ages ago23:45
Romsterjaeger, is the xeon the only real way to go dual socket setups? or is there something better now days?23:53

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