IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-02-21

v33Romster i checked with depends, and got it resolved. thought i had posted how it worked. thanks again anyway!00:02
v33tilman i fear it might be because i force shutdown the system00:02
v33Romster, i know they have server grade cpu's that have 12 cores...00:09
Romsterif it's a journaled filesystem it's hard to wreck the filesystem00:09
Romsterwhat type i'm sick of waiting on amd to delver00:10
Romstermight be worth looking into this
v33wait. you want 2 cpu's on one board?00:12
Romsterof i can't get a 8-12 core songle cpu00:13
Romsterthat 8 core thing needs a am3+ mobo but why get a am3+ mobo when the fm2 movo's are out but those are only 4 core00:14
Romsterthough i don't know how many bogomips those could do00:14
Romsterand the apu to me is pretty much useless on the fm200:15
v33i see...00:16
v33what are your thoughts on the whole amd vs intel thing in regards to those paid benchmarks?00:16
Romsterhmm 2.1GHz this 8 core is 4GHz
Romsteri don't go on them benchmarks there probably skewed00:18
Romsteri think the i7s might have a bit more edge but the amds use a bit less power00:19
Romsterand are usually cheaper to buy00:19
Romsteri really think the cpu market is currently stagnant00:20
Romster seriously insane prices00:25
Romsterthe mobo is cheap enough
Romsterup to 64 GB of system memory is nice00:27
Romsterbut the lowest 8 core i7 is $1,169.00 aud O_O00:27
frinnsti think the only thing speaking for amd is probably the price00:27
Romsterwith ht it's probably 16 cores all up00:28
frinnstyou can get the one I have for maybe 2000SEK.. would translate to maybe 250 USD00:28
frinnsti7 2600k00:28
Romster250USD is far more like it00:28
frinnst8 cores with ht00:28
Romsterat this price i could probably import one00:29
Romstereven less cpu's and no 8 core ones...00:30
Romsterwhat's a decent usa shop that will export to australia...00:30
frinnstso a customer we're migrating to us hosted their own servers previously00:32
*** mike_k has joined #crux00:32
frinnstthey had a svn server on a citrix host00:32
frinnstbackups were dumped to another vm on the same hardware00:32
frinnstguess what happened? :)00:33
Romsteroh gawd poof the hdd died?00:33
Romsteror it was on another hdd but the psu blew all the hdd's to death00:34
frinnstheh almost, raid corruption00:34
Romsteroh gawd yeah i don't like raid for that...00:34
Romsterthat's why you keep a backup not on the same raid00:34
Romsterwhat's the part number for that i7 2600 8 core cpu?00:35
Romsteri had to recover a clients data that he thought was on raid1 turns out it was on a 2 disk raid0 :D00:36
frinnstis a critical component for them too00:37
Romsterand it would not assemble and the second disk had bad sectors and would not even read. i had to ddrescue that disk to a new one then use some recovery software and i at least knew the offset and block size to assemble it correctly to copy the good files off it.00:37
frinnstdunno how many people they employ, 200 world wide maybe? if this was lost they might as well just go home00:37
Romsterwell data recovery service might be the best idea00:37
Romsterthe hell though, if i say that i'd be going OMFG are you nuts.00:38
frinnstluckily the company we stole this client from managed to get it back00:38
Romsterthat's only a 4 core 8 thread cpu... you must be blind.00:39
Romsterand socket 115500:39
teK_I have this 2600K and yes it's only 4 physical cores ;)00:40
Romsteri might jsut have to go with a am3+ mobo and that 8 core chip00:40
Romsterthe offerings of socket fm2 are not with my time.00:41
Romsterunless they get something decent by the time i got the money to buy one.00:41
teK_I planned on buying some cheap off the shelf servers with many cores some time ago for vmware and I opted for AMD, too (due to the number of cores/$$$)00:42
Romsterthat hyper threading is a poor programmers way to ulitise more cores00:43
Romster that's my best option00:43
Romster8 core 4Ghz00:44
Romstersadly my mobo is only AM3 not AM3+ damn it00:44
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RomsterKingston KHX16C9K4/32X 32GB (4x8GB) 1600Mhz DDR3 - $299.00 and a suitable mobo00:48
Romsteri'm quite happy with the 4 core teK_ but i just need more power.00:49
teK_more cores = more fun :>00:49
Romstercompiling is the biggest killer00:49
Romsterand linux is capable of using tons of cores just fine.00:49
RomsterteK_, wile your alive and here, got the Pkgfile of that stuff you were trying todo i'd like to reproduce that.00:51
Romsterand get a fix in upstream00:51
Romsterbut i need a working case for proof00:51
teK_I'm @ the office right now with no access to my machine at home, so that'll have to wait. sorry00:52
Romsterk send it my way when you have the chance00:52
Romsteri wish you would have sooner.00:53
teK_Busy as hell :o00:53
Romsterlike when you reported it a pastebin of how you did it.00:53
Romsterhehe that is me too busy as hell.00:53
mike_kwas there a simple way to list all installed packages other packages do not depend on?01:50
mike_kto celanup the system a bit )01:50
teK_       listorphans [-v|-vv]02:01
teK_              List installed ports which have no dependent packages02:01
mike_kteK_: where did you get it from?02:05
mike_kor wait, prt-get!02:05
mike_kthanks. somehow did not notice that02:07
mike_kanyone using old grub-1 on CRUX 3.0? Not sure if I want to switch or to compile static 32-bit grub...02:08
*** sepen has joined #crux02:08
Romsterstatic 32-bit grub?02:16
Romsterguess it wont work on 64bit?02:16
Romstermorning sepen02:16
mike_kRomster: I remember doing 32 bit static grub for x86-64-only CRUX02:18
Romsterit's multilib now so should be fairly easy as it should only need glibc-3202:19
mike_kdon't want to risk with grub2. or am I wrong assuming it requires some fancy/modern partitioning scheme?02:19
mike_kRomster: hmm, it should02:19
Romstergrub2 works but it's configuration is ugly.02:20
Romsteri prefer lilo02:20
mike_kI am used to grub and its tricks since playing with other OSes in prior life. (and still have to boot from the second HDD to run ARMAII form time to time)02:22
Romsterlilo can chain load as well.02:24
Romsterfind me a boot manager that isn't gtub2, and handles UUID.02:24
Romsterthat does not require a initramfs.02:25
Romsternone exist :/02:25
frinnstI used to use a static grub1 on x86_6402:25
frinnsthmm, syslinux supports uuid iirc02:26
mike_kfrinnst: can you remind me how to build one? just passing '-static' to gcc?02:26
frinnstdont remember, was maybe 5 years ago :)02:26
frinnstrw-r--r-- 1 fredrik fredrik 781K Dec 24  2008 grub-0.97-5.static.tar.gz02:26
frinnstprobably VERY broken02:27
*** Romster has quit IRC02:27
mike_kfrinnst: I was actually doing that on your distro near that time too )02:27
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*** Romster has quit IRC02:28
*** Romster has joined #crux02:28
Romstergrr damn brownout and my UPS is too undersized it can't hold up my desktop pc...02:29
mike_kRomster: can Lilo swap drives on the fly? like grub's "map (hd1) (hd0)"?02:29
Romsternow i forgot what i was typing..02:29
Romsteri'm not sure on that02:29
mike_kM$ needs that if it does not reside on first HDD02:30
Romsterbecause M$ is crap02:30
Romsteri keep M$ on it's own hdd02:30
frinnstyeah you can do that in lilo02:30
Romsterwell away from my linux hdd stuff02:31
Romsterbut then i can at least count 10 hdd's here.02:31
mike_kok, I'll take a look02:31
frinnstwhat kind of ups do you have romster?03:08
frinnstLOADPCT  :  16.0 Percent Load Capacity03:08
frinnstBCHARGE  : 100.0 Percent03:08
frinnstTIMELEFT :  45.0 Minutes03:08
frinnsthp microserver + my desktop both running :>03:08
fireglowfrinnst: which microserver? I'd like to know power usage of those, only found a very vague number yet.03:23
Romsterthis one is a APC CS50003:24
*** nyc_ has joined #crux03:24
Romsterpicked it up for nothing replaced the battery, it'll be ok on my gateway pc and router etc... but i need a bigger one on my deskop03:24
Romsterthis desktop has a 720watt psu in it, not sure how much of that is being used though03:25
Romster500 so this is a 500va probably a 350watt rms or something.03:25
Romsterand i haven't bothered to setup nut on mine either...03:26
*** MadSkipjack has quit IRC03:34
frinnstI use apcupsd03:43
Romsteri'll look into that03:53
Romstermake -j1 || make -j1 || make -j103:54
Romsterwhat the hell.03:54
frinnsthaha yeah i know03:56
frinnstnot had time to look into it03:56
frinnstalways something more fun to do03:57
joacimi think my 500W psu is too old for modern components04:01
joacimthink my psu was made 10 years ago04:01
joacimsomething about not providing enough amps or something like that04:01
RomsterError executing formatting or display command.04:02
Romsterweirdness indeed04:02
frinnstthe paths for the binaries are probably a bit screwed also, everything is in sbin04:03
RomsterCannot communicate with UPS via serial port. Please make sure the port specified on the DEVICE directive is correct, and that your cable specification on the UPSCABLE directive is correct04:06
Romsterit's over usb not sure how to configure that04:07
Romsterheck i haven't even bothered or had time to figure out how to hibernate linux yet04:08
frinnstthen i configure it for tcp on my desktop, since the usb is connected to my server04:09
frinnstUPSTYPE net and DEVICE = <ip>04:10
fireglowyeah okay04:10
RomsterBCHARGE  : 100.0 Percent04:17
RomsterTIMELEFT :  10.0 Minutes04:17
Romsterfigures i have no LOADPCT04:18
Romsterthis might be easier to setup than nut but it's only for APC correct frinnst ?04:18
Romsteryeah that apcaccess should be in bin04:19
Romsterguess it'll shutdown if the ups don't overload on me.04:23
Romsterfrinnst, i think you forgot to answer fireglow's question or i didn't see the answer...04:25
Romsterjoacim, check the current on each rail 3.3v 5v and 12v (some have multiple 12v rails)04:25
fireglowooh yes please04:25
Romsterif it meets or exceeds the current requirement's it's fine.04:26
joacim20A, is that right?04:27
Romsterbut that defeats this
Romsteryeah you got 2 20 amp rails on 12 volts.04:31
Romsterthe 3.3v and 5v rails seems high enough for a mobo04:32
Romsterbut thee is a toal raiting of 475 watts combined on 33 5 and 12 volt rails.04:33
Romsterso you wont get the entire 20 amps unless your mobo draws less.04:34
Romsterand anything else using 3.3 and 5 volts like hdd's04:34
Romstersimple ohms law stuff.04:36
joacimi think i have my book of formulas from highschool physics class still04:37
Romstervolts * amps = watts04:38
Romster bit pricey but would cover my desktop and move this smaller ups to my router04:42
Romsterneed more money -_-04:43
Romsterneed to do some stuff in evilos bbl04:44
*** Romster has quit IRC04:49
*** dkoby has joined #crux05:00
frinnstwhat question?05:10
frinnstoh sorry05:10
frinnstits the old version with the nl36 cpu05:10
frinnst4 spinning disks and a ssd05:10
frinnstI should be able to get some power statistics when btrfs on my desktop has finished with the rebalance05:14
frinnstbut i have to say i really love it05:14
*** joe9 has joined #crux06:00
*** jdolan has quit IRC06:14
*** Romster has joined #crux06:25
Romsterfinally i'm on crux 3.006:25
*** Kaishi has quit IRC06:36
rauzRomster no i didn't make a pkgfile should i make one ?06:51
Romsteri was talking about teK_ earlier and his issue with netfilter queue port.06:52
Romsterunless i was also talking to you too rauz in which case i have forgotten what i said06:53
rauzabout icecream06:53
Romsteroh that yeah06:53
Romsterwould be nice.06:53
Romsterbut is it any better than distcc the only thing i read is that if the other machines are being used it can manage what pc is less loaded to send a job too.06:54
Romsterlovely there is a thunderstorm here06:54
rauzi was useing distcc before and wanted to try it06:54
rauzi will make a pkgfile after my exams :(06:55
Romsternp no rush06:55
Romster... that was bright lightening flash06:55
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC06:55
rauzthunderstorms are so nice06:56
Romsteryeah until ya under one06:56
rauzas long as you are in a house or car its nice :D06:57
Romsterman one day a lightening strike though the sky practicly above me was so bright i had spots in my eyes and so loud it deffend me for a good 20 minutes06:57
Romsterthat time i was outside06:57
Romsterwas all small stuff in the distance then that.06:58
Romsterthis is just coastal lightening where the hot air hits the cold are over the ocean06:58
Romsterand i'm not that far from the ocean so i get too see this alot.06:58
rauzare thunderstorms near the ocean more powerfull than over land ?06:59
Romsterbut most of the lightening is out at sea07:00
Romstersometimes it comes past the house and it rumbles like crazy07:00
Romsterstill the annoying part is when it hits the power lines and causes a brownout.07:01
Romsteror worse blackout07:01
Romsterthere is like a strike every 3-4 seconds O_O07:03
Romsterif i ping out you'll know why07:04
rauzmy roommate hosts a lanparty tonight so i have to install windows a spare harddiskt and i didnt install windows since xp07:09
Romsterit practically installs itself now07:09
rauznext next finished :)07:09
Romsterand usually sorts device drivers for you07:09
Romsterwhen it don't work i get the things to fix07:10
rauzwhen it wont work i try to get steam running on linux :D07:10
Romster2:08 am as much as i'd like to stay up and watch the lightening i need sleep for tomorrows work.07:11
*** Romster has quit IRC07:23
*** tj_ has quit IRC07:24
*** tj_ has joined #crux07:26
*** DaViruz has quit IRC07:39
*** jdolan has joined #crux07:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: enemy-territory: fixed pbsetup and etkey issues and cleanup08:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: true-combat-elite: fixed sources, some perms and cleanup08:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ftgl: fixed build problems (FS#876)08:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xawtv: updated to 3.102 (FS#805)08:01
*** dkoby has quit IRC08:05
*** klrr has joined #crux08:23
klrrhey, i installed crux on a new machine, but the kwyboard and mouse doesnt work even if i marked y on usb support and plug and plau support, what else do i have to include in the kernel to get them working?08:24
jaegerCONFIG_USB_HID=y probably08:29
jaegerCONFIG_HID=y as well08:29
jaegerNot for the mouse and keyboard08:30
klrri dont find usb_hid, it aint inside Device drivers/hid support08:32
klrrnvm it's already in the kernel08:32
klrrso what can the problem be?08:32
*** j^2 has joined #crux08:33
jaegerklrr: are both of them in the kernel?08:39
jaegerklrr: also is it one of those logitech unifying devices?08:39
klrrit's a logiyech kb and a mionix mice08:39
klrris it somehow possible to use the kernel that comes with the iso?08:40
jaegerNot without tweaks08:40
jaegerCONFIG_HID_LOGITECH_DJ=y might also be needed if it's one of the unifying receiver type... if it's wired, then that's probably not it08:41
klrrthe thing is08:41
frinnstyou need raw hid support also iirc08:41
klrrmy menuconfig somehow doesnt show all hid sulo08:41
klrrsupport options08:42
frinnstthen you have deselected a dependency08:42
frinnstuse / to search, also lists deps08:42
klrri havent deselwcted anyhinf08:42
klrrsry for typos m on the phone08:42
frinnstwell, not selected then08:43
klrrwhich one?08:43
klrrhow can i find its dependencies?08:45
jaegerAlso make sure you have the proper HCI support because a given machine can have 1 to 4 different USB controllers in it08:45
jaegerfor USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, etc.08:45
jaeger'lspci -v | grep -i hci' can help there08:45
klrrthose drivers doesnt come up in my menuconfig wtf08:48
*** j^2 has quit IRC08:48
*** j^2 has joined #crux08:48
*** j^2 has quit IRC08:48
klrrwhy doesnt they show up? is it possible to use a pre made config?08:49
jaegerThey should show up in a search if nothing else, what are you searching? try just HCI?08:52
klrri did08:53
klrrbut how should i enable them if they arent in the menus?08:53
klrrthey show up when i search for them, and where they are08:54
klrrbut they aint there08:54
jaegerUSB_UHCI_HCD <-- how about this?08:54
jaegerIf it's not there, get a new kernel source, something is wrong with that one08:54
klrrit aint there08:56
klrrwhich kernel source shouldvi dl08:56
*** j^2 has joined #crux08:56
klrri mean08:56
klrrwhat ver.08:57
jaegerwhichever you want08:58
klrri go with 3.708:59
klrryeah it showed up in search but not in menu09:00
frinnstdid you enable everything in the "Depends on:" line?09:02
*** klrr has quit IRC09:14
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*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #crux09:15
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*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #crux09:15
*** vaddi has joined #crux09:20
tilmanwhat was that paid benchmarks thing v33 mentioned this morning?09:21
frinnstdunno, but dont everyone cheat at benchmarks? amd, nvidia etc09:24
*** klrr has joined #crux09:39
klrrnow menuconfig works :) what drivers fid uou guys recommend?09:40
klrrwait, can someone link to the irc logs?09:42
*** tilman has quit IRC09:42
*** tilman has joined #crux09:44
klrrnvm found 'em09:45
klrrcompiling now :)09:45
*** joacim has quit IRC10:02
*** joacim has joined #crux10:04
*** lasso has joined #crux10:06
*** v33 has joined #crux10:12
v33i left this laptop on before going to bed to compile skype. its been roughly 8 hours, and its still going :D10:12
tilmanskype is available in source form these days? o_O10:15
frinnstheh yeah my thought exactly10:15
frinnstmaybe qt is a dep?10:15
Amnesiaanyone using qemu over here?10:18
klrri used qemu to run plan910:20
frinnstis that still in development?10:22
klrryes there's a fork actively developed10:22
frinnstseems there were a conf in december10:23
Amnesiafrinnst: I'm running a winxp guest with virtio10:23
Amnesiabut flash crap's still laggy10:23
Amnesiavirtualbox's fine10:23
Amnesiagot any idea:P?10:23
klrrguys, i compiled 3.7linux  and now usb kb and mice work, but i cant boot i get a huge error even though i have ext4 builtin, any ideas?10:24
frinnstpost your config someplace10:24
klrrill upload video of the error10:26
klrrhow do i paste my config without X?10:26
frinnstor something similar10:27
frinnstchroot from the installcd and install it in the chroot10:27
klrryes ive done yhat several times now10:28
frinnstno, install wgetpaste in the chroot10:28
frinnstconfigure the network and upload the config with wgetpaste10:28
klrris it in opt?10:29
klrrhere's the error
*** j^2_ has joined #crux10:32
klrrit was in contrib10:33
frinnstoh, it booted the kernel10:33
*** j^2 has quit IRC10:34
*** joe9 has quit IRC10:34
frinnstwell looks like it tries to mount the wrong fs as /10:34
frinnstdid you setup fstab?10:34
klrryes i guess i did it wrong then10:34
*** j^2_ has quit IRC10:34
*** j^2 has joined #crux10:34
klrrfrinnst: my fstab is correct though10:35
*** joe9 has joined #crux10:35
Amnesiaklrr: add "compact" to your lilo.conf:p10:38
Amnesiacause it's taking ages to load your kernel10:39
Amnesiaplease post your fstab10:39
klrrfrinnst: here's mu kconf
frinnstyeah but you seem to be able to boot your kernel just fine10:42
frinnstits probably a filesystem/fstab error10:42
klrrokey, so should i re-mkfs.ext4, change fstab or change lilo.conf or sth else?10:43
Amnesiaklrr: most likely it's tried to fsck while /dev/sdb1 has been mounted already10:45
klrrokey, is the fs broken?10:46
Amnesiano, but you're unable to fsck when a fs is mounted10:46
Amnesiaand currently that's causing the exception10:46
klrrhow do i solve that?10:47
Amnesiafix your fstab10:48
Amnesiaread /etc/rc to understand what's going on10:49
klrrok, but i have always had that fstab, why did it worked before?10:50
Amnesiayour kernel itself definitly isn't the problem10:52
klrr is it syntatic error ?10:52
Amnesiayou could use a fbdev module btw:)10:53
klrrin the kernel?10:54
Amnesiawait, found it10:54
Amnesiarechecked your video10:54
Amnesiayou've missed out devtmpfs support10:54
klrrin kernel?10:54
Amnesiaand apparantly you've got invalid kernel options10:55
klrrthanks!!!!! :D10:55
*** joacim has quit IRC10:57
darkrabbitBeat Hazard on Linux!10:57
*** joacim has joined #crux10:57
darkrabbitAvailable via Steam as of today10:57
Amnesia32 bit right?10:58
klrris steam support amd64?10:58
klrrgammel smurf10:58
darkrabbitsteam is 32bit only, yeah10:58
darkrabbitNot like you can't use it on a 64bit system10:58
klrrdo i need devtmpfs_mount?10:59
Amnesiaklrr: yep10:59
Amnesiadarkrabbit: I don't feel like installing 32 bit crap:P10:59
klrrok, thanks a lot for the help11:00
darkrabbit>32 bit crap11:00
darkrabbitI don't get this elitism11:00
klrrdont you need some multilib stuff?11:00
klrrhe maybe not wanna install too much11:01
darkrabbitYou can have the best: a modern 64bit system with the ability to run 32bit software.11:01
darkrabbitBut you limit yourself... why exactly?11:01
darkrabbitBut then, to each their own11:01
Amnesiatbh I don't game at all11:02
Amnesiaand there's nothing else I need 32 bit support for11:02
Amnesiaso for me it's a waste of disk space11:02
darkrabbitThere's not much else out there that is 32bit-only, yes11:02
darkrabbitGames and some old stuff no one cares about anymore11:03
Amnesiaand I'm pretty glad with my rootfs being 840 mb:)11:03
joacimi really see no point in making new 32-bit software these days11:04
*** pitillo has quit IRC11:05
*** pitillo_ has joined #crux11:05
joacimthere is so little on my mac that is still 32-bit. Steam and some random video game from 2006 are the only ones i have installed11:06
klrrthe two games i play support amd6411:06
joacimi think winrar is the only 64-bit application i have installed on windows11:07
joacimi forgot about waterfox.11:07
joacimI use waterfox and winrar11:07
*** klrr has quit IRC11:09
Amnesiaworking now?11:09
Amnesiajoacim: hm11:09
darkrabbitjoacim, devs still make 32bit games foe Windows11:09
darkrabbitFor some reason11:09
Amnesianever heard of waterfox before11:09
*** klrr has joined #crux11:09
Amnesiawhy not use mozilla's x86_64 firefox branch?11:09
joacimI guess steam needs to keep it 32-bit due to the windows compatibility layer they depend on for mac and linuxreleases11:09
darkrabbit>Waterfox is a high performance browser based on the Mozilla Firefox source code. Waterfox is specifically for 64-bit systems, with one thing in mind: speed11:09
Amnesia Latest version: 18.0.1  ;[11:10
joacimAmnesia: didnt the firefox devs stop making those for windows?11:10
Amnesiaah windows11:10
darkrabbitWell, it makes sense that it's behind the main releases11:10
Amnesiathough it's linux you were talking 'bout11:10
Amnesiaah it11:11
Amnesia's windows11:11
joacimi think 64-bit versions gain access to some 64-bit specific security features11:11
darkrabbit# pacman -Ss waterfox11:11
Amnesiadarkrabbit: windows only11:11
klrrbooting now11:11
Amnesiaklrr: victory \o/11:11
klrrit WORKS! :D11:12
darkrabbitAmnesia, Blood and thunder!11:12
Amnesiaklrr: with the same fstab?11:12
joacimeverything is 64-bit on my crux install. i dont really see a need for 32-bit libraries yet11:12
Amnesiajoacim: same here11:13
Amnesiahm system fails when I set pass to '2' on /dev/sda3 :)11:18
Amnesialet me have a look^^11:18
Amnesiathat's causing it11:21
klrrwhat editor do you guys use?11:21
joacimvim usually11:22
joacimdepends on what i'm doing11:22
Amnesiasame here11:23
klrrim using nano but gonna learn ed and then start using sam(a ed front end'ish editor from plan9)11:23
darkrabbitYeah, vim here.11:24
darkrabbitCan't think of a reason to use anything else11:24
*** pomysl has joined #crux11:31
*** pomysl has quit IRC11:31
*** pomysl has joined #crux11:31
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*** DaViruz has joined #crux11:35
*** DaViruz_ has joined #crux11:54
*** DaViruz_ has quit IRC11:54
*** mathieui has joined #crux12:16
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux12:23
jaegerklrr: I've been out of my office, just got back. everything working now?12:28
klrrjaeger: yes i installed linux3.7 and just enabled the logitech dj driver and devtmpfs and eveything worked :)12:44
klrrgood night everyone!12:44
*** klrr has quit IRC12:44
jaegerah, good12:45
joe9 /ws 3612:45
*** joacim has quit IRC13:03
Amnesia can't find that in english-.-13:06
*** joacim has joined #crux13:06
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v33so i compiled skype on a 32 bit system and the built in camera works fine with no blue flicker13:23
v33the other system wont do the same. strange...13:23
tilmanldd segfaults when i run it on 32 bit binaries. any idea what's up with that?13:26
*** Romster has joined #crux13:37
*** Romster has quit IRC13:37
*** Romster has joined #crux13:37
Rotwangldd is a bash script afaik13:38 segfaults?13:39
Romsterdamn storm i think it might have killed my other adsl modem.13:39
tilmanRotwang: the only way i can get the steam binary to startup is this:13:40
tilman/lib32/ path/to/steam.binary13:40
*** vaddi has quit IRC13:50
Romster$ ldd /usr/bin/skype |wgetpaste -s dpaste13:54
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterworks here13:54
Romsterafk work13:58
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jaegertilman: I didn't have to do that for reference14:51
jaegerthough it's been a couple weeks since I messed with it14:51
nthwyattsince xorg ports is optional at crux install should it be mentioned in port dependencies for those packages that need X to run?14:52
Amnesiadoes one of you folks use a tilling manager + qemu?15:00
Amnesia(using sdl)15:00
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darkrabbitnthwyatt, obviously. If a port NEEDS xorg to run, the dependencies should include it16:29
darkrabbitAlong with any other ports it depends on16:29
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v33since this hard drive is somewhat getting ready to go, is it advisable to image the hard drive and clone it to another?21:56
*** _afu_ has quit IRC22:03
frinnstno, let it die without backups :)23:05
tilmanrunning ldd on binaries that i built on this system before i updated to 3.0 (it was x86 abck then) also crashes ld23:12
tilmani can run it on 32 bit binaries that i built with the new 3.0 toolchain though23:12
tilmanguess i'll try the glibc update23:14
Romsterv33, ddrescue23:26
Romsteri got a ton of 1 and 3tb hdd's now i got my first 3tb disk more to come.23:26
v33let me google ddrescue lol23:27
Romster1 and 2*23:27
Romsterprt-get depinst ddrescue23:27
Romsterddrescue -fn /dev/source /dev/destination ddrescue.log23:27
v33the data is fine. if i rewrite the mbr, it boots up normally. it just constantly stops loading at the bios for lilo23:28
Romsterand when thats dune rerun with ddrescue -fd -r 10 /dev/source /dev/destination ddrescue.log23:28
Romsterthen it should copy fast23:29
v33there isn't anything on that hard drive. its a fresh crux install...i just dont want to recompile everything lol23:30
Romsteri use ddrescue constantly at work23:30
v33thinking of using acronis just to image it and have the system on another drive23:30
Romsterthen why not rsync it?23:30
v33rsync? o.o23:31
Romsterparttion and mkfs.ext4 on the new hdd23:31
Romstermount the new and old hdd at some mount point23:31
Romsterrsync -av /mnt/old/* /mnt/new/23:32
Romsternote trailing / is important23:32
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC23:32
v33assuming i can do that through the crux iso?23:33
Romsteri suggest you read a man page per a day23:33
Romsterif it's got rsync on it. else linux rescue cd does23:33
Romsterif you want to you could even use sfddisk to copy the partiton layout as is to the new disk or fdisk it manually.23:34
v33i feel like using acronis would be easier23:35
v33but will definetly look into rsyncing23:35
v33man, just realized if i had another enclosure kit, i could do this all on my laptop lol23:39
*** dkoby has quit IRC23:41

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