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Amnesiafree rpi colocation \o/00:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.1501:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.5.401:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: adobereader: fixed deps01:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.5.403:04
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elderKHey guys.03:42
elderKAnyone here used wmctrl?03:42
elderKand urxvt?03:42
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frinnsturxvt yes05:25
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frinnstfucking dns-caches06:55
jaegersilly abe07:03
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klrrhow's it going?09:22
jaegerReasonably well09:23
jaegerHow about you?09:25
klrrgood i guess, have candy and sofa and gonna write a blog in sh09:26
klrrvery simple blog09:27
klrrit'll take markdown and generate a post in the blog09:27
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AmnesiaPingax: got a dd image of your crux arm installation by any chance:P?10:13
Amnesiaor at least a bunch of prebuilt packages?10:14
klrrcrux on arm? :)10:14
Amnesiaaye aye sir10:14
PingaxAmnesia, i'm not your man, sorry xD don't have any arm hw10:16
Amnesiaah fuck10:16
Amnesiapitillo: *10:16
pitilloAmnesia: yes I have some packages built... 177MB and growing xD10:44
Amnesiagot some bandwidth left^^?10:44
pitillomy connection is crappy...10:45
Amnesiadefine crap:)?10:46
Amnesia< 150 kB/s ?10:46
AmnesiaI don't feel like compiling for ages10:47
pitillo40KB/s... and some cuts...10:47
pitillothen why don't you try other distros?10:47
Amnesiacause crux's awesome10:48
pitillothen, have you tried to install and make a native build?10:48
Amnesiaguess I'll give that a shot:)10:48
Amnesiawill have to hurry though for my free colocation\o./10:48
pitilloI don't understand, sorry10:49
AmnesiaI'm going to colocate a rpi10:50
pitillocolocate? do you mean sell it? install it for someone?10:51
tilmancolocation is when you take your own hardware and put it in a datacenter pitillo10:51
tilmanpitillo: eg
pitilloah, sorry. I understand now. Thank you tilman10:53
Amnesiatilman: curious whether they're going to buy my fake id:P10:54
Amnesiapitillo: :O10:55
tilmanAmnesia: you are trying to dupe people who offer free colocation?10:55
pitillointeresting, but it sounds a bit complex if something happens10:55
tilmanwtf is wrong with you10:55
Amnesiatilman: don't want to use my real name..10:56
Amnesia<- paranoid10:56
tilmanthat's just so wrong10:56
pitilloAmnesia: those are the packages built in the release... (generic hardfp support, not optimized) All packages to build releases are there10:56
Amnesiatilman: why?10:57
Amnesiait's just a db entry..10:57
Amnesiapitillo: neat10:57
tilmanif everyone did that they wouldn't (be able) offer that service10:57
Amnesiawhy not??10:57
tilmanare you 13?10:58
pitilloor what do you want to do with that rpi?10:58
teK_hack the planet10:58
Amnesiahost porn10:58
Amnesianah, just play with stuff10:59
teK_but honestly I don't get why using a false name would hurt the service11:00
Amnesiame neither11:00
Amnesiaand I don't really get what someone's age has got to do with it11:01
teK_implying it's childish.11:01
tilmanimplying an adult should figure it out11:01
Amnesia13 year old kids mostly spam all their info on the net..11:01
Amnesiafigure what out..11:02
tilmanteK_: what if Amnesia hosts child porn on his rpi, the datacenter gets paid a visit by the cops..?11:02
Amnesiawhy they wouldn't be able to run the service with people using fake identities?11:02
tilmanteK_: then the nice people offering free hosting are probably screwed, right?11:02
tilmanAmnesia: ignored11:02
Amnesiatilman: supplying fake info doesn't immediately I'm going to abuse stuff..11:03
teK_in either case the data center has to give proof that it really was a co-located server11:03
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Amnesiapitillo: how long does it take to compile a kernel on a rpi :P?11:21
Amnesia3 days:)?11:21
teK_on my mobile i7 it took freaking ten minutes on a SSD11:22
Amnesiathat's pretty neat11:23
teK_it's more than twice as slow on my dekstop i711:23
teK_or not as half as fast as on my desktop i7 :O11:23
teK_-as? dunno.11:24
Amnesiait also takes like 10 min on my laptop..11:24
Amnesiaso 10 min is pretty neat11:24
joacimit takes ten minutes to compile on my 2006 C2D. are you compiling a big kernel or something?11:32
teK_6,2MB, linux-3.8.011:32
teK_make -j411:33
pitilloI don't build it on the rpi, it's cross-built currently. I haven't built a native one yet but some hours sure11:33
Amnesiajoacim: nope, it's only the bare essentials11:33
Amnesia4.9M/boot/vmlinuz (gzip)11:33
joacimmy vmlinuz is about 2.8 MB11:33
joacimno idea. default compression11:34
teK_< LZO11:35
Amnesiathink my hd is the bottleneclk11:36
AmnesiaI'll try my ram11:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dev86: updated to 0.16.911:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: iasl: updated to 2013021411:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualbox: updated to 4.2.6 (thanks Thomas)11:54
Amnesia11 mins..11:54
teK_yay :)11:55
teK_now sepen only has to push the 25 update for chromium too. Better send him a patch, too :>11:56
Amnesia11 mins in ram with 4 cores which are 2.5GHz, is pretty slow..11:59
Amnesiahow the fsck's that possible o011:59
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v33what took 11 mins?12:06
Amnesiacompilation of a custom kernel12:08
Amnesiaretrying with the cpu governor set to performance..12:09
Amnesiaonce again 11 min12:16
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v33i dont think changing the cpu governer would change the time it takes to compile12:46
Amnesiaofc it would12:47
Amnesialooks like some bug12:47
Amnesiacpu MHz: 1200.00012:47
Amnesiathe governor's set to performance12:48
v33i always had it set to either on demand/ or performance both were about the same time12:50
v33assumed it ws because it didn't matter lol12:50
Amnesiaconservative is what I;m looking for12:51
Amnesiabut apparantly it keeps it on 1200mhz12:51
frinnstdepends on the cpu i guess. doubt you'll see any performance degradation with demand on a newish cpu12:52
Amnesiaofc you would12:53
Amnesiawell, depends:p12:54
frinnstgot any benchmarks of that?12:54
Amnesiawell currently I;m stuck on 1200mhz12:54
frinnstno matter the load? well then i guess you'll notice12:54
Amnesiale bug12:55
teK_am I the only one to notice _real_ slowdowns in e.g. chromium during compilation tasks?12:55
v33teK_ i notice it once in a blue moon too12:56
v33particularly on youtube videos12:56
teK_I think that this was different some months ago12:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: fmod: updated to 4.44.0713:19
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tilman"I promptly vomited in the trash can next to me, rolled up my sleeves and started restoring the password files from mksysb."15:01
tilmandiverse: dunno, i was quoting for the vomit-in-trash-can part :D15:08
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Romsterhmm pitillo is it woth me mirriroing your arm stuff on it's on 100mbit15:34
RomsterAmnesia, if you really require anonymity use i2p15:38
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RomsterAmnesia, if you need better compiling speed use i do. and configure kernel to use BFS15:43
Romsterthen set MAKEFIALGS to -j415:43
Romsterno more than the number of cores.15:43
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teK_hey sepen15:57
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sepenhey thanks for your mail15:58
teK_you will receive another one in about 10 seconds :>15:59
sepenwhats up?15:59
teK_chromium 25 stable branch16:00
teK_see your mail dir :316:00
teK_built fine for me16:01
sepenbit a bit, now I'm trying to update blender and all his deps16:01
sepenbut thanks again for doing my work ;D16:01
sepenteK_: how did you create git patches? git diff ? git email?16:03
teK_git format-patch16:04
teK_I was just curious and wanted to get chromium and my chromium-pdf port in sync as chromium would crash with new version of the pdf plugin16:05
sepenI like that so seems a more profesional way to send patches16:05
sepenI used to run mupdf16:06
teK_though I attached it manually with mutt etc. but that can be automated, too16:06
teK_mupdf? but not in-browser? :)16:06
sepenI don't like browsers doing more things than plain/html :D16:06
teK_in fact I do (for pdfs)16:07
sepenwell never noticed that issue, can be easily reproducible?16:07
teK_my version of chromuim was just too old as I'm still on 2.7 or 2.8 for that particular machine ;)16:08
sepenteK_: you know about my packages?16:08
sepenI should upload last ones for 24, both x86/6416:09
teK_AND I never published my chromium-pdf port16:09
teK_no I didn't16:09
sepenI used to do that for qt4 and chromium, some bigger ports that I don't like to build in all my boxes16:09
sepenso chromium-pdf is illegal?16:09
sepenlike heroin?16:09
teK_no? :P16:09
teK_I just did not get arround syncing etc.16:10
sepennah, I should drink more beer instead16:10
joacimi think having your browser be able to preview pdfs is kinda nice. tho i hate it when i find one of those giant 300 MB pdfs16:10
teK_the viewer is really nice..16:11
sepen+ 20 open tabs16:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium-pdf: initial import16:11
teK_it's already @25.16:12
teK_to extract the .so, yeah..16:13
sepenteK_: why not provide that in opt/chromium?16:13
teK_because I do not maintain it *g*16:13
teK_and I wanted it16:13
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teK_you can have it / integrate it / leave it16:15
sepenteK_: I'll commit your diff, but also I'll rebuild chromium here16:15
teK_ take your time :)16:15
sepenI like to have both port sync'ed16:15
teK_it'd make sense if you took it, too16:16
sepen/usr/lib/chromium/ is that the official place for plugins?16:16
teK_it works so I guess.. yeah16:16
sepenhmm I meant, can't we use our common /usr/lib/mozilla...16:16
teK_You'd have to test, dunno really16:17
sepenor discuss another common place for browser-plugins16:17
frinnstdoesnt chrome have a pdf reader already=16:17
teK_and I'm in the middle of something ;)16:17
teK_frinnst: chrome has. chromium doesn't. AFAIK16:17
sepenI think debian or fedoras use /usr/lib/browser-plugin16:17
frinnstah. firefox has one these days16:18
frinnstspeaking of.. i should backport 19 to 2.816:18
frinnst(just to annoy pitillo)16:19
sepenhe has 80% of his boxes running 2.8 due to 32b, like me16:20
sepenwell, thats not true, maybe 40%, the other 40% are ARM boxes16:20
sepenin fact is running 2 installations of 2.8 ;D16:22
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: firefox: updated to 19.016:25
teK_feel free to adapt/remove my port etc.16:26
teK_I'm going to bed </work day>16:27
frinnstyeah im all for adjusting the firefox port16:27
teK_its chromium.16:28
teK_but I fully trust sepen to do the right thing16:28
sepengn teK_16:29
Romsterthanks frinnst i just read that entire page...16:47
Romstersepen, i to have packages
Romsteri also built firefox 19 for 2.8 too.16:51
Romster7 hours todo a smartctl -t long on a 3tb hdd O_O17:33
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v33what kind of raid did you do20:21
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Romsteri have multiple raid1 in mdadm20:51
Romsterlvm on top of that but some disks are not raid120:51
v33 raid 1 was mostly redundancy right?21:19
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diversev33: raid 1 is the definition of redundancy.21:29
v33lol well i remembered something, eh?21:29
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Romsteryes just redundancy for a failing disk.21:37
Romsterfunny there is raid0 but 0 is not redundancy21:38
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diverseRomster: what is the issue?21:40
diversedid all the disks in Raid 1 fail?21:40
Romsterno issue raid by definition is redundant but 0 is striped and offers no redundancy infact it increase failure of data by number of disks in raid021:41
Romsterno issues diverse jsut the 7 hours it takes to check a new 3tb hdd.21:41
Romsterwith smartctl -t long21:41
Romsterthat was not a typo 7 hours.21:41
Romstermost disks only take 1-2 hours21:42
diverse3tb is pretty huge though21:42
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diverseMaybe OC the ram to make the process faster? :P21:44
diverseoh wait but you are limited but the write speed... carry on!21:44
diverse*you are limited to the write speed (of the disk)21:45
diverseRomster: is this for a server?21:46
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Romsterit's my desktop21:58
Romsteri just have t wait the smart check is internal to the hdd.21:58
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