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RomsterE5300 -march can't figure what to set it too and no i don't want to use native as i'll use this with distcc01:24
Romsteri'll just have to get this over the other pc somehow...01:28
Romsterecho \"\" | gcc -march=native -v -E - 2>&1 | grep cc1 | sed -e's/^.* - //g'01:28
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elderKHey peeps.01:36
elderKI was wondering how, precisely, I set it up so people can access the ports I've created.01:36
Romsterpretty much a core2 without extra sse stuff.01:56
RomsterelderK, It's not just you! looks down from here.02:01
Romsteryour dns has not propagated here yet or your host is down.02:01
Romsterrsync or httpup?02:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: distcc: fix compile with treating warnings as errors02:02
Romsteroh nuts i can't use ms-dos paertitons on a 3TB hdd can i -_-02:03
Romsterwhat do we use now gdisk?02:04
Romsterhmm or i can just use it raw with lvm202:04
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elderKSorry guys, I made a typo!02:18
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Romsterportspage . > index.html02:22
Romsterjust run them two when you update your repo. you hadn't ran the second command.02:23
Romsterdon't have time now too look at quality of ports, email sepen to get it on portsdb02:23
elderKthanks, Romster.02:23
elderKI've only put in the URI, Description, Packager and depends. The depends as best I can from examining ldd output.02:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: blender: dropped port02:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: aqsis: dropped port02:28
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joacimRomster: parted?03:26
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joacimthink i would use parted and create a guid partition table. bios-only computers should be able to use such drives03:32
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pitilloff19... nice present for the weekend xD04:46
elderKhey pitillo04:47
pitilloyo elderK :)04:47
pitilloI'm feeding the toy currently with qt4... next one... ff again (crossing fingers to let it building without problems)04:56
pitillohere there are some feeling between hate and love about you frinnst04:57
pitillohello Pingax04:59
elderKwhat's up pitillo ?05:43
pitillonot much elderK, starting the weekend with some funny stuff ahead :)05:45
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elderK:P pitillo funny stuff?06:14
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tilmanreal    1937m39.287s07:32
tilmanuser    1818m28.020s07:32
tilmansys     129m18.450s07:32
tilmanwoohoo, gcc bootstrap done07:32
frinnston what?07:51
frinnstraspberry? :)07:51
tilmanfrinnst: didn't want to torture my guruplug :)07:52
frinnstyeah it might overheat :D07:52
tilmandunno, mine has awesome hardware mod ;)07:53
frinnstbut a fan, right?07:53
frinnsti cannibalized my guru for the psu to my sheeva07:53
tilmanWTF -- don't have pics of the modded hardware07:54
tilmanfrinnst: i just replaced the crappy heatsink plate with individual heatsinks for each chip07:54
tilmanand replaced the itnernal PSU with an external one07:54
tilman(no wifi, ethX in 100mbit mode :D)07:55
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frinnsthaha thats cheating07:59
frinnstit was the gbit connection that made it overheat iirc?08:01
tilmanor just mostly?08:02
tilmani never needed the gigabit mode08:02
tilmanso i'm not 100% sure anymore why i decided to tweak the hw08:02
frinnstdunno, i never really used it. but i do remember connecting it to my lan and it just died after ~10 minutes and i remember you could burn yourself on the rj45 connector casing08:03
tilmanQA ftw08:03
frinnstlol yeah08:03
tilmanif you have it ;)08:03
frinnsti'll never buy anything they make again :)08:04
tilmani wish qemu could emulate more than one cpu08:05
tilmanwaiting 32 hours for a bootstrap is ridiculous08:05
frinnst-smp flag doesnt work?08:05
tilmandidn't even try, but i'm fairly sure it doesn't work for arm08:06
frinnsthow sucky08:07
frinnstman, monitoring a wan backup is like watching paint dry08:07
frinnst20hrs done, 2:30 to go08:09
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Romsterreminds me of the time i smelt a hot electrical smell... used finger to touch each integrated circuit 8 and 14 pin dip packages, one was so hot it made my finger blister....08:22
frinnstsmelling close with your nose is usually a good method of detecting heat, if practical08:23
Romsterreplaced and all was good but ouch a week or so of finger tip heeling of blister08:24
Romsteri tried that but there are so many ic's in close proximity08:24
Romstera laser heat gun would of been a better idea than my poor finger.08:24
pitillotilman it does on vexpress but there aren't benefits using 4 threads (not tested myself, but that's from a comment)08:29
tilmanpitillo: it's only useful to me if it means qemu will use N processes/threads on the host side ofc08:30
pitilloah I see, but that's a mix betwen host and guest. Not sure if that's possible between ar hes08:30
pitillos/ar hes/arches08:31
pitilloqemu seems to relay dimy be setting up some qemu instances and setting up a farm of guest arch? thinking loud08:32
pitillos/dimy be/directly08:33
Romsterouch my typing that painful with typos as i'm reading your text.08:33
pitillopfff the phone has eaten some words... sorry.08:33
tilmanpitillo: yeah, that's what people seem to do08:33
tilmanpitillo: i doubt it will help with gcc _bootstrap_ though08:34
pitillosorry Romster... between my english and the phone...08:34
tilmansince you'd have to copy the stage1/stage2 compilers across the farm08:34
Romsterit's ok pitillo i'm tipsy here anyways08:34
pitilloummmm I'm not sure about that, but it has sense08:34
pitillosplitting jobs but on a bootstrap... it can be a goos research thing to see if is possible or if there is a way to make distributed bootstraps (may be with a shared build but that sounds hard, may be rc on the fly08:36
Romsteri missed dinner so i just had 3 fried eggs on toast now i'm off to bed. g'night.08:44
pitillonight Romster08:45
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diverseThe protein in the eggs will keep you awake Romster10:09
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v33so i cant image anything on that hard drive because it went to hell. guess who has to re compile everything on an atom. lol11:18
joacimI need a hint11:23
joacimwell I give up11:31
frinnst"Two Botflies Extracted from Man's Arm: The Birth of Joey and Little Dick"11:40
frinnstwhat a beautiful moment11:40
jaegerfor the whole family to share11:45
v33my question is, how did you stumble across this gem?11:57
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diverseAnyone here use bitlbee?14:57
diverseteK_: how is the experience? I am thinking of migrating from pidgin to it.14:59
teK_I like it very much, using it together with irssi for irc, jabber, icq and twitter15:01
teK_and I have been using it for about three years15:06
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v33house of cards is amazing19:55
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diversev33: what else is interesting?19:59
diverseSeriously, this channel is too quiet.19:59
v33game of thrones20:01
v33breaking bad20:01
v33walking dead i heard is good20:01
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