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Romsterused to be very chatty01:07
darkrabbitThe Talking Dead01:10
prologichey Romster did you ever retry sahriswiki for me?01:41
Romsterah i was gonna do more after you fixed that damn error i keep hitting on saving a wiki page.02:27
Romsteri haven't tried since i've been out today02:27
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Romsterand i'm in the process of setting up another crux box and i got this funky compile error using distcc now02:29
Romsterwhat the hell is up with distcc i've not hit this before.02:42
Romsterfinally progress, that was  a dumb thing to do, oh well found and working now.03:51
Romsterso when i'm done i'll have 10 build jobs on 3 machines at 6 now.03:52
Romsterseriously need to find some other boxes i can add to the collection.03:52
Romsternote to self update distcc wiki guide.03:55
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Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/firefox#19.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.06:01
Romster-j6 over two machines, how does that compare?06:01
frinnstill try it here06:05
Romster that's with -O2 -march=amdfam10 and populating ccache with hashes too so it might be a bit on the slow side.06:06
frinnst-O2 -march=native here. forcing 6 jobs06:07
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Dark_lightIf I modify let's say a contrib or core port what's the easiest way to go about updating it in the future?06:08
frinnstkeep a local repository06:08
Romstercp -r it to your own collection06:08
Romsteradd a prtdir to that location in prt-get.conf06:09
Romsterabove the other repos so it sees your port before the rest06:09
Romsterbut we would prefer if it's trivial to contact the maintainer email/irc or flyspray bug tracker.06:10
Dark_lightRomster: yeah but then I should change it according to the update in it's collection every time06:10
Dark_lightRomster: It's not a bug it's just that for istance I don't want to install gtk with wicd  so I'd change a flag but at the same time it's a bit of an hassle to remember to check and modify it when a new update comes out06:11
Dark_lightI mean I would probably forget about it :P06:11
Romsterwell you could use a script to check and bump your Pkgfile version=06:11
Romsterwell i need to bump wicd06:12
Dark_lightRomster: How could I go about that? (the script I mean) also I'd need to change dependencies too06:12
Romsteri could possibly make gtk a optional dependency so it can work as console only too06:12
Romsteri'm busy with other stuff atm06:13
joacimi think some package managers are able to handle user modifications of official package scripts.06:13
joacimeg. homebrew06:13
Dark_lightRomster: that would be really nice :-) but I guess I'd find myself in the same situation sooner or later06:13
Dark_lightjoacim: can you give me a link to it?06:14
RomsterGUI's should be optional on stuff that can be done in console06:14
Romsterjoacim, yeah i'd like to look at that myself.06:14
frinnsttransmission is for example splitted out into two ports, one console and one gtk306:14
Romsterthat's slightly different joacim06:15
Romsteri could possibly do that too frinnst06:15
AmnesiaRomster: yeah i2p's ok06:15
Amnesiabut that's not going to help me with colocation:)06:16
Romsterno but it hides what you do06:16
AmnesiaI know06:17
AmnesiaI've got more faith in i2p as I've got with tor^^06:17
Dark_lightRomster: I'll wait for a new wicd without gtk port then :-), one more question is there a tool such as revdep-rebuild (a gentoo script) that can tell me what I should recompile after an update?06:18
RomsterAmnesia, i2p is more secure than tor.06:18
Amnesiaanyway, got to fix cpu scaling today06:18
RomsterAmnesia, i talk to the i2p devs06:18
Amnesiait's stuck at 1.2 ghzp06:18
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(revdep)06:19
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep06:19
Romsterwill tell you the port you need to install Dark_light06:19
RomsterAmnesia, you sure it's stuck and jsut not scaling up when under load?06:20
Dark_lightRomster: thank you :-)06:20
AmnesiaRomster: yep06:20
Amnesiait's le strange06:20
RomsterDark_light, you can if you prefer RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee ~/revdep.log06:21
frinnstdid you try another govenor again (or just disable it all together) yet?06:21
Amnesiayes I did06:21
Amnesiabut for some reason bios_limit is set to 1.2 ghz06:21
Amnesiaso that may be relevant06:21
frinnstso did you check the bios? :D06:21
Romsteri have to seen a bios limit before.06:22
Romsterbut my money would be on that setting not set to the maximum speed.06:22
Romsterthe kernel goveners change the power state of the cpu if the bios is limiting it's max power state to say p3 it wont get to power state p4 or higher.06:23
Amnesiashouldn't be too hard to fix06:24
Romsterforget which govener i am on on i think it's ondemand06:24
frinnstbut if you just disable the driver completely, surely it runs at full frequency?06:24
joacimmine is set to ondemand, but it only ranges from 1.6 to 1.8 GHz :/06:25
Romstercpu MHz: 3400.00006:25
Romsterbut it's under load currently.06:25
AmnesiaI'm using conservative06:25
Amnesiaso it should increase when there's high load06:25
Romsterone core was on 800MHz06:25
Romsterlike when compiling something cat /proc/cpuinfo06:26
Amnesiaor do some heavy computation:)06:26
Romstergrep 'cpu MHz' /proc/cpuinfo06:26
Romsterhow many cores and what Mhz/cpu frinnst06:26
Romsterwell lower than my 33 minutes.06:26
frinnst6 cores, i7 2600k06:27
frinnstdunno what the max clock is, 3400mhz or something06:27
frinnst+ "turbo" stuff so it scales over the "max" a bit06:28
Romsterdamn this is not good enough.... though i havne't tweaked it much yet and i got another 4 jobs to be added yet.06:28
Romsterah i don't have turbo but i can over clock this if i wanted too.06:28
frinnsti really hate that term :)06:29
frinnstwhat good does air do?! silly intel06:29
Romstertry this Amnesia06:30
Romsterwatch -n1 'grep "cpu MHz" /proc/cpuinfo'06:30
joacimthey could've called it supercharged or something06:30
Romsterthen you can monitor your cores speed as you try stuff.06:30
frinnstjoacim: haha06:30
AmnesiaRomster: I already checked whether it increased on load:006:30
Romsterkinda reminds me of them turbo buttons on the old pc cases.06:30
joacimthat stuff works well with linux?06:30
Amnesiausing watch :P06:30
Romstersmarter than the average penguin06:31
frinnstits not something linux controls and you cant monitor just by looking in cpuinfo if i understand it correctly06:32
frinnstso, dunno :D06:32
Romsteryou could possibly see it in cpuinfo.06:33
Romsterwhen i overclocked my k7 it showed the increased frequencies.06:33
frinnstyes of course, but not with turbo boost06:33
Romstersadly the mobo slowly died on the pci interface but the cpu was rock solid.06:33
Romsterand people said they were crap, not with a decent cpu cooler.06:34
frinnstk7 were awesome06:34
Romstereh dunno but i know you can't control it but might be some aggressive level in bios.06:34
Romsterother than the k7 had no SSE2 and the nvidia driver sneaked that requirement in later on06:35
frinnstwith i7z it shows it goes over 3.5ghz06:35
RomsterA better i7 (and now i3, i5) reporting tool for Linux.06:37
Romsterah so it shows the real speed06:37
frinnstscumbag netflix. keeps asking me if im still watching06:37
Romsternice project name now that it covers i3 and i5 too.06:37
Romsteryes | netflix06:37
Amnesiahm no turbo boost crap in my bios:p06:44
frinnstis that what you have?06:51
Amnesiawell I am indeed not using my battery06:51
Amnesiasince I'm on AC for 99.5% of the time06:52
Amnesiatbh it's pretty ridiculous06:52
Amnesia current policy: frequency should be within 1.20 GHz and 1.20 GHz.06:53
Amnesia                  The governor "conservative" may decide which speed to use06:53
Amnesia                  within this range.06:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk: updated to 2.24.1606:57
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prtrycHey. Is anybody here using GNU/Emacs? I've found a Pkgfile for it in the PortsDB, however, it seems to have an undocumented depency: libgif/libungif. This doesn't seem to be satisfied by the package: giflib. Now, by searching online, it seems to me that giflib and libgif/libungif is essentially the same thing, which confuses me. Can someone shed some light on my situation?07:05
AmnesiaFU lenovo07:06
Amnesiait's scaling fine now07:09
Amnesiagot to get myself a new ac adpater07:09
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frinnsthow can they ship a laptop like that? 90% of all laptop usage is on AC07:14
frinnstbtw, that statistic is straight from my ass ;)07:14
joacimmy laptop wont even boot without a battery07:14
Rotwang76% of all statistics on the intenets are made up07:14
joacimtho i dont know if that is the case or if it is just my laptop having a broken something07:15
rmullprtryc: libungif is no longer relevant - it was in place to work around some patent issues with giflib, but those patents have expired (or something) and the functionality has been rolled back into giflib07:15
Amnesiamy laptop will be shit in 2 years if I put it in my laptop all the time07:15
joacimi just know that my battery is dead and i have to wait for a new one to arrive before i can besure07:15
Amnesiathink I'll get myself a 90watt adapter:/07:16
Amnesiaffs, paid 1.1k for the laptop07:16
Amnesiafscking cheapskates07:16
joacimold battery is swollen anyways, so i know that one is bad07:17
AmnesiaI still have the battery from my old laptop that got nicked07:17
Amnesiait still lasts for 3 hours since I never really used it07:17
frinnsthow long does a modern laptop last on a single charge these days?07:18
joacim7-9 hours?07:18
Amnesia2.5 hours I guess07:18
Amnesiajoacim: o0?07:18
Amnesia20 cells:P?07:18
frinnsti've never understood why people buy laptops instead of a proper desktop07:18
joacimthats what macbook pro/air get07:18
Amnesiausing wifi?07:19
frinnstunless used on the go..07:19
joacimyes (normal usage)07:19
joacimI think most "nice" laptops should get at least 6 hours07:19
prtrycBut how come the latest version of Emacs is still requiring it, to be able to compile?07:19
Amnesiafrinnst: cause they're portable and they don't use a lot of electricity:)?07:19
joacimpeople buy laptops and have them tied to their desk 24/707:19
Amnesiareal  4m31.327s07:20
Amnesiakernel compilation time07:20
frinnstyes, that is insane07:20
Amnesiathat's quite an improvement:)07:20
frinnstprtryc: what error do you get?07:20
joacimi bought mine for use at school, but my next computer wont be a laptop since i dont need a portable computer anymore07:20
joacimi rather just get a mac mini or something. 14W idle =)07:21
frinnstgood luck upgrading it :)07:21
joacimi dont ever upgrade anything but ram or drives anyways07:22
joacimand doign that is easy enough with the mac mini07:22
frinnstI have bought *one* new computer (excluding an old eeepc netbook)07:22
joacimchanging ssd or hdd requires a bit of fiddling with the mini, but the ram is under a round little hatch07:22
frinnstthen just kept upgrading it07:22
prtrycconfigure: error: The following required libraries were not found: libgif/libungif07:23
prtrycMaybe some development libraries/packages are missing?07:23
prtrycIf you don't want to link with them give --with-gif=no07:23
prtrycas options to configure07:23
prtryc=======> ERROR: Building '/tmp/jumanji/emacs/emacs#cvs-2013-Week07-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:23
prtrycnvm the strange path07:23
joacimmy 2006 desktop/server is still running with the same hardware i bought for it in 200607:24
joacimexcept for the ram and drives. bought new ram in 200707:25
frinnstI dont know how many full computers ive built out of old leftover components from upgrades07:25
frinnst5-6 maybe07:25
joacimi suppose you upgrade often =)07:25
frinnstbought my first pc in -9807:25
Rotwangthat is BC?07:27
AmnesiaI really feel lifted by Lenovo07:29
AmnesiaThey're assuming everyone always uses their batteries..07:31
joacimcheaper to ship with an undersized ac adaptor07:33
Amnesiafucking arseholes07:33
Amnesiaan adapter costs 39 euro's excl vat..07:34
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frinnstnote to self: never buy a thinkpad07:39
joacimI have a chroot environment that i use to test packages. are there any scripts that makes such an environment easier to keep clean?07:55
frinnstI use a kvm vm - qemu with an overlay image08:05
Amnesiafrinnst: what window manager are you using?08:06
Amnesiacause sdl + dwm is  crappy as fuck08:06
joacimi quite like tiling wms, but i havent been able to find a nice one yet08:07
joacimor rather, one that i like.08:07
Amnesiajoacim: dwm's awesome08:08
AmnesiaI used to use fluxbox in the past08:08
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joacimI rather not have to program my configuration files. I use openbox. cant stand xml, but it works well enough for me with obconf and obmenu08:10
tilmanjoacim: mtime of my rc.xml is august 2008 :D08:11
joacimheh. don't think i have anything that old here. my procmail.rc is the oldest file i can see08:19
tilmanjaeger, frinnst: upgrading glibc/glibc-32 fixed my ldd/steam issues ;)08:27
jaegerAh, good08:30
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tilmanmesa-32 doesn't build because it doesn't find libudev. i don't see a udev-32 port though08:42
frinnsthuh, ruby 2.008:45
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to 2.21.309:18
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Amnesiafrinnst: finally:)10:57
rmullAmnesia: What problem are you seeing with dwm+sdl?11:18
Amnesiarmull: well, the vm does respect the wm's resolution11:19
Amnesiait'd be awesome if the guest would resize11:19
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tilmanfrinnst, jaeger: drm-32 requires cairo-32 if cairo is installed. maybe stick --disable-cairo-tests into drm-32/Pkgfile?12:39
tilmanin general, 32 bit builds picking up "64 bit headers", and then crapping out when the real 32 bit compat package isnt instlled is a big nuisance :/12:39
frinnstaho, thats not nice12:41
frinnstI dont have any 32bit libs installed here. maybe jaeger or romster can push it. otherwise i'll do it tomorrow12:42
jaegeryeah, that shouldn't happen if we maintain deps properly but nobody's perfect. :)12:47
tilmanthe latter also happens with those pesky optional deps12:49
tilmanreally not much you can do12:49
jaegerMy inclination is to disable them explicitly when those cases arise12:50
jaegerA local user can always override it if needed12:50
tilmanx*-proto-32 could just set up symlinks for the headers into /usr/include12:50
tilmani believe12:50
jaegerI think those are all just pkgconfig files12:51
tilmanyeah, was talking out of my ass12:52
jaegerxorg-renderproto-32 is missing its .32bit file, though12:53
jaegerCan't fix those right now, though, I've got to go run some errands. Back later.12:53
tilmanno sweat12:53
tilmanjust wanted to mention the issues i noticed12:53
niklaswedoes someone know how i can remove the border from the pxeboot menu ?13:11
Romsteri'll fix those now jaeger13:31
Romsteri was too tired to bump gtk-32 last night13:31
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-renderproto-32: add missing file .32bit13:47
Romstergrr now my gtk can't finmd pango for some reason in my chroot rebuilding everything this will have to wait for noon for me to push.13:47
Romsteralso last time i tested mesa32-32 it built fine.13:48
Romstermesa3d-32 damn it13:48
Romster15 minutes to work.... why am i always in a rush to do everything.13:48
frinnstRomster: "You won't get anything done by planning." Karl Pilkington13:50
teK_I guess fixing wicd and it's CVE should be a priority :-)14:02
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gtk-32: 2.24.15 -> 2.24.1617:30
Romstertilman, mesa32-32 compiles for me here
Romsterwicd takes more time and i don't fancy rushing that now... and i got darts after work so it'll have to wait until after that.18:10
Romsterafk work18:10
Romstertilman, let me know what optional dependency on what port breaks mesa3d-3218:11
Romsterudev is not optional but i see no breakage on mesa3d-3218:11
Romsternow afk18:11
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v33hello hello19:33
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v33anyone use unetbootin?20:01
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Romsteroh he left figures23:01
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