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diverseRomster: I will save you that time and effort00:02
Romsteri did spot a skype plugin for pidgin not tried that either01:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nginx: update to 1.2.701:21
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teK_diverse: fine01:48
diversewhats new Romster?02:11
Romsternot much02:13
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diverseRomster: how did your raid 1 restoration go?03:39
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Romsterdiverse, it's fine i have not even done anything else with the 3tb disk yet.03:44
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prologicRomster, ping?04:04
Amnesiadoes a SSD last shorter as a regular hard drive ??04:15
prologicIt can do04:16
Amnesiawith similar usage ofc04:16
teK_I bought hdd + ssd and the hdd died first (after one year of use)04:17
teK_this was OCZ vs. WD04:17
Amnesiahm I;m planning on getting a samsung pro 840 256GB04:18
Amnesia180 euro's04:19
Romsterhdd should be under warranty still04:23
Romsterprologic, pong04:23
prologicRomster, wanna read a circuits blog post before it goes live?04:24
prologicwant some feedback04:24
Romsteri guess so but i am multitasking here.04:28
Romsterso don't blame me if i miss something.04:28
prologicok nevermind :)04:28
Romsteri can read it if it's not over 1000 words or something inanely long.04:28
prologic1633 words04:30
prologic484 lines04:30
Romstereek i could read it tomorrow after work when i'm not so out of it and busy04:31
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jaegerAmnesia: the 840 pro should be solid, avoid the 840 non-pro06:12
Amnesiawil ldo06:12
jaegerAmnesia: In general you will replace an SSD long before you exhaust its NAND but with that said, the 840 pro uses standard long-endurance MLC and the 840 uses more budget-friendly TLC with low endurance06:12
Amnesiasounds good06:13
jaegerAnyone have a preference regarding fail2ban vs. denyhosts for ssh brute force attack mitigation?06:16
Amnesiafirewall stuff06:17
Amnesiaor isn't that an option?06:17
jaegerI already do some rate limiting on ssh attempts but would like something that will automatically ban IPs if they keep trying06:18
jaegerconnection rate limiting with iptables, I mean06:19
Amnesiayou could also make use of port knocking06:22
jaegerI've considered that but rejected it in this case due to having quite a few non-technical users06:22
Amnesiamake use of priv/pub keys?06:23
jaegersame deal :)06:23
joacimI use denyhosts, but I havent put much thought into it06:24
joacimi think the idea was that i wouldnt have to work with a firewall06:25
jaegerI'm leaning towards fail2ban since I already use an iptables firewall on that server but figured I'd ask for opinions :)06:27
Amnesiadon't both do the same?06:28
Amnesiaah nvm06:28
jaegerdenyhosts uses hosts.{deny,allow} as far as I can tell06:28
Amnesiafail2ban isn't ssh only06:28
jaegernot all services use tcp_wrappers06:28
jaegerI think they can both do more than just SSH these days but I might be wrong on that06:28
Amnesiaboth look find06:31
AmnesiaI'd keep it simple though and firewall stuff:)06:31
Amnesia(using a default deny that is )06:31
entehow big is the price difference between 840 and 840 pro?06:39
entebeen meaning to buy an ssd myself06:39
jaegerno idea here, haven't looked06:41
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Amnesiaente: didn't you have some german site for that06:48
Amnesiapreisgleich ish06:48 / .at?06:48 / .at?06:48
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enteand it's really worth that? :D07:13
ente[15:27] <@jaeger> not all services use tcp_wrappers07:13
entepatches for this are trivial07:13
enteso if you want to, you can get there by changing 2 lines and linking -lwrap07:14
jaegerIt's a debian system, I'm not patching their software07:15
jaegerGoing to play with fail2ban for a bit, see how it goes07:15
entepatching debian packages is also trivial07:16
jaegerIt is, yes. Worth it? No.07:16
jaegerBoth packages will accomplish the goal, anyway07:16
entethat's a different question07:16
jaegerI used to maintain quite a few custom debian and red hat packages years ago... they weren't difficult, just annoying to update every time it was necessary07:17
entepackaging new stuff for debian is annoying though07:17
enteand putting it in the repo is the worst part about it07:17
enteI prefer rpm, specfiles are actually not all that bad07:18
jaegerI don't really have a preference, they're both ok if you take the time to learn them07:18
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horrorStrucksepen, in case you read IRC logs (I don't :P ), krb5 1.11.1 fixes CVE-2013-1415, using it here, works fine.07:52
Amnesiaordered the ssd:D08:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] apache: update to 2.2.2408:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: scite: update to 3.2.508:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] apache: update to 2.2.2408:47
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horrorStruckhi sepen , maybe you have seen this: <-- fixes CVE-2013-1415. using it, no issue. TIA10:05
sepenhey thanks10:06
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sepenI noticed it thanks to ck4up but didn't have the time10:07
sepenwell my workstation was down10:08
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sepeni/win 410:09
sepenooops ;)10:10
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Amnesiado you folks actually use that?12:16
diverseAmnesia: if you want to preserve your ssd's performance for a longer period of time you use it. If you don't, the performance degrades quickly.12:17
Amnesiahm ok12:17
jaegeryes :)12:19
jaeger /dev/sda2 / ext4 relatime,discard 0 112:19
jaeger /dev/sda2 / ext4 relatime,discard 0 1[A[A[A[A[A[A[A12:19
Amnesiaare you usinf fstrim or the discard option?12:19
jaegerthanks for the extra line, irssi12:19
joacimpasted my password to irc once due to irssi (for windows)12:21
joacimit was my fault really. didnt know that right click was paste.12:22
Amnesiais there anything else I should take care of before plugging in the ssd?12:24
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joacimi read somewhere that you should align your partitions by bytes instead of cylinders when using an ssd12:26
Amnesiayeah I read the same12:28
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jaegermost SSDs report 512B sectors and 1M alignment is the most common, so start at 2048s13:30
Amnesiahow could I determine what's the best?13:31
jaegermanufacturer specs, probably13:32
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Amnesiahm ok13:42
diverseits quite a complicated process, isn't it?13:42
Amnesiait does sound like it :|13:42
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diverseAmnesia: do you want to go through the trouble?13:43
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AmnesiaI'm checking out:
Amnesiaand it requires quite some tweaking :|13:59
Amnesiato get it to work as efficiently as possible13:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.1314:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.100.214:25
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.12 -> 0.9.1318:05
diverseAmnesia: is the ssd working out for you?18:31
himynameisphilpossible to background the services in rc.conf? as it is, they seem to run sequentially. I would like some to be able to run in the background at the same time as subsequent ones.18:32
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powderedtoastmanhas anyone made a wmfs2 port?19:20
joacimi see one19:21
powderedtoastmanthis is clbb/timcowchip btw19:21
powderedtoastmanusing my debian name19:21
powderedtoastmanI broke my Crux installation19:22
joacimthought you were a new guy =)19:22
powderedtoastman"No bootable device found"19:22
diversejoacim: he is a "new" guy19:22
joacimyou have more nicks than i have underpants19:23
powderedtoastmanrelatively new yes19:23
powderedtoastmanI change distros like underpants19:23
powderedtoastmanthinking of trying crux again19:24
powderedtoastmaneven though my hardware is weak19:24
diverseYou should change channels like underpants... ah dammit, I couldn't resist throwing a sarcastic comment...19:25
powderedtoastmanI was on the wmfs channel for a while, but I don't speak french that well19:26
powderedtoastmandid romster ever get handbrake to build?19:26
diverseAsk him yourself, you know how to get answers.19:27
powderedtoastmanoh romster' :)19:27
powderedtoastmanyo romster?19:28
diverse"Romster is not here right now, please leave a message in #crux and I will get back to you as soon as possible. BEEP~!"19:34
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diversehimynameisphil: I don't know if that feature is available, but I would be curious if it is.19:41
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himynameisphilOne thing I used to like about Arch, back in the rc.conf days.19:50
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entethat's systemd's #1 feature20:27
entewhy'd you switch away from arch again? ;P20:27
_afu_ Hi folks - Did a port -u then prt-get -sysup --log and I hang up at "RETR nss-3.14.1.with.ckbi.1.93.tar.gz ..."   Tried to go to the FTP site but no luck.  Any other suggestions?20:32
_afu_Got this but can't seem to get in: CWD (1) /pub/ ... done.20:34
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Romsterwho was powderedtoastman ?22:48
Romsteroh clbb/timcowchip/powderedtoastman22:49
Romsterhimynameisphil diverse which both are not here... we had parallel services rc but it seems no one is interested in porting the good bits back into the normal rc.22:51
Romster_afu_, if oyu can't get it off the main project site or mirror i have a copy here.
Romster but it's at 1.14.3 why you getting old version?22:54
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diverseI am looking for an alternative to Skype, does anyone have recommendations?23:42
Romsteris skype not good enough?23:49
diversefor me at least23:50
Romsterwell i did see some gogle project for pidgin to use skype.23:53
Romsterdunno if that even works.23:53
Romstersome sip protocol might be more suited to your needs.23:53
diverseI am leaning away from using the skype protocols, so SIP would be good.23:55
Romsterwould be harder for me since others use skype.23:56
Romsterand it's on my android phone too23:56
diverseits fine, i will wait for input from others23:58
diversewait, when you said "others" did you mean most of the people in this channel?23:59
Romsterno i got other friends on skype23:59
Romsterthere not here23:59

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