IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-02-28

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niklaswegood morning guys!00:24
niklaswehow are you??00:24
diverseI am good, what about you?00:24
teK_rmull: you're using 2.8 right?00:31
teK_I moved named.root to the port itself some time ago00:31
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teK_I cherry-picked the commits for you back to 2.8 rmull, enjoy.00:45
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Amnesiafrinnst: samsung pro 840 256gb01:08
frinnstmy intel 330 was not the upgrade i was hoping for01:10
frinnstsandforce crapcontroller01:10
frinnstshitty trim, onboard compression to handle wear-leveling01:13
frinnstid rather do that with btrfs01:13
Amnesiadunno what the samsung will be like01:13
frinnstfrom what ive been reading: a joy01:13
AmnesiaI've got a package that's been compiled01:14
Amnesiabut prt-get is recompiling instead of installing..01:14
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rmullteK_: Oops, forgot to mention that yes, this is from 2.8, thanks04:37
rmullI synced and I still get a mismatch - the md5sum on the file I have is b3b07a2944d29d1f5bd58fe2fe18314804:37
frinnstis that you? :D04:49
Romsterhell no04:49
Romsterrandom searches and i hit that...04:50
teK_did you delete it from your distfiles rmull?04:53
teK_% grep root .md5sum04:53
teK_b3b07a2944d29d1f5bd58fe2fe183148  named.root04:53
teK_I see..04:53
teK_seems I did not pick the md5 update04:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: bind: update md5sum04:54
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Romsterfun times what are you using gcj for teK_ ?04:54
teK_I don't04:54
Romsterso someone else commented and you made the bug report?04:56
teK_I opened FS#89204:57
Romsteri haven't tested everything yet in some time.04:57
teK_not FS#89304:57
Romsteroh sorry Alan04:57
teK_np :)04:57
Romsteri'm just curious what alan is using it for then.04:58
Romsterover worked too many things on my mind, it all gets mixed up.05:00
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Amnesiahow often do you folks run fstrim?05:29
teK_Amnesia: I mount my ssd-partitions with the discard option05:30
teK_=> never05:30
Amnesiahm ok05:30
AmnesiaI was planning on using a cronjob05:31
Romsternot-needed with discard05:33
Romsteralso oops i didn't have discard in my fstab i fixed that.05:33
pitillohey, morning. Has someone a binary package (default cflags) build for ff and/or chromium?05:41
pitillo2.8 packages... which I think will be hard05:44
AmnesiaI knows05:45
AmnesiaRomster: should increase your performance:)05:45
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Romsteri got ff but my chromium is a version behind pitillo05:52
pitilloummm checking Romster, thank you05:53
joacimI'll have you know that the preferred abbreviation of firefox is Fx. :]05:54
Romsteri'll build the new chromium05:55
Romsterno it was firebird :P05:55
Romsterff is usually reserved for firefox or final fantasy05:56
Romsterdepends who you talk to.05:56
joacimI wonder what their stance on that is now. I can only find them mention Fx on the release page for 1.505:57
pitillonice Romster, my laptop sends you hugs. Thank you very much :)05:57
joacimversion numbers for firefox are so huge now that i sometimes assume people are talking about final fantasy05:58
Romsteruh no ones bumped chromium in 2.8 yet05:58
Romsternp pitillo05:58
Romsterjoacim, hehe what when it gets to firefox 30 or so.06:02
joacimI hope square-enix finds themselves a new IP before that =)06:05
frinnstAmnesia: weekly06:05
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Amnesiafrinnst: why exactly:)?06:07
frinnstbecause it still seems to clean up some stuff, even with trim06:09
frinnstatleast with btrfs06:09
Amnesiahow were you able to determine whether it's cleaning up stuff?06:10
frinnstalso, depending on your needs you might find performance with running fstrim daily instead of mounting with discard since it actually slows down rm quite a lot06:10
frinnst-v :)06:10
frinnstroot@zoidberg:/home/fredrik$ fstrim -v /06:12
frinnst/: 4899844096 bytes were trimmed06:12
frinnstthat is with discard on ext406:12
Amnesiayeahah I see06:12
Amnesiaguess I'll just do it at every boot06:13
frinnstif its much to clean up it will slow your system to a crawl06:13
frinnstrunning with discard will probably be enough06:14
Amnesiathat wouldn't be the case if I'd do it at boot time right?06:14
Amnesiayeah but using the discard option apparantly affects rm's06:14
frinnstdepends on how big of a mess you did the previous boot i guess :)06:14
frinnstyeah but it is still pretty fast ;)06:15
jaegerfrinnst: problems with your intel? the sf-2281 controller is usually rock solid06:17
frinnsti find it pretty slow06:19
frinnstrun one at home on btrfs and one at work on ext406:20
frinnstit is obviously the fastest ssd ive ever had, but i did expect more :)06:20
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jaegerheh, fair enough06:20
frinnstand probably a lot of the negative impression ive gotten can be blamed on btrfs06:20
jaegerI've got no experience with the 330 but my 520 at work uses the same controller. different NAND, though06:21
frinnstlike the sync crap.. saving an empty txt-file with vim taking 5 seconds :)06:21
jaegerah, ouch06:21
jaegerI use ext4 on most installs these days and I've been quite happy with performance06:21
frinnstbut, that is 100% btrfs06:21
jaegerI'd kinda like to do some test cycles to figure out the erase block size on it but haven't tried that yet. Would be time-consuming06:22
jaegerOf the SSDs I own my favorites by far are the Samsung 830s, though06:22
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jaegerfrinnst: as far as the slowness, you probably know far more about btrfs than I do, but is there any chance your alignment is off?06:24
frinnstnah, its a known "feature" ;)06:24
Amnesiajaeger: btw, you should be able to see whether the disk's unaligned using fdisk right ?06:24
frinnstand it has improved a lot in 3.806:25
jaegerAmnesia: yes06:25
jaegerfrinnst: ah, ok06:25
Amnesiamy rootfs is done06:29
Amnesiabtw, my kernel config doesn't have to be changed right?06:29
Amnesiasince the sata controller is still the same06:29
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Amnesiait does suck btw that the ssd is thinner as a regular 2.5 inch disk06:34
jaegerDepends on your needs. :) My Lenovo X220 only takes 7mm drives so that was perfect in my case.06:35
jaegerDidn't matter in my desktops, though06:35
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Amnesiawell, I'll have to fill up a gap06:35
jaegerWhy do you have to fill it?06:35
Amnesiawell, I don't want it to wobble in it's socket06:36
jaegerIs there any real danger of that happening? Computer in a weird place?06:36
Amnesianot that I know, but I'd rather be safe than sorry06:37
jaegerfair enough06:37
Romstereasy bit of thin foam06:40
frinnsti'd prefer 3.5" ssd's. or a *PROPER* converter that doesnt realign the ports06:40
jaegerProper converters aren't hard to find06:41
frinnstthey are in sweden :(06:41
frinnstatleast two years ago when i needed one06:41
joacimfill the gap with some hubba bubba chewing gum06:43
frinnst690 Swedish kronor = 107.23911 U.S. dollars06:45
joacimhold on06:46
joacim <- how about this?06:46
joacimdont know if they have it on .se06:46
frinnstyeah i have one of those06:46
frinnstor some variant06:47
joacimthe one at dustin seems nicer and more convenient.06:48
frinnstyeah but the price is insane06:48
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joacimit is cheaper in norway. only NOK 599.06:50
joacimSEK 690 is about NOK 610 i think06:50
frinnsthow much icecream can you get for 11NOK? a magnum?06:52
Amnesiait's not the width that's the problem, it's the height06:54
joacimi think a lollipop is about 14 NOK06:56
joacimthis is often the cheapest alternative in many stores06:57
frinnstholy fuck06:57
frinnstthey must be making a massive profit06:57
joacimI hope so.06:58
joacimmaybe ice cream is taxed like beer and tobacco is06:58
frinnstcheapest in sweden last year was probably gb-piggelin, 7sek06:59
frinnstinflation ftw06:59
horrorStruckicecream currency converter, love this conversation :D07:01
joacimI used to buy something called pimp when i was a kid07:02
joacimit was only NOK 2,-07:03
frinnsthow "gangsta" of you :)07:03
horrorStrucklick a pimp :P07:03
joacimYou would get 2.5,- if you returned a big soda bottle to the store, so me and a friend used to go around and collect bottles so we could buy more pimp07:03
frinnsthehe, we did the same with chewinggums that you could get for -:5007:04
frinnstmoney was valued in how much chewing gum you could get ;)07:05
frinnst almost made me cry :)07:10
joacimi justify expensive purchases by thinking how many beers i could afford with that much money07:11
teK_well.. we played in the woods with sticks, leaves and mushrooms :p07:12
frinnsttreeclimbing ftw!07:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 29107:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gnutls: updated to 3.1.907:14
joacimI didnt value items in beers when i was a kid ofc.07:15
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joacim <- these were fun when i was a kid07:18
joacimtheyre still fun. I step on one whenever possible.07:18
joacimi mean, whenever i see one07:18
frinnstindeed ;)07:20
teK_earlier today my son told me all about obi wan who killed that ex-jedi named $XXX and how they ripped out his heart because it was the last organ left in this robot thingy  etc07:21
teK_well >_>07:21
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frinnstalmost ;)07:25
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teK_wee new openssh soonish:
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diverseteK_: nice12:59
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Romsterpitillo, uploading chromium#25.0.1364.97-1.pkg.tar.gz for 2.8 and 3.0
diverseRomster: building big packages for everybody?18:58
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niklaswegod morning22:49
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Romsterdiverse yes23:36
Romsterfirefox#19.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz uploading
Romstermorning niklaswe23:40

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