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Romsterok now i think one of my hdd's has died for good. reimmiging my raid1 to another disk then i'll see how bad that other disk is.00:59
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Romsterhow do you do discard with swap on a SSD?01:01
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frinnstmount the swap with discard :)01:07
frinnstthey added support a while back01:08
Romsterwill that work?01:08
frinnstdont remember what kernel01:08
Romsteroh i was searching the interwebs and found no evidence.01:08
Romsterdata/home: Converted: 1.2%01:08
Romsterthis could take /awhile/01:09
Romsterdone for next reboot.01:11
frinnstwhat are you converting?01:12
frinnstah, raid1 stuff01:12
AmnesiaI installed my SSD yesterday \o/01:15
Amnesiais there some way to see how many writes are left?01:15
frinnstbtrfs scrub will tell me :)01:16
Amnesiathe booting time didn't really increase tbh01:18
frinnstwhy would it increase?01:18
Amnesiaeh decrease*01:19
frinnstah ;)01:20
frinnstwell unless you run a complete desktop suite crux is very light on the disk01:21
frinnstbooting and initializing the kernel seems to be the part that takes the longest01:21
Amnesiaugh, just got my last 2 wisdom teeth removed01:22
Amnesiathose maxillofacial surgeons are fucking butchers01:23
frinnstatleast they wont be bothering you any more01:23
Romsterlogical volume into mirrored01:24
Amnesiatrue that01:25
Romstersince the LV was on a raid1 2 disk set but i prefer to keep that raid1 degraded and later remove that degraded raid1 mdadm for another larger disk to LV mirror over.01:25
Romsteri noticed massive boot up times with a SSD Amnesia01:25
joacimi sometimes find games where difficulty is graded 1-501:31
joacimi can never tell if it is 1 or 5 that is the harder difficulty01:32
AmnesiaI really hope this SSD is going to last for a couple of years..01:33
enteit breaks tomorrow01:34
entegood luck!01:34
Amnesiafrinnst: lol01:36
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Romsterfigures the upslide down thing who the hell said the north side was up anyways, in space there is no up side.02:21
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sepenlol Goat Of The Night:
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lftp: 4.4.3 -> 4.4.403:04
niklaswedoes someone know how to extract, I need to modify /etc/init.d/main..03:58
teK_what is dban.biz03:59
niklaswedban is tool to nuke disc04:00
niklasweto nuke/wipe harddrives :)04:00
teK_what does file(1) say?04:00
teK_is it an ISO?04:00
niklasweteK_: I mean .bzi file :)04:02
niklasweah It says Linux kernel image04:03
Romsterbzip2 iso04:15
Romsterwhy use that anyways when there is shred04:16
Romsterdespite what the man page says you can shred a block device as well04:16
niklaswemaybe I should look at shred instead then, I will build pxe-boot with auto nuke, but the problem I got is that dban doesnt find my disks (cciss/driver).04:22
rmullAnyone here know anything about autotools and the like? I'm getting an error when trying to the libquvi git.
rmullIt would seem that it generates a configure script and stuff alright, but after I run configure, there is a truncated Makefile and I can't build the project04:38
rmullWondering if this is the problem. I don't know too much about autotools.04:38
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: notification-daemon-xfce: fixed footprint05:11
frinnstrmull: "automake: warnings are treated as errors"05:23
frinnstdisable that maybe?05:23
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Romsteradd -Wno-error to CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS if it's g++ if it's that.06:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xalan-c: updated to 1.1106:15
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frinnstgeez, a redesign07:05
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DaViruznow all they need is a couple of fake download buttons and it'll look really modern07:23
joacimi dont really mind07:39
joacimlooks ok07:39
joacimit is annoying that they moved the physical location of their kernels tho07:39
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frinnsthaha i thought the same07:48
frinnstbig ads with DOWNLOAD NOW buttons07:49
jaegerAt least it makes more sense now07:49
frinnsti dont remember any other design than the previous07:50
frinnstfor how long did they use it?07:50
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tilmanfrinnst: april fools?09:10
pitillothank you Romster, updated chromium and there is a problem with the close tab button09:10
pitilloRomster: if you want to take a look to that strange behaviour09:16
frinnsttilman: one month early :)09:16
frinnstpitillo: i think its the same bug tek is seeing. i noticed it too09:17
frinnstseems qt-related iirc09:17
frinnsterr, forget that :)09:17
frinnst(the qt-part)09:17
pitilloummmm interesting frinnst, I thought teK_'s problem were related to other shadow problems09:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.1709:19
frinnsthm.. you might be right09:19
frinnstremember, there is always a ~95% chance im wrong whenever i say something ;)09:20
pitillojajajaa I think I can win you with a higher percentage09:21
tilmans/jaja/haha/ in english bro09:30
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teK_pitillo: I have red areas + b0rked close buttons10:28
pitilloteK_: interesting, I didn't know about the borked buttons (I remember the red areas problem) and I think it's the same (or similar) to the screenshot10:33
teK_I rebuilt gdk=-pixbuf in a chroot without success10:39
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timcowchiphello again :)11:29
timcowchipI have a question and I feel stupid for asking it11:29
timcowchipI got no /etc/ports/core,opt or xorg folders in bash11:30
timcowchipthey show up in my file manager, but I can't "cd" to them11:31
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teK_sudo chmod -R a+rx /usr/ports11:35
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frinnsthehe "jajaja" in swedish is sort of a negative term.. like "yeah, whatever bitch" :)11:38
frinnstbut i always remember what pitillo/sepen means before i take offence :)11:39
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joacimi see it more as "oh well"11:50
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timcowchipis it ok if I post 4 lines in this chat?11:51
teK_sure it is11:54
teK_nobody will die from 4 lines..11:54
timcowchipits pasted at the above link11:55
timcowchipI see the core, opt and xorg folders in my file manager11:56
timcowchipbut I can't cd to them in a terminal11:56
timcowchipso that I can pkgmk -uf11:56
joacimi personally feel it is easier to read or reference on pastebins when there are more than a couple of lines.11:57
timcowchipits 3 lines11:57
timcowchipits not like the entire stdout of trying to build handbrake11:58
joacimit depends. I sometimes feel it is ok to paste 3-4 lines. sometimes i dont. it depends on what kind of data i paste i guess.11:59
timcowchipok then11:59
joacimbut I don't run this channel. I can only represent my personal preferences12:00
timcowchipany ideas on why I can't ls the contents of /etc/ports correctly12:00
timcowchipis it a bash thing?12:00
timcowchipthere's no .bashrc12:01
jaegerwhat's the problem with the ls? it looks like it lists the files, from your paste12:02
jaegerare you perhaps confusing /etc/ports with /usr/ports?12:03
timcowchipnow I DO feel stupid12:03
timcowchipthanks jaeger12:04
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teK_linux literally went social! www.kernel.org14:16
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Romster3.7 is end of line already....14:53
frinnstanybody using gobject-introspection ?14:54
frinnstif so, does gtk fail to build? if so, add --disable-introspection and let me know if that breaks anything else :)14:55
Romsternope not installed atm14:57
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nogagplzI think gtk builds with it if you build what gtk wants with gobject-introspection, can't remember exactly what they were though15:29
nogagplzor disabling it also works15:29
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timcowchiphow do I switch from utc to localtime?23:55
timcowchip/etc/rc.conf doesn't do it23:56

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