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himynameisphilhorrorStruck: I'm not sure what ooc is...00:32
himynameisphilon another topic, I can't install mplayer00:33
himynameisphilGet lots of errors like this: stream/tvi_v4l.c:1645:46: error: 'VIDIOCSYNC' undeclared (first use in this function)00:33
himynameisphilweird cuz I had it installed before00:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.5.24 -> 1.5.2501:29
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Romsterhimynameisphil, v4l related01:46
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Romsterhimynameisphil, yeah your missing V4L in your kernel.01:51
himynameisphilok, thanks01:51
Romsterif in doubt grep kernel and include files for missing symbol01:52
Romsterand the source itself, sometimes it could be a race on multiple build jobs try -j1 in those cases01:53
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horrorStruckhimynameisphil: ooc -> out of curiosity02:24
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tzdata: update to 2013a04:14
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: vim: update to 7.3.84304:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: update to 7.3.84304:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.3.204:15
frinnstholy shit. just recieved a shitload of errors saying all vms lost their storage. 10 minutes later i recieve a mail from my boss telling me not to worry04:48
frinnstheartattack :)04:48
niklaswehas someone encrypt their hard drive, without loosing their data?04:50
niklasweI wondering if I should encrypt my raid partition, but I dont want to loose any data..04:51
frinnstthe only disk enctyption ive had some limited experience with is dm-crypt/luks04:54
frinnstit requires a wipe04:55
niklasweah :/ I wondering if I will try to setup truecrypt :)05:00
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himynameisphilhorrorstruck: ha ha. I googled 'ooc' and found a programming language. I thought you wanted me to install that and then install compton using that.08:26
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himynameisphilRomster: # grep -i v4l /usr/src/linux/.config08:30
himynameisphil# CONFIG_V4L_MEM2MEM_DRIVERS is not set08:30
himynameisphildisabling everything to do with v4l08:33
himynameisphilstill can't compile mplayer08:35
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Rotwangam I the only one who can't build iproute2 because of warnings?10:38
frinnsthm, works for me11:19
frinnsti didnt see any warnings11:19
Rotwangfrinnst: gcc 4.7.2?11:20
frinnstaye, stock 3.0 toolchain11:20
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himynameisphilAnyone have any thoughts on why I am having trouble building mplayer?11:25
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timcowchiphi everybody11:27
timcowchipI have an ffmpeg patch for my backlite port11:34
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timcowchipI found it at Slackbuilds.org11:52
timcowchipI couldn't patch my way out of a wet paper bag11:52
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teK_zgrep V4L /proc/config.gz  is empty for me11:54
timcowchipgzip: /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory11:58
teK_duh... it's a CONFIG option an shows the runnning kernel's options12:00
teK_so just think: /usr/src/linux/.config12:00
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timcowchipbash-4.2$ dbus-uuidgen --get12:08
timcowchipFailed to open "/etc/machine-id": No such file or directory12:08
timcowchipwhat's up with dbus?12:08
teK_% dbus-uuidgen --get12:09
teK_yet I don't have a file or directory /etc/machine-id12:09
teK_is dbus-started? .)12:09
timcowchipexec dbus-launch openbox12:10
timcowchipin my .xinitrc12:10
teK_the daemon12:10
timcowchipdoh in /etc/rc.conf12:11
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teK_I stopped it and the command still works12:11
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teK_so don't thank me :p12:11
teK_open("/var/lib/dbus/machine-id", O_RDONLY) = 312:13
teK_says strace.12:13
teK_So you seem to have screwed dbus :-) (this file exists for me, btw)12:13
teK_himynameisphil: I'm looking into the build problems you have12:17
teK_as a matter of fact: a fresh checkout from the mplayer repo yields similar errors for me12:17
teK_libavcodec/h264.c:1273:9: error: 'CONFIG_ERROR_RESILIENCE' undeclared (first use in this function)12:17
teK_which is funny as our mplayer also contains a fresh checkout of the (internally used) ffmpeg tree12:18
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teK_himynameisphil: our current mplayer port from january still works for me12:20
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himynameisphilteK_: I think I'm still using the source from January, but I'll check12:34
teK_sure you are, it's loaded from crux.nu12:35
teK_iff I get today's snapshot working I'll update our port12:35
teK_otherwise I'll have to wait until ffmpeg fixes things12:36
himynameisphilIn my own mplayer port I mean12:36
teK_ah ok12:36
himynameisphilin which I enable jack support12:36
himynameisphilthat's the whole reason I'm installing again12:37
teK_so JACK is something like pulseaudio12:38
teK_had to look that up tbh :)12:38
teK_nope, still breaks12:39
himynameisphildont know much about pulseaudio, so not sure how they compare tbh :)12:40
teK_as the last commit for ffmpeg was 20 minutes ago I'll check it out tomorrow12:40
himynameisphilgreat, thanks!12:40
teK_ah ok, I don't use any of them12:40
teK_well you're welcome I hope that it will magically work again :o12:41
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himynameisphilanyone know how to get my volume keys working in crux?18:33
himynameisphilthat is my lilo.conf18:33
himynameisphilkernel config18:36
himynameisphilMy Google-fu suggested adding acpi_osi=Linux to the kernel line but that doesnt seem to do anything18:36
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prologichimynameisphil:  hey21:07
prologicto get your volume keys working21:07
prologicyou need only map the key codes they generate to something useful21:07
timcowchiphelp me Romster, help help me Romster21:07
prologicYou need to use something like xbindkeys21:07
prologicto bind the custom key codes to useful functions21:07
timcowchiplike the beach boys song21:07
diversei can't tell if you are that 80 year old man or a 5 year old child...22:21
Romsteri only just got home and i'm stuffing my face with food before i goto darts in 1 hours time22:51
diverseRomster: well, he needs you to baby him apparently.22:52
Romsterif it doesn't regard my ports i'm maintaining, it better be something i'm good at... think he can't search for himself.22:54
Romsterwhats worse is when i read helo me i have no effing idea what about22:54
Romsterobviousy did not read frinnst's protips from yesterday22:55
diverseGood words! That needs to go in the topic header!22:56
diversealthough I would adjust 4 minutes to 3022:57
Romstermaybe i should bug random persons with my problems without searching first :P22:58
Romsterwith me it could be hours later22:58
diverseRomster: better yet, bug the person who was bugging you to begin with.22:58
Romsterbut i make the effort to reply and read backlog22:58
diverseI don't think many read the backlog as often as you do, so you are extra helpful to others.23:01
diversebut that was my experience in other channels.23:03
diverseRomster: are you still interest in bitlbee?23:03
timcowchipI guess I won't ask for any help getting my backlite port to work with upgraded dependencies like ffmpeg from the person that did the upgrading23:08
timcowchipnot when I have google at my disposal23:08
timcowchipI can build backlite against the previous version of ffmpeg then set the ffmpeg path to ffmpeg-compat and get it to work for myself23:11
diverseDude, that is not the point. You need to be direct about the question when asking for help and don't put it all on Romster, he has enough on his plate to worry about, the fact that he goes out of his way to help you at all is very considerate of him. Just ask the question and wait for someone to answer.23:11
timcowchipI just thought it would be nice to make a patched port available for others23:12
timcowchipand since this has already been accomplished by someone at, I'm more likely to get help from there in understanding how to fix my port for this distibution23:14
Romsterdiverse, possibly, i like doing stuff though irc23:14
Romstertimcowchip, it would help if you post the port pastebin or something to work off. don't let me do all the work.23:15
Romstereven directory of your Pkgfile .md5sum .footprint and the patches you have tried.23:16
Romsteri'm more likely to try building it and see if it's something easily fixed.23:17
Romsterall i keep seeing is childish help me help me, give me something to work with timcowchip23:17
timcowchipthe patch is here
timcowchipits the same patch as here
timcowchipI alread y tried building it thinking that its patching the same file that slackbuilds is using23:19
timcowchipmy pkgfile
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timcowchipromster: I know you're involved in many other projects and I don't expect you to be my own private tutor23:24
timcowchipI was trying to be funny in my previous comments23:25
Romsterprotip 5 it's hard to relay emotions on irc23:26
timcowchipor email for that matter23:26
Romsterbeing funny usually has a smailing or cheesy grin face23:26
timcowchipthere sholud be a way to play music with a comment23:27
Romsterthere is make a plugin for your irc client23:37
timcowchipfor weechat?23:38
timcowchipI think pidgin maybe23:38
niklaswegoood morning23:51
timcowchipgood morning23:51
niklaswehow are you guys?23:52
Romsterqt4 still building in my chroot.23:52
Romstermorning niklaswe23:52
timcowchipok, how are you?23:53
timcowchipfrinnst said he built qt4 in 20 minutes23:54
niklaswetimcowchip: Im fine, Just got to work so..23:55
timcowchipI'm putting my kid to bed.....its midnight here23:56
niklasweah :)23:59

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