IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2013-03-04

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mike_kj #sentry00:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vala: 0.18.1 -> 0.19.002:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 2.5.1 -> 2.5.202:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libassuan: 2.0.3 -> 2.1.002:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: openldap: updated to 2.4.3402:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: 4.38.0 -> 4.39.002:30
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himynameisphilprologic: Thanks. I should have been clearer that the keys don't even register with xev, so I can't map them with xbindkeys or similar.03:11
himynameisphilProbably something I have to enable in my kernel, but  not sure what.03:11
himynameisphilposted  my kernel config earlier; can re-post if needed03:13
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfdesktop: updated to 4.10.103:39
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-eyes-plugin: updated to 4.4.203:39
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Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/backlite#1.0.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.04:34
Romstercouldn't be arsed why i had to manually include other paths but it builds.04:35
Romsteri odn'y know enough to find the culprit in linking to newer ffmpeg "declare and define before you use. With pointers, you don't have to define things before using them, but you still have to declare them."04:45
Romstersome declare is arse end about out of order.04:45
Romsterand g++ is erroring out on that.04:45
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Romsteri was meant to be calculating the box volume for a isobaric bin using thiele-small equations, but instead i wasted my time on crux stuff -_- too tired to think now.05:05
Romsterand i had darts and i got table tennis tomorrow night... and i need the equations done by tomorrow... oh well.05:06
Romstercouldn't do it on the weekend was busy working too.05:06
Romsteroh and setting up yet another web site for someone else up too.05:07
Romsterso yes i have little time but i tend to be putting must of my stuff aside to help others.05:07
Romsterwhat do i get in return? over burdened with other stuff i need to catch up on.05:08
Romsteri haven't even had time lately to tech support in #lvm either.05:09
Romsterand i might even have wednesday night friday and saturday gigs instead of just saturday.05:10
Romsterand i got a wedding this month and a bucks party on top of all this.05:10
Romsterand i got a half repaired power supply for a security dvr that i need to finish fault finding and fix.05:11
Romsterother than the ports and groups i'm in on crux, i need to spend more time organizing my life before this all gets out of hand.05:12
jaegerSounds like it's already out of hand05:13
Romsterand i'm monologueing :/05:13
Romsterit is now05:13
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Romsterand i want to learn more python when i have mroe spare time to actaully learn it though my thick head of mine.05:14
Romstertakes me ages to learn stuff that say prologic has learned in 5 minutes.05:14
Romsterproblem is i don't get much spare time05:15
Romsteror a clear mind to think clearly. it's always full of all the todo jobs at work and home.05:15
Romsterurgent this urgent that...05:15
himynameisphilRomster: I think that paste was meant for timcowchip, no?05:15
Romsterit's enough to send any normal person insane05:15
Romsteroh i thoguth you were timcowchip05:16
Romsterseems to have 3 different names but i forget them all...05:16
himynameisphilHi, my name is phil.05:16
Romstertimcowchip my turn to have some fun timcowchip. timcowchip, timcowchip, timcowchip, timcowchip, see i can do it too where are you :P05:16
jaegerI'm guessing you're high or really tired :P05:17
Romsteri'll refer him tot he log later05:17
Romsterto the*05:17
Romsteri'm not high, just tired.05:17
Romsteri don't do drugs05:17
Romsterand a bit of adrenaline is keeping me going, that sort of mood jaeger, this is me you probably haven't seen this side of me.05:18
jaegerOnce or twice, yeah, at least the IRC part :)05:18
Romsterranting mood. oh well i should stop now before i make everyone else complain about the massive backlog.05:19
Romsteri perhaps need ot vent elsewhere.05:19
Romstertired to get a ranting channel going on freenode that someone else started but it was no fun in a nearly empty room. to vent out... then again i could probably keep typing to /dev/null the way i'm going.05:22
himynameisphilmv ./Romster /bed/05:26
Romsteri may as well but sleep wont cure my problems.05:27
Romsteronly delays it05:27
Romsteri could rant for a few more hours but i wont g'night :)05:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualbox: updated to 4.2.806:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nagios: updated to 3.4.407:23
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] groff: groff: don't hard-code papersize setting08:36
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] iptables: update to 1.4.1808:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: fcron: update to 3.1.208:38
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rauzhi guys09:53
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timcowchiphi rauz09:55
timcowchipromster: you probably already knew about this
timcowchipdon't know if it would be any use to you even if you didn't know about it09:58
timcowchiplet me know if there' is anything that can be tested or built to help with your port maintenance "duties" or anything else I can help with10:04
joacimI like  that they're using comic sans.10:06
timcowchipI am used to using irc as a message board, especially when communicting with people in different time zones10:24
timcowchipbut I can see how using more than one name in the irc can complicate that10:25
timcowchip says my irc name is timcowchip, so from now on I'll go with that10:27
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Dark_lightWicd should not depend on pygtk, it can be used and works perfectly fine without using the gtk interface. Just run wicd-curses10:40
timcowchipmaybe it should be called wicd-gtk10:42
timcowchipdoes wicd-curses depend on ncurses?10:44
Dark_lightbut it's compiled by default with wicd as the gtk gui10:45
Dark_lightI can't remember the compile option to remove the gtk interface though10:45
Dark_lightI have it written down somewhere10:45
timcowchipso prt-get depinst wicd installs pygtk and you don't want that?10:46
Dark_lightwell yes I mean the less dependencies the better, it's easier to add stuffs than to remove it :P10:47
Dark_lighthere it is: --no-install-gtk10:49
Dark_lightI know I could simply make a local port with that option enabled but it would be a pain to update it then10:50
Dark_lightand since the philosophy is to keep it simple having less dependencies on the original port seems like the best way to go10:53
timcowchipprt-get dependent --all pygtk10:53
timcowchiptells you if you have anything else dependent on pygtk10:54
timcowchipso, do you have anything else installed that depends on pygtk?10:57
Dark_lightwell no, I literally just made a fresh install :P10:58
Dark_lightbut the point is not to avoid pygtk as a whole but to avoid it with wicd10:58
Dark_lightit would have no use for example in a xorg-less install10:58
timcowchipif you have something else installed that depends on pygtk, then it would be trivial to worry about wicd depending or not depending on it11:00
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timcowchipdeluge,wicd,gst-python,gajim,gpodder,gtk-recordmydesktop,streamtuner2 all depend on pygtk11:03
timcowchipI take it that you have enabled the contrib ports in prt-get.conf11:05
jaegerRegardless of whether or not it's required, the wicd port maintainer probably uses the GTK interface11:05
teK_I cannot enter passwords fo rnew wlans in wicd atm11:06
teK_BTW. :p11:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mupdf: update to 1.211:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk: updated to 2.24.1711:17
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timcowchipgtk update didn't work11:53
timcowchipbash-4.2# date11:56
timcowchipMon Mar  4 11:54:54 UTC 201311:56
timcowchipcould be my clock was wrong for the previous gtk update11:57
Amnesiatimcowchip: it succeeded over here11:58
timcowchipas in later than it shows right now11:58
timcowchipprt-get -f update gtk didn't work12:00
AmnesiayCheck your system clock12:01
timcowchipmy clock is correct now12:02
timcowchipbash-4.2# date12:02
timcowchipMon Mar  4 12:00:36 UTC 201312:02
timcowchipbut it may have been wrong for the previous gtk update, I'm not sure12:02
timcowchipis there a way to correct it?12:03
timcowchipother than setting my current time ahead12:03
Amnesiaany way to correct what?12:04
timcowchipthe age of the installed gtk that I'm trying to update12:06
timcowchipprt-get remove gtk?12:07
Amnesiarepost the output now you've changed the system time..12:09
timcowchipchecking whether build environment is sane... configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!12:10
timcowchipCheck your system clock12:10
timcowchipits the same as before12:10
Amnesiaplease run ntpdate12:11
timcowchipI don't think my clock has been wrong since I reinstalled crux a few days ago12:11
timcowchipntpdate is a script, right?12:12
Amnesiait's a binary12:13
timcowchipbash: ntpdate: command not found12:14
timcowchipinstalling ntp12:15
timcowchipI know my clock is correct though12:15
frinnstrdate should be installed by default, run that12:17
timcowchipbash-4.2# prt-get depends rdate12:21
timcowchipThe package 'rdate' could not be found12:21
timcowchipits 12:20 monday March 4th here in Oregon12:22
timcowchipmy clock is correct12:22
timcowchipthanks anyway :)12:23
jaegeryou could remove the source and re-download it12:23
Amnesiawell, I'm assuming he's not keeping his working dir12:24
jaegerprobably not12:25
Amnesiaffs, I've got the idea my cpu's throttled12:25
frinnstits in core, openrdate or something12:29
frinnstprt-get fsearch rdate12:29
Amnesiafrinnst: ever stresstested your box?12:33
timcowchipbash-4.2# prt-get fsearch rdate12:35
timcowchipFound in /usr/ports/core/openrdate:12:35
timcowchip  /etc/cron/daily/rdate12:35
timcowchip  /usr/bin/rdate12:35
timcowchipsorry about the 4 lines12:35
frinnstAmnesia: what, benchmarking?12:35
frinnstnot really12:35
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frinnstrdate -nv pool.ntp.org12:36
timcowchiprdate: pool.ntp.or: Name or service not known12:37
timcowchipmy clock is correct12:38
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timcowchipI need to remove the "newer" gtk, I think12:38
frinnstwell the timestamps on your fs appear to be skewed12:38
timcowchipso I can correct them with rdate or ntpdate?12:39
frinnstnot the ones on your filessytem12:40
frinnstonly system clock12:40
timcowchipso I will still need to remove "newer" gtk, right?12:40
jaegerCouldn't hurt to12:41
jaegerIf your clock was ahead when you built it that would definitely cause some timestamp skew12:41
timcowchipthat's what I was thinking12:41
timcowchipbut I reinstalled crux 2 days ago and noticed that the clock was correct12:42
timcowchipbecause it never was on my old installation12:42
timcowchipthis time I used localtime12:43
timcowchipanyway rm /usr/ports/opt/gtk/older packages or older sources?12:44
timcowchipthat's ok, I'l figure it out12:46
timcowchipI am reinstalling gtk-2.24.1612:48
timcowchipat the current time12:48
timcowchipthen I will update to gtk-2.24.17 at a later time12:48
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timcowchipit still doesn't work13:11
timcowchippkgmk -in ?13:12
tilmanbig dog robot prototype13:16
timcowchipprt-get remove gtk13:23
sepentilman: lol13:23
sepenand without servos13:23
timcowchipthe deleted everything in /usr/ports/opt/gtk13:23
timcowchipthe ports -u13:24
timcowchippkgmk -d -i in /usr/ports/opt/gtk13:24
timcowchipsame error13:24
tilmanyeah, amazing13:24
timcowchipso going back to gtk-2.4.1613:25
timcowchipthere was a gtk-2.4.16-1 to gtk-2.4.16-2 update yesterday13:26
timcowchipwhat was that for?13:26
sependisable-introspection iirc13:27
sepentimcowchip: just use gitweb for see changesets13:27
sepen*to see13:27
timcowchipok thanks13:28
joacimthat thing looks more like bambi on ice than a metal gear type unit that kotaku compared it to13:28
Amnesiafrinnst: why exacly is crux making using of rdate..13:28
Amnesiathe time protocol is kinda obsolete nowadays..13:28
sepenI have some many boxes using ntp for years in production13:30
teK_there's ntpdate in the ports, too13:30
sepenrdate -n is similar to ntpdate13:30
teK_sepen: rdate doesnt use NTP13:30
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sepenUse SNTP (RFC 2030) instead of the RFC 868 time protocol13:30
teK_well.. as long as it sets your13:30
timcowchipshould I prt-get lock gtk-2.4.16?13:31
timcowchipfrinnst: should I prt-get lock gtk-2.4.16?13:31
teK_you just broke two of frinnst's rules13:37
teK_a) don't ask specific people to give others a chance to answer13:38
timcowchipif "prt-get remove gtk" and then deleting everything in /usr/ports/opt/gtk then "ports -u" and rebuilding gtk-2.4.17 didn't work, I don't know what will13:38
teK_b) wait for more than four minutes for an answer13:38
timcowchipoh, I'm still waiting13:38
timcowchipwas I supposed to wait in silence?13:39
timcowchipI'm not supposed to ask specific people?13:41
timcowchipits frinnst's port13:41
sepenand whats the problem?13:41
sepenexpose your problem here to the channel, not to specific people13:41
timcowchipprt-get update gtk13:41
sepenit worked to me13:42
timcowchipso....there's a chance13:42
timcowchipI tried "prt-get remove gtk" and then deleting everything in /usr/ports/opt/gtk then "ports -u" and rebuilding gtk-2.4.17 didn't work, I don't know what will13:43
sepencould you use a paste service and paste your log?13:43
sepensudo rdate -n europe.pool.ntp.org13:44
sepensudo prt-get update gtk13:45
timcowchipit has been suggested, tried and failed to work13:45
Romstertimcowchip, Microsoft Windows Excel 2000 spread sheet ... yeah seen it. i have a better tool than that.13:45
RomsterDark_light, i plan to split wicd when i have more time.13:45
timcowchipI thought you might13:46
timcowchipRomster: first of all thank you and please let me know if you need me to test or try building anything for you13:47
timcowchipI thought you might have a better tool13:48
Dark_lightRomster:  thanks :-)13:48
Romsteri pretty much test most things myself, but thanks if i get stuck i do ask for help.13:48
sepentimcowchip: it worked here13:48
Romsteri use openntpd to keep my clocks in sync13:48
sepenI use cron + rdate13:49
Romsterand run one on my gateway as a master ntp server to all my other machines behind it.13:49
timcowchipsepen: thanks for the encouragement13:49
Romsteri thought about digital tv as that's got time stamps now and gps too.13:50
sepentimcowchip: whats your system date?13:50
timcowchipbash-4.2$ date13:50
timcowchipMon Mar  4 13:48:46 UTC 201313:50
sepenyou can force with something like: $ sudo date --set="Mon Mar  4 22:48:46 CET 2013"13:50
sepenand $ sudo hwclock -w13:51
sepenwell, replace the date string with the one you need13:51
timcowchipin other words time travel to the future and then update gtk?13:51
timcowchipset my time ahead13:52
sepenyou are the future guy?13:52
sepen*are you13:52
timcowchipto make the new version of gtk appear newer than the old version?13:52
jaegertimcowchip: one thing that's probably worth noting, your timezone seems to be set to UTC there13:53
sepenconfigure says; 'newly created file is older than distributed files!'13:53
timcowchipyes I noticed that too13:53
timcowchipwhat are the "distributed files" the source files?13:54
sepenyeah, so you need to adjust your time zone13:54
jaegerSo you should probably fix your clock before trying to fix the package13:54
jaegerwill make things easier13:54
sepentimcowchip: check your /etc/rc.conf13:55
jaegerTo which timezone does your /etc/localtime symlink point? Does your rc.conf have the correct timezone set?13:55
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timcowchipTIMEZONE=UTC in /etc/rc.conf13:57
sepentimcowchip: where u from?13:57
timcowchipLinus is my neighbor13:58
Amnesiasucks to be you^^14:00
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timcowchip/etc/cron/daily/rdate exists14:01
*** timi has joined #crux14:01
timcowchipdoes that mean rdate sets my time if crond is in my /etc/rc.conf?14:01
sepenjust use TIMEZONE var in rc.conf to configure it14:02
sepenas is explained in the manual14:02
timcowchipchange it from utc to localtime?14:03
timcowchipI have to re-affirm here that my clovk is finally giving the correct time14:04
sepentimcowchip: did you ever read our handbook?14:04
timcowchipit never worked on my previous crux install14:04
timcowchipyes I have14:04
timcowchipand my clock is correct14:05
timcowchipit does not need adsjustment14:05
sepenI don't think so14:06
timcowchip"date" says the correct time14:06
timcowchipisn't that the time used for older and newer file comparisons?14:07
timcowchipso if the distributed file age is older than what I have installed, is it using the time it is on my system?14:09
timcowchipor the date the sourcs file was created14:09
sepenyour paste says: 'Check your system clock'14:09
sepenyour system clock is the problem14:10
timcowchipI know14:10
sepenI'm not sure about the UTC part of your date string14:10
sepenI'm using CET here and no idea about portland/oregon14:10
sepenso use a PST timezone format14:10
sepencan't you find a valid timezone in /usr/share/zoneinfo/ to you?14:11
timcowchiptzselect 2 49 2214:11
timcowchipTherefore TZ='America/Los_Angeles' will be used.14:12
timcowchipLocal time is now: Mon Mar  4 06:09:59 PST 2013.14:12
timcowchipUniversal Time is now: Mon Mar  4 14:09:59 UTC 201314:12
timcowchipthe utc time is correct14:12
sepenso use TIMEZONE=America/Los_Angeles in your rc.conf14:13
timcowchipthen reboot?14:13
sepenread /etc/rc14:13
sepen/bin/ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE /etc/localtime14:13
sepenthat uses your timezone to create a symlink14:14
sepenyou can create this symlink manually14:14
sepenfirst remove it $ sudo rm /etc/localtime14:14
sepenthen create it with $ sduo ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles /etc/localtime14:15
sepenthen $ sudo hwclock --hctosys14:15
sepenthat should work instead of rebooting your system14:15
timcowchipok all this is not to change my system time, is it?14:16
sepennext time you install a crux box you should configure your rc.conf first14:16
timcowchipI did edit rc.conf duting the installation14:17
sepenyour system time needs to know the timezone to calc desviations14:17
sepentimcowchip: well, so edit TIMEZONE too14:17
sepentimcowchip: finished the commands I pasted to you?14:17
sepenand gtk worked?14:17
timcowchipit seems to be stuck on read /etc/rc14:19
timcowchipread /etc/rc as root?14:19
sepentimcowchip: less /etc/rc14:20
sepenbut there is no need if you use the commands I pasted to you14:20
timcowchipI enter read /etc/rc in a root terminal and its stuck14:20
sepentimcowchip: read (with less) /etc/rc is complementary to you, to know more about our rc startup scripts14:20
sepenread /etc/rc????14:21
timcowchipthat IS funny14:21
sepenis the first time you use linux?14:21
sepenwhy not use ubuntu or tuntubuntu instead of crux?14:21
timcowchipI thought it was to avoid having to reboot14:21
sepen'read /etc/rc'?14:22
sepentimcowchip: do you know what is a rc script?14:22
timcowchipI'm a Slackware packager14:22
timcowchipI know14:22
timcowchipslackware's in trouble14:23
sepen"....BSD-style initscripts...."14:23
timcowchipso I edited rc.conf s/UTC/America/Los_Angeles14:24
sepen/etc/rc is a script, if you're a packager I assume you know what is a sheebang line14:24
sepenso head -1 /etc/rc will tell you that will be executed by bash14:24
sepentimcowchip: yeahhh14:25
sepenand use /etc/rc to know what does the system at boot time14:25
sepento avoid a reboot14:25
timcowchipok then14:25
sepentimcowchip: jaeger pointed that to you a long ago14:26
timcowchipalso made the link /bin/ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE /etc/localtime14:26
sepen22:51 <@jaeger> timcowchip: one thing that's probably worth noting, your timezone seems to be  set to UTC there14:26
timcowchipshould I change it to /bin/ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE /etc/UTC?14:27
sepenln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles /etc/localtime14:27
sepenI pasted to you the correct command a long ago, where is the problem?14:28
timcowchipI see, you were quoting jaeger from a long time ago14:29
timcowchipI'm blind in one eye...........14:29
timcowchip. /etc/rc.conf14:39
timcowchipit seems to be working14:39
timcowchiptakes forever to build something on my hardware14:40
timcowchipthank you sepen:)14:40
Amnesiaanyone of you folks running a tiling manager?14:45
timcowchipI edited the wmfs14:45
timcowchipits wmfs2 now
Amnesiatimcowchip: yeah I know wmfs14:46
AmnesiaI want to get some decent output using qemu / sdl14:46
timcowchipI like it14:46
Amnesiausing qemu?14:47
timcowchipever tried xephyr?14:47
timcowchipthere isn't a port, but I've used it on slackware, arch and debian14:48
timcowchipit should be easy to make a port14:48
Amnesiano need for it14:48
Amnesianvm, I'll check #qemu14:48
timcowchipyou can use it to check your wmfsrc without actually running wmfs14:49
timcowchipor awesome or spectrwm too14:49
Amnesiathink you misinterpreted my question:)14:50
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timcowchip=======> Building '/usr/ports/opt/gtk/gtk#2.24.17-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded. thanks again sepen14:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mplayer: 2013-01-14 -> 2013-03-0415:13
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gtk-32: updated to version 2.24.1715:13
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jaegerhas rotwang been around lately?16:09
sepenon irc?16:17
sepenat least he sent me an email this past sunday, about hal ;D16:18
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timcowchipmy wmfsrc is bitchin16:34
timcowchipbtw sepen: my clock is now WRONG17:00
*** timcowchip has quit IRC17:02
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himynameisphilhi all17:09
*** timcowchip has joined #crux17:12
timcowchipI fixed my clock17:14
timcowchip/bin/ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE /etc/UTC17:14
Romstertimcowchip, that's done from /etc/rc when you reboot.17:23
jaegeryou overwrote /etc/UTC with a broken symlink?17:23
jaegeror replaced the proper line in /etc/rc.conf with that?17:24
jaegerer, /etc/rc I meant17:25
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libpixman-32: updated to version 0.28.217:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: pango-32: updated to version 1.32.517:33
Romsteri missed those.17:43
jaegerI'm just updating a few my script saw17:43
jaegergot a couple more coming17:43
Romstermind sharing the script?17:44
Romsteri was gonna write one but if you've already done that.17:44
jaegerYou already have it somewhere, I posted it ages ago during the multilib hatching... gimme a sec, though17:44
Romsteri probably burried it in my filesystem17:44
Romsterunless it was that verchk17:45
jaegerthat's one of them, this is the other17:45
jaegerIt's dead simple but useful17:46
Romsteroh seems i've got some duplicates in my repo17:46
Romsterah got that ~/bin/check-32-versions17:47
Romsterforgot i had that17:47
timcowchipso,  /bin/ln -snf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE/etc/UTC  then?17:47
jaegerdon't change anything in /etc/rc, just fix the timezone var in /etc/rc.conf17:48
jaegerTIMEZONE=America/Chicago <-- example17:48
Romstereek openssl-32 is a little behind17:49
jaegerRomster: already updated that one here17:49
jaegerI haven't pushed yet, working on libffi-3217:49
jaegertimcowchip: section 6.1.3 of the handbook talks about the variables in rc.conf17:49
Romsterdamn i would of done them if i had of used that script.17:49
jaegerI run it every now and then to check, today was one of those times17:50
Romstertimcowchip, you shouldn't be doing anything other than what the handbook says todo.17:50
Romsterunless you really really really know what your doing and accept the risks of breaking your system17:50
Romsteri've already broken my system many times and fixed it myself. and learned.17:51
Romstermostly toolchain issues -_-17:51
jaegerlibffi-32 will take a bit longer, it's installing libs in the wrong place17:51
Romsterwhen i do my own.17:51
Romsterno rush17:52
timcowchipok all I want is to have the correct time on my clock and be able to update "older" with " newer" ones17:52
jaegerah, they override prefix with a hardcoded location17:52
Romstersed in that case.17:52
jaeger/usr/ports/work/libffi-32/pkg/usr/lib32/../lib/libffi.a :P17:52
timcowchipI would like that to happen without any intervention on my part17:52
jaegertimcowchip: set the TIMEZONE var in /etc/rc.conf and reboot. done17:52
jaegeryou don't need to change /etc/rc17:52
Romstertimcowchip, setting TIMEZONE and rebooting should work fine.17:53
jaeger /etc/rc will take the value you specify in /etc/rc.conf and set the symlink FOR you17:53
Romsteroops i repeated what jaeger said17:53
timcowchipthat's nice17:54
Romsterone of us should opena  bug report for hardcoded paths in libffi later.17:54
Romsterjaeger, i don't see any mailing list commits for compat-32 either17:55
Romstercore opt xorg isn't compat-32 official too?17:55
jaegerthe hooks probably aren't set up yet17:57
jaegerit's all new17:57
*** tilman has quit IRC17:58
*** tilman has joined #crux17:59
jaegerthere's some autotools weirdness happening, will have to track that down18:00
jaegerI'll go ahead and push the openssl-32 update for now18:00
Romsterautohell :D18:00
Romsterif you get really stuck i can try after table tennis after work tonight18:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: openssl-32: updated to version 1.0.1e18:01
Romsterbut you probably know autotools as good if not better than me.18:01
jaegerI wouldn't bet on that, heh18:01
jaegerI've used it a lot but never really learned its inner workings18:02
Romsteroh i've dissected parts of it18:02
jaegerI will take another look at it in a bit, got some other stuff to do at the moment18:02
jaegerah, you're probably ahead of me on it, then18:02
Romsterk bbl18:02
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*** joe9 has joined #crux18:32
jaegerok, worked around that for now. I didn't compare it to the previous version, will have to do that at some point18:33
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libffi-32: updated to version 3.0.1218:38
rmullAm I the only one getting underquoted definition of AM_PATH_LIBFAME warnings when building stuff with autotools?18:39
*** SiFuh has quit IRC18:45
*** SiFuh has joined #crux18:47
jaegerI don't think I've seen that one yet18:48
jaegerI don't have libfame installed, for what that's worth18:48
*** SiFuh has quit IRC18:52
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rmulljaeger: Okay, thanks for the feedback18:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: fontconfig-32: updated to version 2.10.219:02
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Romsterrmull, known problem it's nothing big jsut an irritating warning, i'll fix sometime23:22
Romster 23.7C compared to the 28C i had earlier but the house is still cooking.23:55
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