IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-03-05

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frinnstour temps are starting to rise above freezing finally00:23
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teK_I left the house without a jacket because it's +2C today00:39
niklaswedoes someoe know a good open source alternative to pingdom?00:48
Amnesianiklaswe: zabbix,nagios etc00:52
Amnesiaor write your own?00:52
frinnstteK_: i know the feeling :)00:56
frinnstwhen the sun is hitting the wall where i keep the thermometer it rises to maybe 10-15C00:56
frinnstand those temps require you to not use a jacket00:57
teK_it's just fantastic01:03
teK_within three days in march we had more sunshine than in february for all 28 together01:03
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frinnsthum, why cant i ping my raspberry after i rebooted it?01:15
Amnesiafrinnst: cause there's no module for the ethernet01:16
frinnstwell it worked a few minutes ago01:20
frinnstthe ethernet driver seems to be builtin01:20
frinnstim using an oldish debiankernel01:20
AmnesiaI grabbed the one from crux-arm.nu01:21
frinnstwhat driver/module is one supposed to use on the raspberry for the nic?01:21
teK_anyone using thttpd?01:39
teK_just discovered that it has at least two severe security flaws that have been unpatched since 2006/701:40
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frinnstthttpd is a simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server.02:39
frinnstlol, just like the "centos hacked my webpage" thread :)02:48
teK_hilarious ;)02:49
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joacimfucking urxvt. i'm getting rendering problems with it, but it returns to normal as soon as i tab to a different window to run scrot03:33
frinnstwhat gfx-chip?03:35
joacimwith the nouveau driver03:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mkvtoolnix: fix for wxgtk extra files in /usr/include03:35
joacim <- these two screenshots illustrates the problem03:43
joacimit happens when i maximize urxvt windows adn then restore them back to normal size03:44
joacimit does not happen with xterm03:44
joacimi first noticed this last night, so i'm thinking a recent software update caused it.03:47
frinnstyeah i pushed an urxvt update a few days ago03:49
teK_sounds familiar03:49
joacimyep. just tried the old version. it works fine03:50
joacimshame on you!03:50
frinnsti'll look into it03:50
joacimwell, you pushed the update for 9.16 too, so dont feel too bad about it.03:51
joacim9.16 is fine. =)03:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf-32: 2.26.4 -> 2.26.504:04
niklasweah I find the problem, I had if  print "releasing blabla" exit 1 , and it didn't run the other stuff04:27
Romsterthat'll also do it.04:28
Romsteri want to study up on Python cgi but i'm too tired to now.04:39
Romsterand use a form of radio buttons to query a sqlite3 database to display on a html page in apache, perhaps prologic could make a tutorial on how circuits could do that?04:40
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teK_himynameisphil: did you see the mplayer update from yesterday?05:21
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frinnst <- fucking australia :)07:13
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joacimwell i'm not going there07:18
prologicwhat a fucking idiot07:20
prologicand I'm aussie07:20
prologicI'm so ashamed07:20
joacimdo you wear a shirt?07:22
odyahah is that guy for real?07:22
prologicof course I wear a bloody shirt07:25
prologiclike I said07:25
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odywhere abouts in oz are you from?07:28
frinnstaustralia is awesome :)07:32
frinnstas are the people07:32
joacimgreenland seems nice07:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_1707:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_1707:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] stunnel: update to 4.5507:52
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odyanyone know of any reasons Crux wouldn't be fit for server use?09:14
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horrorStruckody: CRUX doesn't provide pam by default, do you need that?09:17
odynah, just a bog standard LAMP environment09:18
odytrying to make my life as simple as possible.  Have been using Archlinux for the last 10+ years but it seems to get getting more and more like redhat.09:20
horrorStruckarch has died long ago09:21
odyhah yeah, they have a very advanced package management system that doesn't seem to be able to update the system if you leave it for more than a month09:21
odydo you know what the plan is with CRUX and systemd?09:22
horrorStruckplan is: stay away from it09:23
odysweet, I'm sold :)09:23
odyI really didn't get the point of it09:24
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frinnstody: depends on what you need. crux is mostly a rolling release thingy. but there is no long term support for older releases. and since everything is built from source it will probably require some cpu% for upgrading stuff09:47
frinnsti would not recommend it for corporate usage ;)09:47
frinnstat home i would not run anything else09:47
odyarchlinux is a rolling release as well, so used to that09:52
odyI'm going to use Crux on a few less essential servers first and see how things go09:52
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timcowchipI have dependency question12:45
timcowchipwhen a port, say ffmpeg is updated, do all the ports that depend on ffmpeg need rebuiling?12:46
timcowchipquestion asked at 12:44:39 and counting..........hehe :)12:47
teK_not per se12:50
teK_only if the abi of its libraries changed (so they get renamed)12:51
teK_use revdep to check for the need of rebuilds (beware.. shitty software like libreoffice will always be reported as broken)12:51
timcowchipprt-get -fr 'revdep' ffmpeg?12:52
timcowchipthanks teK_ :)12:54
teK_sudo revdep12:54
timcowchipoh, ok12:54
teK_you need to have prt-utils installed, though12:54
teK_it's similar to gentoo's revdep-rebuild tol12:54
timcowchipI do12:54
timcowchipI remember a BSD ports update command that took days to finish12:55
AmnesiaFYI: 7.0_17                                                                                                                                                      j^212:58
Amnesia16:51   cruxbot  : [opt.git/3.0]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_17                                                                                                                                                      joacim12:58
Amnesia16:51   cruxbot  : [opt.git/3.0]: [notify] stunnel: update to 4.55                                                                                                                                                      lasso12:58
Amnesia17:35       timi | changes nick to eagle                                                                                                                                                                                lennart12:58
Amnesia18:12       ody  : anyone know of any reasons Crux wouldn't be fit for server use?                                                                                                                                      linXea12:58
Amnesia18:16 horrorStr  : ody: CRUX doesn't provide pam by default, do you need that?                                                                                                                                          lowe12:58
Amnesia18:16       ody  : nah, just a bog standard LAMP environment                                                                                                                                                            Lukc12:58
Amnesia18:18       ody  : trying to make my life as simple as possible.  Have been using Archlinux for the last 10+ years but it seems to get getting more and more like redhat.                                               mavrick6112:58
Amnesia18:19 horrorStr  : arch has died long ago                                                                                                                                                                               niklaswe12:58
Amnesia18:20       ody  : hah yeah, they have a very advanced package management system that doesn't seem to be able to update the system if you leave it for more than a month                                                nogagplz12:59
Amnesia18:20       ody  : do you know what the plan is with CRUX and systemd?                                                                                                                                                  nullmark12:59
Amnesia18:21 horrorStr  : plan is: stay away from it                                                                                                                                                                           ody12:59
teK_frinnst gonna rage on this :D :D12:59
Amnesia18:22       ody  : sweet, I'm sold :)                                                                                                                                                                                   p1r_12:59
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Amnesia18:22       ody  : I really didn't get the point of it                                                                                                                                                                  pedja12:59
Amnesia18:36     (mode) | ChanServ: [+o jaeger] on #crux                                                                                                                                                                       Pingax12:59
Amnesiafsck, sorry12:59
Amnesia *12:59
Amnesiablame my touchpad^^12:59
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Amnesiathat course's pretty awesome13:02
teK_mostly the more advanced stuff.. well depending on your educational background ;013:03
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AmnesiateK_: you'll enjoy it13:04
teK_you don't know my background :P13:04
Amnesiaeveryone's able to learn13:05
teK_maybe I know all that stuff :>13:05
Amnesiabut still you'd be able to learn^^13:05
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joacimi think that math is a bit above me13:27
tilmanjoacim: the S looks like the integral character13:28
joacimyes i know. recognize some of it from highschool13:37
teK_which math?13:38
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frinnsthm, seems 3.9 has some improvements over speedstep or whatever the tech is called these days14:22
frinnstmy cpu goes up to 3.88ghz now ?14:22
frinnstguess it lists the turbo-boost stuff14:23
frinnstbut a lot more steps in clock freq14:23
frinnstcpu MHz: 3914.00014:23
frinnstteK_: vol normalization works again in mplayer \o/14:35
KaishiI gotta upgrade my kernel sometime soon.14:41
Kaishiit's been a while.14:41
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timcowchip is no longer there14:55
timcowchip works14:56
timcowchipfor /usr/ports/contrib/python2-chardet14:56
timcowchipkeeping old stuff alive15:02
timcowchipthat's what I'm all about15:02
timcowchipstarting with myself15:03
teK_frinnst: glad to hear15:04
teK_frinnst: the upgrade to 3.9 made me lose acpi (system won't pwoer down) and lose the ondemand cpu governor15:04
teK_< sheeshee> finally reading "unix hater's handbook" - makes unix look like the PHP of its time.. :)15:06
frinnstdid you try the intel_pstate driver?15:08
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teK_I even set the default governor to ondemand in my kernel's config15:29
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timcowchip$name-$version.tar.gz is also gone16:46
timcowchipbut works16:46
timcowchipfor /usr/ports/contrib/pycrypto16:47
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himynameisphil ~ # prt-get sysup17:23
himynameisphilprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/jre17:23
himynameisphil=======> Downloading 'file:///jre-7u17-linux-x64.tar.gz'.17:23
himynameisphilfile:///jre-7u17-linux-x64.tar.gz: Unsupported scheme 'file'.17:23
himynameisphil=======> ERROR: Downloading 'file:///jre-7u17-linux-x64.tar.gz' failed.17:23
himynameisphil-- Packages where update failed17:23
Romsterprt-get cat jre README17:23
himynameisphilAm I supposed to have access to someone's HDD? :-)17:23
Romsteryour own.17:23
himynameisphil*backs away slowly*17:24
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timcowchipcifs in rc.conf?18:08
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v33hello everyone21:53
v33please, not all at once. :P21:58
v33how do you do?22:50
niklaswetired, and you?22:57
niklaswesexy :)23:02
niklaswenice stomach23:03
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timcowchiphi Romster23:21
timcowchipnew release of deluge available23:25
Romsteri'm aware of that23:26
timcowchipneed any help with updating pkgfiles?23:28
timcowchippython2-chardet or pycrypto?23:29
timcowchipI could update the source links and paste them23:30
frinnstnote to self: NEVER EVER enter and buy something in a supermarket early in the morning in sweden23:32
frinnstfucking pensioners23:32
timcowchipwhat's a pensioner?23:33
timcowchipis that like a retired person?23:34
frinnstso, yes :)23:36
Romsteri already saw the backlog23:38
timcowchip python2-chardet23:39
timcowchipjust a pensioner trying to give back23:39
Romstergonna have to run my 404 checker script again23:40
timcowchipdoes the script find new sources?23:43
timcowchipor just flag 40423:44
timcowchipanyway if you paste the 404 flagged ports, I could find new sources and test build the pkgfile23:45
Romsterit looks for redirects temporary and permanently and 40423:46
Romsteri have another tool for mirror finding.23:47
Romsterbut it's incomplete still23:47
timcowchipthanks again for the backlite pkgfile23:49
Romsteryou any good at any programming languages timcowchip ?23:49
timcowchiptoo old23:49
timcowchipwhen I did any progamming it was for commodore 6423:50
Romsterblah i have to rebase them patches on deluge23:52
Romsteri own commodore64 gear.23:52
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timcowchip pretty cool commodore site23:53
frinnsti never owned a commodore23:59
frinnstmy life is incomplete because of this :(23:59

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