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timcowchipthere's always vice00:02
timcowchipyou can emulate 64k of ram and 8 bit cpu00:05
timcowchipon your 4GHz water cooled whizbang00:05
Romsteri liked ccs64 better00:11
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Amnesiais anyone over here using unicode/latin ?01:34
Romsteri got utf8 set but english australian01:35
frinnsten_US.utf8 here01:36
frinnstfor some reason01:36
Romsteri notice some programs bitch that i have no locale file for my language and it will use LANG=C01:37
Amnesiaand are you using rxvt-unicode by any chance^^?01:38
Romsterdon't know why i bother to change LANG since NLS is off.01:38
Romsteri use sakura01:38
frinnstnls is irrelevant iirc01:38
Amnesialatin1 isn't ascii only agaik01:38
Amnesiabut I keep getting question marks01:39
Romsterwouldn't that be todo with your font missing glyphs01:39
Romsterfrinnst, i get cofussed with NLS and this locale LNAG stuff please enlighten me.01:40
Romsterperl compains it cna't find en_AU.utf8 and it'll drop back to C01:40
frinnsthehe im also confused on that topic01:40
frinnstthat does sound wierd. and obviously the locale is generated01:41
Romsterafaik LANG sets the string sfor glibc01:41
Romsterwhile locales NLS sets the strings for other programs01:41
frinnstwhat do you do to see that message?01:41
frinnstnls is the actual text translated to another language or something01:41
Romstermy chroot picks off the system set enviorment vars and a ports -u and i see it.01:41
AmnesiaRomster: well, gohufont is supposed to even support unicode..01:42
Romsternot necessary as far a language as you may thik even British American and Australian English can be in *.po files.01:42
RomsterAmnesia, does setting LC_ALL=C rxvt-unicode01:43
Romsterthen seeing if it works with no ?01:43
AmnesiaC is ascii only afaik01:43
Romsterinbuilt strings for glibc/hardcoded strings in program.01:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf-32: update footprint01:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.7 -> 0.16.802:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: deluge: 1.3.5 -> 1.3.602:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-date-manip: 6.37 -> 6.3902:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.76 -> 1.8402:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tor: ->
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_1703:46
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himynameisphilstill getting the same errors when trying to install mplayer05:56
himynameisphilwait. deleted old src tarball and trying again06:00
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rmullRomster: Hey, I can't build the latest release of kicad - here's the issue: You must use '--with-gnomeprint' or '--with-gtkprint' in your wx library configuration.07:06
rmullI'll try adjusting the wxgtk Pkgfile to see if I can satisfy the requirement, but just thought I'd mention it07:06
rmullTo clarify, kicad is my package, wxgtk is maintained by you07:07
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ody_I'm just setting up a Pkgfile, and from looking at other files, $SRC seems to point to the build directory where the Pkgfile is .. but instead it seems to be the source directory in work/ ..07:46
jaegeryes, $SRC is the source inside the work directory07:49
jaegereverything in the source=() array gets copied into $SRC07:49
ody_ah I get it! thank, really appreciate the help07:49
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AmnesiateK_: were you running a tiling wm ?08:23
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Joint(some one who talks swedish here?)08:57
frinnstja, men i kanalen talar vi engelska som regel08:57
Jointi suck at englich, im djust saying08:58
frinnsthow can you survive? :)08:58
Jointi dont know, i djust do08:58
Jointmostly i djust read in english, i never write my self08:59
Jointokok, so i trid to compli cairo08:59
Jointit told me some ting about xcb08:59
frinnstdid you use prt-get to build it?09:00
frinnstprt-get depinst cairo09:00
frinnstwhat version? 3.0? is it a fresh install, or an upgrade?09:00
Jointa fresh install, i im trying crux out fore the first time in like 10 yers09:01
Jointi feel like a total handicap seens i bin migrating from archlinux09:02
Jointaha, now i got a new error message this time09:03
frinnstwell it sounds like you are missing a dependency. "prt-get depinst cairo" should have installed everything that you need09:03
Jointchecking whether cairo's PNG functions feature could be enabled... no09:03
Jointwell it dident09:03
Jointcold it be that it tris to install cairo from a nother host. i added a few more http ports09:04
frinnstwe probably need more info. you could install wgetpaste or something to give us a log of the failure09:04
Jointthen what?09:06
frinnstyou can pipe the command to wget paste. so something like "prt-get depinst cairo | wgetpaste"09:06
Jointarrg, i need to cook some food here :S09:07
frinnstor you can enable logging in prt-get and paste the log09:07
frinnstyeah me too09:07
Jointim trying the firt comand ;)09:07
Jointbut where do i past the log?09:08
Jointi guess i should not put it right in this chanel?09:08
joacimwgetpaste will give you an url that you can paste09:09
Jointaha cool09:09
frinnstare these ports installed?:
Jointi will se09:14
Jointsems so09:17
teK_Amnesia: fluxbox09:18
Joint"-- Packages installed before this run (ignored)"*09:19
Jointand the list09:19
Jointbrb, (kitchen ;) )09:19
Jointwho dose it come that it is firfox and not chrome or uzbl or jumanji that is preferd here in the crux comunity (i havent found anny good port host fore eny of them)09:33
Jointhow* :P09:34
tilmanholy shit09:34
joacimi use firefox out of habbit.09:35
Jointhmm ok09:35
Jointfind it almost strange, doe it is a quit a minimalistik dist09:36
tilmani'm using both a hacked jumanji and firefox fwiw09:36
AmnesiateK_: ah 'k09:47
ody_Joint, are you migrating from Archlinux?09:47
Jointi should have done that almost a year ago now09:47
ody_what reasons?  Just curious as I'm migrating away also.09:47
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Jointthey shanged something in glib, so everyting got fucked upp09:48
Jointshanged dirs etc09:48
ody_hah yeah, that one got me and all my work servers.  I've decided to move since there systemd move.09:48
Amnesia275M  crux.img.bz2 \o/09:49
ody_they keep making changes that break the ability to update easily09:49
Jointmm, i have bin living on a old archliveCD seens last summer :(09:49
Jointit djust got frustrating09:50
Jointand that they never listened to the critik about it :(09:50
Jointkiss, my ass :P09:51
tilmanJoint: may i ask if you're french?09:51
Jointwhy do you ask?09:51
tilmanyour english09:51
Jointi never understod the english writing system09:52
Amnesiatilman: you were from .de right? If so, do you know any german series which are worth watching?09:52
joacimi liked kommisar rex (or however that is spelt) when i was young09:55
joacimtho i think that's austrian09:55
Amnesiathat's with that german shepherd right?09:56
joacimthink so09:56
joacimolsen banden in norway09:58
Jointokej :), was it norway that where first?09:58
Jointi mix them up some thimes09:58
joacimi think it came first to denmark09:59
joacim1968 for denmark, 1969 for norway09:59
Jointonly danish serie i could think of, exept "bron" witsh was swed/danish10:00
Jointand i wold not rekomend bron10:00
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organixpearHello. Could someone help me get Skype running on 3.011:42
Amnesiaprt-get depinst skype ?11:43
organixpearmy system says it cannot execute the binary file11:44
Amnesiaall dependencies have been installed?11:45
Amnesiaand you've got 32 bit support?11:45
organixpearhow do i check on that 32 bit support11:46
Amnesiauname -m / zcat /proc/config.gz |grep CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION11:48
Amnesiaand make sure you've got the required 32 bits libs11:48
organixpearthanks a million11:50
organixpearI'm not stupid or anything just forgetful or whatever. I am migrating from some i686 systems and clearly make oldconfig does not catch certain options such as CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION11:52
AmnesiaI never said you were stupid^^11:53
organixpeari felt stupid lol11:53
Amnesiano need to11:53
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rmullRomster: After rebuilding wxgtk with --with-gtkprint, the kicad build still failed, so I just patched kicad to remove the #error and it built without problems. No need to bother with wxgtk.12:39
Amnesiahm, I'm going to give spice-gtk a shot12:44
AmnesiaI'm pretty curious12:44
timcowchipdoes fuse need to be compiled in the kernel?12:54
timcowchipin order to use fusesmb12:54
timcowchipthank you :)12:54
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Romsterrmull, np i wont bother touching wxgtk13:55
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timcowchipis gigolo a new port?14:55
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timcowchipI remember mentioning gigolo before and nobody knew what it was14:58
timcowchipnow I see it is one of sepen's ports14:59
timcowchippretty useless without gvfs though14:59
timcowchipREADME for gigolo15:01
timcowchipYou should install gvfs to run some commands.15:01
timcowchipbasically you can't mount or open anything with gigolo without gvfs15:02
timcowchipso I guess the question is...where is the gvfs port?15:04
Amnesiaspicy is pretty promising..15:09
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himynameisphilmplayer still does not like me. I copied the new version to my ports folder, did pkgmk and i get the same errors as before.21:50
himynameisphilI'm probably doing something wrong and am a terrible person. :-)22:10
Romsterwhat errors what are you doing?22:50
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frinnsthow do you search for content in files in windows?23:37
frinnsti feel handicapped23:37
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Romsteri always forget my input modules in xorg... had to ssh in on my phone to kill x23:49
Romstervery tempting to add a post-install rebuild all input and video drivers installed -_-23:50
Romsteryou running 1.14.0 xorg-server yet?23:51
frinnstno, i had bumped the version this morning but it required some updated library so i didnt have time to do it23:52
frinnstill give it a go tonight23:52
Romsteronly xorg-inputproto from 2.2 to 2.323:52
frinnstyeah that was the one23:53
Romsteri'm on it now testing23:53
RomsterSwap:        28671       1001      27670 megabytes23:55
Romsteri guess 8GB ram is not enough for me anymore.23:55
Romsteroh if your wondering why it's so high i got multiple disks with same prio to spread the i/o load over.23:56
Romsterand back then i had less disks so i used more swap space.23:57
frinnstwhats your actual ram usage?23:57
Romster             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached23:57
RomsterMem:          7978       1344       6634          0         54        37223:57
Romster-/+ buffers/cache:        917       706123:57
RomsterSwap:        28671        388      2828323:57
Romsterfree -m23:57
frinnstand have you tweaked the swap eagerness?23:57
frinnstyou might want to do that instead23:57
Romsternot on this system. haven't touched the swappiness23:58
frinnstit will always swap no matter how much ram you have pretty much23:58
Romsterwell iw as using more ram when i'm building something in tmpfs.23:58
Romsteri thought it only swaps if it only really needs too.23:58
Romsterunlike windows it'll clear the ram to pagefile regardless.23:58
Romsteror has this behavior changed in later kernels23:59

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