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Romsterhow hard is it to build a profiled firefox?00:01
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diverseI guess its difficult enough to have others wait.00:02
Romsterfirefox site is slow to download.00:02
diversemozilla's download site sometimes has weird hiccups00:03
Romsterincluding one that says the file is compete when it is really truncated.00:04
frinnstuse one of the hundreds of mirrors :)00:04
Romstercan't be arsed i'll go get a cool drink00:05
diverserehydration is always good.00:05
frinnstok, this is just adorable:
diverseyeah... pft, hahahaha!00:08
diversefrinnst: need more funny memes.00:10
diverseis this a rick roll?00:11
frinnstim not that evil00:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] firefox: updated to 19.0.200:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] firefox: updated to 19.0.200:18
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Romsteryou didn't enable libjpeg frinnst00:34
Romsteror is that still broken.00:34
Romsterload average: 88.91, 27.30, 12.9900:36
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Romsterload average: 90.66, 39.17, 19.7900:40
frinnstget more cores :)00:40
Romsterhehe i need more.00:41
Romsterok more sane now00:41
Romsterload average: 34.45, 36.06, 20.7200:41
Romsterprobably linking time peaks00:42
frinnst load average: 0,87, 2,06, 3,0800:43
Romsterload average: 12.35, 27.71, 19.4200:43
Romsterwell i am compiling 3 lots of firefox at the same time.00:43
fireglowhow up-to-date are crux packages?00:58
Romstermost are really upto date.00:59
fireglowthat's good01:02
fireglowRomster: nice cat gif, btw01:03
mike_khmm, does anyone use pkgutils on debian based distro?01:03
mike_kI tend to base customizations on Pkgfiles, which is odd01:03
diverseThat means we are doing something good.01:05
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Romsteri haven't ran debian in years01:10
Romsterbut i see no reason why pkgutils wont work there.01:11
mike_kI guess, it should work. at least it would give some freedom on building custom things.01:12
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timcowchipI guess PEBKAC01:33
timcowchipmy slackware clock was set to localtime01:34
timcowchipeven though I always select UTC whenever I install anything01:36
Romstersee always something simple overlooked.01:36
Romstermight of been a bug *shrugs*01:36
timcowchipI installed the Salix version this time01:37
timcowchipthey're always tweaking their installer01:38
timcowchipI call my car a pos almost everyday01:38
timcowchipits a term of endearment01:39
Romsterasso? American Society for the Study of Orthodontics01:39
Romsterheh i'm aussie and i call lots of things a pos... but never my car.01:39
timcowchip1978 Mercury Zephyr01:40
timcowchipCorinthian duck tape01:40
timcowchipor is it duct tape01:41
Romsterduct tape01:42
Romsteror gaffer tape01:42
timcowchipmy ISP won't allow access to my crux ports01:42
Romsterport 80 blocked at your isp looked on grc?01:43
timcowchipApache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 8001:45
timcowchipso yes?01:45
timcowchipI copied everything to
timcowchipall 5 of them01:47
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Romsterwell it's not blocked i see them02:01
frinnstthats why you post as a woman on mailinglists/forums02:19
Romster firefox uploading, bit sow as host only came back shortly.02:57
prologichey Romster02:58
Romster21:57:59 up 42 days, 11:21,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.1102:59
Romsterheh 42 days02:59
Romsterhi prologic03:00
Romsterat some point ntotoo far away i'm gonna get serious with saraswiki and sites i got a few other domain names and a small business to setup for a friend.03:01
Romsternot too*03:01
prologic 03:01:41 up 577 days, 23:32,  0 users,  load average: 0.15, 0.15, 0.1203:01
prologicRomster, just wandering if you have the time to try out sahriswiki again? :)03:02
Romsteryeah i know i'd have had more uptime but power fluctuations.03:02
Romstertomorrow i'm chilling out tonight and work for bands tomorrow got canceled03:02
Romsterpretty tired so i'm just fluffing around on stuff that requires very little mental thinking.03:03
Romsteryou got a vserver crux container too prologic where is that hosted again?03:05
Romsteri really should setup a vserver on my host so i can manage all these domains and projects i'm doing.03:06
frinnstprologic: that box would be rooted just by looking at it funny :)03:06
Romsteri don't care too much for uptime more so no vulnerabilities03:09
prologicRomster, I did have - got rid of it due to costs03:13
prologicstill have the templates though03:13
prologicbut will run them up again on some other hw soon03:13
prologicRomster, that was my US server btw :)03:13
prologicfrinnst, lol - why? because of old kernel?03:13
prologicyeah well I'm not that worried03:14
prologicjust don't tell your h3ck3r friends :)03:14
Romsterprologic, oh well i could use your template on my host.03:14
Romsterstrabnge firefox ok but firefox in 32bit mode poof.. no workie03:15
Romster././config/gcc_hidden.h:6:36: fatal error: opening dependency file .deps/sharkctl.o.pp: No such file or directory03:17
Romsterprologic, i thought servers in usa be cheaper than in au03:20
prologicthey are03:32
frinnstamazon lowered their prices with 20% iirc, or maybe that hasnt kicked in yet03:46
frinnstand i guess they have different price tiers. maybe it wasnt on everything03:47
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frinnsthow come business software is always the worst piece of shit youve ever seen?06:47
frinnstcrashing, unstable, unmaintainable etc06:48
frinnsteverything in the installdir has a timestamp from 200706:49
horrorStruckthey wouldn't be able to sell support otherwise06:53
joacimyou talking about internally maintained and developed software?06:54
joacimI hate the inconsistent ui those have06:54
joacimnothing behaves or looks right06:54
frinnstthis one has been developed by a small company06:54
frinnstbased on oracle forms06:54
frinnstrequires jre 1.6.31 or older to run07:02
frinnst(on the clients)07:02
joacimthink IT schools should spend some time on topics surrounding interface design.07:02
joacimI remember I was told I'd get better grades if I used funky graphics. Nobody seemed to care about the users or potential customers.07:05
joaciminternal software used by businesses all looks like the kind of crap me and my classmates used to make =)07:07
joacimi feel bad for them07:07
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timcowchipreply to Romster: well it's not blocked i see them >>
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timcowchipwhats with ports the have depends on that aren't ports?13:06
timcowchipfor example mcabber, a port, depends on loudmouth, not a port13:07
timcowchipgigolo, doesn't depend on gvfs, but it should and there is no gvfs port13:08
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timcowchipI know these aren't supported ports so maybe I should emaill the maintainers13:09
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timcowchipfunny thing is the mcabber and loudmouth source files are on the same site
timcowchipbut the Pkgfile doesn't list the loudmouth source13:15
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timcowchipI can't get loudmouth to build15:08
timcowchipgajim isn't working
timcowchipjust thought I'd get on and annoy the salix developers for awhile givings you guys a break from me15:10
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rauzanyone problems after the last xorg upgrade ?15:32
frinnstor something else?15:34
rauzsry i my x is no longer working so i cant browse to the link15:36
frinnstyou need to rebuild the drivers for 1.1415:37
frinnstso, input and gfx usually15:37
frinnstxorg-xf86-input-mouse xorg-xf86-input-keyboard xorg-xf86-input-evdev xorg-xf86-input-synaptics xorg-xf86-video-ati xorg-xf86-video-nouveau xorg-xf86-video-intel15:37
rauzyes stupid me i forgot15:37
frinnstor whatever you use15:37
rauzintel :D15:38
frinnstdont forget the input driver :)15:38
frinnstprotip: subscribe to the mailinglist and you'll get notifications when something needs your attention15:38
frinnstits very low traffic15:39
teK_it's so funny that a binary installation of windows xp will take longer than crux install + kernel config + initial compiliation of updates15:40
teK_BUT now I've got Office 2007 installed, too. yay..15:41
rauzthx frinnst15:41
joacimi kinda started to miss getting emails every day from the ml =)15:53
joacimeven tho everything was from roelof15:53
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frinnstnice X11 segfault when using glamor16:26
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timcowchipgot gajim working16:43
timcowchipprt-get update 'revdep' pygobject16:44
timcowchipprt-get update -fr 'revdep' pygobject16:44
timcowchipI emailed sepen about moving my ports, but I don't think he'll notice16:46
timcowchiphe though my email was spam last time16:47
timcowchipso if it's ok I'll leave the link here for him16:48
timcowchipsepen: I moved my ports from  to
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Romstertimcowchip, search portdb for other repos. some private repos depend on others17:52
Romsterload average: 124.71, 52.06, 27.74 lol17:56
RomsterPGO compiling firefox.17:57
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Romstervery very quiet19:41
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himynameisphilfinally got mplayer to install20:04
Romsterwhat was the issue?20:06
Romsteri have firefox-pgo in my romster repo if anyone is interested.20:06
Romsterwarning it takes awhile to build20:06
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Romster#mozilla sucks: BZ #82438120:15
Romstermkdir $SRC/mozilla-release/js/src/.deps20:15
Romsterdamn you firefox...20:15
Romsterif i had of seen that sooner i'd of got my firefox-32 working sooner.20:15
himynameisphilI used subversion sources and disabled everything to do with v4l2. Still don't understand the issue, but it's working and that's something.20:17
Romsterstrange issue it compiled fine for me.20:24
Romsterso your on head as of now or some commit before head?20:24
Romsterhrm i see some junk in jre20:25 and others20:28
Romsterguess removing them may have unwanted side effects *shrugs*20:28
Romsteri performed a flush and vacuum on the sqlite databases for firefox and zoom it's so much faster.20:34
Romsterbrowser-vacuum in my rep.20:37
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Romsterjava 32bit why wont it god damn work.22:15
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Romstercan someone help me? i got firefox-32 in romster i can't get it to detect 32bit java even with modifed ports for jre-32 and firefox-java-3222:29
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Romstergod damn it i think i just nailed the problem23:01
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Romsterzxomg 64bit flash player loaded on my 32bit firefox and it made my entire X die.23:18
Romsterremoved that for now23:18
Romsterbut now i have to deal with this ABI mismatch23:18
Romster[171456.732] (WW) NVIDIA: This server has an unsupported input driver ABI version (have 19.1, need < 19.0).  The driver will continue to load, but may behave strangely.23:19
Romster[171456.732] (II) NVIDIA dlloader X Driver  310.32  Mon Jan 14 14:42:46 PST 201323:19
*** pitillo has joined #crux23:20
Romsterhmm there is a later version of nvidia out now.23:22
Romsterhi Pingax23:26
Romstergod damn it hi pitillo23:26
Romsterwhy does xchat not tab to last joined if no one has chatted.23:26
*** Necrosporus has joined #crux23:35
NecrosporusSo is there some CRUX 3.0 i686?23:35
Necrosporusor it's rather recommended to use 2.8?23:36
Romster2.8 for now jue and jaeger have a 3.0 overlay for i686 in the works23:36
Romsterbrb restarting X23:37
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Romsterdamn it i guess i need to use the beta driver23:40
RomsterNecrosporus, you don't have 64bit capable hardware?23:42
*** Kaishi has quit IRC23:47
NecrosporusRomster, I do, but I also have an old computer with Pentium 423:47
NecrosporusAnd 512M of RAM23:47
NecrosporusThough I'm not going to install CRUX yet, I just wonder, can I recommend CRUX for old computer users23:48
NecrosporusAs it seems the most lightweight distribution or like that23:49
Romsterit'll take some time to compile on that regardless.23:49
Romstercrux is pretty lightweight23:50
Romsterbut being source based will take some time on a older pc, having said that i've started packaging some of the larger ports here
himynameisphilNecrosporus: Have you considered DSL?23:54
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