IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-03-09

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Necrosporushimynameisphil, I thought it's dead for long time ago00:13
NecrosporusTheir developers are now developing TinyCore00:13
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Romsterno ABI error on older xorg-server but still crashes00:15
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Romsterany ideas?00:19
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Romsterrevdep says everything is fine00:24
NecrosporusRomster, I have only an idea to run gdb and get a backtrace00:25
Romsteroh forgot about that...00:26
Romsterthat's if running gdb firefox-32 wont crash X on me.00:26
Romsteror can probably log to a file00:27
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: bash: update to 4.2.4500:35
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RomsterNecrosporus, got it i forgot to check with glxgears adn glxgears-32 seems my symlinks were stale doing gl-select use xorg ; gl-select use nvidia fixed that.00:45
Necrosporusproprietary drivers?00:47
Necrosporusfree drivers are better because them are free00:47
Romsteryeah nvidia binary blob00:48
Romsterwell if they supported 3d acceleration i would use them.00:48
Romsterand don't tell me ati is better i tried a ati card sucked terribly. with free opensource drivers last time i tried it a year ago.00:49
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Romstercan't believe i did something so silly to not get firefox 32 bit working.00:50
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-vesa: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1405:58
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-ark: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-dummy: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-fbdev: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-geode: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-glint: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-neomagic: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-nv: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-tga: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-trident: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-vmware: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-xgixp: buildfix for xorg-xserver 1.1406:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: various drivers: bumped release version06:49
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Necrosporushimynameisphil, do you think it worth trying?08:56
NecrosporusIt's live cd anyway08:56
himynameisphilNecrosporus: I think just about anything is worth trying! :) I've never used it myself, mind you.08:56
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himynameisphilwhat's up with
horrorStruckseems to be fine here09:08
himynameisphilcan't get ff source, and just installed freebsd on my netbook but can't install half the software I need cuz I can't get the source for nss09:08
horrorStruckuse a gentoo mirror09:09
himynameisphili'll try that thanks09:10
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horrorStruckwhich version is it that you need? i can upload it somewhere09:12
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himynameisphilfreebsd wants 3.14.309:16
himynameisphiljust got it off a gentoo mirror!09:18
horrorStruckah! i'm UL'ing it :)09:19
horrorStruck^C ^C09:19
himynameisphilsorry! appreciate the effort!09:19
horrorStruckhehe np, effort is a bit overstated :P09:21
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timcowchipsolved all my firefox problems11:39
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v33hello everyone11:52
v33how are you joacim?11:53
joacimjust fine. thanks for asking =)11:54
joacimgot free food today11:54
v33oh boy, wucha get?11:54
v33spicy tacos are delicious11:55
joacimmanaged to merge my skype and live messenger accounts too.11:56
joacimi actually found merging those two to be harder than building my own kernel or configuring netatalk and samba for file sharing11:56
v33oh boy12:05
v33im debating on putting mineos on my other machine for a minecraft server12:05
joacimis that thing still based on crux?12:06
v33i think so, yea12:06
joacimi generally just run it on my crux desktop when i need a server12:06
v33i was thinking of just installing crux, and going from there lol12:06
joacimshould get myself a proper server tho, so i dont have to kill crux whenever i want to play video games12:07
v33was it you who played minecraft?12:07
joacimi play it yes12:07
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joacimi'm probably not the only one in here who do =)12:07
v33ah sweet, you should join my up and coming server :P12:07
joacimoh ok =)12:08
joacimbeen trying some servers lately12:08
joacimbut i find it hard to find one without griefers or way too many rules12:08
joacimi want pranks, freedom, and whitelists.12:08
v33as long as you dont destroy the map and steal everyones stuff (even though we usually end up having a community chest), i dont care lol12:10
joacimbeen trying the 5by5 server, which i for the msot part like. but i would like to be able to prank and kill people12:10
v33why do you wanna kill people :o12:10
joacimfun =)12:11
joacimas a prank, not for griefing12:11
joacimand sometimes you just want to pvp a little12:11
joacimI'm not talking stealing all their stuff, trampling all their crops, and killing all their animals. thats just griefing.12:13
joacimrequires no effort. something any mouthbreather can do.12:14
v33haha well, im sure you'll have fun on our server12:15
v33we tend to just mess around and mine in groups12:15
joacimi come from the solo pvp school of eve online. so i like things that might be a bit harsh around the edges =)12:18
v33eve online?12:24
jaegerI used to play eve as well, haven't in a couple years12:24
joacimmmorpg with spaceships12:24
v33man, i heard stories about that game...people would give up their lives when they get  addicted to that thing12:24
jaegermore like spreadsheet with pretty graphics12:25
joacimbeen a while for me too.12:25
joacimeve online can sometimes feel like work, yes =)12:25
joacimi tried it last year. found that my pc was too slow for the character creator. it was like a slideshow.12:27
v33heard there are quite a bit of hackers on that thing12:27
joacimbut once i got in the main game, i would get around 60 FPS with medium-high settings12:27
joacimnot sure about that. i saw some chinese farmers once in a while12:28
joacimi think eve online is big on the whole alliance thing. everyone working together, but i never liked that. too much corp/alliance/guild drama12:29
joacimi rather just fart around and kill stuff larger than myself with a friend12:30
v33haha yea12:35
v33its a really nice looking game though12:35
joacimreally annoying that there are so many in eve who would tell me what to do =)12:36
joacimdont use that fit, it is bad, use mine instead.12:36
joacimi guess you'll find that in most mmorpgs12:38
v33i suppose12:47
v33now, im going to try to get crux back up on this comp and get the server running on it12:48
joacimi dont mind fitting in with a group, but i find doign that is kinda tedious and reminds me of "work". I dont want that when all I want is to relax with some video games.12:49
joacimmight be why i play mostly singleplayer games these days =)12:49
v33hey joacim, can i launch the bukkit server without a gui?12:53
joacimdunno. i guess you can.12:54
joacimi know you can with the default server.12:54
v33im going ot use the bukkit server12:54
v33im sure it'll be the same12:54
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frinnsti feel old. i have no idea what minecraft is all about13:26
joacimfigured it was the national game of sweden or something13:27
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frinnstmany play it i think. i just never understood what the objective is, or what you are supposed to do13:27
joacimi notice that there is a lot of kids that play minecraft, which makes it feel like i'm that old guy who play with legos or something :p13:27
joacimi just likes to build stuff (in a survival setting)13:28
joacimhas hostile mobs and a hunger bar. none of it is hard or anything13:29
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joacimyou can survive anything once you have a sword and a little bit of food13:30
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v33its one of those few games where you can do what ever the fuark you like13:39
v33use your imagination kind of thing...13:39
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v33dont know why, it doesn't seem anyone can conncet to the server beside me lol17:25
joacimhave you forwarded your ports?17:52
joacimassuming the server is behind a router, so one would have to forward the ports.17:56
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horrorStruckv33: yes you can run bukkit without any gui18:01
v33yes i have port forwarded lol18:01
v33the ip it was being assigned was weird, so i changed it, but my friend cant try to connect now lol18:01
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joe9anyone around with a working firefox? show/view .txt, .c and .h files?18:03
joe9would you mind pasting your mimetypes.rdf file?18:03
joe9it is the firefox local profiles folder.18:04
joe9in the home directory.18:04
joacimv33: as a sidenote, i've had people have to try multiple times before they could successfully log in on my servers.18:05
v33joacim, dhcp assigned a 192,168.1.100 ip, and for some reason that caused trouble because everything else on the network is a ip, changed that and it all worked o.O18:06
Romsterwhich server?18:08
jaegersounds like you have more than one DHCP server running18:08
Romsterlocate mimetypes.rdf18:09
Romsterno such file18:09
v33minecraft server :P18:09
Romsteri have a working 64 and 32bit firefox.18:09
horrorStruckv33: which version are you running?18:09
horrorStruckok :)18:11
v33yea that one :P18:30
v33care to join horrorStruck?18:30
joacimtried the 1.5 pre version. ranged mobs are harder now?18:36
joacimit was kinda fun fighting these ghasts in the nether18:36
joacimit kinda seemed like they fired at me more frequently18:37
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horrorStruckv33: what's the server address?18:40
v33joacim, you're free to join too18:41
horrorStruckbut i'm using my son's account, hopefully he's not playing rignt now :P18:42
joacimI'm goig to bed in a few minutes18:42
v33alrighty :P18:42
joacimbut i have time for a peek =)18:42
v33im looking at seeds since it keeps generating crappy places18:43
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timcowchipromster: ok if I share  credit with you for my Salix ffmpeg-compat package?19:00
timcowchipI was going to post a link to it in the Salix forum19:01
timcowchipI am rebuilding their audacity package to work with it ATM19:02
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prologicHey guys19:39
prologicSo I finally wrote another web/irc service - an irc announcer19:39
prologicso far it has a restful api that allows you to announce commits on bitbucket to any irc channel19:39
prologicthe design can be expanded to github and any other private/public rrepo with a simple post request19:40
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joacimv33: are you going to keep your server up?19:59
v33i usually keep it up till i go to bed, but its on for like 17 hours lol20:00
joacimthats ok i think. I'm not exactly playing video games 24/7 either =)20:04
prologicAnyway if you devs are interested in replacing that side of clb (the notifications/announcements on irc) let me know20:13
prologicI wouldn't mind making this a generic services (not just for git/svn/hg repo updates)20:13
jaegerclb didn't do that20:17
jaegerfor what that's worth20:18
prologicWell the way this bot/service works right now (the code is again very simple)20:18
prologicIt will join any channel it's invited to20:18
prologicAnd currently accepts bitbucket payloads voa it's restful web api20:19
prologicand you specify the channel you want it posted to in the web call20:19
prologicObviously it's trivial to add git/github support and anything else for that matter (CRUX release announcements?)20:19
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