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rauzlenovo thinkpad warrenty with next next business day -> dude comes one week later ...00:02
Romster39C day fire happens not that far form me... with 17 fire fighters attending it. then i goto the iar port to fix a simple fault, then my car overheats and my radiator sl\plits... to top if off my regostration is due soon, just got the letter. sigh00:05
frinnst39c? as in thirty nine degrees celcius outside ambient temperature?00:15
frinnstthat cant be right. how are you alive? :D00:16
rauz39c i would die of overheating :)00:19
niklaswegood morning00:19
frinnstguess so00:44
frinnsthow do one survive?00:44
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diverseDid anyone install syslinux as their bootloader?00:55
frinnstworks just fine with btrfs as / and /boot01:07
frinnstdoesnt like btrfs-compressed kernel though01:07
frinnstwhy do i find it impossible to configure a simple samba share?01:25
rauzbin there, took me awhile until i got it right01:41
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frinnstI upgraded the server to centos 6.4 and that broke the share02:07
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Romsteryep 39C02:38
Romsterback from table tennis02:38
Romsteroh i see a hunsman near the back door02:39
frinnst ?02:41
Romsteryep near my back door i took a pic of it02:42
Romsterthere cute and eat the insects.02:42
frinnstspiders are awesome02:43
frinnstwe dont really have anything large in sweden :/02:43
frinnstbut the biggest ive ever seen are those here at work02:44
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] perl: update to 5.16.302:55
frinnstwildlife at work:
Romsteris that a bat03:38
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frinnstRomster: aye03:50
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frinnsthe visited us last winter and hung(pun!) around for ~1month03:51
Romsterlooks like a canetode03:55
fireglowwhere do you work, frinnst? looks adventurous03:55
teK_he is locked away in a bunker ;-)03:56
Romsterdue awesome tunnel03:56
Romsterto the bat cave03:56
rauzholy shit are you batman ?04:01
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frinnstpath is 110m04:54
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frinnstRomster: that toad is immortal. two summers ago someone shut the gate and his leg got stuck. when i returned from lunch i opened the gate and he ran away.. with half a leg dragging behind04:55
frinnstthe next summer i took that photo of the same 3 legged toad :)04:56
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joacimit might be a vampire04:56
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Romsteroh poor toad with 3 legs04:58
Amnesiafrinnst: are they still hiring:)?04:59
frinnstnot at the moment05:01
develophhi tried to install crux 3.0 and got the error message "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount fs on unknown-block(8,1)"05:03
jaegerYou're missing either your disk controller or filesystem in the kernel config05:08
frinnstand they must not be built as modules (since there is no filesystem to read the modules from at that time)05:09
frinnstunless you use an initrd05:09
develophhI have included EXt2/Ext3/Ext4 in kernel and CONFIG_SATA=AHCI and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD are 'y'. I installed the software in vmware workstation. I'm not sure is these setting ase enough. vmware emulates an lsi-controller05:16
frinnstyeah then ahci is probably not the correct driver05:17
jaegerIt might use mptsas or something like that05:17
jaegerwhen you boot the install media you can check which modules are active with lspci -k | grep "in use"05:18
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Romsteris that the new thing, build a data center in a mountain for natural cooling05:31
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frinnstthere are a lot of bunkers here in sweden built during the cold war.. we were scared of the russians :)06:00
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horrorStruckhow to troll #crux in one easy step: :P07:24
jaegerhow is that trolling?07:25
frinnsthaha wtf07:25
frinnstyou evil bastard!! :)07:25
horrorStruckhehe :D07:26
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joacim3.1 will support systemd, right?07:31
teK_this is a top priority atm07:32
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horrorStrucknot too bad :) systemd[1]: Startup finished in 2s 180ms 858us (kernel) + 450ms 574us (userspace) = 2s 631ms 432us.08:33
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Pingax2s boot ? Whoa !09:32
horrorStruckwell 2.6 :P09:33
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enteyay systemd10:02
ente(booting my suse takes at least 50s...)10:03
ente(and they do use systemd)10:03
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diversewho cares about boot speed, systemd sucks for many reasons.10:14
joacimI dont really know anything about systemd10:14
joacimnot sure if i would care too much if i used a distro that used systemd either10:15
diversewell it just mostly caters to the end-users, that just want a system up and running while not having to think about what is going on in their system. Basically Microsoft'ing how Linux boots and runs.10:16
joacimdont sound too bad really10:16
diverseIf you don't mind it, go for it by all means.10:16
joacimhaving end users do shit work is shitty practice10:16
jaegerI know nothing about how systemd actually works, I just don't like the attitude behind it10:16
diverseWell there is a lot of conspiracy behind systemds motive behind linux. It really doesn't respect freedom of choice when it comes to choosing which components you want to use to make your system work.10:18
himynameisphilhow so?10:56
himynameisphilyou can enable/disable services10:56
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micengHi. Has anyone out there any experience with pxebooting crux?11:11
jaegerSeveral years ago but it was doable with some work11:13
micengI think some of the issues I'm having are with Dell drivers but not certain. I was hoping there might some pxeboot image and kernel out there like with Debian but not found anything as yet.11:18
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jaegermiceng: nothing official that I'm aware of, sorry11:44
jaegeryou'd need to make your own kernel for that11:44
jaeger <-- I kept this around from back then, though as it says at the top, it's not my work11:46
micengThanks I saw that link already but its not working for me. Trying a clonezilla pxeboot now to clone a live image.12:10
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frinnstsweet, got glamor working. opengl 2d \o/13:14
jaegerWhat does that get you?13:15
jaegerpossible hardware acceleration?13:15
frinnstbetter 2d performance with this gpu13:15
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tilmanfrinnst: radeonsi?13:36
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jaegerthe docs make it sound like intel is the only one that supports it currently13:37
jaegerI didn't do any deep searching, though13:37
frinnstno, an old hd5000 or something13:37
jaegerI'll have to try it on the intel 3k in my x220, I guess13:38
frinnstno, amd too13:38
frinnstthe newer (radeonsi) only supports that method for 2d accelleration13:38
frinnst[  5371.929] (II) glamor: OpenGL accelerated driver based.13:39
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frinnstthe flash plugin doesnt seem to like it much13:47
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diversefrinnst: glamor?13:58
diversefrinnst: can I use that with nvidia?14:06
diverseits not ati centric is it?14:06
frinnstpossibly with nouveau14:06
diverseI see14:06
Amnesia trolololol14:09
frinnstim gonna pretend that i dont know who any of those are14:17
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