IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-03-14

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timcowchipanyone else have trouble building gamin?00:32
Romsteryou have trouble with pretty much nearly everything.00:34
timcowchipyou know me00:36
timcowchipI can't seem to mount samba shares with gigolo00:37
timcowchipeven after building a gvfs port00:37
timcowchipI have a wdtvlivehub connected that I transfer videos to then watch them on the tv00:39
timcowchipsudo mount -t cifs // /media/smb -o username=guest,password=,domain=WORKGROUP00:39
timcowchipworks but its a pian typing it every time00:40
frinnstcreate a file with the credentials and pass that in mount00:40
frinnst-o credentials=/root/mycreds00:40
frinnstadd it to fstab and add cifs to /etc/rc.conf00:41
frinnstmake sure you have sane permissions on the credentials file00:41
timcowchipadd /root/mycreds to fstab or cifs?00:42
timcowchipI have cifs in /etc/rc.conf already00:42
frinnstadd it under options in fstab00:42
timcowchipoh ok00:42
frinnst(if you want it to automount with each boot)00:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: geoclue: 0.12 -> 0.12.9900:43
teK_does anyone know how long it may take windows 8 to shut down?00:43
frinnstinstantly if you wank the powercable?00:43
teK_this super noisy machine next to me has been trying to do exactly that for about 2 minutes00:44
frinnst<- helpful as always00:44
teK_doing that right now.00:44
frinnstyank even00:44
timcowchipI think windows installs updates at shutdown sometimes00:44
teK_it does not claim to do that00:44
frinnstit does, but it usually says00:44
teK_now it does00:45
teK_it said "windows is shutting down or something" before00:45
teK_now it shut down \o/00:45
teK_great stuff, check it out!00:45
timcowchip/        /media/smb      cifs      guest,_netdev          0      0 ?00:47
timcowchip/        /media/smb      cifs      guest,_netdev          0      0 ? actually00:47
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frinnst? ?00:49
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Romsterdoes it work timcowchip ?00:52
timcowchip/        /media/smb      cifs      guest,_netdev          0      000:53
frinnstyou didnt need to pass credentials?00:57
timcowchipI think I do00:59
timcowchipth//        /media/smb      cifs      guest,_netdev,username=guest,password=,domain=WORKGROUP          0      001:00
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timcowchipCIFS: no cache= option specified, using "cache=loose". This default will change to "cache=strict" in 3.7.01:29
timcowchipCIFS VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation01:30
timcowchipCIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -10101:30
timcowchipshould I have both samba and cifs in /etc/rc.conf?01:34
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Romsterin the next few days i'll be mirroring 's crux ports and stuff at giving a way faster download speed.04:47
Romsterany git ports are still at though so no configuration changes for those that i'm hosting ports for. for the time being.04:48
Romsterbut i will suggest those to use the faster mirror for ports -u04:48
AmnesiaRomster: got unlimited bandwidth?05:48
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Amnesiawould it an idea to set up a repository of binary packages?06:10
Romsteri read that earlier i plan too. i got a few at that i'll move to
Romsterthere is some issues i see with providing all ports available in opt contrib though06:12
Romsteri'm heading to bed i'll look more into it tomorrow06:14
Amnesiasweet, nn06:15
AmnesiaI could help you to compile them06:15
Amnesiaafaik there has been some effort before to kickstart the project06:15
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Amnesialeaking your password on irc SUCKS07:34
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.209:59
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: pciutils: build shared libraries additionally, FS#89809:59
tilmanfrinnst: had that happen too (not doing too mcuh SA work ;D)10:06
tilmanfrinnst: i like the "sleep 30 && reset-firewall" trick10:06
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frinnstthis is a windows box :(11:02
frinnstold 2003 server11:02
crash_Are you guys running crux as your main OS?11:02
frinnsti was planning on bringing back a tomcat server, but to prevent users from logging on i wanted to close down the ports11:02
frinnstcrash_: yes11:03
crash_Ok, i have been thinking if i should try it out again, i have tried it before around 2004-200511:03
frinnstif you liked it back then, odds are you still will11:04
crash_it seems on the page that the keep it simple is still there :)11:04
frinnstyeah the only changes are the package versions :)11:04
frinnstand 64bit support obviously11:05
crash_that is good new news11:05
crash_does steam work under crux? i'm running arch at the moment and it's working there.11:05
teK_jaeger built the required ports but did not put them into the official tree, iirc11:06
crash_oh i see steam when i'm searching on the crux page under ports :)11:07
teK_didn't know :)11:08
crash_i'm getting tired of arch beacuse of there changes all the time, latest systemd and i'm not liking it.11:09
crash_so i'm looking for a new home :)11:09
teK_hehe. CRUX is a good choice if you want to avoid systemd11:11
crash_and crux is still using rc.conf? arch was using that way before systemd :P11:11
teK_it is11:13
frinnstless is more :)11:21
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v33ello ello11:52
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v33how are you joacim13:33
joacimdoing just fine =)13:35
joacimwould join your server, but i'm on 1.5 now13:35
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AmnesiateK_: uid mapping:)14:24
joacimdoes this make java applications run slower for any of you?14:28
joacimoh. never mind. it is always slow, now matter what14:29
joacimlaunching java applications takes a long time on this computer14:30
joacimthey're fine once they're running tho14:30
teK_well I guess the JVM has to JIT stuff the first time it sees it :)14:31
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joacimoh well. java applications looks somewhat passable now. they used to be really jarring14:34
joacimespecially the fonts14:34
timcowchiprebuild with gconf as a dependency and add chroot . /usr/bin/glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ 1> /dev/null 2> /dev/null and chroot . /usr/bin/gio-querymodules /usr/lib64/gio/modules/ 1> /dev/null 2> /dev/null to Pkgfile14:35
timcowchiprebuild gvfs that is14:36
timcowchipand gigolo mounts samba shares14:36
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timcowchipexcuse me, I should have checked the lastes.log14:38
timcowchipdidn't mean to interrupt14:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: lsscsi: initial import14:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lsscsi: initial import14:43
teK_anybody willing to try the bug described in ?15:07
Amnesiahm 403 isn't being returned over here15:09
ccssnetlong uptime15:09
joacimi see it. the 403 that is.15:10
joacimlatest firefox15:11
teK_trying with FF15:11
teK_chromium does not yield the 40315:12
AmnesiaI'm not getting it here on ff 19.0.215:12
teK_are you sending referers?15:12
Amnesialet me retry with them15:13
Amnesiayep, got it now15:14
Amnesiais it that obvious that the referer is being used on community:)?15:15
teK_it's checked on any sit15:15
joacimit happens no matter what link i hit15:16
AmnesiateK_: I know, it's being sent, but a check for it isn't always the case afaik15:16
teK_it should be :-)15:16
teK_btw you may search for 'blowjob' ports, too hitting the issue15:17
teK_or boysfirsttime if you prefer that *g*15:17
Amnesiagot to begin at 08:00 tomorrow15:18
teK_I should, too :>15:18
Amnesiaalmost weekend...15:19
joacimno 403 if you search for rimjob15:21
teK_well the regex is not that extensive15:22
teK_captain-stabbin is in it, though15:23
teK_lol.. the corporate proxy won't let me search for xxx but xxxterm is ok15:24
teK_ok.. fixed. Funny bug15:28
teK_thanks rmull for noticing yet I'm confused about how you found this bug first place. :>15:31
joacimhe wanted to link to from his personal porn site15:32
teK_haha probably15:33
teK_'cause that's how us cruxers roll15:33
teK_hmm there's a pmwiki update15:38
teK_and it's late15:38
teK_do or don't? lalala15:38
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timcowchipmy salix package submission rejected by arrogant douchebag16:19
teK_though shalt not use any other distros than CRUX16:24
rmullteK_: Glad to be of service! I liked that bug16:48
rmullthe xombrero browser used to be called xxxterm, which is what I was looking for when I found the bug16:49
timcowchipspeaking of not using any other distros than CRUX, what exactly is this?
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joacimis that the livecd that got posted to the mailing list?17:47
timcowchip3.8 kernel17:49
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timcowchiprevdep keeps outputing ffmpeg-compat22:02
timcowchipbut I guess that's the nature of the version discursion22:03
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Romsterto be expected as the libs are not in PATH22:52
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Romstertimcowchip> rebuild with gconf as a dependency and add chroot . /usr/bin/glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ 1> /dev/null 2> /dev/null and chroot . /usr/bin/gio-querymodules /usr/lib64/gio/modules/ 1> /dev/null 2> /dev/null to Pkgfile <- where did you get that from? arch or slackware?22:55
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Romsterknew it23:33
timcowchipshould I make a pre-install file?23:34
timcowchipfor gvfs23:35
Romsternot sure what your trying to do but i'd be scared to use your ports.23:35
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timcowchipdid you see my salix ffmpeg-compat package rejection post?23:36
Romsteri missed that23:37
timcowchipthey're scared to use my stuff too23:38
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Romsterup to them what they do.23:45
Romsterthis is one reason i like being a maintainer of most of the ports of interest to me.23:46
Romsteri can't see anything wrong with a compat port for a older program, but at the same time i see there reasons for not including a old unmaintained program23:47
timcowchipthe guy who rejected it is the maintainer of the audacity package23:48
timcowchiphe's also the head dev of Salix23:48
Romstercan't you maintian your own audacity package in contrib and ffmpeg-compat?23:48
timcowchipyou mean salix?23:49
timcowchipor crux23:49
Romsterwell i supose not everyone needs mp4 capability23:49
Romsterlike the AUR on arch kind of thing23:49
timcowchipI have some space on their server23:50
timcowchipwhere I can put stuff and announce its availability in the forum23:50
Romsterhow did you manage that?23:50
timcowchipI also maintain some packages in their official repo23:51
timcowchipso they gave me a place to upload stuff23:51
timcowchipsome of my submissions got accepted23:52
timcowchipmost actually23:52
Romsterjust keep the ones not accepted in a personal repo ?23:52
Romsteron your hosted space23:53
timcowchipthey don't update anything23:53
timcowchipso when the source gets updated, I upload a newer package to my personal repo23:54
timcowchipI'm keeping my Crux ports there too23:55
timcowchipits only 100Kbs23:55
timcowchipnot like yours23:55
Romsteri got a host on 100mbit and my home server is just on a crappy low speed. but i got full control of that one23:56
timcowchipthat's nice23:57
timcowchipgot room for another 100Kbs?23:58

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