IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-03-15

timcowchip this is the slackware gvfs doinst.sh00:01
timcowchipit worked for mounting samba shares with gigolo00:01
timcowchipI didn't realy want to mount the cifs at boot00:02
timcowchipI'm looking for somewhere else to put my 6 or 7 Crux ports00:05
Romsterwell i'm setting up for hosting crux stuff i can host them for you.00:08
timcowchipok thanks00:10
timcowchipthey're small enough to email00:10
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Romsteri just need a dsa key email me a dsa pub key and ic an set you up a git remtoe push location so you can add commit and push at any time.00:11
Romsterthat way i don't need todo stuff manually.00:11
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timcowchipgetting sleepy, think I'll turn in00:26
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Romsterprologic, how hard is it to get that wiki on a site i got a bunch of subdomains for different stuff to setup. and i'd like to get that wiki too good use.02:49
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goodboxHi cruxer's :)03:28
prologicRomster, easy03:30
prologicuse lighttpd or nginx as a reverse proxy03:30
prologicand run multiple instances of sahriswiki03:30
prologicwith differences config options ofc03:30
prologicI do this but with lighttpd03:30
prologicall run off the same box with lighttpd and sahriswiki (reverse proxy)03:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: moved source url from too crux.ster.so03:34
Romsteri got Apache can i use that?03:36
Romsterok got a example on how i can setup like that?03:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: moved source url from too crux.ster.so03:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: moved source url from too crux.ster.so03:39
frinnstcruxster :D03:45
Romsterquite fitting think.03:47
Romsterquite fitting I think.03:47
Romsterbinary stuff is now at
teK_well played, sir :D03:49
Romsternote i got other * sites i'm working on.03:50
prologicRomster, Apache? Any standard <VirtualHost ...> ... </VirtualHost> config will work with ProxyPass directives03:50
Romsterif you whip up an example i'll get it in motion.03:50
Romsteri havne't done that sort of stuff.03:50
Romsterheck i'm trying to now learn html5 bits, i haven't done web dev in ages.03:51
teK_what problem will the reverse proxy solve?03:51
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AmnesiaRomster: would it be an idea to set up a repository that can be used with pkg-get?04:08
AmnesiaI could help with the compilation of ports04:12
RomsterAmnesia, i'm thinking of that but i think there is a few issues to deal with too.04:14
Romsteratm i'm just reorganizing all my stuff better than having it all under hvlinux04:14
Romsterand making my pages pretty04:14
Amnesiaok, would it be an issue that isn't solvable:)?04:14
Romsterwell the issue i see is say i do a prt-get depinst chromium04:16
Romsterok that works fine and all for the end user.04:17
Romsterif end user has an other prt-get depinst that drangs in an optional dependency on a port compile, then another user just wants chromium, the chromium user will get some port with a missing optional dependency port.04:18
Romsteri haven't dug into pkg-get yet to see how that works.04:19
Amnesiahm optional dependencies suck:/04:19
Romsterprologic, typo s/isntaleld/installed04:19
Romsterbut thanks for the page i'll try that out.04:20
Romsteri'd probably be best to have a cron job that a user can have started on server reboot just in case that happens.04:20
Romsterfor sahriswiki04:21
Romsterah i see the proxy passes the port 80 traffic to the higher port for sahriswiki teK_04:22
prologicI'll put up a page on configuration files too04:24
Romsteri know i've been slack on web site stuff for ages.04:25
Romstera wiki is the lazy mans way to add content.04:26
Romsterless effort.04:26
Romsterhi goodbox sorry i lost you in the chatter.04:28
goodboxhi ;)04:30
Romsterhi :)04:32
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Romsterare you a crux user or perhaps a refugee from arch or something else or just looking for your.... oh he left.04:32
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Romsterah goodbox is back04:36
Romsterare you a crux user or perhaps a refugee from arch or something else or just looking for your nest distro/project? you've come to the right place.04:36
Romsterprologic, you've been quite busy that's a few options you have there.04:37
goodboxRomster: I unfortunately kill irssi's PID ;( hum04:38
prologicRomster, sahriswiki has had these options and features for quite some time04:38
prologicit's quite feature rich for what it does04:38
prologicProcess, not it's Process ID :)04:38
prologicthe PID (Process ID) is merely a unique identifier that refers to the Process :)04:39
Romsterif no one did, no one would learn.04:39
prologicRomster, NB: You do not need to specify any options at all - they are all optional and just control behavioral aspects04:40
RomsterteK_, what?04:41
teK_nit picking :)04:42
goodboxprologic: oh thanks to notice that, well, if I do pstree -p is PID what I see next name of process ?04:43
RomsterAmnesia, i thnk some script to cycle though al ports in opt/contrib and depinst each, save ports for that run in a directory named after the depinstall foo name then md5sum all the various built packages to see what is affected.04:45
RomsterAmnesia, to get an idea of how big an issue that is.04:46
Romsterhi rauz04:46
prologicgoodbox, it's ok I'm just being silly :)04:46
rauzoh man not a good day04:47
AmnesiaRomster: I'm not following you, what the exact issue?04:47
Romsterbuilt ports could have optional functionality. that may not be there when you do prt-get depinst on another port. depends on what's installed in what order.04:48
Romsterin some cases another port may need some other port compiled with a optonal dependency as well.04:49
jueRomster: the dependency list of pkg-get is compiled on the build host not on the host of the pkg-get user04:49
Amnesiawell obviously built packages should be built exactly as the Pkgfile states04:49
Romsteri'm not sure if it's an issue or what... that theory needs testing.04:49
prologicRomster, Amnesia to solve these issues04:49
prologicone needs to simple rewrite pkg-get and related tools04:49
prologicto contain enough metadata about "built" packages04:49
prologicNB: Users would have to use pkg-get (a new version) hwoever04:50
prologicprt-get would not work only for foo#x.y.z.tar.gz style packages04:50
Romsteri need to look at the existing pkg-get too see how it works, i thought of the list from the build server.04:50
prologicit needs to be redesigned for what you guys want04:51
prologicwhich I gather is a binary distribution of packages04:51
Romsteri gathered that's what needs to be done.04:51
prologicto supplement CRUX04:51
Amnesiaafaik the Pkgfile contains all required metadata04:51
Romsterfor those with weak hardware or don't want to spend time compiling.04:51
prologicI'm happy to write such tools on top of pkgutils04:52
prologicI would ofc write them in Python04:52
RomsterAmnesia, but the built package does not.04:52
prologicpkg-get, pkgsync and pkgbuild (wrapping pkgmk)04:52
jueRomster: pkg-get should works for that usecase, just try it04:52
prologicAmnesia, The Pkgfile does - yet04:52
prologicBut not the resulting packages04:52
AmnesiaRomster: you could use Pkgfile in conjunction of a built package04:53
Romsteri don't really see having python as a dependency much of a issue, since even xorg uses python now.04:53
prologicAnd you don't necessarily want to serve up the Pkgfile that goes along with the built package04:53
prologicand in fact you might want several versions of a built package04:53
prologicwith varying dependnecies04:53
prologicAFAIK pkg-get works and works quite well04:53
prologicbut only for the simple use-case04:53
Romsteryeah that part i'm wondering of some md5 of the built package to suit end users dependency list.04:54
juewell, I'd suggest to test the exiting pkg-get before we are talking about writing a new one ;)04:54
prologicI've used it on clusters of servers of similar hardware for example04:54
Amnesiabut it's still possible to download&trash the pkgfile before a binary package is downloaded04:54
prologicI agree with jue04:54
Romsteri was thinking perhaps the tool could request what the user is after and his already installed versions of files and build that in a chroot.... but that might be way out of the KISS and over complicating matters.04:55
prologicI suggest also to you both to try using pkg-get for real04:55
prologicfind out it's limitations and problems04:55
prologicthen come to someone like me who can rewrite a new one (I won't touch C/CPP) :)04:55
Amnesiagood point:)04:55
prologictry out pkg-get04:55
prologicthen we'll talk later :)04:55
Romsteri fear it'll be as jue said it'll handle simple cases fine.04:56
Romsterbut we'll see how it goes.04:56
Romsteri got enough hardware to do some test machines now.04:56
Romsterold boxes but they'll do.04:56
AmnesiaWhere's simone rota nowadays:)?04:56
RomsterAmnesia, what's your use case for binary?04:57
Amnesiaprt-get/pkgutils is awesome04:57
rauzjue: btw i would like to say thanks for providing i3 in your ports saved me a lot of time04:57
Romsterlots of boxens or just lower cpu powered machines?04:58
Amnesiabut it's quite a pita to recompile ff for example every single time04:58
pitillowe were using pkg-get on crux-arm 2.6 and it was working perfectly (I used at home long time ago with x86 boxes and no problem neither)04:58
AmnesiaI've only got one single laptop^.^04:58
Romsterit's quite some effort to recmpile and upload on every version change. but i have been doing that lately.04:58
pitilloAmnesia: I think sepen is the current maintainer04:58
Amnesiapitillo: with a public repository?04:58
pitilloAmnesia: no, it was my private repo... making a repo isn't hard... the harder problem is package maintenance04:59
Romsterah i remember pitillo and sepen were doing pkg-add stuff too.04:59
Romsteri'll cal it a night soon and continue with crux tomorrow.05:00
Romsteri said soon not just yet <<05:02
Romsterthen again a short movie or something then bed sounds like a good plan to unwind, friday at work was flat out.05:03
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crash_I got crux installed yesterday :) but i have a problem that i have never seen before in any other distros. And that is when crux has booting up and are at the login promt the harddrive is going crazy and that happens time to time when the system is on.06:48
crash_crazy as the harddrive is working alot when nothing is going on really.06:49
teK_it's building the mlocate database for the first time?06:50
teK_just open top(1) an see if anything pops up06:50
crash_aah i see, yeah maybe mlocate is doing something, but i had the system running for some hours and the harddrive was working alot under that period too, i need to check it later if i can find the solution06:52
horrorStruckfind the problem first :)06:52
teK_I very much like dstat06:53
teK_% dstat --top-io --top-bio06:53
teK_but it requires CONFIG_TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING=y06:53
teK_in your kernel06:53
crash_horrorStruck: haha yeah solution(problem) :)06:53
crash_Tek, maybe i can rebuild my kernel with that option, beacuse i'm gonna rebuild it anyway with a newer kernel :)06:54
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teK_but it has a bug06:55
teK_----most-expensive---- ----most-expensive---- i/o process      |  block i/o process06:56
teK_99LJIBEf4F  226B   16k|99LJIBEf4F    0    16k06:56
teK_99LJ.. is a chromium invoked with an URL06:56
teK_so it displays argv[argc] instead argv[0]06:56
crash_ok i need to be aware of that hehe06:56
horrorStrucki think there's a tool called iotop or something that would be helpful in that case06:58
horrorStruckit's in contrib06:59
crash_thanks that looks neat07:00
horrorStruckrequires some kerneloptions as well
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goodboxo/ sepen10:18
tilmanteK_: shouldn't opt/qemu link the qemu _user_ mode binaries statically, so they can be used in a chroot?10:32
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timcowchipdo I need squashfs compiled in the kernel to untar *xz ?11:54
jaegerno. squashfs is a filesystem, xz is a compression type11:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: clamav: updated to version 0.97.711:55
timcowchipso how to untar lzma files?11:55
jaegersame as xz files11:55
jaegerif it's a tar.lzma, tar Jxf11:56
jaegerif it's just a .xz archive. xz -d11:56
jaeger(or .lzma archive)11:56
timcowchipxz -d udevil-0.4.0.tar.xz gave me udevil-0.4.0.tar which I can work with12:03
timcowchippkgmk can handle *.xz, no?12:04
timcowchipor do I need to pre-process it in Pkgfile?12:05
joacimi just tar xf everything. even .xz-files12:06
timcowchipok thanks12:06
joacimi mean tar.xz12:10
jaegeryes, pkgmk can handle it12:17
Amnesiahm, do you folks still use mkinitrd/mkinitramfs to read initrds?12:24
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timcowchipthanks jaeger12:27
Amnesiacba to make it manually^^12:28
Amnesiabeen there done that-.-12:28
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teK_tilman: is the chroot-use-case the standard use-case for them?12:58
tilmanteK_: i _think_ so12:58
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timcowchipbsdtar -p -o -C /usr/ports/chris/udevil/work/src -xf /usr/ports/chris/udevil/udevil-0.4.0.tar.xz12:59
timcowchipbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format12:59
Amnesiatimcowchip: tar xf udevil-0.4.0.tar.xz -C /usr/ports/chris/udevil/work/src/13:00
timcowchipbefore pkgmk?13:00
jaegerwhy not just let pkgmk uncompress it?13:01
jaegeror was that error with pkgmk?13:01
timcowchipit didn't13:01
timcowchippkgmk -kw -d13:01
timcowchip=======> Building '/usr/ports/chris/udevil/udevil#0.4.0-1.pkg.tar.gz'.13:01
jaegermaybe you need to rebuild libarchive and pkgutils. is xz installed and working properly?13:01
timcowchipxz is a port?13:02
timcowchipyes it is13:02
jaegernot only is it a port, it's in core13:02
timcowchiprebuilding it now13:03
teK_tilman: dunno.. do you use them in that way? Do you have any URLS on that? I seem to miss the point13:04
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timcowchiprebuilt xz still does'nt recognize udevil-0.4.0.tar.xz13:06
teK_debian seems to provide a separate port13:06
tilmanthought about that, too13:06
timcowchipis there a way to change bsdtar -p -o -C /usr/ports/chris/udevil/work/src -xf to bsdtar -p -o -C /usr/ports/chris/udevil/work/src -xz13:06
timcowchipin pkgmk13:07
teK_IF we provide this, too the question is wether we should leave out the user mode stuff in opt/qemu13:07
teK_I never used them tbh13:07
timcowchipudevil also provides an installer script with config options like PREFIX=/usr that I could download and run in Pkgfile13:09
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timcowchipI installed audacity with audacity-minsrc-2.0.3.tar.xz13:10
jaegertimcowchip: pkgmk can already handle .tar.xz archives, you should probably fix your local configuration rather than think about altering pkgmk13:10
teK_why do you have to change the bsdtar call?13:10
timcowchipthat's what I meant, pkgmk.conf13:11
timcowchip# PKGMK_COMPRESSION_MODE="gz"13:13
timcowchipuncomment and add xz ?13:13
teK_thats for rolling packages after building them13:14
teK_the line you quoted was for extracting .. pkgmk detects the source-tarballs type and hanldes it accordingly13:14
timcowchipoh thanks13:15
teK_vala]% pkgmk13:15
teK_=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/vala#0.18.1-1.pkg.tar.gz'.13:15
teK_bsdtar -p -o -C /home/tmp/vala-work/src -xf /usr/ports/distfiles/vala-0.18.1.tar.xz13:15
teK_+ build13:15
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timcowchipfound a different source that worked even thought the same tar.xz extension15:10
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horrorStrucktimcowchip: you were missing at least one dep + some cleaning:
timcowchipI know it not finished yet20:19
horrorStrucktimcowchip: well in fact there are a few more things to change:
horrorStrucktimcowchip: there, created a README for kernel polling and keep the SUID bit:
horrorStrucksorry I'm bored :)20:41
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Romsteri could get horrorStruck to be busy on stuff if ya really want to be.21:54
horrorStruckjust finished bisecting rxvt-unicode21:55
horrorStruckmore seriously, you need help for something Romster?21:56
Romstertimcowchip, i did say dsa key not rsa21:57
Romsterand i can set you up as soon as you send me a dsa key.21:57
Romsteri'm doing a ton of different things. what are you good at?21:57
horrorStruckdrinking beer and dunno... you need some packaging manpower?21:58
Romsterrmm i'm seriously thinking of making a cron script to check and download flash player every day21:58
timcowchipssh-keygen -t rsa ?22:04
horrorStruckyes, but it's default IIRC22:07
horrorStruckah no he wants dsa22:07
Romster-t dsa22:07
timcowchipright dsa, ok22:07
Romsteri think you need glasses or a larger font.22:08
timcowchip--disable-systemis what I was going to do indtead of rm -rf $PKG/usr/{share,lib}22:08
timcowchipblind in one eye........22:09
Romsteryou jsut want the repo called timcowchip or something else.22:09
timcowchiptimcowchip's awesome crux ports22:09
Romsteroh well a larger font/bigger monitor might be a good idea.22:09
timcowchipjk timcowchip is fine22:09
Romsterlol that can be on the page title22:09
timcowchipI just got that yellow keyboard with the big letters22:10
Romsteryou shouldn't need to see your keys if you can touch type.22:10
timcowchipblind in one eye.......type with one fingure22:11
Romsterone finger... not even use both hands index finger?22:11
Romsterhas to be slow typing with 1 finger.22:12
Romstermore rain and wind22:12
timcowchipbetter than fire22:12
Romsterprologic is blind in both eyes but he manages to type ok.22:12
Romsterhe is younger though.22:13
prologicI'm 31 this year dude :)22:13
Romsteryeah we've had a ton of bush fires this year too.22:13
prologicyou're only 5yrs older :)22:13
prologicand yes i can type quite quickly22:13
prologicbut at the cost of many typos often :)22:13
Romsterpfft still young yeah i'm 35 going 36 in december. timcowchip is in his 80's or something now?22:13
timcowchiplightning strikes cause bush fires?22:14
prologicyes they do22:14
Romsterthey do22:14
prologicquite often in australian outback22:14
timcowchipsame here in the mountains22:14
timcowchipdoes kernel polling need to be compiled in?22:15
Romsterdunno i haven't used that22:16
timcowchipI guess I was asking about horrorsttruck's post about udevil22:17
Romsterso you gone off the other port giglo or something?22:17
timcowchipI got gigolo to work after installing gvfs22:18
timcowchipthen went to open the samba share with spacefm22:19
timcowchipand it complained about udevil not being installed22:19
Romsteranother dependency22:19
Romsteryeah i've came across dependency hell to get one port to work before.22:20
prologicRomster, setup Apache + mod_proxy + sahriswiki yet?22:21
Romsterno not yet, actualyl i shoudl try it on my local server here before i stick it on my host which requires me talking to the sysadmin to get that done.22:23
Romstertimcowchip, sent me a dsa key yet?22:24
timcowchipjust now22:24
timcowchipdatafast? or gmail?22:24
timcowchipI sent it to the datafast one22:25
timcowchipnow the gmail one22:26
Romstergmail is fine22:27
Romsterhow did you find my datafast one?22:27
Romsteri don't advertise that one.22:27
timcowchipit was on the crux site22:28
horrorStrucktimcowchip: for kernel polling, see README file i added :P22:28
Romsterwhat page?22:29
timcowchipteam maintainers22:29
timcowchipno wait that's not it22:30
Romsterhave you setup git before?22:30
timcowchipI remember now, I got it from the mailing list archives22:31
Romsterah i must of been using that email ages ago.22:31
timcowchipnot really, but I will learn22:32
timcowchipgot a git site I can read?22:33
timcowchipor I can find my own22:34
Romster setup the ~/.gitconfig file22:34
Romsterno need todo the rest.22:34
Romsternext up is editing ~/.ssh/config22:35
Romsterhost fire22:36
RomsterHostName http://romster.dyndns.org22:36
RomsterPort 2222:36
RomsterUser git22:36
RomsterIdentityFile ~/.ssh/...22:36
Romsterend bit being your private dsa key you can rename the file to something more meaning full if you like22:37
Romsteronce that is done you can cd to where you want your project to be.22:38
Romstermkdir timcowchip cd timcowchip22:38
Romstergit init22:38
Romstergit remote add fire git@fire:timcowchip.git22:39
Romsteri think that's right we'll soon know.22:39
timcowchipok I'll try tonight22:40
Romsternow you can cp -r your ports into that directory and do git add each file in a port and git commit -m "foo: initial commit"22:40
Romstergit push22:40
Romsterand it should be up on my end.22:40
timcowchipI should wait till the wife and kid are to bed22:41
Romsteri need todo a couple of changes on my end to get it to display a project page and it'll be synced to
Romsterata later date i'll move gitolite to as well but i'm in the process of migrating stuff.22:42
Romsterit'll still work fine like this.22:42
Romster and nogagplz have there own repos here too.22:43
Romsterlet me knwo when you've got to git push some ports and i'll then finish up the config my end.22:44
Romsterpreferably before you commit everything as i might need a few extra commits to make sure it's working correctly.22:44
timcowchipok they're getting their teeth brushed22:44
Romsterno rush i'll be around for a while22:45
nogagplzRomsr, work just called22:45
nogagplzthey need you to head in right now to take care of a runaway bath tub22:45
timcowchipok after I mkdir timcowchip, do I copy my ports there?23:22
timcowchipthen git init23:23
timcowchipjust read it23:25
Romsterdo it in the order i said.23:26
Romsteronce setup it's pretty easy todo.23:26
*** v33 has joined #crux23:28
timcowchip copy the port folders with Pkgfile footprint md5sum + REPO + index.html to ~/timcowchip/.git?23:30
timcowchipis that what you mean by cp -r your ports?23:31
timcowchipjust the folders23:33
timcowchipthen git add the files23:33
Romsterdon't need REPO i'll generate that automaticly.23:46
Romsteradd the directories 1 per a port.23:46
Romstergit add each of the files for each port23:46
Romstergit commit -m "comment"23:47
Romstergit push23:47
Romsterdon't need index.html or REPO23:47
Romstertimcowchip, ^23:47
timcowchipfatal: This operation must be run in a work tree23:51
timcowchipgit add $PATH/backlite23:51
timcowchipor ?git add backlite23:51
timcowchipor git add backlite?23:51
timcowchipeither way fatal: This operation must be run in a work tree23:52
timcowchipI know I'm stupid23:52
fireglowI'm sure you're not23:53
timcowchipgit add Pkgfile23:54
timcowchipsame thing23:54
fireglowwhat's your `pwd`?23:54
timcowchipmy pwd?23:55
timcowchippwd for?23:55
*** v33 has quit IRC23:56
timcowchipor ~/timcowchip/.git23:57
timcowchip~/timcowchip/.git/backlite for git add Pkgfile23:58
timcowchipis that right?23:58
fireglow.git is for git-interal stuff, you shouldn't be working in .git23:58
fireglowmkdir ~/gitproject ; cd ~/gitproject ; git init23:58
timcowchipInitialized empty Git repository in /home/chris/gitproject/.git/23:59

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