IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-03-16

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Romsterwhat are you doing in there00:00
Romsterdon't add it in .git00:00
Romstercd ~/timcowchip/00:00
Romsteradd your port directories there.00:00
timcowchipI did00:01
timcowchipjust one00:01
Romsterdid you add the remote like i typed earlier? after git init00:01
Romsterok so git push once you added the necesary .footprint Pkgfile .md5sum and any other files required by the port.00:02
timcowchipssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service not known00:08
timcowchipgit push fire?00:09
Romsterhang on00:09
Romster should exist it's on portsdb still.00:12
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Romsterand i got ddclient setup.00:12
Romstertry again timcowchip00:12
timcowchipsame thing is my id_dsa not right?00:13
Romsterjust git push should be enough00:13
Romsterhost not found?00:13
Romster that says it's down wtf is going on...00:13
timcowchipyes ut also said Please make sure you have the correct access right00:13
Romsteredit ~/.ssh/config HostName
Romstersave exit then retry git push00:14
Romsteruh if it didn't compalin about host not found don't change it off the romster.dyndns.org00:15
Romsterman i hate this shit why is my home site blocked again.00:15
Romsterbetter not be my isp blocking port 80 or i'll be mad00:16
Romsteroops i forgot to push my changes for gitolite00:17
Romsterok now it'll work timcowchip00:18
Romstergit push00:18
Romsterit didn't have the key before.00:18
Romsterblah i'm useless when i work all the time and still haev a weekend off i still can not think straight.00:18
Romstertry with romster.dyndns.org00:18
timcowchipit almost worked with, asked me for the passphrase00:20
Romsterdid you set one?00:20
timcowchipwith I get the Name or service not known00:20
Romsterwhen you made the dsa key?00:21
timcowchipyes and I entered it00:21
timcowchipdo you need it?00:21
Romsterthen it should send then00:21
Romsterseems my dns is fucked again.00:21
Romstertimcowchip, ok that worked.00:22
Romsternow i need to edit the hook to make the REPO and index page.00:22
timcowchipI still haven't git added any files successfully00:23
timcowchipthere now they're in there00:24
tilmanpitillo: e17/efreet seems to depend on a newr version of ecore than is  available00:25
tilmanpitillo: errr, hang on. that might be my fault00:26
tilmanpitillo: had an old installation of ecore :O00:26
timcowchipI'll add the other ports00:26
timcowchipexcept udevil, still working on it00:27
Romstertimcowchip,  ok push when your ready00:30
Romsternow to fix my damn dynamic name crap00:30
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Romstermy hostname is fine here.00:35
Romstercan i get some testers to check whois romster.dyndns.org00:37
Romsterdoens't seem to resolve yet my dnydns account says00:37
RomsterHostname Service Details Last Updated00:37 Host Feb. 20, 2013 8:55 AM00:37
Romsteri don't get this...00:37
Romsterscrew that i'll move them anyways to crux.ster.so00:39
Romsterjust use the static ip for now.00:39
timcowchipwhat me do now kemosabe?00:41
frinnstthey shut down dydns, no?00:54
Romsternot what i'm aware of i got 2 free dns names i'm only using 1 it was working perfectly fine in the past.00:55
Romsterand just logged in before and checked it's still there.00:55
Romstertimcowchip, git push wehn ever your ready too.00:56
frinnstyou cant register new ones, and they are quick to remove the hostname iirc00:57
Romsterdamn it i forgot to make post-receive executable fixed.00:59
Romsteri had one before they changed frinnst00:59
Romsterwhy would thy remove that and not inform me via email.00:59
Romsteralso ddclient was happily working fine.00:59
Romsteri'm pissed off ay dyndns.org01:00
timcowchiperror: src refspec HEAD does not match any.01:00
timcowchiperror: failed to push some refs to 'git@fire:timcowchip.git'01:00
Romsteri'll use my new domain names now on anyways i wasn't planing to change this quickly though01:00
Romstergit branch01:01
Romsterare you on master?01:01
Romsteryes you....01:01
Romsterwhat are you on then?01:02
Romsterpost the output of git push01:02
Romsterah fuck sorry git branch01:02
timcowchipno output01:03
Romsterand that's the directory you setup with git init correct01:05
timcowchipls -a .  ..  .git  backlite  gpoddergvfs  mygpoclient  rssguard  simpleburn  wmfs201:05
Romstergit push origin origin:refs/heads/master01:05
Romstertry that01:05
Romstersince there be no master branch at my end yet01:05
timcowchipfatal: 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository01:06
Romsterthen in future jsut use git push01:06
Romsteri forgot about that sorry.01:06
timcowchipnot git push fire?01:06
Romstergit status01:06
Romsterpastebin that01:07
Romsteralso git lot01:07
Romstergit log01:07
Romstergit log > /tmp/foo01:07
Romstergit status > /tmp/bar01:07
Romsterthen pastebin them two files /tmp/foo /tmp/bar01:07
Romsteryou are n branch master...01:09
Romsteryou have not added or committed anything yet01:09
Romstercd backlite01:09
Romstergit add Pkgfile .footprint .md5sum01:09
Romstergit commit -m "backlite: initial import"01:10
Romstergit push01:10
Romsterhave you done those commands yet?01:11
timcowchipjust now01:12
timcowchipI'll do the rest of the ports01:12
Romsterok 7 ports are up01:12
Romsterlet me know when your done then i'll sync them i haven't automated that yet too crux.ster.so01:13
Romsteralso when your done you can look at git status too see if you missed anything.01:14
Romsterwhen your done also do this cd /etc/ports/01:14
Romstersudo wget
Romsteredit /etc/prt-get.conf and add "prtdir /usr/ports/timcowchip" below the contrib collection in the personal repo part.01:16
Romsterthen ports -u timcowchip01:16
Romsterafter i've re synced it.01:16
timcowchipdo I need to git push from each port's folder?01:21
Romsterno just once after your done commiting.01:21
timcowchipok then01:22
timcowchipI did them all01:22
timcowchipgit status nothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)01:23
Romsteryou probably want that for gvfs?01:24
Romsterthen add it and commit and push01:24
timcowchipnothing to commit, working directory clean01:25
Romsteryour ports are here
Romsterin futue you just edit git add git commit -m "some comment" then git push once your done with all your commits.01:27
Romsterrest is done for you01:28
timcowchipedit instead of add01:28
Romsterno add still01:28
Romsteryou should read that git guide frinnst posted earlier too.01:29
Romsteror was that fireglow sorry01:29
timcowchipshould I delete /etc/ports/chris.httpup?01:30
timcowchipits my old repo01:30
Romsteryeah you wont need that now, unless you do want that.01:30
timcowchipok thanks Romster01:30
fireglowRomster: mew :301:32
timcowchipits 2:30 in the am here........gonna rest my brain cell01:39
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frinnstyay, 60 error-mails01:45
frinnstall with : Details: "CPU usage" (91%) is above a defined threshold (90%)01:45
Romsterwindows box?01:48
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frinnstyeah, but it was restoring a backup all night01:52
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Romsterweekly restore02:11
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frinnstnah, were migrating a customers fileserver02:13
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pitillotilman: did you get ride of the problem? (I've hit currently 2 problems with e17, one related to curl and the other one to 3.8.2 kernel)03:48
tilmanpitillo: yes, i had old ecore installed before03:51
tilmanstupid ;)03:51
pitillotilman: no problem, I've done it in thd past too (currently with the stable release is harder to mix between versions)03:55
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horrorStruckgcc version 4.8.0 20130316 (prerelease) (CRUX-x86_64) <-- cruxenstein is pleased :)08:27
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Amnesia ^^09:03
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timcowchipgit pushed udevil13:16
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timcowchipthank you horrorStruck13:17
timcowchipthank you Romster13:17
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fireglowAmnesia: lol!13:27
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Romstertimcowchip, resynced.16:48
timcowchipthanks Romster17:32
timcowchipand thanks fireglow for the help with git17:33
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timcowchipI just sent another email to sepen to ask for my repo tob updated yet again on
Romsteri've already sent a email for that.17:48
timcowchipoh ok17:49
Romsteri did say i'd take care of that.17:49
timcowchipyes that's right17:49
Romstersince it's on my server.17:49
Romsterand i have to get my other repos moved to the new location as well.17:49
timcowchipeasier for him to do them at same time17:50
horrorStrucktimcowchip: you're welcome17:51
timcowchipI was going to disable systemd, but I didn't think about setfacl being in /bin and not /usr/bin17:53
timcowchipthanks for fixing that17:53
Romstersystemd is a disease needs to be cured17:54
timcowchipI heard pirate bay moved to North17:56
timcowchipthat pic is too funny though17:57
Romsterthere always moving.18:01
Romsterwhy don't they just use i2p and be done with the moving.18:01
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horrorStruckbut it was a prank in fact18:04
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