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Romsterquiet lot tonight.03:53
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RomsterBased on internet averages, is visited more frequently by users who are in the age range 25-34, have no children and browse this site from home.04:27
Romsterwonder how they figure that out.04:27
himynameisphilI already have xorg-inputproto installed, and when I try to install xorg-inputproto-32, it's unhappy because some of the files to be installed already exist in the filesystem.04:38
himynameisphilShould I just -f it?04:39
jaegerwhich files, specifically?04:40
horrorStruckjaeger: just curious, could you build xbmc without bluetooth support finally?04:40
jaegerhorrorStruck: yes, the bluetooth error seemed to be a bug caused by ccache04:40
horrorStruckjaeger: ah ok :)04:41
himynameisphilprt-get: installing /usr/ports/compat-32/xorg-inputproto-3204:41
himynameisphil=======> Footprint updated.04:41
himynameisphilprt-get: installing xorg-inputproto-32 2.3-104:41
himynameisphilpkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)04:42
himynameisphilprt-get: error while install04:42
horrorStruckplease dont do that04:42
horrorStruckuse pastebin or something similar04:42
jaegerhimynameisphil: xorg-inputproto-32 contains only 1 file for what that's worth, and it should be owned by no other packages.04:42
himynameisphili am confused then04:46
jaegerIt appears to be building doc files that it normally doesn't and not only that but you have them in the 64-bit version as well, which shouldn't happen04:46
jaegerIt's probably finding some program installed and using it to generate docs, it's happened in the past with things like xmlto04:48
Romsteri got 595 ports and i see no doc directory04:48
Romsterah perhaps he has asciidoc installed.04:49
Romsteryeah i can recreate this.04:51
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himynameisphili have to go right now, but i'll check in later and see if any solution has presented itself. thanks all.04:53
Romstercould add --without-asciidoc04:53
Romsterwhat si the stance on doc files jaeger do we hate them when there is no man pages still?04:53
Romsterk himynameisphil04:54
jaegerI don't hate them, don't have any strong feelings either way. The convention has been to remove them, though04:54
Romsteri honestly think rm-ing them is bad practice.04:54
Romsterchecking the hand book04:55
dramWow, 3.0 iso is ready, thanks, jaeger. downloading now. Hope to find time to try it soon.04:55
jaegernp, enjoy04:55
Romsterconsidered junk :/04:55
jaegerIn the sense that it can be found elsewhere04:57
Romsterseems to be a gray area but i'd think to just disable the doc stuff in compat-32 and it wont be added from xorg unless they have ascidoc installed.05:03
Romsterof all the stuff i test for i fail to see this issue :/05:04
fireglowtoo far05:24
Romsterthat's fucken sick man....05:29
Romstersick as in sick not the young dudes way of saying it's cool. it arn't05:30
Romsterthough i thin they use sic for that05:30
Romsterserves me right for clicking on it -_-05:31
jaegerI tend to avoid links with words like poop in them05:32
Romsterwise idea.05:32
Amnesiafrinnst: that's better:D05:44
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Romsternot clicking it05:48
AmnesiaRomster: -> pretty women..05:50
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-inputproto-32: don't install doc directory05:52
Romsteri don't trust your links now Amnesia  <<05:52
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frinnstRomster: then?05:56
frinnst"the cutest things on the internet!"05:56
AmnesiaRomster: trust me on this one :)06:07
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frinnstfucking .net runtime optimization crap08:09
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horrorStruckjust watched TPB AFK, very nice documentary if looking for something to watch.08:40
linXeasweden is not the democracy you are lead to believe08:47
horrorStruckwell this is mainly about TPB trial and it looks like you are very right my good Sir (but this applies to most places on earth unfortunately)08:52
linXeaI am swedish and I do work within the justice system. I followed the trial closely and I am/have been active on TPB.08:54
linXeamy (former) nickname was probably often mentioned in the preliminary investigation :P08:55
horrorStruckoh OK, i had no idea :)09:01
horrorStrucki guess you watched it then? i really enjoyed this doc09:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samba: update to 3.6.1309:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: update to 3.7.1609:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gv: update to 3.7.409:38
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v33sup everyone11:47
v33how are you guys?12:15
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joacimdoing just fine =)12:21
v33ahh nice12:26
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himynameisphilsudo ports -u16:05
teK_we really need an auto-bot for this..16:07
teK_nah, that's already in my dictionary16:08
teK_no, really.. collecting leaked passwords is a hobby16:08
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himynameisphilThis creates an empty package and I don\t know why18:49
jaegerdoes its makefile support DESTDIR?19:29
jaegerlooks like no19:29
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Romsterga duck has be recovered with an arrow in it's head... new meaning to arrow to the knee.22:59
Romsterhimynameisphil, you probably installed to your ssytem this is why fakeroot pkgmk is a good idea23:00
Romsteri also grep unknown Makefiles for DESTDIR23:00
Romsterconsiderinf you had no configure on there i'd expect that sort of behavior of no DESTDIR23:01
Romsterhimynameisphil, you may have to make a patch like similar to this /usr/ports/contrib/ladspa/ladspa-1.12.patch23:03
Romsterfind /usr/ports/ -name '*.patch' -exec grep -r DESTDIR {} \;23:04
frinnsti have that tshirt23:04
Romsterand i'm with stupid ->23:05
frinnstim always alone, so never bothered with that one :D23:06
RomsterI Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own T-shirt23:06
frinnstpoor t-rex23:08
Romstertiny arms they can't hold their body weight23:12
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timcowchiphey hey hey23:17
timcowchipmy rerun immitation23:18
timcowchipwhich there a port that uses subversion??23:22
Romsterthere are many23:22
Romsterlook in emulators23:22
timcowchipguess what I'm trying to make a port for23:23
timcowchipok thanks23:23
Romsteran emulator :D23:23
timcowchipthey're using automake 1.1323:25
Romsterhasn't nogagplz done that one...23:26
Romsterseems it used to exist in contrib23:27
timcowchipthere's a 0.9.3 port23:28
Romsteroh maybe that was me messing with that port...23:28
Romsterand left it there.23:28
Romsterthink handbrake needed a ton of gnome?23:28
nogagplznot to my knowledge23:28
timcowchipAntonio SJ Musumeci23:29
Romstercat /home/romster/.safe-build_crux/3.0/x86_64-multilib/usr/ports/contrib/handbrake/Pkgfile |wgetpaste -s dpaste23:29
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteri tried for someone else then gave up on it23:30
timcowchipmy paste?23:30
Romsteroh that's right then i made a patch for pkgmk to nto extract the sources.23:30
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timcowchip my latest effort with 0.9.823:32
timcowchiplooks like I left the header off when I pasted it23:33
Romsteri made a tarball out of svn23:33
timcowchipyou are too cool for school23:34
Romsterlittle old now but not by much23:34
timcowchipI'll give that a try with --enable-local-yasm23:35
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Romsterthat's my .noextact patch to pkgmk23:40
Romstercat /home/romster/.safe-build_crux/3.0/x86_64-multilib/usr/ports/contrib/handbrake/.noextract |wgetpaste -s dpaste23:40
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterand the file i made to try and include all the sources it requires in source= but the stupid build system will not extract them if it finds the tarballs.23:41
Romstergave up at that point.23:41
Romsterdue to lack of interest.23:41
timcowchipits my holy grail23:43
timcowchipmy daughter like watching movies on her tablet23:44
nogagplzget a new daughter. easiest fix for this23:46
Romsteri'd say jsut script ya own methods... i just copy and paste mine and edit to suit enter. job done23:46
Romsterhandbreak looks like a prick to compile and it wont use system libs because they like to patch the hell out of everything.23:49
timcowchipI'd be better off learning to use ffmpeg from the command line23:50
timcowchipI'm learning a little bit about patching at least23:50
Romsteryou have ports in another distro and you don't know much about patching have i got this right?23:51
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timcowchipSalix is different23:52
Romsterhow so different?23:52
Romsterif your packaging stuff you have to deal with this sort of stuff sometimes.23:53
timcowchipyes I have a font patch in my vice slkbuild23:53
timcowchipI learned how to use sed a little bit with my surf slkbuild23:54
timcowchipI have a gpodder.slackbuild on SBO23:55
Romsteri learnt by examples23:55
Romsterthen seeing what part does what then i started writing my own regex's23:55
Romsteri'm no pro though but i can do most regex stuff now.23:56
timcowchipdo you do developement at work?23:57
Romster tons of regex in that, i haven't done much on that in awhile now... i should get more of that done.23:58
timcowchipI can't even spell development23:58
Romsterjust fixing windoze and replacing laptop screens sometimes dc jacks on motherboards. photocopier fuser and pcu rebuilds.23:59
Romsteroh been using my electronics knowledge fixing other stuff too.23:59
Romsterbut when it comes to programming i hit a brick wall.23:59

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