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Romstercan only do basic stuff00:00
timcowchipI was a radio tech00:00
Romsteroh i can repair valve guitar amps and many other things too00:00
timcowchipback when you get work doing that00:00
Romsterfixed a few fenders and marshals00:00
Romsterwell there are still radio transmitters around.00:01
Romsterand tv ones too.00:01
timcowchipyes there are I've got an FCC license00:01
Romstercomunity radio station here puts out 2000 watts there output valves are air cooled with metal fins on them for heatsinking running on 10,000 volts dc O_O00:01
Romsternice i got no ham or radio licences00:02
Romsterbut i have constructed a few yagi antennas from scratch00:02
timcowchipI neede it for work00:02
timcowchipyagi is good for vhf00:02
Romsterfew whips with ground planes too00:03
Romsterbut my real talent is audio equipment00:04
timcowchipI wrote a hpbasic program that plotted a photo-resist mask for an S-band microstrip patch array once00:04
prologicRomster, setup your wiki/website yet? :)00:05
timcowchipits was a 2GHz telemetry antenna that wrapped around a missle00:06
Romsteri sould have on the weekend but i did outer stuff00:06
Romsterheading to table tennis then i got to try and fit a water pump and radiator in the dark with a light hanging on my bonney -_-00:06
Romsteri got a bucks night on the 22nd 200km away a ac/dc tribute show to setup for on the 23rd then the 30th a mates weeding to goto and organise the speakers for that too.... and i'm the best man. so i'm kinda busy oh and fixing my damn car.00:11
Romsterbbl table tennis00:11
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rauzsounds like a tight timetable Romster01:04
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hiro_guys, could you please disable the double-click javascript on the website?05:28
hiro_also did anyone ever attempt to document the need to have devtmpfs for udev?05:29
hiro_and as some might still use i686 systems, wouldn't it make sense to copy clarifying additions to the handbook also to older versions like the one belonging to 2.8 ?05:31
hiro_also register doesn't work05:33
hiro_Password required05:33
hiro_Name/password not recognized05:34
hiro_I guess you guys will have to do it05:34
hiro_but then please remove register option on the website, it's misleading05:35
fireglowanything else you want changed?05:36
hiro_no, that was all that I encountered while trying to install crux for my first time05:36
nogagplzok your concerns have been documented, and Romster will get right on it05:37
fireglowhe sure will05:37
hiro_perhaps the order is not optimal, but have no good alternative right now. what I would optimally want to see is having all information about kernel requirements in one paragraph, just before the instruction about "just" compiling the kernel05:37
nogagplzyou know having a skeleton config with necessary parts like that enabled wouldn't go astray05:39
nogagplzsomewhere easier to find also than from the cd or w/e05:39
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Romsterbeen working on my car05:48
Romster00:46 now05:48
Romsterrauz, yeah too tight if ya ask me. after this month i hope to do sweat f all. or well not so busy.05:49
Romsterhiro_, whats worng with double click... people should know the web is single click. quite a nice feature. the register thing don't work never has afaik.05:51
Romsterhiro_, you do realise there is actually two parts to the wiki we not long ago changed the background to the user editable wiki to some light blue than the dev only editable yellow.05:53
horrorStruckhiro_: just curious, are you 23hiro?05:54
Romsteras for the 2.8 i686 there is attempts at making a overlay for crux 3.0 for x86 only05:56
Romsterbut we really need someone with more time that has tons of 32bit only machines that actively uses those. and has Linux experience.05:57
Romsteri would pitch in to help with port bumps but i don't have many 32bit only machines.05:57
Romsterplus i'm far too busy with other stuff as it is now.05:57
Romsterwasn't hiro something card captors06:09
Romsterinsert nogagplz joke.06:10
nogagplzI don't need to tolerate you badgering me06:10
nogagplzyou always give me trouble06:10
Romsterthe tables have turned.06:11
Romsterbadger badger badger06:11
Romsteroh monies...06:11
Romsterneed some of that. qute low lately.06:12
hiro_horrorStruck: yeah06:12
nogagplzwell I have enough next monday to put p3 up to 8GB ram06:12
Romsterdoes it need that?06:13
Romsterguess deluge does chew a bit of ram but not that much06:14
nogagplzfor epenis yes06:14
Romstersurely it could be spent o another hdd or evena  bluray burner06:14
nogagplzno room in that crap case for more disk space06:15
Romsteri'm wondering if the specs are now finalized, not looked in ages..06:15
nogagplzno decent cases to be seen yet06:15
hiro_Romster: what's wrong with it is that I might use double-click to select a word for pasting it somewhere else, it's just not expected behavior for websites to suddenly reload a different page when you double click on some non hyperlink. it's especially annoying now that I found it the feature never actually worked06:16
Romster5 hdd's in my box 2 on my desk plugged in....4 x 5 1/4 empty drive bays.... i could get a hot swap hdd box for that.06:16
hiro_14:51 < Romster> hiro_, you do realise there is actually two parts to the wiki we not long ago changed the background to the user editable wiki to some light blue than the dev only editable yellow.06:16
hiro_ah didn't know that06:16
hiro_i just saw register on the top right and thought I could use it to register.06:16
Romsterit's a wiki though not a normal page.06:16
nogagplzI can only fit 2 in the 3.5" bays before it gets too hot, and one is free and easy up top06:17
hiro_I got another issue now. Why are there no firmware files on the install CD?06:17
Romsterdefine too hot?06:17
Romsterhdd's work best around 37C06:17
Romsterand colder than 35 or hotter than 40-45C reduces there life span06:18
hiro_ho do you bootstrap a system and install stuff from ports that are only available on the internet when all your drivers require binary firmware blobs?06:18
nogagplzyou try to touch the steel frame but your fingers disintegrate before ever actually reaching the surface06:18
Romsternot all drivers require binary blobs.06:18
hiro_just mine06:18
Romsteryeah that's way too hot nogagplz06:18
hiro_like my wifi and ethernet cards sadly06:18
Romstereathernet needs firmware?06:19
hiro_e1000e, yes I thought so06:19
hiro_perhaps I'm just confused.06:19
Romsteri've not come across any yet.06:19
Romsterlspci -k06:19
Romsteryo'd be the first that needed firmware to get on the net. to get the rest of there stuff working.06:20
hiro_yeah, I'm just super confused right now06:21
hiro_cause I thought I saw an e1000e in dmesg, but lspci -k shows me just some atheros ar928506:21
Romsterwe spend lots of time on crux. some things like the web site gets a little neglected but ports in opt core xorg are kept current.06:21
teK_the website is lovingly kept up to date06:22
Romsterwiki contributed stuff bit stale some of it is my stuff too ;D06:22
hiro_well, one of the things that actually managed to bring me here was that the website didn't overflow me with information06:23
hiro_but some small details might still be worth some coverage :)06:23
nogagplzno no details06:23
teK_thank god it's a wiki06:23
teK_so get out and edit it :-)06:23
Romsterwhen i got time...06:23
teK_not you Romster06:23
teK_you have quite some ports to maintain06:23
Romsterand car and wedding to get sorted.06:24
teK_personally I'd *love* to see some more new / updated wiki articles06:24
nogagplzoh who are you marrying06:24
Romsteryeah i think i need to prune a few at some point teK_06:24
Romsternot me nogagplz my friend is getting married.06:24
nogagplzis dinx getting married?06:24
Romsteri'd like to see some more contributors to ports.06:25
Romsterno it's bushblock if you remember him in the other channel at all.06:25
horrorStruckhiro_: no firmware needed for e1000e06:26
Romsterreally really bay spelling06:27
hiro_horrorStruck: right, I'm super confused with this strange atheros thing here06:27
Romstererr bad...06:27
Romstercompared to me even.06:27
nogagplzwow geez06:27
nogagplzwhy aren't they on here more either06:27
hiro_ok, it's an ar8132 ethernet card06:28
Romsterdunno not a irc type of person, slow reader slow typer can't spell. guess chatting on irc is too hard for him06:28
nogagplzdoes he have a beard and grin too much as well06:29
horrorStruckhiro_: FWIW i have AR922X on a crux router box and no firmware either06:29
Romsterno beard well if anything some stubble but he shaves more regularly than i do06:29
hiro_horrorStruck: right, i'm just going to use the right driver now06:30
hiro_horrorStruck: I thought I was using an e1000e for some reason that is now beyond me06:30
horrorStruckhiro_: e1000e is ethernet06:31
Romstermaybe you looked at dmesg and it said e1000e not found.06:31
Romsterwho knows.06:31
hiro_yeah, it just said that the driver got loaded and I mistook that06:32
hiro_for it being existant also06:32
horrorStruckah ok and i also got confused, i thought your atheros was a wireless nic06:34
Romsterso i thought as well.06:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: distribute: 0.6.30 -> 0.6.3507:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libxslt: 1.1.27 -> 1.1.2807:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: openal: 1.14 -> 1.15.107:19
hiro_ok, now I have crux with networking, was all just my own fault ;)07:19
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hiro_is there something like for 2.8?07:29
horrorStrucknot to my knowledge. most of unofficial ports  (if that's what you're lookgin for) should work for 2.8 anyway07:33
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libxslt-32: 1.1.27 -> 1.1.2807:37
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: sqlite3-32: -> 3.7.1607:37
Romsteri'm gonna call it a night. g'night07:39
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hiro_horrorStruck: who are you btw? :D09:41
horrorStruckhiro_: lurking sl-dev09:51
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horrorStruckhiro_: :P10:06
horrorStruckthat's me10:06
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fireglowI especially like " Don't believe others, I'm right. "10:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libffi: updated to 3.0.1310:14
joacimyou should just make that your signature10:16
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timcowchipgot handbrake-svn to build but when I try to run ./ghb, I get10:45
timcowchipGtk-ERROR **: GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supporte10:45
niklaswegood evening10:45
timcowchipgood evening niklaswe10:46
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tilmanfrinnst: do you know when that was published?11:27
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timcowchipremoved gtk3, and gconf rebuilt handbrake-svn and ./ghb runs12:05
timcowchiphad to use automake-1.11.6 which I then upgraded back to 1.13.112:08
timcowchipso if you want handbrake,
timcowchipdowngrade automake temporarily and don't have any gtk3 packages installed12:13
timcowchipI had to install libass and libsamplerate but then everything built successfully12:14
timcowchipI could build a package, if there is any interest in one12:16
timcowchipI don't think a port would be worth the trouble12:18
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frinnsttilman: the book? no :)13:09
frinnstlooks kind of fake :)13:09
tilmanfrinnst: i'm probably too gullible13:22
tilmanbut you never know with those murricans13:22
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Romstertimcowchip> I don't think a port would be worth the trouble <- make one you never know when you may need to reinstall.13:56
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Romsteri hope your NOT doing this "export PATH=.:$PATH".14:01
Romsterif your not building 64bit you probably need to set --host= so the right ASM is used.14:03
Romsteroff to work later.14:03
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frinnstanybody tried any of the firefox 20 betas?14:32
frinnstfeels like its a bit slow for me, but im running with glamor so it might be that14:32
frinnstif anybody feels like trying it out14:33
hiro_so is bash the default shell in crux?14:43
frinnstits what comes in the install14:45
frinnstyou are free to use whatever yuo want14:45
frinnstinitscripts are bash'ish14:45
timcowchipI guess to make a package, I need to make a port14:47
timcowchipbut I'll need to downgrade automake and remove all gtk3 to make the package14:48
hiro_yeah, saw #!/bin/bash in /etc/rc and was wondering why it doesn't use ash/dash14:54
timcowchipfrinnst> anybody tried any of the firefox 20 betas? <- does UX nightly count?14:55
timcowchipactually UX is 22.0a1 now14:59
timcowchipI'd try 20.0b5, but by the time it finished building on my machine, you'd have a newer version15:05
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libffi-32: 3.0.12 -> 3.0.1317:44
Romstertimcowchip, can't you supply --disable-gtk3 or something to the build script.18:00
Romsterdosen't firefox version 20 use gtk3 yet how lame :P18:00
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: orc-32: 0.4.16 -> 0.4.1718:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: orc: 0.4.16 -> 0.4.1718:07
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timcowchipI can try --disable-gtk3 plus all the automake patches19:20
timcowchipI'll have to make some new patches for the svn version19:20
timcowchipand use the pcsx-reloaded Pkgfile as a template19:22
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LukcBut I tried that script with zsh and IIRC it should work with dash/ash without modification.22:41
Romsteryou can use any shell for your home22:44
Romstertimcowchip, you'll have to get creative with sed/patch to knock out gtk3 checking22:45
timcowchipI'm trying to build it without gtk3 installed on my system23:34
timcowchipthen when it works go back and disable gtk323:35
timcowchipso far it hasn't built successfully23:35
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