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frinnstso .. cold02:18
teK_says someone from sweden.. so it has to be _really_ cold02:18
frinnstin my office!02:18
teK_in your bunker :p02:18
teK_I had the opposite today02:19
teK_almost 40C in our server room02:19
teK_well not really02:19
frinnstwe have maybe 23-24 without any cooling02:19
teK_out janitor switched on a server (on command) on Saturday02:19
teK_seems he hit the OFF-Switch for our climate thingy02:20
teK_yeah almost as lovely as our power maintenance procedure that day that originally caused the server in question to not spin up after the power returned02:20
teK_"we're switching off the power at 6pm for three times 15 minutes each"02:21
teK_6am, sorry02:21
teK_what really happened:02:21
teK_from 2:30pm through 4:00pm there was no power02:21
teK_also both circuits that our upses use were cut off instead of one02:22
teK_AND I went to bed at 5:30 am because I had to do some rearrangements before the maintenance.. which could have waited until 10am or so02:22
frinnstgerman procedual errors, how cute02:22
teK_I also told the elecetricians to organize the key to our server room so I can advise them to bring back servers in case of problems02:23
teK_well turns out they didn't and I had to call the janitor.. *sigh*02:23
teK_if anything like that happens, reality proceeded wrongly :>02:24
frinnsti need to use the bathroom.. i bet its ~15C in there :((02:25
frinnstill freeze my pecker off02:25
teK_it's amusing to read about german accuracy in the international press..02:25
teK_I invite all of you to come visit some companies I've been in during the last couple of years02:25
teK_BUT you can eat off of BMW's production facilitie's floors =) that's no myth02:26
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mike_kI guess, some here do eat off Lada and Daewoo production facilitie's floors =(02:53
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: lzo: initial release in core02:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] btrfs-progs: update to 2013031802:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lzo: moved to core03:06
frinnstwtf, what is ubuntu doing with resolv.conf?03:35
frinnststuff specified in resolvconf are not applied nor is dns stuff from /etc/networking/interfaces03:36
nthwyattcheck nsswitch.conf says hosts: files dns?03:49
nthwyattfrinnst ^^03:49
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frinnstnthwyatt: i bruteforced it with removing resolvconf :)03:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xcb-util*: new source URL, FS#90604:10
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-inputproto: explicit disable building of docs with asciidoc, FS#90505:08
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.13 -> 0.9.1407:12
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frinnstso awesome08:40
frinnstold but good08:40
joacimwould you be interested in adding --enable-256-color to your rxvt-unicode port?09:04
joacimi dont get support for 256 colours unless i compile with that option enabled.09:05
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frinnstjoacim: sure09:58
frinnsti've pretty much only bumped versions since i took over maintainership. im very open to improve it09:59
frinnsti thought id test terminology, looks different :)09:59
frinnstbah, requires a shitload of e deps10:00
joacimtoo fancy for me. i just want something simple. =)10:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: rxvt-unicode: build with --enable-256-color10:10
joacimthank you very much =)10:11
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himynameisphilerrs when updating btrfs-progs via prt-get10:48
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himynameisphilok thanks, that solved it. wasnt sure if maintainer needed to be notified. i'll try to remember to check mailing list etc. before posting in fut.11:00
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guzzanoThe community crux-es is not active?11:15
guzzanoalways alone11:17
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frinnstteK_: americans.. :)12:13
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goodboxOuch, maybe the causes of destruction of chidren's curiosity :(12:43
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joacimthat reminds me of silent hill 315:01
frinnstjoacim: hah, what game is that from?15:14
jaegerone of the silent hill games, looks like15:25
jaeger3 based on the person in the shot15:26
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joacimthought my comment made it obvious what game it was =)16:29
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jaegerjoacim: my sarcasm was completely lost in the text, sorry :D19:51
joacimI didn't realize it was sarcastic. I guess it is getting late for me.20:05
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Stratofallgtk3 compile fails because pango gdk-pixbuf atk all had the gobject introspection part deleted from the $PKG/usr/share  part of the build. I manually edited my Pkgfiles for these to get a successfull compile. Would this be a bug? Should it be reported?20:26
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frinnstStratofall: i'll take a look23:43
frinnstjoacim: hah, i didnt see that23:44
frinnstlovely, 350 tickets in the "error" queue23:45
StratofallI saw an older bug report for it  while back asking for it to be included in Opt. I guess as someone newer to the distro and going after kde4 off the bat. Maybe it would be at the least good wiki info in the kde4 section.23:48
frinnstdo you have gobject-introspection installed?23:49
StratofallI do23:49
StratofallI saw during the compile of gdk-pixbuff that the rmdir command was failing at the end of the Pkgfile. To fix it I changed it to rm -r. At that time I didn't know I needed info in there for gdk-pixbuf-2.gir or something like that. I ended up commenting out the last line rmdir $PKG/usr/share to get the compile I needed to advance.23:52
StratofallI then, as I encountered the errors with pango and atk did a similar fix for myself. While keeping everything I could removed from that dir but keeping the .gir files I needed.23:53
StratofallPango Pkgfile was edited to rm -r $PKG/usr/share/gtk-doc leaving the rest of the bits. The same move was made for atk although I could have gone a bit further and removed the locales I believe that it created in that dir.23:55
Romsterrm -r $PKG/usr/share/{locales,gtk-doc}23:56
Stratofallhope that is enough info. At the least I think it would be good wiki info if it's not considerd a bug.23:56
Romsterrm -r $PKG/usr/share/{locale,gtk-doc}23:57
Romsteri've been thinking rmdir should be repalced with find $PKG/usr/share -type d -empty -delete23:58
Stratofallit's cool. I didn't realize it had all that extra in there until I took a bit more time to see what was going on. I was just looking for the fix to my problem was all.23:58
Romsterseems i brought this problem on when i added gobject-introspection23:59

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