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Stratofallwell rmdir completely failed for me as it won't delete a directory with files or dirs in it. Yeah, it stumped me but there is a lot of info on the web on it. I just had to figure out why I didn't have the needed files even though the package was installed. Even doing a prt-get update gdk-pixbuf didn't help until I modified the files.00:01
StratofallOh, btw, love the distro so far. Imo very easy to get into and lose a lot of time tinkering. I sometimes like that, it's just a different type of video game :)00:04
Romsterhehe yeah00:05
Romsterand if you wanna tinker and game we do have a emulators repo as well.00:05
Romsteri think i tinker too much *looks around at the many ports*00:05
StratofallI've been looking at Lennarts repo with the steam port. Once I am comfy and fully up and running I think that's my first hit.00:06
Romsterwe have wine too.00:07
Romsterdunno how stable that steam is.00:07
Romsterbut yeah i run crux on different machines setup for different tasks.00:07
Romstermold it to your intended use00:08
Stratofallyeah, that seems to be the goal. keep plugging along until I see something missing, then just make it hopefully.00:09
Stratofallbut overall there are a lot of ports among the different people00:09
Romsterpretty much00:09
Stratofallshould be easy to piece stuff together00:09
Romsterif ya get stuck just ask in irc.00:10
Romstersome things are a pain, liek i had to build like 5 ports to handle dependencies for foo00:10
Romstersometimes ya luck and it's done for ya00:11
Romsteri offer ports hosting if ya wanna start a ports collection and have no where else to host them.00:12
StratofallI may try my hand at an e16 port with eterm. start small hopefully easy. Done it from source before just never did a Pkgfile00:12
Romsterhmm we have a e17 repo iirc00:12
Romster yeah e1700:12
Stratofallyeah, my first gui was e16 so a bit of nastalgia for me on it.00:13
Stratofallwell, first Linux gui... cough00:13
Romsterwindows kde and other stuff and now pekwm00:13
Stratofallwell, it was nice meeting you Romster although I do need to get some sleep. Been up all night poking around on this thing. If I didn't have work ..... <-- needs to the win the lotto00:15
Romsteryeah don't we all00:16
Romsteri'm heading out myself. talk to you later on00:16
Romsteri'm here this time onwards though in australia +10 time00:17
StratofallEST here, this is very late for me. beleive I am +500:17
Stratofallanyways, l8rs00:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cifs-utils: update to 6.000:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: diffutils: update to 3.300:45
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niklaswe /b06:36
niklasweI want to goo home.. ths sucks...06:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: qt4-32: fix plugins and disable sql databases06:55
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frinnsthah, whats wrong?07:13
niklaswefrinnst: everything this days is sooo fucking boring..07:13
frinnsthow I imagined you just now:
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Henesyanyone want to help a newcomer set up eth0?07:13
joacimI'm kinda jaded too07:14
jaegerHenesy: I'll give it a shot, what have you got so far?07:14
Henesyi have /etc/rc.d/net set up eth0 with dhcpcd07:15
Henesywhen /etc/rc.d/net is restarted it doesnt find device eth007:15
jaegerdoes '/sbin/ifconfig' show eth0?07:16
frinnstsounds like you are missing the driver for your nic07:16
Henesydevice not found07:16
jaegerwhat about '/sbin/ifconfig -a' ?07:16
Henesylspci finds the ethernet controller07:16
jaegerok, sounds like missing driver like frinnst says07:16
Henesyscope unknown07:17
jaegerwhat does the ethernet line in lspci's output say?07:17
Henesyit's running in virtualbox if that explains anything07:17
jaegerit'll be pcnet32, lance, or e100007:17
frinnstamd? dont remember what it usually use07:17
Henesy00:03:0 Ethernet controller: Advanced Micr Devices [AMD] 79c970[PCnet32 LANCE] rev 4007:18
jaegerIf the distribution type was set to other linux then lance is likely the default, which I don't think even works with a 64-bit kernel07:19
jaegerI'd recommend shutting down the VM and changing it to use Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop07:19
Henesyset to 64 bit Gentoo07:19
jaeger(the NIC type)07:19
Henesysince other linux didn't specify 64 bit07:19
Henesyand i figured Gentoo was closer07:19
Henesyshould it be set to other linux?07:20
jaegerdid you save your kernel config?07:20
Henesyi can re-create it fairly well from memory07:20
jaegerThe distro type doesn't really matter, just gives it some defaults for hardware settings07:20
Henesywasn't that long ago07:20
jaegeryou might still have /usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/.config07:21
jaegercould check it for CONFIG_PCNET3207:21
Henesyit's there07:21
Henesy .config anyhow07:21
jaegertry: egrep 'CONFIG_(PCNET32|E1000)' .config07:21
Henesynot set07:23
Henesynext line says =y07:24
Henesynext line says not set07:24
frinnstthere's your problem07:24
jaegerwhich one says =y ?07:24
Henesydo i need to recompile?07:24
frinnstyeah just the module pretty much07:24
jaegernot really07:24
frinnstdo a "make && make modules_install install" and reboot07:24
jaegeryou could either recompile the kernel or you could change the VM config07:24
jaegerif CONFIG_E1000 is y, then just change the VM's NIC type to Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop07:25
Henesywhere would the NIC stuff be?07:26
frinnstdrivers -> networkig or something07:26
jaegerthe kernel's or virtualbox's?07:26
frinnstoh ;>07:27
jaegersettings -> network -> advanced07:27
Henesyalright fun way, where is it in the kernel .config to switch on?07:28
Henesyor whatever I have to do?07:28
jaegerin menuconfig you can search with the / key07:28
jaegersearch for PCNET3207:28
Henesymake it <M> so it's module?07:32
jaegereither m or y will work07:33
HenesyAwesome guys, thanks so much07:36
Henesyworked like a charm07:37
jaegerwelcome :)07:37
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hiro_guys, some week ago i reported that there should be a notion about devtmpfs being require by udev in the installing section of the crux docs10:30
hiro_it says in there10:32
hiro_Make sure to include drivers needed to bring up your root filesystem! Such as "SCSI disk support", filesystem and disk controller.10:32
hiro_but it should also inform you about devtmpfs10:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: don't assume /usr/share is empty12:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: less overkill12:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pango: leave /usr/share12:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: atk: leave /usr/share13:03
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Henesyis there a way to add additional ports repositories like what's on
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frinnstHenesy: you can submit your own:
frinnstor, did I perhaps misunderstand you?13:27
HenesyTo add them as in when i "ports -u" it updates using that repo as well13:27
Henesylike how contrib is already in there13:28
frinnstyes you can download the repo "file" and place it in /etc/ports13:28
frinnstclick on the "httpup" or "rsync" link and you get the contents of the file13:28
frinnstrather, you get prompted to download it13:28
frinnstplace it in /etc/ports - do "ports -u" - place the new dir in your prt-get.conf13:29
frinnstyou can also add specific 3rd party ports to a "meta" repo, check out "mpup" in opt13:29
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Henesyawesome, thanks13:32
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