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timcowchipcmds-restore.c:30:25: fatal error: lzo/lzoconf.h: No such file or directory01:00
timcowchipcompilation terminated.01:00
timcowchipthanks Romster01:13
timcowchipI just read the Pkgfile for btrfs-progs and saw the dep for lzo01:13
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mike_kupdating to 3.0: any simple way to rebuild all installed packages in the right order?01:16
timcowchipI subscribe to with rssguard but had not set the "open messages in new tab" to "open source feed" rather than "open simple feed message"01:25
timcowchipthanks frinnst:)01:30
timcowchipjeez I need better glasses01:30
timcowchipthat white on pink backgroyu01:30
timcowchipin weechat01:31
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Romstermike_k, i found it easier to build everything i had on my system in a chroot then pkgadd-ed those.02:06
Romstermailing list should have other methods02:08
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shirokurodoom, doooom!:
mike_kRomster: thanks. I decided to remove all x86 *.pkg.tar.gz, "prt-get -fr" everything in random order, build (without -fr)all the deps of failed packages in quickdep order, build everything once again. Withoit -fr it would not do extra work and just reinstall recently build ones.02:11
Romster-fr is pointless if you removed all the built packages02:24
Romsteryou are aware of revdep?02:24
Romsteras everything is rebuilt that hasn't got a built package for it.02:25
Romstershirokuro, getting a httpup repo? i don't beleave github works with ports -u so if you want that feature, email me a dsa key and you can push to a remote location to get it on if you like and then that be on
shirokuroRomster: sounds good, i'll get back to you on that... i have been making random Pkgfiles for stuff i want without creating backups so this is a way to keep track of it, unfortunately i have to track down everything i've added, patched, etc.02:31
mike_kRomster: -fr - yep, removed pksg after that run. revdep would be a final step to recheck everything.02:34
Romstermike_k, check for orphaned ports too.02:35
Romstershirokuro, this is why i have so many ports, i package everything even if i'm just testing it out02:36
shirokuroRomster: i appreciate it, i've downloaded quite a few of them ^_^02:37
Romsteri don't make any sense of that frinnst02:37
Romsteri plan to have a cleanup some time shirokuro but i'll shove stuff i'm not using into a attic repo.02:38
Romster bonus points :D02:39
Romsteri kept a copy of those before he disappeared.02:39
Romsteruse those with caution. i kept them in case some are useful to pull out.02:40
shirokuroah, he has aalib02:41
shirokuroi was making that right now02:41
Romsterif yo let me know what's useful out of mine i might make more effort to keep the version up to date.02:42
Romster still working on my idea of version checking. not the best way to be alerted yet.02:43
Romsterand there is ck4up for that too.02:43
Romsterman i have not played any slayer songs in ages....02:51
shirokuroi listen to goth stuff.. i just found this guy, he makes trippy videos for songs he likes:
Romsteri like most styles metal rock techno many others. recently got back into more funk too03:10
PingaxPagan metal 3>03:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libsoup: made gobject-introspection a soft dependency04:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Remove php-mbstring as the extension is in opt/php now05:00
mike_kRomster: jack download link was broken, the old version was not there too05:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pycrypto: update to 2.605:18
StratofallI seem to be having trouble compiling kdepim 4.10.0. I have tried going to the next version as well 4.10.1 and kdepimlibs 4.10.1 with the same error. If anyone has a moment to help it would be appreciated. Link to pastebin of the error in the build.
mike_kRomster: - chardet bump (was a missing download too). checked: deluge works.05:27
Romstermike_k, that's going backwards to a older version O_O05:57
Romsterunless your diff was done backwards05:57
Romster i parked...05:58
Romsterah mike_k did the source and destination to diff backwards..05:59
Romsterdamn url changes..05:59
mike_kRomster: sorry (06:00
Romsteryou confused me <<06:00
mike_kat least there is "patch -R"06:01
Romsterheh i just made it manually.06:07
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StratofallIn kdepim I am not sure if the is doing what is needed to fix the kleopatra part of the build process. In order to move beyond what I previously posted with a failing kdepim build I had to uncomment the export DO_NOT_COMPILE= option and add specifically kleopatra in order for kdepim to finish it's build. I found no proper working way to move forward with the build with kleopatra enabled. Bug?06:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: python2-chardet: 2.0.1 -> 2.1.106:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: jack: 1.9.8 ->
Romsterfixed mike_k06:24
RomsterStratofall, sorry i don't have tons of time now to spend hours compiling kde stuff to test that.06:25
Stratofallit's no problem. I figured I would get it out there. I am sure this chat is logged? anyone building kde4 in the future might have a reference?06:26
Romsterit us06:27
Stratofallcool, k06:27
Romstermaybe in a few days time i can try.06:28
Stratofallwell, I think the other problems I had the other day were fixed in the packages being updated. Now that I got past this point hopefully the rest is smooth. Hopefully it helps to iron out the kde4 build a little at least. Or any of the gotchas. oh whoa, kde4-meta-full is done. looks like I am about to try it out. woot06:30
jaegerI'm not a KDE user, myself, sorry06:30
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StratofallI do appreciate you guys even recognising it though. A nice change of pace imo. Especially for me being so new here.06:32
Romsterwe like to help around here06:32
jaegerHope you like it :) It can be a bit of work at times but it's a hobby thing06:33
Romsteri used to use kde in the 3.x series06:33
Romsterbut that was a long time ago.06:33
shirokuroi learn quite a bit with crux versus other distros, i'll say06:33
Romsterand learn not what todo :D06:33
Stratofallyeah, understandable. Getting familiar with how things are in this distro I figured the best thing to do was to point out any problems I had. While trying to fix them if at all possible.06:34
odyanyone know a direct link for jre ..?06:34
Romsterstuff that was cryptic is now.... oh that's how that works.06:34
Romsterody, sorry look at prt-get jre README06:34
Romstererr prt-get cat jre readme06:34
Romsteror prt-get jre readme06:34
Romsteror i'm just too tired to type a coherent command right now -_-06:35
odycheers I thought as much .. oracle like to make life difficult :D06:35
Romstermike_k, hit anything else?06:35
Romsterwell you could get it with a cookie set.06:35
Romsterbut that's cheating there policy06:36
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odyI was wondering if I copied my browser cookie over would it work with wget06:36
odyworth a shot, cheers06:37
Romsteryeah that will work06:39
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Romsteri did know it but now i forgot the blog url to how to do it.06:41
Romsterody, forget that one read this
Romsterthat's the one i saw awhile ago.06:43
shirokuro ?06:51
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odycool cheers guys06:59
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odyI've been setting up CRUX as a guest VM .. but during the install to get virtio working I had to use another Linux live cd to setup lilo .. who's the best person to see about suggesting adding virtio support to the CRUX install iso ?07:00
Romsterjaeger, :)07:01
frinnstody: i think its on the todo-list07:02
frinnstbut you could always file a bug so we dont forget :)07:02
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teK_ody: what's your exact problem?07:35
teK_you wanted to speed up the CRUX installation in a VM?07:35
teK_anything after installation is subject to your own kernel configuration during the installation07:35
odyteK_, when you install CRUX it's with normal block device drivers .. but when you want to move the kernel over to virtio you need to setup lilo with /dev/vda instead of /dev/sda which requires a live cd with a kernel that has virtio support .. I used Archlinux in this case because the CRUX install iso wasn't setup with virtio support in the kernel.07:38
teK_ah I see07:38
teK_I'll add it to our TODO list then07:38
odynice one, cheers!07:39
Stratofallanyone using the latest xorg from Crux with latest nvidia and xdm or other login manager? Curious as kdm starts then never shows a screen then closes the xserver according the log. From what I can see it's an issue with the nvidia driver and the latest 1.14 xserver. Need newer nvidia drivers I think.07:43
shirokurodoes xorg log say anything about abi version mismatch? just guessing07:47
Stratofall   my kdm log, one sec for Xorg.log07:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: imagemagick: update to 6.8.307:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: tmux: update to 1.807:48
teK_Stratofall: did you rebuild the xorg-related modules after the update?07:48
StratofallActually I don't see any errors in the Xorg.log07:49
shirokurowhat you posted mentions it though07:49
shirokuroi had to rebuild xorg-xf86-input-evdev07:49
shirokuroand a couple other xorg things actually..07:49
teK_iirc you have to rebuild the graphic-related drivers, too07:49
StratofallI believe so, I think I installed after that update on the mailing list. I remember reading about it.07:49
StratofallI will try that07:49
StratofallI mean, I am in X just fine using blackbox right now07:50
Stratofallit's just kdm from what I can tell and a google suggests the ABI thing needs to be updated by nvidia to fix it from what I gather.07:51
teK_so starting blackbox right away works?07:51
shirokuroi'm still using xorg-server 13 due to nouveau/PRIME issues where i can't switch ttys07:51
Stratofallcorrect, I am using xchat for irc on blackbox07:51
Stratofallset exec blackbox in the .xinitrc file07:52
shirokurothere's a startx flag that's like --ignore-abi, i dunno, maybe it does that07:52
Stratofallusing startx command07:52
teK_bz kdm you mean KDE's loginmanager?07:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: update to 9.1.107:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: update to 2.8.007:52
StratofallI am not using kdm to get into blackbox. was trying to use it for my fresh install of kde07:52
shirokurocruxbot :O07:52
Stratofallok, try this again with everything recompiled and updated from the just moments ago evdev update :)08:02
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Stratofalland that is still a no go on kdm. Well guess I will use this for now till I figure something else out or nvidia updates there driver for the newer ABI in xorg 1.1408:05
shirokurohm, sorry :(08:05
shirokuroyou could try and rebuild nvidia08:06
StratofallI did that with the rebuild of the input drivers08:06
shirokurobecause i had to rebuild nouveau, synaptics, vesa, fbdev, modesetting drivers due to abi problem08:06
shirokurooh, ok08:06
StratofallI can't use nouveau, vesa works better for me with my card. Distro's that use nouveau I have to use a acpi=off on the kernel line just to get a gui to come up. acpi=off disables nouveau anyways and defaults the distro's to vesa08:09
shirokurothat's crazy, what kind of machine is it? i just have a weird laptop with two graphics cards08:13
joacimworks for me, tho i get a lot of tearing.08:13
StratofallI build my own, I don't have a plugin for sysinfo right now but I have a Asus gtx 58008:13
joacimthis is with an old gf760008:13
StratofallI built this machine when the Sandy bridge cpu's just came out and the 580's came out at almost the same time. My machine is about 2yrs old.08:16
Stratofallcome to think of it, is there still a place I can get the older xorg server Pkgfile for 1.13? I assume if I loaded that xorgserver then just recompiled the input ports again I should be ok I would think. I can then just hold off on 1.14 for the time being.08:29
Stratofallhmm, or would be as simple as just changing the version number?08:30
Stratofallawsome, thank you, definately going into the bookmarks08:32
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Stratofallwell, still no go. So.... The problem is with my kdm setup I guess as I no longer get the ABI issues. I appreciate all those that helped me out. Time for work for me and I get to figure out kdm another day. peace :)08:43
shirokurogood luck, ttyl08:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenv-clone: update project URL08:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenv: upadate to 1.9.108:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: stevedore: update to 0.808:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenvwrapper: upadate to 3.708:52
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mike_kdoes anyone have an idea what is wrong with chromium? libpng mismatch is odd, since I've rebuild all chromium deps too.09:59
timcowchip-Duse_system_libpng=1 or -Duse_system_libpng=0 ?10:04
mike_kbut it is probably ignored10:05
mike_k - same here10:05
mike_ktrying 24.0.1312.7010:09
timcowchiphow long does it take you to build?10:09
mike_knot sure. I'll time it now.10:10
timcowchipI have a feeling that we'd both be asleep by the time I could build it10:11
mike_kI should not unmont tmpfs with .ccache (10:13
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mike_kseems to be segfaulting while rendering a page. tab "close" buttons are black squares )10:15
mike_k* segfaulting the whole X10:15
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mike_kok, segfaulting was because of me forgetting to run gl-select: got hadfreeze on xdriinfo (.  rebuilding again10:30
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mike_kchromium 24.0.1312.70 does not have libpng issues11:28
mike_kbut my profile is screwed now (11:28
timcowchipcan it be unscrewed?11:31
timcowchipwhat's the difference between a profile and a light bulb?11:32
mike_knewver version set some metainfo in chromuim profile11:37
mike_kshould stick to ff until it is fixed11:37
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tilman"did you know the word 'testify' derived from a time when men were required to swear on their testicles?"13:35
tilmannot sure if fake13:35
joacimsounds fake =)13:52
joacimlate Middle English: from Latin testificari, from testis 'a witness'13:53
tilmanthanks for doing what i should have done13:53
joacimI would have been quicker if my had my mac. OS X comes with the oxford english dictionary. =)13:55
joacimhad to use the internet for this one13:55
tilmani got that quote from a website that has a bunch of 'did you know's about english13:55
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tilmanwonder how many more of those listed are bullshit13:55
joacimit could be true. i only know what my dictionary tells me.13:57
joacimturns out my old teacher wasnt lying about the word 'Dirt'13:58
joacimMiddle English: from Old Norse drit 'excrement', an early sense in English13:58
frinnstive been called "dritt" a few times14:04
joacimby the ladies?14:05
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joacimgod damn it. no icons in gtk applications again...18:34
guzzanoThere is a way to automount the mass storage?19:49
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timcowchipguzzano: spacefm-8.6 + udevil or gigolo + gvfs20:06
nogagplzhas anybody tried a recent pcmanfm with gvfs20:08
guzzanowith udev can not?20:13
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