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mike_ksepen: I have issues with cromium. -Duse_system_libpng=1 seems to have no effect. Here is some confirmation:
mike_kam I alone with this? should we wait upstream fix if I am not or set -Duse_system_libpng=0?03:00
mike_kI had to downgrade, but that made my profile unusable...03:01
mike_khow do you decide which version in is the latest stable?03:03
sepenlet me try on my build machine03:04
mike_ksepen: no hurry, please03:05
sepenmike_k: stable channel from chromium blogs03:06
sepenthis is the blog I should read03:06
sepen"The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 26 to the Stable Channel. Chrome 26.0.1410.43 for Windows, Mac, Linux, ..."03:07
sepenso I should update chromium to 26.0.1410.4303:08
mike_kthanks, trying now03:09
sepenme too ;D03:11
mike_k404 (03:12
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horrorStruckchrmium 26 has one new dep, which has one dep too03:17
horrorStruckand audio is all fucked up, you nedd special flags when launching chromium03:18
horrorStruckstuff needed is here FWIW
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horrorStruckfucking android kb :P03:19
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sepenbut he won money; "[$1000] [172342] High CVE-2013-0916: Use-after-free in Web Audio. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG."03:21
horrorStruckmike_k: src is .xz now03:26
mike_khorrorStruck: thanks. might be not worth trying such a "new" version (03:26
mike_kI should try rebuilding older one with -Duse_system_libpng=003:26
horrorStruckold ones are stuffed with CVE so you should :)03:26
mike_kthanks, I don't give a ***03:26
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horrorStrucki dont think it's related, it seems they wanted to reduce latency, which screwed up a lot of installs...04:29
sepenpff, sorry04:54
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frinnst3mb/s io.. how i love spinning disks for laptops05:03
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Romsterfigures crux bot was not here when i pushed mesa3d-3205:32
prologicyeah freenode is seemingly unrealiable these days05:37
prologicbut it's not surrising seeing the no. of DDoS attacks on various networks05:37
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frinnstwhats the point of ddosing a irc network?05:47
Stratofallsee how many netslits they can get?05:52
Stratofallerr netsplits05:52
Romsteri read about some spam site that blocks spam is being dossed by a bunch of Russian isp's05:53
Romstertargeting a vulnerability in the routing system05:53
StratofallSpamhaus or something like that05:54
RomsterSpamhaus that was it05:55
StratofallI think I read someplace that spam just here in the states is supposed to generate around 110billion dollors for spam companies this year as an estimate. I still havn't figured out how they make money from it yet...05:57
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Romsteri think it's the same as viruses go... spam and viruses are made and these other companies filter them out for money for the programs of course.05:58
Romsterwould not surprise me.05:59
Stratofallahh yes, or you get the really smart people that actually want whatever was in the spam and give out their credit card numbers o.O05:59
Romsteryeah or them phising pages to get there details06:00
Romsterand those that ring up and say you have a virus then you give them login details with logmein or some other similar tool and then they steal every bit of information they can find.06:01
Romsterthen they root ya box and install a keyloger.06:01
Romsterman if i ever got my hand on any of them deviants i would seriously bust them up.06:02
Romsterprobably wont happen there all over seas.06:03
StratofallI used logmein once or twice. It is a good service for what it is, but I found personally it was better to setup a personal vpn and vnc on client networks if they allowed it. That way you didn't have to depend on a 3rd party service.06:04
StratofallI also found TMDA to be the best course of action for getting rid of spam from networks where people just don't know any better. Instead of applying a hundred different filters. But each network is different.... different requirements.06:07
Stratofallwell, at least from the emails06:07
Stratofallany of you use ssd hard drives? If so have a preference to use ext4 or xfs?06:09
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Romsteri got one SSD with ext4 on it.06:10
Romsterfor root06:10
Romsterand swap and ccache06:10
StratofallHas it been reliable? I am curious if you have ever had to fsck it.06:11
jaegerI've got quite a few SSDs these days, very happy with them. I use ext4 on all of them currently06:14
StratofallMy 40gig that I am using as / I had to fsck yesterday. Didn't know if it was ext4 as I know there was a silent write bug I think it was? Was thinking of trying xfs.06:15
jaegerAn SSD is no guarantee of FS integrity, it won't remove the need for fsck tools06:16
Stratofallwhat types of chips on your drives? Sandforce?06:16
jaegerI have a mix of sandforce, samsung, and intel06:16
StratofallI understand that, was just trying to see what other people had experienced was all.06:16
Romsternope no issues as of yet06:18
Romsterintel 330 series iirc06:18
Stratofallk, my drives are all Sandforce, only ever had the one issue. It's on my oldest ssd so maybe it was just the drive.06:19
horrorStruckIIRC only ext4 and btrfs support trim. and this, for real men only :P
jaegerIt's likely just that it's an older one06:19
StratofallhorrorStruck, xfs supports trim06:20
jaegerThere are more than support it now06:20
jaegerXFS, nilfs2, maybe even btrfs06:20
horrorStruckbtrfs for sure, i didnt know about the others, my bad06:20
jaegerwith that said, current sandforce controllers do reasonably well without TRIM enabled06:20
horrorStrucki have an m4, nothing bad to say about this guy06:21
Stratofallmy 40gig and 120gig are the older sandforce chips the 1XXX series, my two 60's and two 240's are the newer ones 218X I think. Modded my P67 bios so I could raid the 240's and have trim work on them,06:21
jaegerThe new ones are probably SF228106:22
Stratofallahh yep,
Stratofalldo you guys remove the journal from your ext4? mkfs.ext4 ^has_journal See any difference in performance doing a normal format or did you do special stuff to align them? fdisk -S 32 -H 32  ?  Just curious as to how far people went on them.06:26
jaegerI don't remove features, it's not worth it for me06:26
horrorStruckcurrent fdisk and gptfdisk should align them properly06:27
jaegerI align the partitions properly and use the 'noop' scheduler and the 'relatime,discard' mount options, that's pretty much it06:27
Stratofallrelatime vs noatime?06:28
horrorStrucki use cfq since it also takes into account if your disk is rotational or not06:28
StratofallI've always used noatime. gonna have to look into relatime.06:29
jaegerI generally feel like the SSD controller knows best how to handle its I/O but I've not done benchmarks to test noop vs. cfq06:29
jaegernoatime breaks some things every now and then. Probably not a problem for most usage but I've seen it break glibc builds06:29
jaegerthat was years ago, though, might not be an issue anymore06:30
Stratofallfound an article from 2009 that confirms the corruption in some programs06:32
Stratofallusing noatime06:32
Stratofallgonna have to change that...06:32
horrorStruckStratofall: you might want to look at ext4 documentation in kernel source, options that improve performance are pretty well described06:32
StratofallhorrorStruck, I think my drive issue yesterday might be because I have overtuned the settings. It looks like I may have some poor choices with some of my options06:34
Stratofallyeah lol, but it's good, have to learn somehow right?06:34
StratofallI use fdisk -S 32 -H 32 /dev/sd* to align the partitions. I then used mkfs.ext4 -m 0 -b 1024 -E stride=128,stripe-width=128 -O ^has_journal /dev/sd*06:36
Stratofallmounted with noatime,discard06:36
Stratofallthe noatime + not having a journal = not so good06:37
horrorStrucknobarrier and data=writeback should slightly improve performance but slighty less safe as well06:37
StratofallI never adjusted either of those. So whatever defaults is, is what I most likely have.06:39
jaegerordered is default06:40
StratofallI did set noop in my kernel as well. Had to double check it. I think I am comfortable with that. I assume most people also do as much compiling in ram as possible? Unless you are using distcc?06:42
jaegertmpfs            16G     0   16G   0% /usr/ports/work06:43
jaeger :D06:43
StratofallAlso, using export MAKEFLAGS=  ? or people staying safe and using only one core?06:43
jaegerMany of us use multiple cores for building06:44
Stratofallk, yeah I set 14G for my work dir. Figured if it used that much I left at least 2gigs aside for the system. I set -j5 see any benefit of going higher than that on a 4core cpu?06:45
jaegerprobably not06:45
Stratofallok, well I feel comfy with my setup then. hopefully the relatime will help. Will have to look into if I can change the journal setting on my filesystem without formatting. Otherwise I will leave it enabled next time around.06:48
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frinnstsweet. i should be able to get gbit from my isp in a week or so08:25
frinnstmeh.. 899 SEK /month08:26
Stratofallnot sure how much a SEK is but sounds expensive08:27
frinnst138 USD08:28
frinnst107 EUR08:28
Stratofallthat's pretty good for Gbit. I have here 105 Mbit for $110/mo for the first year then $199/mo after that.08:29
frinnstbut 250/100 mbit would not cost much more than what i already pay for 100/1008:30
Romsteris that unlimited?08:30
Stratofallyes, uncapped08:30
Romsterand upload same speed as download?08:30
frinnstonly cell contrats are limited in sweden from any major isp08:30
frinnstnot sure if its 1/1g08:30
Stratofallmy upload is 10 Mbit but have seen it peek at 20Mbit08:30
frinnststupid consumer-oriented website08:31
frinnststripped from all technical info08:31
Romsteryeah you may get a fast connection but the pipe going out from Sweden to the rest of the world is slow and congested.08:31
Romsterepenis stuff like uptime.08:32
frinnstyou dirty aussie08:32
RomsterMeasure of a mans power and stance on the interweb.08:33
frinnstyeah 100mbit is good enough for the moment08:33
StratofallePenis = Bandwidth use x HDD space consumed / age   hehe08:33
Romsteri'm always dirty nothing new there.08:33
frinnstthough i'll be able to get 100/100 and possibly be able to get a static ip08:33
joacimfrinnst: can you download 50 pictures per hour?08:35
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frinnstyes. i've peaked at 60 previously08:35
joacimi think technical information would be better for the consumer08:35
Stratofallhow many songs does that mp3 player hold?  ;D08:36
joacimi think some were actually capped at a few hundred =)08:36
Stratofalllol, I always face palmed on that question08:37
joacim"it is restricted by its firmware to allow only 100 songs to be loaded at any time.["08:38
frinnstmm, greasy pizza + beer08:41
frinnstand some nicotine to top it all off08:41
Romsternicotine ewww08:45
sepennicotine with some weed ...08:46
sepenor vicodine ...08:46
frinnstnicotine is silly. but when ive gone without for a couple of hours i start go get a bit wierd :)08:47
joacimno nicotine, no beer, and i might go out for a walk later tonight08:48
Romsteryou are weird <_<08:48
horrorStrucksmoking soil :P ?08:49
frinnstno, tobacco :)08:49
frinnsti dont smoke08:49
Romsteryou chew it?08:49
frinnstno, i put it under my lip08:50
frinnstthats what you do with snus08:50
Romsteryou a base baller or something?08:50
frinnstno, im swedish! :)08:50
Romstereh o not aware of that.08:50
nogagplzare you still awake because of the long weekend08:53
sepenI'm going to mountain biking08:59
nogagplzI don't get it09:00
sepenRomster: hehe nice pic09:01
sepenI listen that you repaired some valve amps, right?09:01
sepenI've an old JCM900 from Marshall09:02
sepenseems that my valves are near to die09:02
Romsteri am familiar with that model09:02
sepenpoor bright sound09:02
sepenahh nice09:02
Romsteris all the silver coating in the valves gone?09:02
sependo you know that I don't have 2 channels, only 2 volume channels09:02
Romstera normal and a high gain control and i cna't remember if these had a foot switch to switch between the two.09:03
sepenI ever wanted to make the mod to have 2 separated channels09:03
sepenonly 2 vol channels that passed through the same pre/gain stage09:04
Romsteri haven't heard of one going dull though.09:04
sepenI like to play with electronics but valves have 400volt so I never do anything on it09:05
Romsterdunno if ya would want to modify the circuit since it's a vintage amp.09:05
sepenI'm affraid about voltage :P09:05
sepennah, I think its better to buy a second amp to play clean guitar, and keep this one for the rock!09:06
Romsteryeah those 12ax7's run on 150 volts and the el34's between 350-400 volts.09:06
Romstervery lethal.09:06
sepenI read about to discharge valves to ground09:06
Romsterthe main ht capactor.09:06
sepenbut still seems enough lethal to me ;D09:06
sepenRomster: yeah, but problem will appear later, with BIAS09:07
Romsterthe cap alone holds enough to stop a heart.09:07
Romsteryou probably got leaky capacitors then.09:07
sepenI don't have the tools to do that09:07
Romsterthere is one mod i do recomend 1K 5 watt resistors 2 of to the second grid of the el34 to ground for stabilizing. (i think it was the second screen/grid) i'd have to check my notes again.09:08
sepenand also I should visit my luthier for my old guitar (Eko Cobra - 1967)09:08
sepennot enough money :P09:08
sepenwhat does the mod?09:09
sepenbetter sound?09:09
Romsterwith the amp off and cap discharged it's ok to touch. you probably need to get some paper caps for it. and possibly check all resistors to see if there in there 10% tolerance.09:09
Romstermore stable biasing of the output valves.09:09
sepenhmmm sounds nice about bias09:10
sepenwell seems you know a bit about valve amps ;D09:10
Romsteralso biasing circuit is fet off the ac side of the 350 volt transformer off a diode resistor capacitor, usually that capacitor goes faulty or resistor out of tolerance.09:11
Romster100 watt heads run about 35milliamps on the 4 outputs and the 50 watt heads run on about 25ma09:11
Romsteri can nearly remember the schematic in my head but it's been a while now so i'd have to look at one again.09:12
Romsteri know electronics better than i know programming :)09:12
Romsterplus i specialize in audio gear09:12
sepennah, there is no hurry09:13
Romsterthere is also (i think it's a 22picofarad cap) over the gain/volume pot if that's missing you will get no high frequency boost at low volume levels so it'll sound muddy09:13
sepenmy amp head is 25/50watt09:14
sepenI always played with 25 so its enough as monitor09:14
Romster2 el34's? has a 25/50 watt switch?09:14
Romsteri've seen a 50/100 watt switch but not a 25/50 one.09:15
sepenthe little brother09:15
sepenJCM900 MKII iirc09:15
Romsterhmm the only jcm900's ive seen re 50 or 100 watt09:16
Romsterwell if you need help and got some basic tools, and know the basics of electronics and know how to use a soldering iron i can probably help you.09:16
sepenor mkIII09:17
Romsterbut being high voltage you have to be careful if you do anything on it while it's live. like re biasing it...09:17
RomsterTwo independent volume controls (footswitchable)09:18
sepenif after a week if you do not see me in a week by the irc is because of the high voltage09:19
sepen*Err /if after a week/d09:19
Romstermost stuff can be tested with the power off and caps discharged.09:20
sepenyeah, but for now I wait to have money for valves, etc.09:20
Romsterjust as a warning not in these marshals but otehr valve radio some of them have the wipper of the volume pots hooked to the shaft going straight to the 300 volt or so power supply with a insulated bush to not short to the case... if the knob is missing and you touch that knob shaft and case, your dead.09:22
Romsterdeath traps those are.09:22
sepenhmm thanks for your tips09:23
sepenI should meassure my resistance ;D09:23
Romsternp valve stuff is really dangerous09:23
Romstercareful doing that too, i have heard some guy died after pressing the multimeter probes though his fingers on each hand and the current of the ohm meter stopped his heart.09:24
sepenRomster: I've some skills with soldering, but I planed this work for a looooong weekend or to sun09:25
Romsterdosn't take much if ya pierced ya skin... though i think that's crap, much like a 9 volt battery to the tong killed some person... never bothered me.09:25
sepenI'll be care of that, thanks09:25
Romsterno vital paths so as long as it's not across anything vital it's ok.09:26
sepensorry need to go out for buying some food09:26
Romsteroh and if ya must run the amp live one hand in the pocket boots on rubber mat don't touch anything metal and use insulated tools.09:26
Romsterok talk to you later.09:26
sepenthanks again09:26
Romsterstandard electrical safety stuff.09:26
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frinnstwhat are you building?13:26
frinnstsounds just like you are missing a library13:38
niklasweI fixit now :)13:48
niklasweIm building telldus :)13:48
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frinnstlooks neat, what are you gonna control with it? :)13:54
niklaswefrinnst: my lights  :P13:55
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