IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-03-30

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prologictaht's just stupid03:40
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RotwangRomster: are you there?06:24
horrorStruckRotwang_ is most probably drunk ATM, had a wedding party tonight06:26
horrorStruckRomster_ i mean06:26
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: ethumb: Initial import version 1.7.006:26
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: terminology: update to 0.3.0. New dependencie: ethumb06:26
Rotwanghis wedding party? lol06:28
horrorStruckno, that would have taken place on IRC :P06:29
nogagplzRomster and horrorStruck sitting in a tree... :P06:32
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frinnstyum. tasty new & fresh coffee beans07:15
horrorStruckcountry of origin if i may ask?07:16
frinnstthink the mix is called bellezza or something07:17
frinnstbrazil & kenya07:17
tilmanpicked by child slaves or paid child workers?07:17
frinnsti should hope so!07:17
frinnstim not paying more than necessary!07:17
horrorStrucktastes even better07:18
frinnstglamor rendering works really nice. only flash fucks it up slightly07:25
horrorStrucki'm driving linus crazy, priceless :P
frinnstwhat bug are you hitting?07:27
frinnstlkml feels slow :/07:27
horrorStruckjust testing some ipc patch planned for 3.10. some kind of controlled demolition of my machine07:29
frinnsthehe, sounds like a fun nut to crack.. but maybe linus doesnt agree :)07:32
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horrorStrucki think i ruined his night :D07:38
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-openchrome: updated to 0.3.207:39
frinnstwow, running 'fstrim /' really freezes everything up :)07:42
Henesycould Hurd be used with Crux?07:43
horrorStruckHenesy: of course, why not07:44
HenesyOn a scale of 1-10, how hard would that be?07:44
frinnstits not a drop in replacement07:44
frinnstand not very useful07:44
frinnstbut might be a fun project to work on07:44
Henesybut for funsies and and for a fun project07:44
frinnstI tried debian hurd a couple of years ago07:45
frinnstmight be a good startingpoint to use for bootstrap07:45
HenesyI 'might' look into it then07:49
HenesyI probably will end up playing with it whenever I get bored of FreeBSD07:50
horrorStruckHenesy: i'd test a kfreebsd/crux07:50
HenesyhorrorStruck, explain?07:51
horrorStruckdrop the hurd stuff, use a FreeBSD kernel with crux ecosystem and I'll be happy to test it07:52
horrorStrucklike debian does for example07:52
Henesythat sounds fun07:53
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HenesyI'm still rather new to Crux/Linux/BSD in general so you all would have to bear with me XD07:54
horrorStruckno problem, since your nick sounds like some famous cognac brand, i like you already07:55
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Henesyahaha, fun story. It wasn't intentional when I first started using it :P but I kept it for that reason07:57
horrorStruckHenesy: using CRUX already?07:58
HenesyI have Crux in a VM and I had it on my alternate laptop. I could put it on this laptop if I wanted, but haven't gotten around to it.07:59
HenesySlackware inhabits my alternate laptop currently and I think I have crux on my old 1998/2001 tower07:59
horrorStruckfrinnst: fuking LOL'd (but i'm not so fresh anymore)07:59
HenesyI love crux as a distro and the simplicity, but I don't really have the time to put it on my main one :\08:00
Henesyhence the VM08:00
horrorStruckit's faster than you think08:01
horrorStruckwith godd backups08:01
horrorStruckgood even08:01
Henesythe thing is08:01
Henesythis is a MacBook 6,2 (i believe) and I'm triple booting OSX/Linux/Windows08:01
horrorStrucksorry i stopped at mac08:01
Henesybeen doing this since freshman year in high school :P08:01
HenesyIt wasn't my choice08:02
HenesyI dislike Mac's and OSX as much as the next guy08:02
HenesyI'm considering nuking this thing and just making it all linux and slapping the other stuff in a VM08:02
Henesythe fact it's mac hardware makes it all the more of a headache with linux when getting wireless and whatnot ot work08:04
horrorStruckdont know much about it but yeah, from what i read, sounds like a huge PITA08:05
HenesyFirst thing I got working properly on here was Debian, then after trial and error I got Slackware working (for the most part), now I'm running SolusOS (debian). I'm hesitant to just spontaneously try distros on here since dealing with hardware just makes everything a massive headache08:09
HenesyI have grown to just outright dislike debian over the constant use08:09
Henesyditching it would be welcomed with open arms, but until my workload decreases that won't be happening08:09
teK_you can always use your own (custom-built) kernel and move that from distro to distro -> et voila: problem solved08:10
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HenesyTrue, I just might have to do that08:10
HenesyI compiled my own kernel for Slack13.37 on here, but I never backed it up08:10
horrorStruckit's all the same in the end. base system decisions + package management is what really makes the difference08:11
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Henesydebian has caused my so much grief . . . also heavily outdated repo's do not amuse me08:11
HenesyI understand the reasoning, but it just doesn't mesh well with me08:12
joacim"I dislike Mac's and OSX as much as the next guy"08:13
joacimhow do you explain their popularity? ;)08:13
horrorStruckjoacim: you use OSX regularly, amirite?08:14
joacimused to be true. havent used OSX in a month or two now tho08:15
Henesyif nothing else the OSX file system drives me batshit insane08:15
joacimthe hardware died and now i'm waiting for replacement parts.08:15
Henesytrying to find stuff08:15
horrorStrucki use vista at work, i can live with that. i just wont install it if i can chose by myself08:15
Henesyvista . . . *shudder*08:16
joacimvista is ok imho.08:16
horrorStrucksame with OSX in fact08:16
joacimpretty much the same as win7 in my experience. with the exception of some tweaks here and there.08:16
horrorStruckwell it's OK for office work08:16
joacimi believe people would complain about win7 being slow and incompatible if vista was never released08:17
joacimthe same driver and performance issues would've happened with win7 instead08:18
Henesyso . . . how about dat windoze 808:18
frinnsti have to start to learn win8 soon08:18
frinnstwe run a few server 2012 at work08:18
frinnstpretty nice.. but the UI is just confusing08:18
frinnstwhen you insert/mount a cd in 2012 a baloon opens up and prompts to to "tap to start"08:19
joacimi dont like how you can switch between metro and desktop applications08:19
joacimi find it confusing08:19
frinnstyes, everyone use touchscreens on their servers..08:19
horrorStruckssh doesn't handle touch events?08:19
joacimi become autistic when a website tells me to click something on a touch screen device08:20
frinnstilo2 lacks support for it, as does vmware :)08:20
horrorStruckfrinnst: totally unrelated, does btrfs use lz4?08:21
frinnstdont think so. lzo and zlib08:21
frinnstso far08:21
Henesyomnomnom btrfs08:21
HenesyI have btrfs running with crux in the VM08:21
frinnsti run it as my root fs :)08:21
frinnsti had to run /home on ext4 raid1 because the btrfs raid1 performance was horrible08:22
frinnstmight give it a go again with 3.908:22
joacimi notice many of the mac hating mac users got their mac as a gift. guess that tech related gifts are the worst thing you can give to someone interested in tech.08:23
joacimunsolicited gifts at least08:23
hiro_why do you guys try out btrfs, what features are you after?08:23
horrorStruckfrinnst: i saw btrfs fixes pull yesterday i guess, still running linus 'tree ?08:24
joacimi'd be pretty pissy if someone gave me a thinkpad, or an amiga...08:24
Henesywhat's wrong with thinkpads?08:24
horrorStruckwhat :D08:24
joacimjust dont want one08:24
Henesyi've only heard good things about them08:24
joacimwhat would i use one for =)08:24
horrorStrucki love mine so much i could, well, no sorry, private08:24
Henesycluster all of your old tech?08:25
frinnsthiro_: on my rootfs nothing really. i dont use any features other than subvolumes. on my backup box i use it for compression and instead of lvm08:25
joacimthey're not gaming computers, so i dont need windows on them. i dont like using gnu/linux as a desktop system, and running osx would be a hassle.08:25
joacims/gaming/video game/g08:25
Romsternogagplz, whats worse than a drunk grinning Romster?08:26
frinnsta drunk dane08:26
frinnstany dane08:26
horrorStruckhiro_: sometimes, when you get new features you thought you didnt need, you start using them and like then08:26
frinnstthey are scary when they get drunk08:26
frinnstits the language i think08:26
Romstera drunk grinning Romster ion a sexy suit!08:26
joacimfrinnst: is it easier to understand drunk danish?08:27
frinnstits impossible to understand08:27
Romsteractually i'm more tired than drunk, been drinking tons but just not getting that blotto08:28
horrorStruck:( ^08:28
Romsterbusiest time of my life though.. friend and his misses is now off to a motel and i'm home drinking more booze then bed to packup sound gear that i used a dj-rig on the wedding -_-08:29
Romsteronly had 4 hours sleep08:29
horrorStruckdont you have some commitment for tomorrow noon?08:29
Romsterwhat's Rotwang after?08:29
jaegerI've got a thinkpad and a retina macbook pro... haven't even tried to put linux on the mbp08:29
jaeger90% of the time it's booted into windows (work laptop)08:30
Henesyjaeger, I'd be more than happy to help you with the mbp :P plenty of experience with linux on macbooks (sadly)08:30
Romstereh just the darts hall has to be cleaned up by 1pm and then i cn go the 60Km to get the dj rig out of the tiny church08:30
jaegerMy thinkpad was where I did most of the crux multilib development, on the other hand08:30
jaegerHenesy: I've done it in the past, with a 2005-ish MBP, worked fine once I got all the hardware working08:30
hiro_thinkpad is the only choice anyways, because of the trackpoint08:30
Henesyjaeger, that's how it goes08:30
jaegerHaven't cared enough to do it on the current one :)08:30
Romsteri'm having another can of scotch and cola then off to bed. i'm up for the punishment. :08:31
hiro_i won't use a mouse with a laptop, so thinkpads it is08:31
horrorStruckdrop cola08:31
jaegerhiro_: wish I could have gotten one without the touchpad08:31
Romsterit's a UDL can.08:31
hiro_jaeger: my x200 is fine08:31
hiro_x201 is also good i heard08:31
jaegerI have an x22008:31
Romsteri usuallly either have it straight or with ginger ale08:31
jaegerlove it except for the touchpad08:31
horrorStrucki have a x201, love it08:31
hiro_yeah, I got the x200s because i hate touchpads08:31
hiro_i think it's a non-rational thing08:32
hiro_but I really HATE them, so...08:32
Romstertouchpads.... they always get dirty screens, the only flaw of them.08:32
jaegeryou might be thinking of touchscreens08:32
joacimhiro_: i quite find big touchpads to be comfortable. scrolling and such is so convenient08:32
jaegertouchpads are mouse surfaces08:32
hiro_i don't need scrolling08:32
hiro_i use my space bar for that08:32
horrorStruckscroll up ?08:33
hiro_my eyes can't follow these strange jerky pixels moving all over the screen08:33
hiro_well, then i still have pgup08:33
Romsteri am doh touch screens not touch pads... clearly i am not coherent thinking when in this state. plus i just dropped in the middle of a conversation.08:33
hiro_which is thank god easily useable on thinkpads also (pgup/pgdown)08:33
joacimhorrorStruck: and scrolling to the side =)08:33
horrorStruckjoacim: with touchpad yes08:34
teK_hiro_: my x201t is very nice (and I'm using it with a laser mouse right now)08:34
jaegerI usually use a mouse with mine, as well08:34
hiro_yeah, if i used my laptops like a desktop on some desk i guess i could use one also08:34
hiro_but for that i have my old tower08:34
jaegerIf I'm somewhere where it's not on a desk I use the eraser mouse08:34
teK_well, I have keyboard shortcuts for everything important in fluxbox so I just have the mouse attached to conserve my touchpad ;)08:35
horrorStrucknever missed a mouse08:36
joacimwhat is wrong with the potential failure of batteries and charging systems?08:37
horrorStruckbut you can bring your desktop in the restroom08:37
Romsteroh cme on i pull laptops apart all the time to fix a problem :P08:37
Romsteri even solder new dc connectors on them08:37
frinnsti really dislike the idea of just "buying a new one" instead of upgrading08:38
Romsterah that's the down side of a laptop08:38
joacimthat's whats wrong with my macbook btw. the battery started bulging, and the internal charging system no longer works.08:38
Romsteryou get what you pay for only you can max out the ram and hdd08:38
Romsterfire hazrd08:38
horrorStruckwhat is it you're gonna upgrade? in the end, you just keed you PC case :)08:38
joacimmy old desktop is so old that i might as well buy a whole new one. if i upgraded it, the only original parts left would be the chassis, keyboard, and mouse =)08:39
Romsterthrow that battery out it'll burst into flames at some point.08:39
teK_I still use my first computer chassis from around '9808:40
Romsteri like deskops because i can change shit around like frinnst is pointing out08:40
Romstererr desktops08:40
horrorStrucki have 23 minutes to go out and buy booze before the shop closes, need motivation #crux, halp08:40
teK_go home, you're drunk :>08:40
joacimmy oldest chassis is from 2003 i think08:40
Romsteri'm not typing correctly.08:40
joacimit is a nice chassis, but it isnt as convenient as the newer ones.08:40
teK_you mean it has no fiber glass window?08:40
Romsteri do have a few bottles but to hell am i drinking them tonight08:41
joacimno cutout on the mother board tray for cpu coolers, no convenient places for cable management08:41
frinnstscotch *can*?08:41
horrorStruckjaeger_ has a very nice build IIRC08:41
Romsteri got to go in a classic car right hand drive while we are left hand drive in australia. and i was in the front right seat... felt weird.08:41
Romsteryeah a scotch and cola ULD can08:41
horrorStruckdrop cola08:42
Romsterpretty weak mix08:42
Romsteri do have a bottle of scotch but i'm not drinking that now.08:42
frinnsti just thought you aussies sold your scotch in cans.. :)08:42
jaegerI like to keep my main machine current but I've got a few old things around08:42
rauz__good evening everyone08:42
horrorStruckneed 3D booze printer FFS08:42
Romsternah just some pre-mix crap i got the proper bottles. i just brought this home from the hall08:43
tilmanfrinnst: are you *shocked*?08:43
Romsterat the hall i was drinking out of a huge mug that had a really strong mix.08:43
Romster3d booze printer lol....08:43
frinnstno :)08:44
horrorStruck18 minutes, brb08:44
Romstertriple strength scotch is my preference now.08:44
rauz__i had never  tasted scotch08:45
Romstertilman, am i still on ignore <_< j/k you seam to ignroe me either though irc or by mentally ignoring me. but then you'd not say are you shocked.08:45
Romstercans are a cheap way to take a drink home it's  freebe or else id'd ix my own off my bottle.08:46
teK_you surely are not ignored anymore08:46
teK_17:39 <@frinnst> scotch *can*?08:46
teK_17:41 <@tilman> frinnst: are you *shocked*?08:46
Romsterbut hell i'm tired and really tipsy but able to type still go figure....08:46
tilmanwhy would ignore frinnst?08:46
teK_we all do love you08:46
Romsterhah i meant me tilman, being on ignore but i'm clearly not. feel there is tension between tilman and myself and i'm sick of feeling like that your annoyed with me.08:47
Romsteranyways old topic n the past. this is now.08:48
Romsteror i clearly have nothing much interesting to say. i probably don't.08:49
Romsteruh i killed the chat on the touchpads. carry on.08:49
joacimI've been locked out from my computer in my past. too drunk to type my own password, too drunk for irc.08:49
teK_we're proud of you :P08:49
joacimi like big comfortable touchpads, i hate small cheap ones.08:50
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Romsteri'll have some pictures later of me in a suit :O08:50
teK_upload them already08:51
teK_frinnst will store them for convenience (like your ping pong picture :>)08:51
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Romstertable tennis god damn it08:53
RotwangRomster: contrib/wxgtk should be built with --enable-graphics_ctx08:54
Romstereek too drunk to looka t that now i'll note it for later.08:54
Romsterwhy does it need that?08:54
Romstersome dependency requires that Rotwang ?08:55
horrorStruckwe want Romster_ in suit pictures now, configure options if a topic of tomorrow09:02
horrorStruckwell are even09:02
horrorStruckor whatever09:03
Romsterfuck that i'm sleeping off this booze first09:03
horrorStruckfamous last words ^09:05
horrorStruckoh shit09:05
joacimimagine waking up to a school of sharks just outside your dome09:06
teK_sure letting those perverted fish watch me in my bedroom09:06
teK_it's probably the most expensive suite in that hotel, too..09:06
Romsterprobably.. and i'd bet the fish are scared away if anyone was in there09:07
horrorStruckcant fucking sleep in a tiny glass tunnel uder water, have to get paid to do that09:08
Romsterwhat? can't masturbate to a school of fish :P09:09
horrorStrucknext: sleep in fire09:09
Romsteri'd be worried of the glass cracking and waking u with lungs filled with water09:10
Romsterprobably be crushed and unconscious though09:11
rauz__fuck that would be a death09:11
Romsteri'd expect the glass to be a inch think so likelihood of that happening is slim09:11
horrorStruckfirst you have the feeling you're drowing then a fucking shark comes and starts to eat your legs then a stinger ray finishes you09:12
horrorStruckaustralian version: #include <crocodile>09:13
Romstera sting ray killed Steve Erwin :/09:13
Romsterif you don't know him look him up.09:14
Romstercrikey i miss that dude.09:14
joacimhe was aired every weekend for a few years here09:14
Romsternuts but cool09:15
Romsteri honestly thought a crocodile would get him not a sting ray.09:15
horrorStruckRomster: sun's coming up, no?09:16
horrorStruckwell soon09:16
Romster4;14am not yet09:16
teK_6pm, still some time left to get drunk tonight :))09:16
horrorStruck00:15 pm best drunk-friendly time09:17
Romster6pm nights only early... some time... you got heaps fo time09:17
horrorStruckam of course09:17
rauz__yep 615pm time to drink !09:17
horrorStruckcrux{,-devel} are very drunkness oriented those days09:18
Romsterthis is the longest Easter ever with a wedding on the same time09:19
horrorStruckforgot it was eatser, they dont celebrate here09:19
horrorStruckasia doesnt give a fuck about easter :D09:20
Romsteri tend to agree but we get the days of anyways09:21
horrorStrucki do :) i have chocolate eggs for the kids09:21
joacimthe newspaper got maybe one article about some catholics going to church, but had 5-6 about some kids going to a lan party.09:21
teK_btw Romster a machine of mine was named 'irwin' :)09:21
Romsterthese easter eggs have far too much sugar. they'll be hypo all day and if they eat too much they'll be visiting the toilet regularly09:22
RomsterteK_, did it die?09:23
teK_my son tore it apart with a screw driver and I did not put it back to work again09:23
Romsteri built my first pc when i was 1209:24
teK_he used the chassis as a parking garage, iirc :)09:25
horrorStrucknice metaphor, your son the stingray, the machine irwin09:25
teK_he must have been 6 or 7 back then but building is harder than tearing apart09:25
Romsterbacck then with the p8 and p9 power connector you could hook backards ang blow the mobo up, buti knew all black wires to the center was the right order.09:25
Romstereek my typing.09:26
frinnstdont worry, we are used to it :p09:26
Romstercan of drink finished. yeah horrorStruck that metaphor is true, but i think that was not planned.09:27
frinnstI agreed to drive my drunken father around tonight.. cant even have a beer :(09:28
Romsterhah sucks to be you09:29
horrorStruckwhen i said i was driving linus crazy, fucking lol'd:
Romsterthe fuck09:30
horrorStruckwe've been fighting with this crap since a few days but that's lulzy09:32
Romsteris that util-linux?09:32
Romsteroh hmm kernel?09:32
RomsterRCU in the kernel.09:32
horrorStruckipc patch09:33
Romsteri'm no expert but isn't that a hack to detect double calling the RCU stack  twice. that should not happen.. or initialize twice09:34
jaegerGuessing you didn't read the mail, heh09:34
jaegerThe entire point is that it's not supposed to happen09:34
Romsteri glossed over it but i'm challenged drunk currently09:34
Romsterthat's what i thought the entire thing is invalid state should not be called twice. if it is it's a bug in the calling code.09:35
Romsterbut it's from linus that can't be right....09:36
Romsterlinus is being impersonated.09:36
Romsterit's html from a  mailing list no way to validate that.09:37
Romsterno gpg key included.09:37
Romsterand it's off not lkml09:38
Romstermaybe i'm too drunk but i can't trust that source right now.09:39
Romsterlinus on a limb09:40
Romsterstabbing a theory for a code hack.09:40
Romsterwell makes sense on a bug but if that was to be committed hell would fall apart.09:41
Romsterokay i'm past my expiry date g'night.09:42
niklaswegood evening09:56
niklaswehow are you horrorStruck ??09:59
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horrorStrucktired basically :) you ?10:00
*** heroux has joined #crux10:02
niklaswethen we are two... we has 3 children here running around... :P10:03
horrorStruckthere are 3 kids here too, bu they're sleeping right now :)10:04
niklasweso you resting out now then ? :D10:05
horrorStruckwell, not exactly. but at least it's rather quiet here.10:08
horrorStruckwhich is enjoyable10:08
niklaswehorrorStruck: wanna change with me ? :D10:17
horrorStrucknowi wont but in a few hours maybe :)10:20
joacimI'm glad I don't have children. I get worn out just from being around my nieses. =)10:22
horrorStrucki'm almost 38, if could go back in time, i would not get married and would never have kids. even if i really love them, very hard10:24
horrorStruckthere's no future for them10:24
horrorStruckoh well, shit fututre there is10:25
RotwanghorrorStruck: why is there no future?10:33
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HenesySo what is the favoured DE/WM for Crux on X?15:13
Henesyif there is one15:14
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joacimI use openbox15:22
joacimbut i have installed subtle and plan on trying that one for a while15:22
joacimit seems like it has sane defaults, so i feel i wont have to work too much just to get a nice tiling window manager15:23
Henesyanyone here have experience with crux-arm? preferably getting it to run on the rpi?15:29
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frinnstyes, try #crux-arm16:16
Romsterpekwm here but we all tend to use what ever we prefer.16:17
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Henesyis there a crux 3.0 branch for i686 ?17:10
frinnstdont think so17:14
frinnstnothing official atleast17:15
frinnstnobody's stepped up17:15
frinnstfucking daylight savings.. just lost an hour :(17:15
Henesyis there a command to view battery power from commandline?17:23
Henesythis only just crossed my mind :\17:23
frinnstim sure there are loads17:24
Henesywell, I meant out of the box17:24
HenesyA more core utility17:25
horrorStruck cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT*/what-you-want-to-check17:26
Henesyawesome, thanks17:28
Henesygonna have to poke around /sys/ now . . . :P17:29
joacimI'm tired already. I guess my own internal clock just switched to CEST too.17:32
HenesySo I finally caved and I'm putting Crux on my old Dell and I'm running "setup" and the laptop is randomly making a 'boop17:34
Henesyaaand install failed17:34
Henesythere were I/O sector errors17:34
Henesybad disk?17:34
Henesythe md5 on the iso I used checked out . . .17:37
Henesyand worked just fine in the VM17:37
horrorStruckcheck RAM maybe17:39
horrorStruckvm was on the same machine?17:40
HenesyVM is on this laptop17:40
Henesyand running right now even17:40
HenesyI'm going to burn a second CD here real quick17:42
HenesyAnd now the laptop isn't booting into any disks17:48
Henesythank you PLOP for saving the day17:54
Henesyworks just fine on the new burn, lovely17:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.5.26 -> 1.5.2723:12
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