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Romstervery quiet00:16
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niklaswedoes someone in here using tellstick and proove 31000 ?01:31
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Romsterdon't even know what those are.02:00
niklasweRomster: more about it :)
Romsterremote control power devices i take it, a new thing than the X10 stuff?02:05
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Romsterfrinnst, i think heroux needs the same treatment here too (s)he has never said anything at all. so is probably afk02:44
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: icu-32: initial commit02:46
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Romsterhi Rotwang what was that change you required and what port did it affect.03:09
Romsterwedding stuff is over now and i got work tomorrow -_- but i got some time now to review some crux stuff.03:10
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Romsteranother words what requires this option?03:12
Romsterthat links to wxgtk03:12
Romsterlast i checked wxpython was ok as is.03:13
Rotwangnot for me03:14
Romster I have not yet found it necessary but you may want to try passing this option when you do configure to ensure this code gets activated. --enable-graphics_ctx03:21
Romsterso if cairo is present that should be on by default.03:21
Romsterslow compile.... but what i can see from that url is it's an extra module in wxgtk not built by default but that does not make wxpython fail to compile against wgtk but some program that uses wxpython will lack some option.03:24
Romsteryour using Editra ?03:25
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RotwangRomster: editra is not the only app affected03:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: wxgtk: --enable-graphics_ctx03:33
Rotwangfs-uae is another one03:34
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Romstertoo soon frinnst :D03:34
RomsterRotwang, done.03:34
Romsteri like to know why i'm changing something.03:38
Romsteri used to have asdf set to change my keyboard to dvorak03:39
Romsterand aoeu to change it back to qwerty03:40
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tnomriksHi everyone, i'm new to linux and still learning. Could anyoune, please, give me a short answer why CRUX 3.0 release didn't adopt systemd init service despite it claims to be faster then it's alternatives?04:48
prologicWe will always refuse to adopt things that are deemed "complex"04:49
prologicsystemd integrated far too many features into something that's just meant to be an "INIT" system04:49
Romstersystemd is like replacing a kitchen not just the fridge.04:50
prologicMost of us enjoy CRUX because it's simple and easy (once you've learned the basics)04:50
prologicI for one would be very upset if CRUX adopted systemd :)04:50
Romstersystemd may make parreral services load quicker but that's the only speed up over sysvinit.04:50
prologicit's just a fancy async init anyway04:51
Romsterthe complexity does not outweigh the usefulness.04:51
prologicyou can get the same performance benefits from using runit04:51
prologicwhich several of our users have good ports for04:51
Romsterrunit that some have been usng in crux does the same stuff and isn't as bad.04:51
Romsterprologic, :D04:51
prologicit's far simpler a solution than systemd that's for sure04:51
Romsternot to mention binary logs ewww04:52
prologicthe devs behind systemd are kinda crazy ihmo04:52
prologicI mean forking udev and integrating into systemd?04:52
prologicsmoking crack I tells ya!04:52
prologichaha yeah04:52
teK_that's the real problem :)04:52
prologictnomriks, I have this answers your question :)04:53
prologictnomriks, And Welcome to CRUX (And the wonderful word of Linux)04:53
Romsterthey are crazy read those tnomriks04:54
tnomriksYes, sure. Thank you. Never heard of runit an ewww before. I am enjoying CRUX's monolinguality, because I personally depreciate all this efforts spent on translations, which could have been spent on learning new language.04:55
Romsterno i meant systemd ewww bianry log04:56
Romsterbinry log04:56
Romsterrunit is fine.04:56
tnomriksI'm also using Arch Linux, from where I learnt about CRUX04:56
Romsterbah binary* can not type.04:56
Romsterput it this way end users don't care what init system they have04:56
Romsterwe care what is under the hood.04:56
Romsterand systemd is not one tool one job it's one tool many jobs.04:57
Romstermany tools*04:57
Romsteri think i should step away fro the keyboard... ignore that "<Romster> many tools*" line04:57
Romsterlunux one tool one job do it well. systemd does not follow this04:58
prologicman that post from LInus just about sums it all up for me04:58
prologicI complete agree with him04:58
teK_tnomriks: how did you hear about CRUX exactly?04:58
Romsterever since Greg let udev go it's turned into hell.04:58
prologicIt's funny how many Arch users we're getting because of their choice to adopt systemd!04:59
prologicHaha :)04:59
tnomriksteK_: I've read about it in Arch Linux intro page.04:59
Romsterand not hal that finally died.04:59
Romsterarch borrowed ideas off crux.04:59
tnomriksRomster, yes, I know. That's exactly what is written there05:00
prologicI think so :)05:00
teK_we borrow some of its users *g*05:00
prologicand their PKGBUILD files :)05:00
Romsterhehe teK_05:00
prologicSo many Debian and RedHat deriviatives05:02
teK_nice graph05:02
prologicmy god05:02
Romsterlinux keeps expanding.05:03
prologicit's awesome :)05:03
teK_Kwort (from Slackware and CRUX?) hu? :)05:03
Romsteri haven't looked at that graph in ages.05:03
prologicI love how many forks of Arch there are already05:03
prologicit just goes to show you how great CRUX really is05:04
prologicno-one has ever forked it05:04
prologicor how unpopular it is :)05:04
prologiceither or :)05:04
Romstererr i attempted too but didn't get far -_-05:04
prologicyou don't count :)05:04
prologicwe brought you back to the flock :)05:04
Romsteryeah i know and even do more now than i did back then.05:04
Romsteri must admit i appreciate the amount of effort that goes into this distro.05:05
Romstermore work than you would think.05:05
Romsteralso i did learn more from disecting stuff.05:05
Romsterso it's not a total loss.05:05
prologicnothing ever is :)05:06
prologicon that note05:06
prologicg'night :)05:06
prologictnomriks, enjoy CRUX :)05:06
Romsterg'night james05:06
prologicDeath to Arch!05:06
Romsterhe's kidden use what you like but we'll follow our own path :D05:06
teK_DOSLinux? wtf..05:07
tnomriksprologic: thank you, man. I hope I will. I've read that link on LKML posts by Linus and how udev is broken from his point of view. Interestingly though, what if Linus himself does use any distro05:16
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shirokurohey Romster, i saw you created a bumblebee package, do you still have a hybrid graphics laptop?06:26
RomsterO_O where did you see that06:27
Romsterah yeah i did but that was for another person.06:28
Romsteri don't have a use for it myself.06:28
shirokurooh ok, i just obtained a patch for the xorg-xf86-video-nouveau driver that makes it so you can use PRIME and switch ttys without crashing xorg (something i was struggling with) so i was gonna see if that was useful06:28
Romsterand lovely i wondered how long it would take for my anonymity to be busted in here -_-06:28
shirokuroha ha ha, sorry06:29
Romsteroh i can use that what's the url to the patch06:29
Romstermeeps i'm on the wrong channel doh06:29
Romsterseriously why do i do that read one channel then go back to another channel and still think it's the other channel.06:30
Romsterforget what i said jsut above but i can apply the patch06:30
Romsterbut that's not bumblebee06:33
Romsterthat's nouveau06:33
Romsterthough you cna use bumblebee to switch between intel and nvidia.06:33
shirokuroi made the connection that if you made a bumblebee package maybe you might use nouveau PRIME and encounter the issue06:33
shirokurothe crash only happens for hybrid graphics users06:34
shirokurohence the patch06:34
shirokuroso it'll benefit very few people i guess06:34
Romsteri made that for someone that was too noob to make there own package of that.06:34
Romsterand i only pieced it together  from other sources and my own common sense.06:35
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Romsterfeel free to fork that port off mine and apply necessary patches.06:35
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Romstermy repo is currently a mess of stuff i use and tons of stuff i dabbled with and a few that i made for others.06:35
Romsteri must be tired to be mixing up channels.06:36
joacimare you drunk again?06:39
Romsternot this time06:41
Romsterworn out frm that wedding organising and setup drinking and cleanup.06:42
Romsteri need a week of doing nothing.06:42
Romsterin all everything went smoothly.06:42
Romsteri was in a Cadillac :) left hand drive as opised to us using right hand drive.06:43
Romsterbeen drinking too much lately too... need to detox from the booze.06:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wireless-tools: new maintainer and fixed compiler flags07:35
shirokurohi there07:39
sepenhey shirokuro07:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox-java-plugin: fixed footprint07:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sharutils: updated to 4.13.407:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gftp: removed garbage file pkgmk.log07:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: fixed maintainer line07:55
sepenfrinnst: I fixed nss maintainer's line for you ;D07:56
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frinnsthm, i did that, no?09:07
frinnstmaybe i didnt push09:07
frinnstnope, never pushed09:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cabextract: new maintainer09:57
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Henesyfor wireless on Crux, the device is found by iwconfig. Should I just be able to put the entry in /etc/rc.d/net and restart it?10:51
HenesyWhat would be the next step then for a WPA2 network?10:51
jaegeruse wpa_supplicant10:52
jaegerAnd yes, you can do it in /etc/rc.d/net10:53
Henesylovely, thanks10:54
frinnstoops, forgot about that :)11:47
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Henesyso i iwconfig sit0 (the wireless card i assume) and it says no wireless extensions12:29
HenesyI've never really dabbled in wireless from console before12:29
Henesyany help would be appreciated12:29
jaegersit0 isn't your wireless card, that's a tunnel interface12:29
jaegercheck the output of lspci for your wireless card and make sure you have the driver in hte kernel for it12:30
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Henesycat /usr/src/lin* | grep 4965 (that's the card model, intel) brough up CONFIG_IWL4965=y12:33
Henesyso it's there?12:34
shirokurohi henesy, i just read the irc log since i just came in, sit0 is not your wireless, it's some kernel default ipv6 over ipv4 interface12:36
Henesyjaeger mentioned that :)12:36
shirokurooh, dur12:36
shirokuroi have a broadcom card so i get a lot of problems12:36
shirokurowith wireless12:36
jaegeryou could also check 'dmesg | grep iwl' and see if the iwl4965 driver is loaded12:36
shirokuroi had to copy firmware from another distro for it to /lib/firmware12:37
HenesyThis is intel(R) Wireless WiFi 496512:38
shirokuro ?12:38
Henesyend of dmesg readout is no suitable firmware found12:38
Henesywould that be the problem?12:38
Henesyshirokuro, copy that firmware over?12:39
shirokuromy guess is that you need it, yeah12:39
shirokurothere is a linux-firmware package in the portdb but i haven't tested it12:40
Henesyso on the downloads there, the 4965 model isn't specifically listed, is there a group I should be looking for?12:44
jaegerthe driver should have said in dmesg exactly which firmware file it tried to load12:45
Henesysearch that up?12:45
jaeger is another option12:46
Henesyjaeger, score, thanks12:47
Henesycp to /lib/firmware?12:49
Henesyand run dmesg again?12:49
shirokurocp it to /lib/firmware and reboot12:49
Henesywill do12:49
jaegerdmesg won't load the firmware, it just shows you what the kernel tried to do... copy it to the right place, then reboot12:49
jaegerI wonder if you can reload the firmware by downing the interface, never tried that12:50
jaegerI rmmod the module when I need to but that obviously won't work if it's built in (=y)12:50
Henesydmesg now reports: uCode file size 1248655 does not match expected size. then same firmware error12:53
Henesycorrupt file? download again?12:53
jaegercould be12:53
jaeger <-- try this link directly?12:54
HenesyI right clicked, save link as. Guess I should avoid that :|12:54
Henesythey are a different size.12:54
jaegerif you clicked the main link it would go to another git page, not the file itself, so yeah12:55
Henesyah, thanks12:55
jaegerprobably saved another webpage, basically12:55
HenesyI'm very new to this :)12:55
Henesywlan0 is up, thanks all12:58
Henesyno wireless extensions, but up12:58
Henesyso now would be the time to bring wpa_supplicant into the picture?12:59
shirokurono wireless extensions doesn't sound right, can you do 'ip link set wlan0 up ; iwlist scan' to test it?13:00
teK_I really like wicd to configure my wlan setups. It will use the right extensions and configure wpa_supplicant properly. It also does automatic connection setups etc BUT requires python and dbus.  _btw_13:02
Henesyinterface doesn't support scanning13:03
shirokurofor my particular card, among other annoying things, i had to enable cfg80211 extensions capability in kernel .config13:04
shirokuroit's under networking support > wireless in menuconfig13:07
Henesythanks :)13:09
jaegerI'll have to give wicd another try; last time I tried it it wouldn't do anything at all... the interface would display but no controls worked13:09
Henesyjaeger, I've had that problem in the past with slackware13:10
jaegersome gtk problem or something, didn't really investigate it13:10
teK_but it seems to be maintained so you should have luck13:10
jaegerI'll take another look at it13:14
shirokuroi couldn't get it to work either a few months ago13:15
teK_Romster maintains it so it should work13:17
shirokuroah, i haven't tested it, this was in arch linux before i ditched arch13:17
shirokuronow i just steal their pkgbuilds13:18
shirokurohenesy, are you using lilo?13:22
Henesydual booting at that13:22
shirokurodon't forget to run lilo again after cping the kerne lfiles and make modules_install, i always do that and it doesn't boot ;)13:23
Henesyshirokuro, thanks for the tip, I would have not thought to run lilo :D13:23
HenesyI really should clean out this kernel some time, I don't need most of the stuff it's compiling14:01
shirokuroyeah, i disable a bunch of stuff, especially all of the ethernet drivers that i don't need14:02
shirokurodoes that machine have multiple cores?14:02
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HenesyIntel Centrino, so probably? Can't say I've ever looked :P14:03
shirokurotry try grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo14:04
Henesyso yes14:04
shirokuroyou could build with make -j2, sorry if you already knew that14:05
Henesyyes i did, no i did not remember to do it -_-14:05
shirokuroi'm pretty new to *nix myself so i screw up constantly14:06
HenesyI'm with you there :)14:06
shirokuroon two different occasions i had lilo somehow manage to make it so my bios wouldn't post14:07
shirokuroi cannot explain that one14:07
shirokuroi had to take the hd out of my laptop and put it into another one14:07
Henesycould arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage be copied instead of x86/ ?14:33
Henesysince crux this is 64bit14:34
joacimi think it is just a symlink on 64-bit systems14:34
Henesywhoops, *this is14:34
joacimlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 Mar 23 03:14 /usr/src/linux/arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage -> ../../x86/boot/bzImage14:34
joacimyou can also run "make install" if you're feeling lazy and uses lilo14:35
Henesytoo late :P14:35
Henesywlan0 works now, awesome.14:37
shirokuroi read somewhere that that option is deprecated, but it seems like lots of laptops need it14:38
shirokuroall the ones i messed with wifi on anyway14:38
shirokuroiwlist wlan0 scan shows ssids now?14:39
Henesynext step is wpa_supplicant?14:40
shirokurodo you know your ssid and password by memory?14:41
shirokurocrux uses /etc/wpa.conf for the config file14:41
HenesyI do, mostly because setting up wireless on linux demands it :P14:42
Henesyshirokuro, thanks for the tip :)14:43
Henesywow, this was much easier than I thought. Thanks all14:48
Henesyworking like a charm14:48
Henesytime to download some ports :P14:48
HenesyIs the compat-32 on portsdb 32 bit compatibility for 64 bit systems?14:50
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shirokuroya, multilib14:54
Henesyso a 64 bit system should probably enable it?14:57
shirokuroi dunno, wine needs it14:58
Henesywell I like wine, so on it goes :P14:58
joacimmy system is pure 64-bit. tho there isnt really anything special about that =)15:02
shirokuroyeah, i have a bunch of lib32 junk that i never use ;(15:03
shirokurobut i like that crux provides multilib so easily.. that was one of my complaints with slackware15:03
HenesyCrux seems to have pulled together all the complaints I gathered while using Slackware before15:05
HenesyThis is probably my last question for a good while:  How does one change the resolution on the console?15:05
Henesybefore X is run15:06
shirokurothe only way i know of is messing with vga= in lilo.conf append... i don't know how to change it on the fly15:07
joacimi used the vga-line before i installed nouveau. nouveau handles it automatically15:09
Henesyis nouveau in the repos?15:09
shirokuroi think the modesetting is part of the kernel15:09
shirokurosorry ;(15:10
HenesyI have to go, I'll look into it. You guys have been a fantastic help15:10
shirokurohave fun ;)15:10
Henesyof course!15:11
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prologicDoes anyone want a CRUX box with 10Mbps unmetered traffic for 3 months at $210?16:07
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HenesySo the Crux terminology port doesn't like building dependancies. Ethumb and Emotion mainly, something about a footprint error?18:32
Henesy"prt-get depinst terminology" was used18:32
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nogagplzwell does it say files were missing or new18:45
nogagplznew you can safely ignore and force it to install by hand every time, or change /etc/pkgmk.conf to ignore new files in footprints, missing might indicate missing something important18:46
HenesyError: Footprint mismatch found:18:46
Henesyalright, I'll edit that18:46
Henesyand it's NEW18:47
HenesyNEW [permissions list] root/root usr/lib/ethumb/plugins18:47
Henesyetc etc18:47
Henesylines like that18:47
Henesyand should it ignore new or footprint or both?18:48
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shirokurojust uncomment ignore_new18:54
shirokuroer, change it to yes18:54
shirokuroor go to the /usr/ports/whatever/whateverpackage name directory and do pkgmk -uf (update footprint) and then pkgmk -i to instal it18:55
Henesyshirokuro, thanks18:59
Henesyis there a way to have pkgmk/prt-get use the -j2 flag?19:19
Henesyor does it do that automatically?19:19
jaegerMAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf19:22
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Henesywhat would the service "net" be in /etc/rc.conf ?20:17
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jaeger /etc/rc.d/net20:24
Henesyevery time i startup it lags out on that and always ends with error20:24
Henesynext to it20:24
Henesyso the list goes through the other services20:24
Henesyand net[ERROR] dhcpcd[ERROR] sendmail[ERROR]20:24
Henesysendmail should be an error20:24
Henesyi haven't set it up yet20:24
Henesybut the other two I'm not sure what's up20:25
Henesytakes ~5 seconds to get through net before it [ERROR]'s20:55
Henesyeverything else just blazes by20:55
nogagplzmaybe you need to specify the right interface in there or smth20:58
Henesyremoving dhcpcd buggered startup21:00
Henesynet didn't change anything21:01
Henesyas far as I can tell21:01
Henesyremoving net causes more errors :\21:02
nogagplzthat might be because the loopback bit is in there too21:03
Henesyis there a man page or something related to rc.conf?21:04
Henesyor at least covers it?21:04
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niklaswegood morning!22:34
niklaswehow are you frinnst ?23:12
frinnsttired :)23:20
niklaswehehe then we are two :)23:28

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