IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-04-04

frinnsthehe. i remember irc bouncers were the shit back when i first started using it.. people used it to get "cool" hostnames and stuff ;)00:00
Romsteropen proxies00:16
Romsterlol frinnst00:18
prologicyeah I remember psybnc01:11
prologicused to run that up myself back in the 90s01:11
prologicI use znc now with colloquy on the iPad/iMac/Macbook Air01:11
prologicand X-Chat on the desktop01:11
prologicI find bouncers till very useful - even if they're not seen as "cool" anymore :)01:11
Romsterbeen meaning to setup znc but been lazy01:34
frinnsti just use a terminal irc-client and screen :)01:54
prologic$1/month ZNC service :)02:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: python: include python dependency, fixes FS#91102:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: python: include python dependency, fixes FS#91102:42
Romsternice one teK_ that was llvm not Python that you edited. hehe02:44
Romsterah well it's done now.02:44
teK_you know what I _meant_ :>02:44
Romsteri was thinking circular dependency02:45
teK_prt-get must have a check for that :)02:45
Romsterlike that time i made prt-get diff go beserk02:45
Romsterit never used too until it met me.02:45
teK_is this a talent of yours?02:45
Romsterme finding bugs pretty much02:46
Romsterunless i made them myself.02:46
Romster 21:45:12 up 14 days,  3:44,  1 user,  load average: 6.24, 6.46, 6.3902:46
Romstersolved my load issue.02:47
Romsteryou'll laugh if i tell ya what i did wrong.02:47
Romsteri didn't have DISTCC_HOSTS before MAKEFLAGS="-j$(/usr/bin/distcc -j 2> /dev/null)"02:48
Romsterso i ended up with make -j02:48
Romsterthat MAKEFLAGS line really is a trap i should rewrite that.02:49
teK_you could always use default values like this: ${PNUM:-2}02:50
Romsteroh good catch teK_02:50
Romsterdon't know why i didn't think of that.02:51
Romsternproc is better than assuming how many cores.02:56
teK_  make -j$(($(grep -c MHz /proc/cpuinfo)-1))02:58
teK_this is form a script I use regularly03:00
Romsterpretty wrong ding number of jobs on speed of the cpu03:01
teK_I count the occurences of MHz values to get the number of cores03:02
*** sepen has joined #crux03:02
teK_I could have used grep -c vendor_id, too03:02
teK_hello Jose03:02
Romsterfoo=$(/usr/bin/distcc -j 2> /dev/null)03:10
Romsterecho -j${foo:-$(/usr/bin/nproc)}03:10
Romsterthat works but i can't seem to condense it to a single line in bash. i must be tired.03:10
Romsterat least now i wont hit that trap again.03:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libwebp: initial import03:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libwebp: add xz dependency as this is linked in03:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libsecret: initial import03:34
frinnstRomster: is docbook a hard dep for libsecret?03:37
frinnstthought i'd try it out but did a ctrl+c as soon as i noticed it downloading that dep :)03:37
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: libburn: updated to 1.2.803:41
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: libisofs: updated to 1.2.803:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: macchanger: updated to 1.6.003:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gstreamer1: initial commit04:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-base1: initial commit04:00
Romsterfrinnst, it fails to compile at configure. without it.04:01
frinnsti poked around a bit. the only thing it uses it for is to build the manpage04:01
Romsteryeah unless i bundle the manpage with it myself.04:02
Romsterbut that's more effort.04:02
frinnstconfigure lists --disable-man-pages as a valid option but its broken. I bruteforced it by removing the doc-dir in the Makefile ;)04:02
Romsteri cna't push webkit until glib is bumped but can't do that until glib has been tested more.04:02
frinnstyeah I run it here now. seems to be ok04:03
frinnstill probably push when i get off work (3hrs or so)04:03
Romsteri'd consider doing that for opt but for contrib meh file a bug if it's that bad. docbook is not that heavy.04:03
Romstergot some bugs assigned to me i need to get sorted too.04:05
Romsterand i'd like to move a few things out of contrib that i'm not using enough to maintain myself.04:06
Romsterprefer to only maintain stuff i actually use.04:06
Romstermy quality is slipping away due to not testing ports as regularly either.04:07
Romsterdunno maybe i can force libsecret to have a soft dependency on docbook?04:08
frinnstif i find it useful i'll contribute a patch to use a static man-page04:09
Romsterwould prefer if it would auto detect and only build man pages if the generator script is present.04:10
Romsterodd that i found that i had to recompile harfbuzz after bumping glib even though revdep didn't complain.04:10
Romsterbut webkit sure did bitch about harfbuzz.04:11
Romsteron another note why is everyone anti manual friendly because of a few manual generating ports?04:13
Romsterwhen i read about prologic removing gcc i was thinking bad idea libstdc++ for C++ programs too... but i wasn't around when he removed that.04:15
prologicthat's alright :)04:16
prologicI just won't install any C++ applications :)04:16
teK_how's it going with your containers?04:16
prologicor build a separate package for libstdc++04:16
prologicteK_:  mostly complete I think04:16
Romsteri think core has some C++ stuff?04:16
prologicI do want to add pig-get to it thug with some kind of sensible default config04:16
Romstercompiling iwth -Os aswell?04:16
prologici.e: a place to get packages from a build server04:17
Romsteri've got plans for a build server.04:17
prologicno I'm not compiling anything04:17
prologicjust sticking with the standard ISO built packages04:17
prologicthe only C++ app I'm aware of is pet-get?04:17
prologicwhich is deleted :)04:18
Romsteri got more hardware to add to my distcc farm when i get around to it. as well as to my testing moosefs setup i've just started to port to crux and need to setup additional machines with crux.04:18
frinnstdont forget gcc04:19
Romsterso your going all binary... so why not bianry and -dev packages for those that want to compile in there container?04:19
frinnstdunno if thats the branch we use (probably not)04:19
prologiclike I said04:20
prologicI have no plans to build from scratch right now04:20
prologicotherwise I'd use Debian/CentOS containers :)04:20
Romsteri wonderif i'm doing this right number of jobs to number of cores but i'm not accounting for packet time delay and stuff.04:22
Romsterfor dsitcc.04:22
Romstermain machine gets to 6 when it should be on 4 and the other pc is at 1.15, 0.71, 0.56 when it should be on 2.04:23
teK_will you include libstdc++ or not, prologic?04:23
Romsteri'm on gigabit network.04:23
prologicteK_:  nope04:25
prologicis there even a port for it in 2.8?04:25
prologicor is it part of gcc04:25
teK_part of gcc (in 3.0)04:26
prologicahh k04:26
prologicthat's why it's not installed by default on 2.804:27
prologicthere is a port for it in core on 2.804:27
teK_you do all this for 2.8? :)04:27
prologicI didn't explicitly remove it04:27
prologicdon't have a 3.0 chroot/container yet04:27
prologicgetting there :)04:27
teK_with the list you posted + the update-script from the iso it should be a nobrainer :)04:27
prologicopenvz kernel is 2.6.32-18 though04:28
prologicso I'm not in a rush :)04:28
prologicI'll try and get a 3.0 container up this weekend04:28
teK_lcx are not native to vanilla kernels? woo?04:28
teK_thought so..04:28
prologicI'm maintaining 2.6 to 2.8 (soon 3.0) just for completeness04:28
teK_with all the namespace-stuff happening lately04:28
prologicbut no further :)04:28
Romsteri find nothing that uses that libstdc++-compat maybe some really old obscure binary program might use that port prologic .04:29
frinnsti have never had libstdc++-compat installed, even back when i ran 32bit and pli still ran things :)04:29
prologicyes I believe so04:29
prologicbut I don't care :)04:29
Romsterjust remove that prologic04:29
prologicit was never there to behind with :)04:30
Romsterif soemoen needs it they can add it, i did sugest it be moved to pot but no one wanted to maintain it.04:30
Romsterbehind with :D04:30
prologicanyway I have full 2.8 container and minimal 2.8 container up and running atm04:30
prologicand did a small test today04:30
prologicbuilt python (with it's reps) on the full 2.804:30
prologiccopied to the minimal 2.8; pkgadd'd them04:30
prologicand it all worked fine04:31
Romster uptime on 3 hosts i have locally here soon to expanded to at least 6.04:34
teK_so openvz and lxc seem not to be related kernel-wise :)04:34
Romsteras some will doubly up for distcc and moosefs use. and the rest will just be on when i need more distcc.04:34
Romsterthen i'll have to start looking at replacing some machines with more power efferent ones.04:35
teK_configure: error: You must install the AppArmor development package in order to compile lxc04:35
teK_omg ;\04:35
prologicno openvz and lxc are not related at all04:36
prologic-but- lxc is looking really viable nowadays04:36
prologicI'm seriously considering it in the near future04:36
teK_well if you leave out the fact the namespaces caused for a huge security vuln lately04:36
teK_which will - predicting here - not be the last :\04:36
prologicnot saying they're prefect yet :)04:37
prologicnor have they stood the test of time that openvz has04:37
prologicbut "primising"04:37
prologiclatest version looks quite good ihmo04:37
Romsterfield testing will iron the bugs out.04:38
Romsterwe all know software does not mature overnight.04:38
teK_I wonder when/if application will fully adopt namespaces as a security feature04:39
teK_like chromium did with seccomp04:39
teK_-rwxr-xr-x  0 root   root    13573 Apr  4 14:38 usr/share/lxc/templates/lxc-archlinux04:41
teK_this generates a fully functional, minimal archlinux container for lxc04:43
teK_and it's not the only template there,... nice04:43
teK_maybe I'll find the motivation/time to script this, too..04:43
prologicapps already (some/most?) do chroot jailing?04:46
teK_I would not consider chrooting a 100% bullet-proof security measure04:47
prologicg'night :)04:52
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frinnstA connection request containing a database name that begins with "-" may be crafted to damage or destroy files within a server's data directory06:37
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shirokuropostgresql is a trainwreck07:11
nullmarkI startet to install webkit, and since its compiling for some hours already, i wondered if there are any binary repositories out there. i did some search, but only found one old and seemingly dead project.07:27
jaegernullmark: there are no official ones but if you wait a while in here maybe someone will speak up with their own package07:30
jaegershirokuro: how so?07:30
nullmarkOk, i try my luck. Or maybe start my own one, could not be too hard, i guess. Anyway, watching all these line wandering about my screen is somewhat hypnotic :)07:34
shirokurojaeger: i guess i should say was, i don't know. frinnst pointed out one of the many security issues it had that were fixed in a new release today07:35
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frinnsttrainwreck is hardly accurate10:07
frinnstbest sql server i know of10:07
frinnstrather, its my server of choice10:07
jaegerI use it as well, was just curious :)10:08
frinnstbut granted, the new security issue is quite serious10:11
shirokuroi'm just a drama queen ;)10:19
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timcowchipwhat is gstreamer1?10:48
timcowchipis it something to replace gstreamer?10:52
timcowchipwill there be a gst-plugins-ugly1?10:54
shirokurothe website says that 0.10* is no longer maintained so i guess gstreamer1 is a replacement10:58
shirokurohopefully gst-plugins-uglier ;D10:58
teK_frinnst: did you take part in the discussion about the arch binary?11:30
teK_and moreover that we won't include it11:30
timcowchipwhat is the arch binary?11:35
timcowchipshirokuro: is waiting for Romster to build11:39
shirokurohell yeah o_O11:39
frinnstteK_: no?11:40
frinnsti have no idea what you are talking about11:42
shirokuroarch binary better not be pacman11:44
teK_its included in binutils or linux-utils11:46
teK_and it returns the - surprise! -  architecture of the running system11:47
tilmantek so knowledgable11:47
timcowchipoh that "arch"11:47
shirokuroi'm sorry :(11:48
frinnstteK_: uh, "uname -m" ?11:51
frinnstyou have setarch too11:51
frinnstbut i have had a beer11:51
teK_this solves the problem of scripts using arch in what way?11:51
shirokuroi built a fence today11:52
teK_I created ~/bin/arch, content: echo x86_6411:52
frinnstReported by Timo Saarinen on 2007-10-0311:54
shirokuroi get it now11:57
teK_A connection request containing a database name that begins with "-" could be crafted to damage or destroy files within the server's data directory, even if the request is eventually rejected. (CVE-2013-1899)11:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: postgresql: 9.2.3 -> 9.2.4 fixes CVE-2013-1899/1900/190112:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: 9.2.3 -> 9.2.4 fixes CVE-2013-1899/1900/190112:04
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teK_I thought to myself beforehand: no local untrusted users = no problem as externally available DB-servers always are a problem ;)12:47
frinnstRotwang: new thunderbird12:54
*** pitillo has joined #crux13:17
Rotwangfrinnst: thx13:19
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Romsteri'd like to see this binary crux project, been thinking of making binary packages for everything14:07
Romsterbbl work14:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glib: updated to 2.36.014:53
*** timcowchip has joined #crux16:11
timcowchipbash-4.2$ prt-get lock nmh16:15
timcowchipFailed to write lock data16:15
timcowchipnm it helps to be su16:16
timcowchipnmh-1.3 wouldn't build  so I tried nmh-1.5 and it worked16:17
timcowchipwish I could get tkrat to build, speaking of no longer being developed16:19
timcowchipwish I could make a exmh port, speaking of wish16:20
joacimyou probably could =)16:55
shirokuroit seems like they all require old version of tcl and or tk16:58
Romsterso bundle tcl/tk in there own locations like i did for ffmpeg-compat17:17
timcowchipthat's a thought, tl and tcl are 8.6.0 now btw17:25
timcowchipI really like tkrat17:26
timcowchipand exmh17:27
timcowchipexmh-2.7.2 works with tk/tcl 8.5+17:27
timcowchipbut it installs by running /usr/bin/wish install exmh17:29
timcowchipthere's no configure or make17:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libsoup: 2.40.3 -> 2.42.017:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] webkit: 1.10.2 -> 2.0.017:33
timcowchipno not webkit!!!!117:33
shirokuroi lol'ed17:33
timcowchipoh, thanks Romster17:34
Romsterbut be sure to read the commit message;a=commit;h=2fede43744fe7ec796b5fd5aa8da82f18ddd6c2a17:35
timcowchipI was thinking of seeing how much quicker it will build with ccache17:35
Romstera little quicker since i had rebuilt it like 4 times during testing.17:35
Romsteri have distcc backend to ccache.17:36
timcowchipwhat's distcc?17:36
Romsterprt-get info distcc17:36
timcowchipA tool to distribute compilations.17:37
Romsteralso be sure you recompile harfbuzz with icu if it's not been done before.17:37
Romsterelse it'll fail half way though the compile :D17:37
Romsteradd that to a README.17:37
Romsterso if anyone comes in irc complaining webkit is broken -_- not my fault.17:37
timcowchipI think I did that, or revdep did17:37
Romsterrevdep wont detect that harfbuzz is not using icu.17:38
timcowchipsince it isn't a dep but an option17:38
joacimI never read readmes :]17:39
Romsterls /usr/include/harfbuzz/hb-icu.h17:40
Romsterif that is missing recompile harfbuzz with icu installed.17:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: supply more details about icu support in harfbuzz17:41
Romsteryou got no excuse since you read it here from me :D17:41
timcowchipits there17:42
joacimI never read topics in channels either (except on rizon where you get banned for typing the wrong dl command)17:42
timcowchipRomster: will you be building gst-plugins-ugly1?17:43
joacimbut yeah. i do read the channel, and i read most of the messages on the mailing list. =)17:43
timcowchipwhen I submitted gpodder to I had to call it gpodder3 because there was already a package called gpodder17:45
timcowchipis that why you call it gstreamer1?17:46
timcowchipso it won't update gstreamer?17:46
Romsteryes because there is a gstreamer already17:46
Romstersome ports still use gstreamer and not gstreamer1 yet.17:47
Romsterand i have yet todo the other gst-pliugins-*117:47
Romstertimcowchip, much like there is gtk and gtk317:48
Romsteryou cna't just remove gtk and expect everything to use gtk317:48
timcowchipbut the other way around works17:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: glib-32: 2.34.3 -> 2.36.017:50
Romstercrap i forgot to mention webkit needs glib update first in commit message :/17:50
Romstertoo much on my mind.17:50
timcowchipalready updated glib17:50
Romsterat least it errors out on configure than half way though a long compile.17:50
shirokurooh! speaking of that, my glib footprint is missing the manpages, i can't figure out why, tried building it a few different ways17:51
shirokurodid anybody else encounters that?17:51
Romsterif you want to save soem time prt-get sysup prt-get depinst libwebp libsecret ; and wget and pkgadd my built webkit port.17:51
joacimshirokuro: builds normally for me.17:54
shirokurojoacim, ok, thanks17:54
timcowchipwhere are the manpages?17:54
Romsterhmm i'm missing man pages too that's weird...17:54
Romsterdidn't do that before...17:55
shirokurojoacim, what is your locale?17:55
shirokurook, me too17:55
Romsterchecking whether to generate man pages... no17:56
timcowchipmanpages shmanpages17:56
shirokurowe already don't have /doc, gimme my man pages ;)17:57
shirokuroi'll look at the makefile again, i'm still messing with this tkrat17:57
shirokuroi'm making some old version of tk17:58
timcowchipwhat version do you tkrat?17:58
shirokuroi have two, the 2006 last snapshot and the 2007 one17:58
shirokuroi also tried decompressing a .deb but that didn't work ;)17:59
shirokuroit was complaining about a different ssl version17:59
timcowchipI've got tkrat-2.2-2010072117:59
Romsteryou can ignore the missing man pages for now.17:59
timcowchipgot from an opensuse src.rpm17:59
Romsterwont break anything other than your sanity.17:59
shirokurotrue enough XD17:59
timcowchipworks for me17:59
Romsterprt-get depinst libxslt ; prt-get update glib18:01
Romsterfixes it.18:01
timcowchipthat old xlt bouger18:02
Romsteri must of missed that.18:03
timcowchipI tried building tk/tcl-8.4.19 with the existing Pkgfile and it didn't build correctly18:03
shirokuroi installed that version but tkrat still doesn't build18:04
shirokurowith that same geometry error18:04
Romsterdid you change the path? you must let the other port be able to find the new location.18:04
Romsterback to work later18:06
timcowchipok later18:06
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Henesyso how practical is it to run multiple kernel versions?20:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dosbox: Added glu as a dependency21:34
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niklaswegood morning22:18
*** joe9 has joined #crux22:22
Romsterevening / morning22:54
niklaswehow are you Romster ?22:55
Romstertired but work week is over but work weekend to commence.22:58
Romstermore compiling todo23:12
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