IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-04-05

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nullmarkRomster: Cool, thanks00:49
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Romsterhi sepen00:56
Romsterheads up firefox-32 jre-32 and firefox-java-plugin-32 just in romster repo for such games as runescape with opengl support.00:57
sepenpeople have too much free time ;D01:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: eject: remove as this is included util-linux01:02
Amnesiafrinnst: frinnst the footprint of glib needs to be updated01:06
Romsterhe knows from #crux-devel01:07
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Amnesiaah haven't read the backlog:)01:08
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timcowchipconfigure: error: WebP library (libwebp) not found01:31
timcowchipnm libsoup needs pkgmk -uf01:32
timcowchipnope checking for webp/decode.h... no01:34
Romsterit all works i tested the stuff.01:34
Romsteryou still need to prt-get depinst some ports01:34
Romsterports -u ; prt-get update glib libsoup ; prt-get depinst gst-plugins-base1 libwebp libsecret01:35
timcowchipyuo did say that already01:36
Romsteryeah but you failed already too.01:36
timcowchipcome on brain cell01:36
sepenRomster: I had libwebp on my private repo01:37
sependidn't notice that?01:37
sepenit would have save time to you01:38
Romsteroh i on;y looked on my system that has the major repos on it01:39
sepenportdbc search libwebp01:39
sepennah, I'll remove my port01:39
Romstereasy port to make really.01:40
Romsteryou can maintain it in contrib if you want?01:40
Romstercommand not found01:40
sepennah, ATM can't remember for what I need the port01:40
Romsteri probably need your repo for portdbc01:41
timcowchipdo I need libsecret for webkit2?01:42
teK_% portdbc search portdbc01:42
teK_portdbc                      opt            rsync -aqz portdbc01:42
teK_@ Romster01:42
teK_though pquery was shorter in terms of typing :)01:42
sepenln -s ... would do the trick01:43
teK_uhm.. no? Aliasing, you mean?01:43
sepenteK_: I have ~/bin/pdbc01:43
Romsteryeay why search is there other options than search01:43
teK_yes there are01:43
sepenRomster: what kind of options?01:43
teK_search, list, etc.01:44
timcowchipI/O error : Attempt to load network entity
Romsterseriously timcowchip are you here to break everything i maintain...01:45
Romsterthat exists, must of timed out for you01:45
Romstertry again01:46
timcowchipstill cannot parse
timcowchipI've got docbook-xml and -xsl01:49
Romsteronyl need docbook-xsl01:49
timcowchip[i] docbook-xsl01:50
timcowchip[i] libwebp01:51
timcowchipits libsecret that I can't do01:51
timcowchipthank you :)01:52
Romsterprt-get deptree libsecret01:52
timcowchipeverything but libsecret01:54
Romsterpkgadd that one i sent you then.01:54
Romsterseems odd ic an build it.01:54
Romsteri can*01:54
Romster gstreamer1 and gst-plugins-base1 is in there now too01:55
timcowchipI've had that docbook.xsl problem before01:55
Romsternever hit it, guess its your network01:56
Romsteroh nuts are you running the post-install file for docbook-xsl01:57
Romsteryou'll need to run that too.01:58
Romsterif you want libwebp to compile for yourself.01:58
Romsteryou probably don't have runscripts yes in prt-get.conf on.01:58
timcowchipno I don't01:59
timcowchipso runscripts yes and -fr docbook-xsl?02:01
Romsterthat's why your stuck02:02
timcowchipthe uncommented default is runscripts no02:04
timcowchipdoes the handbook say otherwise?02:04
juetimcowchip: if you, like me, don't like it to generally enable *-scripts you can always call prt-get with --install-scripts02:05
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: binutils: update to 2.23.202:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: update to 5.6.802:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apr: update apr-utils 1.5.202:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.33, added start script for cups-browsed02:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.1.1602:17
timcowchipprt-get update --install-scripts docbook-xsl | prt-get update -fr libsecret02:23
timcowchipwebkit2 is building02:25
timcowchipI should probably prt-get update -fr gtk-doc, asciidoc and dia too02:28
sepenthanks for you info timcowchip :P02:29
timcowchipalert the media :)02:29
timcowchipthanks for your help sepen, jue and Romster02:30
sepenstart anything always has a small cost, bit a bit02:32
Romsteri take some stuff for granted when ya been using it for years.02:34
teK_MISSING   47dc0040e952bb230a053027e76fae44  Genshi-0.7.tar.gz02:45
teK_NEW       54e64dd69da3ec961f86e686e0848a82  Genshi-0.7.tar.gz02:45
teK_yeah.. screw you..02:45
Romsterya know i think they are all meant to break so we end up fixing the damn things all the time.02:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cryptsetup: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.103:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libgpg-error: 1.10 -> 1.1103:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: 4.39.0 -> 4.39.103:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 3.003:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: genshi: 0.7 adjust to update withoout version bump03:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dhcp: 4.2.4-P2 -> 4.2.5-P103:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: openvpn: 2.3.0 -> 2.3.103:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: remind: 03.01.12 -> 03.01.1303:08
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Romstercrazy stuff04:12
Romstertv much04:17
nogagplzlooks like my handiwork04:17
joacimthat looks like the modchip i got installed in my playstation04:21
Romster eek that looks totally safe.04:22
Romsteryeah saw that one.04:23
sepenanyways this is my favourite04:33
teK_golf cars are so 1990-ish ...
joacimthis site isnt funny anymore.04:43
nogagplz internet how does it work04:44
teK_  PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU  %MEM     TIME+ P COMMAND05:00
teK_ 8205 tek       25   5 1067932 312980  40020 S 800.0 3.838  11:14.87 3 /usr/lib/chromium/chromium --type=plugin --plugin-path=/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so05:00
sepengod! 800?05:01
sependo you have 8 cpu's?05:02
teK_4 core + hyperthreading05:02
sepensepen     2428 13.2  3.9 379704 81196 ?        Sl   10:54  32:43 /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --type=plugin05:04
teK_it's not always.. iff I delete .config/chromium it will work again.. for some time05:04
teK_on both machines AND both have the red border libpng-pixbuf somewhat problem. Still.05:05
teK_I gave up on that :)05:05
sepen try this05:06
sepenI'm using the one with generic flags ATM05:06
teK_export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=native -mtune=native "05:07
sepenwell I'll try again later, time to cook some food05:07
teK_bon appetit05:07
teK_buenos cuckos delicios05:08
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teK_your chromium package is 'broken' here, too :)06:25
frinnstisnt -mtune=native redundant with -march ?06:28
teK_it think it doesn't matter in that case :)06:29
teK_but yeah06:29
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tinlapHey Everyone! What's the best - or just your way - of binding keys to actions such as the volume and media keys on a laptop? Note: I don't need help getting my keys working. I just seek inspiration to a better alternative to xbindkeys.06:52
frinnstI have bound some keys to do stuff in fluxbox06:55
frinnstguess it depends on what wm you use06:56
tinlapI am forced to use 3rd party utilities06:56
frinnstSuper_L :ExecCommand urxvtc06:56
frinnstfor example06:56
frinnstweekend \o/06:56
tinlapxbindkeys works fine... I just don't like to have an application running to monitor my hotkeys06:57
tinlapI thought it might be possible in the xorg configs or something similiar06:57
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sepenteK_: weird, worked fine here07:22
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teK_gdk-pixbuf is the problem iirc07:28
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tinlap /exit09:43
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timcowchipwhen webkit2 finishes building, what will depend on it?09:56
timcowchipnm, its not webkit2 its webkit09:58
timcowchipprt-get update -fr midori09:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glib: include manfiles10:29
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shirokurothanks for fixing the glib manpages ;) not sure if rehabdoll is here15:38
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timcowchip=======> Building '/usr/ports/contrib/webkit/webkit#2.0.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.16:20
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HenesySo I have several networks including my hotel's network in /etc/wpa.conf but it's not connects17:29
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shirokuroHenesy, can you start wpa_supplicant with -d? what does it say?17:33
shirokurowpa_supplicant -d -c/etc/wpa.conf -iwlan0 or something17:34
Henesyit starts, and it works at home17:34
Henesyjust got it17:34
shirokuroi know some hotels have a webpage you have to go to17:35
Henesykey_mgmt=NONE is a thing17:35
Henesysorry guys17:35
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prologichmm wow18:08
prologicit takes a while to recover from a netsplit18:08
prologicI saw irclogger rejoin some of my other channels before it rejoined here18:08
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prologicyeah tell me about it18:38
prologicwhat a netsplit18:38
Henesywhen ports dont install due to footprint mismatch and New AND Missing errors how would one solve that?18:38
shirokuropkgmk -uf still allows it to install but you have to determine if the new files are logical replacements for the missing ones, if not either there's a missing depency or it didn't build properly18:42
Henesyi was using prt-get depinst18:42
shirokurothen look at 'package where install failed'18:43
prologicyou have to decide yourself18:47
Henesylinux-fusion failed due to 1 NEW and 7 MISSING18:48
prologicyes ok18:51
prologicso you'll have to work out why18:51
prologicmaybe it was a new version?18:51
prologicand fwiw I have no about that package/port :)18:52
shirokurois it a framebuffer driver or something?18:52
Henesyin lib/modules/<kernel-version>/modules.[stuff]18:52
Henesyand yess it is18:52
Henesythe modules are from the kernel I assume18:52
Henesydoes this mean i have to add them in the config and re-compile?18:52
shirokuroi dunno, i use kernel 3.8.5 and i see config_fusion under legacy drivers18:54
HenesySame kernel here18:54
Henesyi upgraded from 3.6.11 a couple days ago18:54
prologicunder most normal circumstances you can safely pkgadd -if <package>18:55
prologicor prt-get depinst -fr <port>18:55
prologicas often the port maintainer builds with a clean system18:55
prologicso if your particularly environment/system changes in some way, the resulting .footprint will become different18:55
prologicyou _should_ always check however yourself to ensure it makes sense and it isn't something stupid18:56
Henesymost of the are maps18:56
prologiclike I said18:56
prologicno idea :)18:56
shirokurosounds like junk, i would let it install and see if you can insmod the fusion.ko18:56
prologicignore the footprint18:57
shirokurobut yeah i have no idea eitehr18:57
prologicworst case you destroy your system :)18:57
shirokurothat's a halo18:57
prologic.md5sum .footprint mismatches are there to warn you of either a changed source18:57
prologicor a changed resulting build18:57
Henesyit's my alt laptop, when i get it to work then I will make an .iso from it18:58
Henesyeven with -fr: Error: Footprint mismatch found: [same stuff listed]18:58
shirokurogo to its /usr/ports directory and do pkgmk -uf18:58
prologicprt-get depinst -if <port>18:59
Henesythank you18:59
prologicor pkgmk -if <package>18:59
prologicprt-get --help18:59
prologicpkgadd --help18:59
prologicpkgmk --help18:59
prologicactually pkgadd doesn't take into account footprint mismatches19:00
Henesyi was told previously ignoring the footprint is a very bad idea :D19:00
prologicso you can just pkgadd <package>19:00
Henesypkgmk -c first?19:00
prologicprt-get does19:00
Henesyi use(d) mk19:00
Henesyon everything19:00
prologicit _can_ be a bad idea :)19:00
Henesyis that bad?19:00
prologicyou have to know what you're doing19:00
prologicso take what I said with a grain of salt19:01
Henesypkgadd worked19:01
shirokurowhat kind of video card does this laptop have anyway?19:01
Henesy2x Nvidia G86 GeForce 8400M GS19:02
HenesyDell M133019:02
shirokuro   sounds interesting19:02
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Henesylovely, working on it19:18
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HenesyI've been trying to get linux-fusion to build for about ~1 hour now21:11
Henesyit catches on assorted /lib/modules/3.8.5/modules.[insert modules I don't have here]21:12
Henesya bit of googling and hosted kernels (most of them 2.6.x) have the file in the src under modules21:12
Henesyi have none of this21:12
HenesyI can copy paste it all if that would help21:13
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himynameisphilhi all21:37
himynameisphilhaving trouble updating libsoup21:38
himynameisphilit can't find glib21:38
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v33hey guys22:08
v33something strange is happening. so i had to switch from crux because, again, couldn't get bumblebee functioning, and, after going to ubuntu (i saved some dignity, i did a minimal install so its not full of bloat), i noticed it boots faster.22:09
v33i think my hybrid hard drive recognizes the OS, and uses the ssd side of it...but im curious as to why gentoo nor crux did the same22:09
shirokurobumblebee worked fine for me until xorg-server 1.14.022:11
shirokurohave you tried DRI_PRIME?22:12
shirokuroas for the ssd thing, i don't know, sorry22:13
shirokuroif you come back to crux and really want to use bumblebee i can help you, just don't do prt-get sysup22:15
v33oh man.22:18
v33i think there is a way to stop the updating of backages.22:19
shirokurowell, you can, just do prt-get lock xorg-server22:19
v33i wouldn't mind switching back, but, the ssd issue is whats nagging me22:19
v33not sure if its some kind of kernel thing22:19
v33right now, ubuntu boots up in like, oh. 8 seconds22:20
v33crux usually took 10 or so, which is the complete opposite22:20
shirokurocrux has some annoying cron jobs set by default, maybe that's why it boots slow22:21
shirokurolike updatedb22:21
shirokuroas for kernel config this is all i see # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PCIESSD_MTIP32XX is not set22:23
shirokuroi dunno if that's it at all22:23
v33 let me do some googling22:23
v33if you could help me with bumblebee, my ass would be all over crux.22:23
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shirokurobut you can test nouveau's prime22:24
shirokuroinstead of bumblebee22:24
shirokurounload nvidia module and do xrandr --setprovideroffloadsink nouveau Intel22:24
shirokurothen DRI_PRIME=1 glxgears to test22:24
*** pitillo has joined #crux22:24
shirokurothe screen will show up black unless you're running a compositor, e.g. xcompmgr, compiz, or compton22:25
shirokurounless you've got a radeon card, then i'm scared22:25
v33no no22:25
v33its a nvidia card22:26
v33did you use romsters bumblebee port?22:26
shirokuroexcept i modified it22:26
shirokurowell, this
shirokurothere's a symlink that bumblebee needs22:27
v33what symlink22:27
shirokurobut his bumblebee port itself is good22:27
shirokuroln -s usr/lib32/libjpeg-turbo/ /usr/lib32/libturbojpeg.so22:28
shirokuroand regular lib22:28
shirokuroand this  works fine22:29
v33i dont remember if romsters port had bbswitch...22:29
shirokurothere is dkms-bbswitch in portdb22:29
v33man. i wish you had said thsi sooner...22:29
v33i feel so dirty for running ubuntu22:30
v33one last question...22:31
v33are you on a laptop?22:31
shirokuroit's a hybrid graphics one22:31
v33do you by any chance use laptop-mode-tools?22:32
shirokurono, i've never gotten hibernate to work22:32
shirokuroor tried very hard22:33
v33laptop-mode-tools is more power saving options22:33
v33screw it.22:34
v33im switching back...22:34
v33just hope you can stick around long enough to help me get bumblebee working :P22:34
shirokuroi don't see why not ;)22:34
v33aww sweet.22:35
v33alright, im going to redownload the iso22:35
v33i just dont know how im going to get the xorg version you need to make it work...unless its on the cd already22:36
shirokuroit's the one on the cd22:36
shirokurothere's only been one upgrade, and it breaks the nvidia driver for some reason22:36
shirokuroto xorg-server22:36
v33alright, ill do the one on the cd, and, lock it up22:38
shirokurobrb, smoke22:38
v33crux AND bumblebee....sorry everyone, looks liek you're all stuck with me :P22:40
*** v33 has quit IRC22:45
*** v33 has joined #crux22:48
shirokuroso what exactly happened when you tried optirun?22:50
shirokurov33 ^22:51
v33it would complain about how it couldn't find the nvidia card22:53
v33I'm on my phone, it's slow as hell so I'm sorry22:54
shirokurothe dkms-nvidia and dkms-bbswitch ports just create lib files/symlinks, but you have to go to /usr/src/ and make install them still22:55
v33once I get the system up, I'll hop on irssi22:55
shirokurok, no hurry22:55
*** v33 has quit IRC22:59
*** v33 has joined #crux23:16
v33im back. forgot irssi requires glib23:16
shirokuroi forgot to tell you,23:17
shirokurodid you set hybrid graphics switching support in kernel config?23:17
shirokurounder device drivers > graphics23:17
shirokuroin menuconfig23:17
v33i knew that one would be required haha23:18
shirokurook ;)23:18
v33alright, im going to try to pull in the Pkgfiles for bumblebee23:18
v33hope i can do this all from command line lol23:19
shirokuroi might have to post links for you23:19
shirokurolike rsync stuff23:19
shirokurofor virtualgl, libbsd, libjpegturbo, etc23:19
shirokurolots of stuff not in contrib23:20
shirokuroyou could use lynx, text browser23:20
v33any way i can ask you to link me to romsters PKGfile for bumblebee?23:21
shirokurosure, but it won't build without the other stuff23:21
shirokurohttpup sync bumblebee23:21
shirokurohe doesn't list the glu and glew dependencies23:22
shirokurohttpup sync libbsd23:22
v33mesa3d is failing because of some radeon card thing23:24
shirokurowith prt-get depinst mesa3d ?23:24
v33libdrm radeon not met23:24
shirokuroedit the pkgfile and remove radeon from --with-dri-drivers23:25
shirokurodid you select Direct Rendering Manager right under laptop hybrid graphics switching support? i forget if it's checked automatically23:26
v33yes i have :P23:26
v33i got bumblebee working on gentoo with this same kernel23:26
shirokuroi had bumblebee working with the default xorg/mesa stuff on the cd23:27
shirokurothough i don't know why it won't build23:27
shirokurolibdrm built ok?23:28
v33i removed the radeon thing, and tried to recompile but it still complains about the same thing, so, im going to try updating the ports though i doubt that'll help23:28
v33that may have just fixed it lol23:29
v33no never mind, still complaing about it23:29
shirokurotry depinst glu23:30
v33the update undid my changes anyway but yea, ill try glu23:30
shirokurooh right, that requires mesa3d23:31
v33yea, removing radeon from dri didn't change it23:31
v33should i remove the r200 or what ever, i feel like the r might stand for radeon xD23:31
shirokurosure ;(23:32
shirokuroyou could try prt-get depinst xorg-xinit23:33
v33its installed...23:33
shirokurodo you have contrib unlocked?23:34
v33im on 64 bit, i dont have the 32 bit ones unlocked23:34
shirokurothat's ok23:34
shirokuroon your cd you can go to /mnt/media/sources/ (something like that) and find the mesa package23:35
v33oh its on my usb23:36
shirokuroi'm making sure mesa3d rebuilds for me at the moment23:36
v33shoot. let me grab it23:36
*** timcowchip has joined #crux23:36
v33alright, loaded the usb, cd'd into the crux cd, then xorg, then pkgadd the mesa3d package23:38
v33glew installed sucecssfull y23:39
shirokurowhat wm do you usually use?23:39
v33i love lightweight stuff :P23:39
shirokuroi use spectrwm23:40
shirokuroso me too23:40
v33so you want me to httpup sync bumblebee23:40
shirokuromaybe you should depinst mesa-demos and evilwm just to test glxgears works real quick23:40
*** Romeo- has joined #crux23:40
*** Romeo- has quit IRC23:40
*** Romeo- has joined #crux23:40
shirokuroit would suck to install all the stuff only to find gl is broken23:40
v33ill pull in dwm, t takes a seecond to install :P23:42
shirokuroi'll link you stuff in order, bumblebee is the last thing we need actually23:42
shirokurodo prt-get depinst cmake xorg-libx11 cmake glu23:43
shirokurowoops, cmake twice23:43
shirokurothen this: httpup sync libbsd23:44
v33we already installed cmake :P23:44
shirokurothen this httpup sync libjpeg-turbo23:45
shirokuroafter it installs do after libjpeg-turbo installs ..         ln -s /usr/lib/libjpeg-turbo/ /usr/lib/libturbojpeg.so23:46
shirokurohttpup sync virtualgl23:47
v33alright, let me get those in23:47
shirokurok, brb23:47
v33take your time, cmake is quite big :P23:47
v33im a bit confused after httpup sync, how do i install the actual package23:51
shirokuroit creates a directory in your current directory23:51
shirokurowith the pkgfile and such23:51
shirokurohttpup sync virtualgl  creates a virtualgl dir23:52
v33grr, didn't even see it.23:52
v33i knew it had to be something simple23:52
v33give me a wee bit and let me get it all installed23:53
shirokuronp, sometimes i forget we're on laptops ;)23:54
v33it is an i7, but, yea...lol23:55
shirokuromine's an i5, but only the arrandale, i guess the sandy bridge is a lot faster23:56
v33oh im on ivy ^___^23:56
shirokurothis poor thing is old school optimus23:56
shirokuroabout 3 years old i think23:56
v33oh, mines an i7, with a 650gt and 8 gigs of ram23:56
v33not bad23:56
shirokuromine has a GT 335m23:56
v33not that bad23:57
shirokuroit's pretty bad23:57
v33i was on a pentium 4 when i first started using crux23:58
shirokuronice, i wish i had discovered crux sooner23:58
v33now imagine chromium and webkit on that compiling23:58
shirokuroi got mad when arch switched to systemd then i found this23:58
v33my room would turn into a heater for 5-6 hours23:58
v33alrigt, almsot done installin virtualgl, whats next :D23:59
shirokurohttpup sync dkms-nvidia23:59
v33forgot to sym link23:59

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