IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-04-06

shirokuroafter that builds you need to cd to /usr/src/nvidia<tab,forgot the exact suffix>  and then make ; make install ; modprobe nvidia (just to test)00:00
shirokuroi don't use dkms personally00:00
shirokurodo you want to?00:01
v33yea, i am just in case00:02
shirokurook, get httpup sync dkms00:02
v33the command for the symlink you sent me says that the file already exists o.O00:04
shirokurols -al /usr/lib/ you have that?00:05
v33looks like i dont00:06
v33im confused now ol00:06
shirokuroat any rate you need /usr/lib/ to point to /usr/lib/libjpeg-turbo/libturbojpeg.so00:06
v33the make install failed >.<00:08
v33couldn't insert nvidia00:08
shirokurotry insmod nvidia.ko in that nvidia dir00:08
shirokurodid that return any error?00:09
v33no such directory00:09
v33looks like the libjpegturbo didn't install properly00:09
shirokurook, hold on, let me install it real quick00:09
shirokurowell, nvidia doesn't need libjpeg-turbo00:10
shirokurovirtualgl does00:10
v33oh, let me get that reinstalled00:11
v33i think virtualgl was complaining about how virtualgl was already reinstalled00:11
v33i mean installed00:11
v33and i kept using the -i -f to force install it, perhaps it didn't00:11
shirokuroprt-get listinst | grep virtualgl ?00:15
v33it comes up with virutalgl00:15
v33so im assuming its there00:15
shirokurodo depmod -a ; modinfo nvidia  , if it's not there do make clean ; make ; make install in the /usr/src/nvidia-310.3200:17
shirokuroif you have it, you might need to rmmod nouveau first00:18
*** shirokuro has quit IRC00:19
*** shirokuro has joined #crux00:20
v33removed noueveau and it installed just fine00:20
shirokuroyeah, me too00:21
shirokurook, let me link you to bbswitch00:21
shirokurohttpup sync dkms-bbswitch00:21
shirokuroonce that builds: cd /usr/src/bbswitch ; make ; make install ; modprobe bbswitch ; make load00:22
shirokuroif you want you can test that it works with   tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch <<<OFF ; dmesg | grep bbswitch00:22
v33refusing to turn off because its in use00:24
shirokurothat's ok00:24
v33bumblebee time?00:24
shirokurohttpup sync bumblebee00:25
shirokurothen just put bumblebeed in your rc.conf, add your user to the bumblebee group ... groupadd bumblebee ; usermod -a you -G bumblebee and reboot00:25
shirokuronote that its bumblebeed with the d, i messed up on that before00:26
v33looks like00:27
v33libbsd didn't instll00:27
v33let me try reinstalling it00:28
shirokuropkgmk -i in its dir00:28
shirokuroas root do echo "blacklist nouveau" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf00:28
shirokurobefore you reboot00:28
v33i haven't even made a user yet xD00:29
v33thanks for all your help dude00:30
v33hope it wasn't too much trouble00:30
v33well, time to reboot and see if it works!00:31
shirokurodo glxspheres to test, for some reason, and this is crux specific, bumblebee doesn't work with glxgears, but works with everying else00:31
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*** v33 has joined #crux00:34
v33looks like it worked since the temps have dropped00:34
v33to around 55 :D00:34
shirokurodo optirun --debug -c yuv glxspheres00:34
shirokurocat /proc/acpi/bbswitch will tell you if the nvidia card is on00:34
v33i can tell you tis on without running that00:34
v33usually crux idles around 65C00:35
v33its at 55 right now00:35
v33but let me check anyway00:35
v33wait, what? it says off haha00:35
shirokurothat's right, the card is off00:35
shirokurops -aux | grep bumblebeed00:35
v33always thought it was the other way around00:35
shirokurois it running?00:35
v33looks like it00:36
shirokurobasically bumblebee works by using virtualgl to invisibly process the nvidia graphics on screen 8 (ctrl alt f8) and sends them to your current screen for the intel card to actually display00:37
shirokuroit's not very efficient, and the linux kernel now has a solution with nouveau/PRIME, which is what i use00:37
shirokuroit's rough around the edges with bad tearing especially00:37
shirokurobut in a few months it'll probably be a lot better00:38
v33i read that support for optimus is actually coming to linux00:38
v33nvidia is actually donig something00:38
shirokuroyeah, that's what PRIME is00:38
v33but, i forgot to blacklist nouveau so i think optirun failed hah00:38
v33prime took too long.00:39
shirokuroyeah, it needs to be blacklisted00:39
v33you said blacklist nouveau > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf right?00:39
shirokuroecho "blacklist nouveau" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf00:40
v33knew i was forgetting something00:40
v33fuck me00:40
shirokuroprime has been in the kernel since i think 3.5, but xrandr and the current xorg-server, which it needs, have only been officially avilable for a few weeks00:40
shirokuroso the few optimus users there are didn't want to/didn't know how to/about prime at al00:41
v33well, ill use bumblebee till prime gets half decent00:41
v33you have no idea how long i've been trying to get this little boogar to work00:41
shirokuroxorg-server 1.14.0 also needs a patch so that it doesn't crash when you switch ttys00:41
v33you, sir, are a god send00:42
shirokuroglxspheres worked? my work isn't done until i hear that ;)00:42
v33well, i'd need ot reboot since i just blacklisted00:42
shirokuroplease humor me00:42
v33i also dont have dwm up yet00:42
v33let me install dwm and a terminal and i shall dos o00:42
shirokurothere is an error i'm afraid of about abi version00:43
shirokurowhich you probably won't encounter00:43
shirokurobut i'd like to make sure00:43
v33alright, let me get a terminal installed and we shall see :D00:45
v33oh god, imagine we were doing this on my p4 :P00:45
v33and by some god damned way it had nvidia hah00:46
shirokuroheh heh00:46
shirokuroyou want to play games, right?00:46
shirokuroit'd be funny if you only wanted bbswitch00:46
v33oh no, i want to be able to run optirun00:47
v33i occasionally stream :P00:47
v33yea you know, i just need to turn off my nvidia card thats why i need bumblebee00:47
v33i could alrady feel the vein in your head bursting00:47
v33by the way, i was kidding00:50
v33dont cast black magic spells and kill me :P00:50
v33sakura is taking quite a while to compile00:50
shirokuroit's ok00:50
v33while we're waiting00:51
shirokurooptirun will also tell you that you need that symlink f it's not there00:51
shirokuroit'll say missing libturbojpeg.so00:51
v33ill symlink it tomorrow00:51
v33just wanna make sure it says that00:51
v33its 2 am00:51
v33and im running on 4 hours of sleep00:51
v33dont hate me00:51
shirokurooh, right00:51
shirokurodon't worry about it then00:52
shirokuroyeah, i'm in the same timezone00:52
v33where do you live00:52
shirokurobakersfield, ca00:52
v33i have family in fresno :P00:52
v33on my way, ill drop by and visit you00:52
shirokuroi recently moved here from oregon00:53
v33its a nic ecity00:53
v33i like fresno a tad bit more00:53
v33they have really good fruits and veggies haha00:53
shirokuroit's a bit too country here00:53
v33preople there are friendly00:54
v33at least00:54
shirokuroseems like00:54
v33more so than where i live -____-00:54
shirokurobay area?00:54
shirokuroi used to live in koreatown00:54
shirokuroecho park, eagle rock..00:54
v33eagle rock...00:54
v33im in glenhel00:54
v33glenhell (glendale)00:55
shirokuroi was even in north hollywood for a bit00:55
shirokuroglendale.. hmm, armenians00:55
v33god, so many douche bags ruin the name00:55
shirokuroi would go there to eat at some japanese restaurant all the time00:56
shirokurocalled octopus00:56
v33oh yea, its delicious00:56
v33have you had armenian food?00:56
shirokurono, i don't think so00:56
v33i shall make you some00:56
v33why do i feel like you suddenly hate me00:56
v33i dont know man...00:57
shirokuroi like the few armenians i met, like my russian teacher00:57
v33you've been around glendale i wouldn't blame you00:57
shirokuroi just for some reason think of armenians when i think of glendale00:57
v33we are the majority here00:57
v33but thats dwindling00:57
v33but yea, too many asholes ruin it for the normal ones00:57
shirokuroi hope i didn't offend you00:57
v33the old school nice armenians are really nice people00:58
v33oh no not at all, im the first to hate on them00:58
v33and by them, i refer to the wanna be gangster douche bags haha00:58
v33you know what im talking about :P00:58
v33so now i must ask, what ethnicity are you?00:59
v33the armos wont pick on you too much haha00:59
v33strange talking to someone who actually knows the conditions here01:00
shirokuroi mostly knew filipino dudes in glendale for some reason01:00
v33just realized i know quite a few as well01:00
v33what high school did you go to?01:01
shirokuroi didn't grow up in la, it was in san diego, i only lived in la for 4 years or so01:01
shirokuroi've been all over the west coast01:01
v33why, if i may ask, do you move around so much?01:02
*** timcowchip has quit IRC01:03
shirokuroi went to oregon for school, just finished college, moved home with my parents in bakersfield...  did a lot of drugs in la and basically couldn't afford to stay in one place there01:03
shirokuroi went to la right after graduating high school01:03
v33oh boy01:04
v33well, let me reboot and make sure optirun does "something01:04
v33ill be right back!01:04
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v33now it says the nvidia module does't exist01:10
*** v33 has quit IRC01:10
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v33sorry about that01:11
v33it cant access the secondary gpu, and fails to load nvidia modules01:12
shirokuromodinfo nvidia works?01:12
v33it lists a bunch of lol01:13
shirokurops -aux | grep bumblebeed it's still running?01:13
shirokurothere should be two lines that say bumblebeed01:14
shirokuroone is bumblebeed --daemon or something01:14
v33one says /usr/sbin/bumblebeed --deamon the other grep bumblebee01:14
shirokurodo sudo pkill bumblebeed01:15
shirokuroin a terminal run /usr/sbin/bumblebeed then in another try optirun again and see what bumblebeed says01:15
v33i think i know what it might be...i think in the kernel i built support for noueveau01:15
shirokurobuilt in or module?01:15
shirokuroasterisk or M?01:15
v33asteriks i believe01:16
v33let me check01:16
shirokurodoes lsmod show nouveau?01:16
shirokuroor nvidia for that matter?01:16
v33nope :/01:17
shirokurook, try one more thing? quit x, pkill bumblebeed, rmmod nouveau, modprobe nvidia, then run /usr/sbin/bumblebeed --daemon and startx, then test01:18
v33noueveau was build as a module01:18
shirokuroyou could do grep EE /var/log/Xorg.8.log too01:18
v33let me try it out01:19
shirokuroif that works we can make it permanent with rc.local01:19
*** v33 has quit IRC01:19
*** lasso has joined #crux01:19
*** v33 has joined #crux01:20
v33nope, still saying the same thing :/01:20
shirokurobut modprobe nvidia works?01:20
v33maybe a complete restart01:21
v33yea, it works01:21
v33or at least, it doesn't complain about not working lol01:21
shirokuroi had that problem which i sort of solved, i thought xorg-server locking was the solution01:22
shirokurodoes /var/log/Xorg.8.log have anything about abi version?01:22
shirokurosoemthing like requires >= 9.001:22
shirokuroi can't remember01:22
shirokurojust look for EE or WW, can do it with grep, grep EE /var/log/Xorg.8.log01:24
v33aside from listing the versions of the ansi c emulation, driver, input, and extention, no01:24
shirokurok, one sec01:24
*** shirokuro has quit IRC01:24
v33it says the nvidia driver is unavailable01:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glib: cleanup01:26
v33well, i want to update the entire system, and was wondering, i were to, would there be any conflict, and, do you perhaps know how to update, install certain packages and shutdown while ignoring any errors that may come about?01:27
v33i think prt-get sysup && prt-get depinst packages && /sbin/shutdown -h now should do it01:33
*** shirokuro has joined #crux01:36
shirokurov33: sorry, this was all working for me a week ago01:37
v33oh its fine, crux and i tend to have this relationship where it decides not to really work :P01:38
shirokuroit's strange though, it's doing the same thing for me, module doesn't exist although it shows up in the kernel01:38
v33i feel like the nouveau thing is whats cauasing it01:39
shirokurooriginally the problem was incompatible evdev driver that xorg-server needs ,but you didn't do a sysup01:39
v33not yet anyway :P01:39
shirokurobwahaha, you're stuck with prime now01:39
shirokurounless i downgrade to test this01:39
shirokuro[    6.273027] NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  310.32  Mon Jan 14 14:41:13 PST 201301:40
shirokuroand /var/log/Xorg.8.log [   157.839] (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)01:40
v33im going to try to remove the nouveau kernel suppor tthing and try again01:40
v33i recall when talking to the bumblebee team some time ago01:40
v33they made sure i didn't have that in there01:40
shirokurowhat kernel version are you using?01:40
shirokurothe problems started getting worse after like 3.701:41
shirokurooh, weird01:41
shirokuroi'm on nouveau's kernel tree, 3.9 rc4, haha01:41
shirokuroso no wonder it doesn't work for me01:41
shirokurobut yeah, if you check my github i was making bumblebee related packages like a week ago01:41
v33well, if prime can keep my temps down01:42
shirokuroi would not deliberately lead you astray01:42
v33i suppose ill hop on that01:42
v33i dont know man, you seem fishy now01:42
v33i keed i keed01:42
shirokuroprime doesn't do power management eitehr (yet), basically you have to load bbswitch at boot, and if you decide you need to use the nvidia card you have to quit x server, load nouveau module, and then startx again01:43
shirokurolame, i know01:43
shirokuromy temps are about 60c with prime01:43
v33and with bumblebee?01:43
shirokuroor 49 with card off01:43
v33im going to reboot and hope itworks01:44
*** v33 has quit IRC01:44
*** guzzano has joined #crux01:45
*** v33 has joined #crux01:47
v33now bumblebee daemon wont start01:47
shirokuroyeah, basically before i ditched bumblebee it would not start, but then when i ran it manually and modprobed nvidia, then startx it would work01:48
shirokuroand it woudl work normally01:48
v33let me try that01:48
v33if i dont come back on to irc within oh, 5, ive gone to my bed and died. :P01:48
shirokurook ;D01:49
v33and if that happens, let me say goodnight now and thanks for your help!01:49
*** v33 has quit IRC01:49
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*** himynameisphil has joined #crux08:15
himynameisphilfun with libsecret08:16
himynameisphiloh, and hi08:16
*** guzzano has joined #crux08:25
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*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux08:31
juehimynameisphil: running the post-install script that comes with the docbook-xsl port should help09:11
*** tilman has quit IRC09:27
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*** v33 has joined #crux10:24
v33hey guys10:25
horrorStrucksalutations v3310:28
v33how are your horrorStruck10:32
horrorStruckhungry and sleepy10:32
horrorStruckwhat about you?10:32
horrorStruckhohoho, below 2 sec :) Startup finished in 1s 180ms 219us (kernel) + 807ms 99us (userspace) = 1s 987ms 318us10:34
v33how'd you manage that?10:36
horrorStrucki may get lifetime ban if i tell you10:37
v33do it!10:37
v33well start up a new chat were there are no secrets10:38
horrorStruckeb:~$ prt-get current systemd10:38
v33systemd? isn't that illegal10:38
tilmanhorrorStruck: you got balls sir ;)10:38
frinnst7ban horrorStruck10:39
frinnstoops, typo10:39
tilmanhow unfortunate10:39
v33when do you think it's going to break10:39
horrorStruckin all honesty, i quite like it now that i've solved the few issues i had. my problem is i like latest stuff, i can't resist10:43
v33well if I works, it works10:44
horrorStruckwhat :D10:49
v33if it works fine no need to worry right?10:49
horrorStruckyou got your gpu stuff working btw ?10:51
v33somewhat, bumblebee won't function properly but at least bbswitch turns the card off so its not always sucking power out10:52
horrorStruckwasnt nvidia supposed to improve this situation?10:53
horrorStruckTAKE THAT10:56
frinnstnvidia contributing to linux10:56
horrorStruckIIRC they tried to improve the situation10:57
horrorStruckafter linus' finger10:57
frinnstdidnt they just brag about how much arm code the contributed?10:57
v33lol they have prime now but apparently it's not too good10:58
horrorStruckdunno, i dont have the hardware so i really dont follow this10:58
frinnsti never buy nvidia these days10:58
frinnstnot since ati/amd opened up their specs10:58
horrorStrucki have on the htpc but using their stuff10:58
v33I got this lappy for a really good price...I couldn't resist10:59
horrorStruckis there really a big diff in power consumption?10:59
v33i7 8 gigs of ram 2gb 650gt and a hybrid hard drive11:00
frinnstyes.. but it's a laptop.. :)11:00
v33well, when the nvidia card is active I get maybe an hour and a half11:00
frinnstshitty screen, crap keyboard.. touchpad-thingy11:00
v33without it 3 and a half11:00
frinnstand no way to upgrade11:00
horrorStrucksignificant definitely11:00
v33yea but for a 11.6 inch I love it11:00
horrorStrucklaptops are sexy11:01
v33usually hook up my mechanical keyboard and a mouse at home11:01
v33all that power in a potable 3 pound from factor11:01
horrorStruck3D pr0n \0/11:02
v333d can almost see the disappointment xD11:02
v33yea I wouldn't mind powerful desktop11:03
v33but since I take this bad big to school11:03
v33it's not bad11:03
frinnsthmm. i should buy food11:03
horrorStrucklooking at french cuisine tv show, i'm fucking hungry now11:04
horrorStruckthere was a poettering lookaling, the guy was a baker11:05
joacimlaptops are good when you dont want to get out of bed11:12
joacimi would sometimes sit around in bed for hours before getting out11:12
joacimi'm picky about laptops tho. do not want any laptop that dies after only a couple of hours on battery power11:14
horrorStruckdepends mainly of the OS, no?11:14
horrorStruckwell hardware is involved for sure11:15
joacima laptop with os x or windows can last for 6-9 hour. I don't know how crux would do11:16
*** guzzano has quit IRC11:18
*** v33 has quit IRC11:19
joacimI remember people used to sit closer to the walls during lectures because their laptops would die halfway through11:21
joacimsome would bring a power strip to guarantee they would get an outlet.11:22
frinnstpen & paper ftw!11:23
frinnstyoung kids these days with their fancy new technology11:23
joacimI prefer pen and paper too. having a laptop in front of me feels like a distraction.11:24
joacimI used a laptop when i was younger tho.11:24
horrorStruckno way i can follow a lesson with a laptop in front of me11:30
*** v33 has joined #crux11:31
v33any way to delay the loading of wicd during startup. arch uses @ or $ I think11:32
horrorStrucki can boot, build a kernel and reboot before your wicd starts, NOW WHAT? :D11:34
v33now I'll ask how you'd be able to do that?11:37
horrorStrucktyping fast :P11:37
horrorStruckthere are few init systems that handle parallelization11:39
v33oh? I need to get on that11:40
horrorStruckswitching to static IP should save a few sec11:40
*** v33 has quit IRC11:44
*** joacim has joined #crux12:07
tilmanhorrorStruck: so how often do you reboot this machine?12:08
horrorStrucktilman: depends, at least once a day, more if playing with kernel (and i know where this is going :) )12:10
tilmanhorrorStruck: }:>12:11
horrorStruckserisously it's not bad, i was very much against it until i started using it. it's ok, really12:11
*** timcowchip has joined #crux12:15
timcowchip how do I apply this patch to 2 different files?12:24
timcowchipthe "INDEX" line is the name of the file to be patched by that portion between the ============ lines12:26
timcowchipit works if I split the file into 2 patches and apply them to the appropriate file12:27
timcowchipproblem is my Pkgfile downloads an opensuse src.rpm then extracts its contents inluding the patches as is12:29
timcowchipmaybe I could patch the patch12:34
*** fireglow has quit IRC12:41
*** fireglow has joined #crux12:44
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*** tinlap has joined #crux12:57
tinlapGood evening everyone. Does anyone have a Pkgfile for Emacs?12:57
tinlapI tried a few and a manual install, however, it seems it didn't work as intended12:58
*** smil3y has quit IRC13:04
*** guzzano has joined #crux13:23
*** tinlap has quit IRC13:25
*** v33 has joined #crux13:59
v33anyone using the latest chromium?13:59
v33the one in the ports, that is13:59
*** v33 has quit IRC14:04
frinnstI have it installed, but never use it14:13
*** crash_ has quit IRC14:16
*** crash__ has joined #crux14:16
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*** lasso has quit IRC14:22
*** Kaishi has joined #crux14:23
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timcowchipI fingered it out: split -l 19 tkrat-load.patch tkrat-load.patch14:31
timcowchipcat tkrat-load.patchaa > tkrat-lib.patch14:31
timcowchipcat tkrat-load.patchab tkrat-load.patchac > tkrat-util.patch14:32
*** guzzano has joined #crux14:32
timcowchipwould be nice to have a tkrat port in a Swedish distro14:37
*** shirokuro has joined #crux15:06
*** v33 has joined #crux15:08
v33chromium doesn't seem to want to play nice with flash. i have flash installed, but it still asks for it when i go on also complains how libpng was build with 1.2.45 butim on 1.5.1515:09
timcowchipmidori works with flash15:13
shirokuroi use firefox15:13
v33midori is so bland, though :P15:13
v33not sure if it was an ubuntu thing15:13
v33i noticed how with 2 tabs open, it was eating away at my cpu, roughly 30%!15:14
shirokurowhen i play flash videos sometimes firefox is like that15:14
v33oh this is without flash15:16
shirokurohm, i dunno, works ok for me15:16
shirokuroromster has some pre-compiled packages of different firefox, chromium, and webkit versions somewhere, forgot the exact address15:17
shirokurochromium has a way to use its built in flash player in about:flags i think15:18
shirokurochrome://plugins actually15:20
shirokurov33, i think i figured out the deal with bumblebee15:37
v33shirokuro, what is it!?15:42
shirokuroromster's package is looking for the nvidia driver in /usr/lib/nvidia-bumblebee, but dkms-nvidia installs to /usr/lib/nvidia so we have to use pitman's bumblebee package15:43
shirokurohttpup sync bumblebee15:43
v33oh, you've gotten it to work?15:43
shirokuroi'm installing it right now15:44
shirokuroone sec15:44
*** shirokuro has quit IRC15:44
v33shirokuro, what is it!?15:46
*** shirokuro has joined #crux15:51
shirokurov33, yeah, it's working for me15:51
v33someone light some god damn candles!15:51
v33i just recompiled it myself15:51
shirokuroin the nvidia src directory do dkms add nvidia/310.32 and dkms install nvidia/310.3215:52
shirokuroit wouldn't install for me with make install15:52
v33done :D15:52
v33im going to head out to the gym, but once i get back, ill test out this bad boy15:54
v33thanks again!15:54
shirokurosorry i didn't realize it sooner15:54
*** v33 has quit IRC15:54
shirokuroi feel dirty though, going back to nouveau15:56
*** shirokuro has quit IRC15:56
*** timcowchip has quit IRC15:59
*** timcowchip has joined #crux16:00
*** Kaishi has quit IRC16:21
himynameisphilurgh, trouble upgrading webkit now.16:39
himynameisphili am having lots of trouble with recent upgrades; is it just me?16:40
jaegerI've not had trouble lately but I have relatively simple installs16:44
timcowchipports -u ; prt-get update glib libsoup ; prt-get depinst gst-plugins-base1 libwebp libsecret16:44
timcowchipwhat worked for me me when Ihad trouble upgrading webkit16:45
himynameisphilthanks; i was missing gst-plugins-base1 cuz i only searched for 'gstreamer'!16:45
timcowchiphowto use wish.istall in a Pkgfile?16:48
timcowchipits a tcl/tk way of installing exmh or tkrat16:50
horrorStruckhow about you run it inside the build function of the Pkgfile? can you setup DESTDIR using this?16:51
horrorStruckor just look at the content of this script and reproduce it in your Pkgfile maybe16:52
timcowchipDESTDIR is where the package installs with pkgadd?16:52
timcowchiplike /usr/bin?16:53
timcowchipI don't realy know how pkgmk works16:53
horrorStruckno it's different16:54
horrorStruckit's used for packaging purpose16:54
horrorStruckit just says not to install on your live system but in $PKG16:54
timcowchipso wish wants to use the live system16:55
*** shirokuro has joined #crux16:56
horrorStruckcan you give an url to one of this thing you're trying to install?16:57
timcowchipmaybe I could add a wish script to the Pkgfile16:59
timcowchipmake | make install works on the extracted tarball in the opensuse.src.rpm with the patches applied17:02
timcowchipI had to split one of the patches to use on different makefiles17:02
horrorStrucki guess i'm still confused about this wish thing is17:11
*** joacim has quit IRC17:17
*** joacim has joined #crux17:27
*** shirokuro has quit IRC17:35
*** shirokuro has joined #crux17:45
*** dkoby has joined #crux17:58
*** shirokuro has quit IRC18:12
*** v33 has joined #crux18:15
v33hey shirokuro bumblebee still wont start :(18:16
v33wait nvm18:16
v33now it says this:
v33hey Romster, just added your firefox binary file, installed all the depenencies, but its spewing out this error (process:10541): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed18:26
horrorStruckv33: i have latest stable and latest beta of chromium on github if you want18:34
v33link me!18:35
v33well, let me try recompiling, ill let you know how it works18:38
horrorStruckv33: you'll need to build+install dotconf and speechd before chromium18:42
v33bahh, let me ge tthose in then18:44
horrorStruckyou may want my versions of openldap and krb5 since they are respectively more simple for the first one and up-to-date for the other18:44
v33do you have dotconf?18:45
v33i cant seem to find it18:45
v33fail, my eyes suck18:46
horrorStrucksorry it's a vcs port, been to lazy to upload a tarball18:47
v33oh its fine, as long as chrome functions normally18:48
v33the crux community keep sgetting bigger :)18:49
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC18:50
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux18:51
*** shirokuro has joined #crux18:53
nogagplz seems about the same as always18:54
shirokurov33, exit x, pkill bumblebeed, and run it again bumblebeed --daemon  then startx, it should work18:54
shirokurofor some reason it doesn't create screen :8 at first18:54
v33shirokuro i actually set it to not start at all, so, yea :P18:58
shirokurouh, that would explain it18:58
shirokuroso it works?18:58
v33i think so, i'd double check, but, im building chrome and cant log out :P18:59
shirokuroyeah, i figured18:59
v33horrorStruck, i get this
horrorStruckv33: git clone
horrorStruckv33: git://
horrorStruckwell, last attempt: git clone git:// && cd crux-ports/chromium19:11
shirokurodangit, i just kissed my dog's eye boogers19:13
v33horrorStruck let me try it one sec19:16
v33its building so...19:20
horrorStruckyou installed dotconf and speechd?19:20
horrorStrucki just created an archive for dotconf, git pull19:21
v33i built them seperately yea lol19:22
*** ccssnet has joined #crux19:26
horrorStruckbuilt and installed right :) ?19:28
v33still building haha19:37
horrorStruckyeah it takes forever19:40
v33im not complaining. use to do this on a p4, now its an i719:40
v33goes by a "little" faster19:40
horrorStrucki need more than an hour on a i3 330m19:44
*** joe9 has quit IRC19:56
shirokurothat file is in krb5 and bind ports19:56
horrorStruckv33: build and install in this order openldap, krb5, dotconf, speechd, chromium19:59
horrorStruckor you can disable krb5 support in chromium but well19:59
v33grr, you had told me earlier about it too19:59
v33ill just install it all19:59
*** Romeo- has quit IRC20:05
*** dkoby has quit IRC20:25
*** shirokuro has quit IRC20:47
v33so, hows everyone doing20:50
horrorStruckv33: build has finished?20:56
v33nope :/20:56
v33chromium is still going, but, no errors yet so thats good haha20:56
horrorStruckok good :)20:57
*** timcowchip has quit IRC21:20
horrorStruckv33: if you want latest flash (11.7.700.152) with chromium:
*** shirokuro has joined #crux21:36
horrorStruckbut you'll have to replace /usr/bon/chromium with this one:
*** timcowchip has joined #crux21:57
*** vaddi has joined #crux22:06
v33ill check it out "if" chromium decides to finish22:17
horrorStruckstill building?? now that's not normal... using -j4?22:24
horrorStruckor whatever is suitable for your i722:24
v33just finished22:28
v33i used -j522:28
v33hope thats correct lol22:28
v33the x's work, but flash is still complaining22:28
v33let me get your version of flash22:28
horrorStruckexport MAKEFLAGS="-j4" in /etc/pkgmk.conf22:28
v33does the makeflag really cause a big difference in compile ties?22:30
v33fatal: not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?22:31
v33bash-4.2$ git update-server-inf22:31
horrorStruckmakes a big difference22:31
v33ill just do it manually22:31
v33downloading the pkgfile and all22:31
horrorStruckcd crux-ports && git pull && cd chromium-pepper-flash/22:32
shirokurov33: it makes a huge difference22:33
shirokuroi thought iwas makeopts at first too22:33
horrorStruckalso, you'll have to do this (as root): wget -O /usr/bin/chromium22:33
v33bahh been wasting time22:34
horrorStruckhow many cores does your i7 have?22:34
v334 cores 2 threads22:34
horrorStruck2+ht or 422:34
v334 cores22:35
horrorStruckwith ht22:35
v33not quite sure22:35
v33let me check it out22:35
v33its the new ivy bridge ones though22:35
shirokuroi just do grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo to determine -j22:36
v33seems like it does22:36
horrorStruckyou'll save a lot of compile time with proper makeflags22:38
horrorStruckyou can use 8 or 9 with a cpu like this22:38
horrorStrucki have onr too22:39
shirokurodoes your laptop have optimus too? ;)22:39
v33yes :P22:39
shirokurowe need a bad laptop technology club22:39
horrorStruckmy beloved x201 wont join your club :P22:40
v33oh man, they had a really high end x220 with an ips screen at my school on sale for 6-700 bucks22:40
v33had an i7 too22:40
v33and i missed it. i swear to god, i wanted to hang myself22:41
shirokuroi'm not sure i've experienced this ips screen in person22:42
v33hey shirokuro, what do you use to monitor your laptops battery22:42
v33hm ill check it out22:45
v33well, gunna reboot, brb22:45
*** v33 has quit IRC22:48
*** v33 has joined #crux22:49
v33so hows everyones night22:49
v33or day22:49
shirokuroi'm good, i'm drinking chianti, never had it before22:50
shirokuronot even sure how to pronounce it22:50
v33not bad22:51
v33hm...wicd wont let me click okay after entering my password22:53
horrorStruckhmm chianti22:55
v33more of a vodka guy myself22:57
v33or tequila22:57
*** timcowchip has quit IRC23:02
shirokuroi had that problem with wicd too, someone else reported it, i also encountered it on archlinux23:03
shirokuroi just use wpa_supplicant23:03
shirokuroi don't drink often, but this happened to be available so i went for it23:04
v33i have wpa_supplicant installed, though o.O23:08
shirokuroyeah, it can authenticate by itself.. i use dhcpcd to finish the job23:09
shirokurocreate a network array in /etc/wpa.conf e.g. network={ <enter> ssid="" <enter> psk="" <enter> }23:10
shirokurodhcpcd -b wlan0 (or whatever interface)23:10
shirokurowpa_supplicant -B -c/etc/wpa.conf-Dnl80211,wext  -iwlan0 first (dunno about your -D but that should be good enough to connect)23:11
horrorStruckyou shouldn't need wext23:12
shirokurosome poor guy i talked to with an intel card the other day had to :(23:12
horrorStruckmust be using some distro from 1999 :P23:12
shirokurouh oh, i'm listening to the cure23:17
v33alright guys, im heading to bed23:18
v33i need to catch up on sleep23:18
v33good night, thanks for all your help!23:18
shirokurook, g'night23:18
*** v33 has quit IRC23:18
shirokurohorrorStruck, is your git for chromium equivalent to like firefox-nightly?23:25
shirokuroi don't see a linux beta version on chromium's website23:26
horrorStruckshirokuro: there are two, chromium which is latest stable and beta which is latest from beta branch, not really nightly equivalent23:27
horrorStruckthey have 3 branches, stable, beta and dev23:27
shirokurogotcha, thanks23:27
shirokuroi'm still using firefox 18 because of some addons, i'm asking to be hacked23:28
horrorStrucki like the fact chromium provides sandboxing mechanism23:28
horrorStruckand up to date flash23:29
shirokuroi use a sort of archaic window manager and it doesn't handle chromium's flash player fullscreen properly23:29
horrorStruckwhich one do you use?23:29
prologicany good web devs here with js kills?23:29
horrorStruckisn't it some dwm derivative?23:29
horrorStruckhi prologic23:30
shirokuroit was inspired by xmonad and dwm, yeah23:30
shirokurowhen i'm feeling suicidal i'll make a haskell crux port23:30
prologicwhich implementation?23:31
shirokurodwm though, unlike spectrwm, has a floating stack, although it's buggy23:31
prologicSomeone help me work out why the js is failing for me?23:31
horrorStruckprologic: i would if i could :)23:32
shirokuroi can't connect to it23:36
*** shirokuro has quit IRC23:38
*** shirokuro has joined #crux23:39
Romsternot as suicidal as some other Pkgfiles are.23:42
Romstermine bootstraps itself if it's not already installed.23:43
sh4rm4Romster, did you mean to address shirokuro ?23:46
shirokurooh, i think he did23:47
shirokuroghc looks like haskell23:47
shirokuroi was just joking about xmonad, but thanks23:47
Romsterbah i probably did...23:49
Romstertab fail.23:49
Romsteryou both start with sh23:49
shirokuroas far as suicidal, i remember your cdrtools pkgfile, now that's na ugly build23:49
shirokurothanks for making that coherent23:49
Romsterhmm i haven't touched that cdrools port in ages now.23:50
Romsteryeah already looking at it.23:51
shirokuromkisofs is really useful for me, i use it with qemu quite a bit23:51
Romsterwould of thought that would be in cdrkit.23:52
shirokurome too, but it's not23:52
shirokuroin fact our virtualbox pkgfile fails because of it23:52
Romsterlack of it?23:52
shirokurocdrkit doesnot include mkisofs in crux23:53
Romsteri just looked and i see that.23:53
shirokurothat virtualbox package has permission problems, i think there is a missing udev rule23:53
jueit is, but called genisoimage23:53
shirokurooh, thanks23:53
Romsterah damn them renaming stuff.23:53
Romsteri really really need to move a bunch of ports to attic.23:54
RomsterSchily is crazy that's why we went with cdrkit.23:55
Romsterjust looking at the Pkgfile proves that.23:55
shirokuroya, but perhaps put a symbolic link from mkisofs to genisoimage23:55
Romsterit would be better if virtualbox had a sed to change mkisofs to genisoimage23:56
Romsterif it's coded correctly there should be one single variable to change for that.23:56
shirokuroi didn't look at it too hard, they use kbuild23:56
Romsterprovided the two commands have the same arguments.23:56
Romstergrep -r mkisofs23:57
Romsterin it's source.23:57
shirokuromay i make another suggestion/warning as far as crux? i noticed that if you have gpm installed, ncurses-32 fails to build, and if you specify configure --without-gpm it build but is totally broken23:58
shirokuroperhaps a readme can specify that23:58
Romsteralso make virtualbox depend on cdrkit in depends on.23:58
Romsternot tested that.23:58
Romstertotally broken in what way?23:59
shirokuronothing successfully links against ncurses-3223:59

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