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horrorStruckthey see me bootin they hatin :P  this stuff is crazy, i just save 3 minutes of my life for the next 365 days
Romsterhow on earth did you get it that low.02:14
horrorStruckblame systemd :P02:15
Romstereek not installing that02:15
Romsterhows the binary log format going along? can you grep it?02:16
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horrorStruckwith a pipe02:17
Romsterlead pipe in the library with miss peacock... sorry random thought02:18
nogagplztry this for extra speed romster: init=/bin/true02:19
Romsterrandom thought of me bashing systemd with a lead pipe02:19
Romsteronce was enough02:22
Romsterand i had forgotten about that02:22
Romsterthat was hell.02:23
nogagplznot the exchanges fault you're suffering from internet addiction02:23
Romsterhow would you cope with 4 weeks of dialup speeds?02:24
Romsteroh and 2 weeks of no net at all not even 3G at dialup speeds02:25
nogagplzwell I coped from 1998 to 2009 with dialup just fine ._.02:27
Romster updated02:27
Romsteri just coped then nogagplz02:28
nogagplzcope with this02:29
juehorrorStruck: are you going to tell us every day how fast your system has booted with systemd?02:30
juehorrorStruck: :)02:31
Romsterdoesn't really bother me jue, didn't i bug everyone everyday with some said feature i devised too?02:31
Romsteroh wait version sort -_-02:32
jueRomster: just joking :)02:32
nogagplzyou're just another brick in the wall Romster, whereas this guy is using systemd! :P02:32
Romsterme too02:32
horrorStruckjue: as long as i can reduce it :)02:33
Romsterpink Floyd reference.02:33
Romsteri'm more wondering how you go about with other tasks like having to rewrite all the services scripts etc.02:33
horrorStruckthey come from upstream02:34
Romsteris this on arch or did you replace stuff on crux?02:34
horrorStruckthis is crux02:34
Romsteri'd honestly go with runit again than systemd on crux. if i were to get unlazy and had more time.02:35
teK_always reading ruin it the first time.. :|02:36
Romsteri need a shirt that says "systemd kills inits" or something along those lines. how does other init's survive when udev is not gonna last much longer. unless of course of them udev forks.02:36
Romsternext up horrorStruck will use pam_systemd02:37
horrorStrucknot on my schedule so far :)02:40
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Romsterwonder what upstart will do02:41
horrorStruckthey'll probably keep doing their own stuff on their side, like they are doing with more and more software02:43
Romstermore phone home stuff.02:44
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horrorStruckmore phone stuff too02:45
Romsterprologic, random search i found this, might interest you too
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prologicRomster, upstart?04:02
prologicThat's the Canonical/Ubuntu init replacement04:02
Romsteryeah but look what the blog entry had at the top how to read packets form /proc04:03
Romsterfrom, i was thiking circuits could use some of them event packets todo stuff.04:03
prologiclike what?04:04
Romsterlike perhaps monitor all files that get read/written after a certain command is executed?04:04
Romsteruntil it's termination04:04
prologicto achieve what purpose?04:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: distribute: 0.6.35 -> 0.6.3604:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: flac: updated homepage url04:06
Romsterperhaps to help with binary building ports so we can track down what it really looks for. than guessing with the configure.04:06
Romsteror monitor system load other factors *shrugs*04:06
Romsterwas a thought.04:07
prologicnot sure :)04:09
Romsteron an entearly different note i need to get sarahaswiki on my host when i'm not tired next 2 weekends are already full.04:09
Romsterhmm guess i'm full of silly ideas mostly.04:20
RomsterSomething just reminded me, we don't use NLS so why do we have core/gettext for? prt-get dependent --all lists nothing in core itself.04:24
frinnstbuildtime dep for something critical?04:38
Romsterprobably but it should be listed as such in the Pkgfile.04:40
Romsteri might find out later in a chroot.04:40
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frinnstoh god why06:47
frinnst32bit should just die die die06:47
frinnstgood thing its already dead06:48
joacim"Separated /lib, /lib32 and /lib64 trees are not required anymore in OS directory structure."06:50
joacimmostly this part i want06:50
joacimhaving lib32 and lib64 messes up my tab complete06:50
joacimand a lot of atom-based machines seems to be locked to 32-bit mode06:51
joacimi think atom has optional support for 64-bit software, but most hardware manucafturers seems to opt out.06:52
joacimare they making atom powered laptops and desktops still? been years since i've seen someone use a netbook06:54
jaegerMy atom HTPC supports 64 but I don't have experience with any other atom machines07:13
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frinnstmy atom does not07:35
frinnstfrom 200907:35
juetwo atoms here, one netbook and my router/gateway with a intel D510MO board, both running CRUX 3.007:52
jaegerAnyone have an Intel NUC? Those look neat07:55
horrorStrucknever heard about this before, want one already :O07:58
jaegerI'm thinking about replacing my atom HTPC with one of those07:59
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horrorStruckhow much do they cost approx ?08:00
jaegerI just haven't bought one because it'll be quite a bit more expensive after buying RAM and an mSATA drive08:00
jaegerThe model I looked at is $294.9908:01
frinnsti looked at some models the other day08:38
frinnstthe ones i saw, you had to chose between wifi or wired08:38
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v33hello hello09:34
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niklaswegood evening09:55
v33how od you do, sir10:14
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frinnsti have an athlon II neo.. 64bit ftw11:21
joacimthis server i want has that. hp proliant microserver11:24
frinnstthats the one i have11:25
frinnstit is just as epic as you think it is11:26
frinnstatleast thats how i feel.. niklaswe had some issues with his i think11:26
frinnstou, they have upgraded the cpu once again11:27
timcowchiphow much $?11:28
frinnstlast time i looked HP PROLIANT N40L MICROSERVER AMD TURION II 1.5-2MB was top of the line11:28
frinnst2 999 kr11:28
frinnst2999 Swedish Krona equals11:29
frinnst467.09 US Dollar11:29
timcowchipnot bad11:29
frinnstwow, $ is really low11:29
frinnsthalf the value compared to ~5 years ago11:29
timcowchipI paid almost $300 for my D510/D510MO11:31
timcowchipfor 50% more I could have had 10 times the machine11:31
frinnstnot in that form factor11:32
timcowchipis that barebones?11:32
frinnstalso, not x10 the machine11:32
frinnstwell, there are different configs for it. you probably want to buy without harddrives11:33
frinnsthmm.. only 2tb drives are supported11:33
timcowchipI've got 160GB11:34
frinnsti have 4x2tb in mine11:34
frinnstwould be nice to be able to fit 3tb drives in the near future11:34
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frinnstim thinking of buying another one to use for backups11:35
timcowchipa guy that works at intel told me that they're working on a carbon based ingot as opposed to silicon11:36
joacimbeen looking around for home-made servers, but i could never find a chassis that seemed as nice and "servery" as the microserver11:37
v33what do you guys use it for, aside from the new, soon to be back up server11:37
timcowchipsimilar to making synthetic diamonds11:37
jaegerI need to come up with a useful backup system at home11:37
frinnstgeneral server.. does nat, nas(nfs), mail, dns, dhcp, http11:37
frinnstand irc :)11:37
joacimsounds like what i would use it for. except i would put a drive in there for those apple branded time machine backups11:38
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jaegerI set up an openindiana VM over the weekend with 3 physical drives dedicated to it as a test11:38
frinnstis openindiana still being developed?11:39
jaegerAs far as I know11:39
jaegeropensolaris is gone, illumos (and things like openindiana based on it) are still around11:39
frinnsti remember reading the guy in charge of that project sending a very public resignation letter saying not-so-nice things over the opensolaris commuinities11:39
frinnstah, maybe it was the guy in charge of opensolaris11:40
jaegerhad some trouble getting it going at first, it didn't like to use either the lsisas controller or vmxnet3 NICs11:46
jaegerhad to switch to lsi parallel and e1000s11:46
frinnstopen-vm-tools available?11:47
jaegerDon't know, I used the official ones11:48
frinnstah, so atleast that exists11:48
jaegeryeah... theoretically vmxnet3 should work, I didn't research it11:48
frinnstsounds nice... no vmtools is pretty much a show stopper at work. our monitoring software would freak out and flood me with mail11:49
frinnstwe use veeam one for vm monitoring.. its quite nice11:49
jaegerIs that commercial? I've heard the name but haven't looked into it11:50
frinnstyeah, but worth it imo11:50
frinnstveeam are probably more known for their vm backup software11:51
frinnst(also awesome)11:51
frinnstbut that is quite expensive iirc11:51
v33i was thinking of getting a gooseberry, and, installing crux and using it to filter network traffic, scan websites, and act as a firewall11:52
jaegerWe're using ZFS replication to an offsite NAS for our backups currently11:53
frinnstany versioning in those replicas?11:53
jaegerdaily snapshots of the ZFS itself plus whatever snapshots I might do in vsphere11:54
jaegerIt's certainly not vmware-aware like veeam probably is but serves our purposes11:54
frinnstim not sure what added benefit veeam really adds to non-windows vms11:56
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frinnstthe vss features for windows backups are sweet and other hooks for handling exchange and sql11:57
jaegerI bet11:57
jaegervss interop is one thing that's been really handy with our ZFS NASes11:58
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Amnesia XD12:03
v33is this real life?12:06
frinnstno, its the internet12:06
v33i prefer to call it afk12:07
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v33if you get that reference, +5 internet points12:07
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v33well off to class12:11
v33catch ya later guys12:11
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frinnstnot sure if its a joke or not12:13
Amnesiafrinnst: most likely it isn;t12:14
AmnesiaThe funny part is, they're dead serious^^12:15
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joacimliked and subscribed!12:25
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timcowchipI have a question about tk/tcl12:44
timcowchipthere are contrib ports for both12:45
timcowchipyet it does not seem possible to make a port for anything that uses them12:47
timcowchipI see tkimg and rrdtool12:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: enable openssl support13:39
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v33game of thrones anyone?15:04
teK_just watched s03e0215:04
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v33how was it15:11
v33im downlading it now15:11
v33in blue ray ^___^15:11
v33just wish the seeders had better connection....400 mb down :/15:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libseccomp: inital import15:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libiscsi: inital import15:26
teK_v33: nice but I forgot almost every relationship described in the first two seasons15:27
teK_barathian? well .. who the hell was that again :p15:27
teK_Sir Anywho from Whocares15:28
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teK_iscsi support for crux. \o/15:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libiscsi: update description and url15:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: open-iscsi: initial import15:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vala: use /usr/lib instead of /usr/share16:08
teK_Romster: ------------------------^  you might want to adjust your midori and libsecret ports accordingly16:10
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v33yea, im not good with names either teK_, but still the shows awesome16:18
teK_hope I'll reaccustom soon16:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpd: 0.16.7 -> 0.16.817:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 310.4417:52
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 310.4417:53
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Henesywell I finally got e17 to start (back to console I go) and got sound and video playing from the console18:42
HenesyI am thoroughly satisfied with my system now18:42
nogagplzyou say that now18:45
nogagplzbut things will keep popping up that you forgot18:45
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nogagplzeating away at the very fabric of your being18:46
v33anyone have the binary version of wicd, the one that allows you to punch in the wifi password?18:47
goodboxTo punch in the wifi password ? :o18:47
goodbox(hi cruxer's)18:47
Henesyv33, just use wpa_supplicant?18:50
v33i tried, couln't get the bugger to work18:51
Henesyv33, use the "net" dhcp section and copy that down for your device, add the appropriate ip link all that as it asks, then "wpa_passphrase [stuff goes here] > /etc/wpa.conf" then reboot, iwconfig to see if it's up, and have fun18:52
Henesymight have to add wpa_supplicant or w/e running as a daemon to startup18:52
v33i think i took off "net" thats why i twont work18:52
v33face palm haha18:52
Henesycrux handbook "net" dhcp entry + wpa_passphrase + rc.local "wpa_supplicant -d" or w/e it is + net in rc.conf services = happy wifi-er18:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-good1: initial import18:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-bad1: initial import18:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-ugly1: initial import18:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ant: 1.8.4 -> 1.9.018:58
Romsterthaks tek make more work for me -_-18:58
RomsterteK_, you didn't add the footprint change.19:05
nogagplzback to work Romster, quit slacking off19:06
Romsteryeah i'm already late to back to work19:06
Romsterand shutup nogagplz at lest i do work19:06
nogagplzyou're a harsh mistress sometimes19:09
Henesynogagplz, speaking of problems that bother me . . . the sound buttons don't adjust sound . . .19:22
Henesycan that be worked from console?19:22
nogagplztry amixer or alsamixer19:23
Henesyalsamixer is glorious and is the reason my sound works now19:23
Henesynever tried amixer . . .19:23
nogagplzamixer is a bit different19:23
nogagplzit's handy for instance if your audio hotkeys do nothing by default, just set something like amixer -c 0 set PCM +5% as the key/combination if poissible19:25
Henesyi'll try that19:27
Henesycurrently that computer is being eaten by sysup, vlc, and llvm/clang installing19:27
HenesyInteresting discovery I just ran across:
nogagplzlol wow19:44
Henesyi think compiling this will be my next endeavour19:45
goodboxPlain text terminal support of twin is very interresting, do you think that could be an stacking alternative of screen or tmux ?19:54
HenesyCertainly, though it seems twin actually requires X, I'm not sure about tmux or screen20:00
Henesymore related funsies:
v33is there really a big job market for network penetration? i find that interesting lol20:34
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