IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2013-04-14

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diverseRomster: how do I force rebuild a package and its dependencies?00:31
diverseor better yet force rebuild of the entire system.00:31
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Romsterfeed a package list to prt-get update -fr00:33
Romsterprt-get quickdep foo00:33
Romsterpkginfo -i |cut -d' ' -f1 |xargs00:34
Romsterfirst one lists all deps of a ports deptree second one lists all installed ports.00:35
Romstersuch a trivial question that's generic shouldn't be addressed to me. anyone can help with that.00:36
diversehow would I got about typing out the command?00:37
Henesysudo prt-get update -fr python ipython e1700:37
Henesyfor updating those packages00:37
Henesyinsert your own for your own purposes00:37
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(pkginfo -i |cut -d' ' -f1 |xargs)00:38
diverseRomster: thanks00:38
Romsterthat will rebuild the entire system00:38
Romsteryou sure you don't just want todo prt-get update -fr $revdep)00:39
Romsteryou sure you don't just want todo prt-get update -fr $(revdep)00:39
diverseWell I am still trying to get the mouse and keyboard to work...00:39
Henesylook into gpm00:40
Henesyand synaptics if you use touchpad00:40
Henesyi believe gpm support needs to be in the kernel as well00:41
cdocHey all, I just setup a new package mirror. Wasn't sure whether to let everyone know here or in the mail list.00:41
diverseHenesy: I am trying to get them to work in X, not in gpm, despite already enabling evdev in the kernel and rebuilding it.00:42
Romstercdoc, mailing list is the best place for that, but since your here.00:45
Romsterbut don't know who is about currently00:46
diverseRomster: I think I will just rebuild xorg by doing: prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep xorg)00:49
horrorStruckdiverse: zgrep USB_HID /proc/config.gz00:53
Romsterthen the video/input modules after00:53
diversehorrorStruck: I don't have config.gz file.00:54
RomsterCONFIG_USB_HID=y CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV=y i got that, wonder if diverse does00:54
Romsterthen grep it out of .config in your kernel source dir00:55
horrorStruckyou need that if you're using usb keyboard at least00:55
Romsterand next time you build your kernel turn on /proc/config.gz00:55
horrorStruckdiverse: grep your .config in your kernel sources if you still have it00:56
diverseRomster: I have both of those already enabled...00:58
diversehorrorStruck: which is the option to enable /proc/config.gz?00:58
v33thank god i saved horrorStrucks kernel config, never have to deal with that stuff again :D00:58
Romsterdiverse, search in the menu with /00:59
horrorStruckdiverse: CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC01:00
horrorStruckv33: :)01:00
Romster/config.gz <enter>01:00
Romsteror search for that.01:00
Romsterdon't edit the .config manually use the menu01:01
nogagplzor just steal the config from somewhere like arch if you're exceedingly lazy, works fine01:01
horrorStruckbut expect 10 hours build :P01:01
nogagplzgive or take 9 hours 40 minutes on something modern :P01:02
diversehorrorStruck: Romster: Ok, I didn't have "Kernel .config support" enabled and I turned that on and I also enabled the "Enable access to .config through /proc/config.gz" option01:04
diverseI am waiting for my xorg rebuilding to finish. It seems to be installing new packages as well.01:07
horrorStruckdiverse: your keyboard is usb?01:07
Romsterapparantly if you run off the cd and chroot over and do make localmodconfig it'll get all your device drivers for you.01:07
Romsteri'm gonna try that i got 2 other boxens to setup.01:07
horrorStruckchose localyesconfig to have stuff built-in01:07
v33i think im going to spend spring break diving into linux a bit more01:08
nogagplzstay a while01:10
nogagplz...stay FOREVER01:10
diverseRomster: it seems I am pulling all the device drivers by doing prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep xorg). Is that wrong?01:11
Romsternope it'll get most.01:12
Romsterevdev keyboard mouse01:12
Romsterbut it wont incude stuff like intel nvidia etc depending on what you use. it'll only include mesa and vesa01:12
diverseI already have nvidia installed, so not a problem.01:13
Romsteryeah but it's ABI might be wrong after rebuilding xorg-server, you'll find out if it crashes on glx-gears01:14
diverseshould I rebuild nvidia?01:15
Romsterupto you01:15
Romsterit may be ok but i'd rebuild it for good measure.01:15
diverseI like to play it safe.01:16
horrorStruckv33: by the way, i read latest nvidia beta handles optimus, did you try it?01:16
v33no, i haven't. :P01:17
v33apparently they're working on something called primus, but, i dont know...01:17
v33awww, sweet!01:19
v33who wants to update their ports!? lmaoo01:19
diversei bet you do01:20
Romsterv33 apparantly you can use bumblebee with primus instead of virtualgl01:21
Romsterbut i have no such hardware to test.01:21
v33i compiled primus some time ago, but, since bumblebee wasn't working, it was acting up01:23
v33but not sure if thats the same primus as the one nvidia is introducing01:23
Romsteri think that's optimus that nvidia is introducing. dunno the whole thing is confusing.01:27
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diversegreat I am start01:35
Romsterstuck on what?01:35
diverseafter rebuilding xorg and enabling/rebuilding config.gz from the kernel, my mouse and keyboard still not work.01:36
Romsterremove your xorg.conf file startx see if it'll work on the normal drivers.01:37
Romstermight have issues with keyboard mouse in your conf01:38
horrorStruckdiverse: can you paste your config somewhere?01:38
horrorStruckdiverse: and any errors in X logs by the way?01:39
diverseRomster: I did try that, X wouldn't boot without a config.01:40
diversehorrorStruck: would you want me to give you a paste of the xorg log file?01:41
diversehorrorStruck: did you want the kernel config or the xorg.conf ?01:42
horrorStruckused arch one as a template?01:46
diverseI configured it without any reference.01:47
horrorStruckyou need cgroups?01:48
diverseI don't know, do I?01:48
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Romster3.6.11 is a pretty old kernel version01:49
horrorStruckif you dont know, you dont need :)01:50
diversemore importantly, what feature am I missing for X to recognize my mouse and keyboard, I didn't have this much trouble with Crux 2.8 on virtualbox.01:51
nogagplzyou got evdev in there01:51
diverseyeah of course I do.01:52
horrorStruckdiverse: could you paste X logs as well?01:52
Romster for anyone still on crux 2.8 and only have 32bit hardware.01:52
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Romsterno iso yet though.01:53
nogagplzbetter get cracking on that then, time is money01:53
horrorStrucki have no such thing as your lines 41,42,4301:57
Henesyare there specific kernel modules for USB hubs, or is that included in USB support in general?01:58
horrorStruckdiverse: can you paste xorg.conf now?01:58
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horrorStruckdiverse: looks like you dont have psaux support in your kernel, try changing /dev/psaux to /dev/input/mice02:04
horrorStruckin xorg.conf ^02:04
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BurnZeZI'm having an issue getting webkit to compile.02:06
BurnZeZThrough a quick search, I noticed someone else had the same compile error involving a missing header.02:06
BurnZeZThey were also using prt-get, and I think the date was fairly recent02:07
BurnZeZI was curious as to whether they'd mentioned it here.02:07
diversehorrorStruck: I don't see where /dev/psaux is written in the file02:07
horrorStruckdiverse: my bad, i mixed up files02:10
diversehorrorStruck: its already written with /dev/input/mice, so no changes are needed...02:10
diversemaybe I need to reformat my system again?02:14
horrorStrucki dont think so02:15
horrorStruckdiverse: if you haven't already, can you put this file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/
horrorStruckand remove the stupid .txt extension of course02:18
horrorStruckit should be *.conf02:18
diversehorrorStruck: could you give me a shorter url, so I don't have to keep typing each of those characters in that long string to wget it?02:21
diverseor better yet, I will just create the file and type all the text in manually02:22
BurnZeZFormatting is for quitters02:24
diversehorrorStruck: and the file name needs to be "10-evdev.conf" right?02:25
horrorStruckyep or whatever .conf02:25
diverseok, and then startx?02:26
diverseok mouse still doesn't work...02:26
horrorStruckplug it02:27
horrorStrucki'm out of ideas02:27
diverseOh well, thanks for spending the time to help.02:28
horrorStruckah maybe just one last thing02:28
horrorStruckcan you paste dmesg?02:29
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BurnZeZ../Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/harfbuzz/HarfBuzzShaper.cpp:38:20: fatal error: hb-icu.h: No such file or directory02:34
BurnZeZThat's during the webkit compile.02:34
horrorStruckdiverse: input: failed to attach handler kbd to device input5, error: -1602:37
BurnZeZActually, on second though,t, this may be the fault of parallel compilation.02:37
horrorStrucksame for mouse02:39
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diversehorrorStruck: so what is the problem exactly? How do I fix it?02:39
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diversehorrorStruck: I want to thank you for your persistent help. I don't think this problem is solvable anymore.02:46
horrorStruckdiverse: can you paste /etc/fstab, /proc/cpuinfo and lspci -n ? i'll make a kernel config for you later today. i dont know what's your problem but i saw you have a lot of driver stuff built-in, it *may* confuse your machine02:49
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Romsterstupid firewall.... changed my netmask right unbound throws a fit, no gateway to host cra, change it back no workie... change ti back to what i wanted, still no workie... rebooted box that had 79 days of up time then it bloody works.02:57
Romsterno matter how i stopped started dsl net unbound would it work. and i did do commands manually02:57
Romsternow i'm annoyed again sigh.02:57
BurnZeZAbandon hope02:58
BurnZeZAbandon uptime02:58
Romsteri should not have to reboot to fix that crap.02:58
BurnZeZWhile true, sometimes it's unavoidable.02:58
Romsterip route del default ; ip link set eth0 down ; ip addr del dev eth0 ; ip link set lo down ; ip addr del dev lo ; /etc/rc.d/net start02:58
Romstershould of fixed it.02:59
Romsteri blame prologic that set this up long long time ago, i was running out of ips to use.02:59
BurnZeZOkay, so maybe it wasn't the fault of parallel compilation.03:17
Romsterwhat are you doing?03:17
BurnZeZTrying to get webkit to compile.03:17
BurnZeZI should really just find a binary package.03:18
Romsterpkgadd -u that03:19
BurnZeZAh, thanks a lot03:19
Romstermight need to change %23 to a # though in filename03:19
BurnZeZwget will probably fix it03:19
Romsterthough you should be able to install webkit by installing the new dependenciesif you haven't already and the README says to recompile harfbuzz with icu support03:20
Romsterprt-get deptree webkit see what's missing install those.03:21
BurnZeZAll the deps are installed03:22
Romsterand harfbuzz s compiled with icu support?03:22
BurnZeZThat's what I'm confirming right now.03:23
Romsterprt-get readme webkit03:23
BurnZeZThat command would've been nice to know 5 hours ago03:24
Romsterthere is a reason for README files.03:25
BurnZeZI know this03:25
Romstercompile harfbuzz install that binary webkit it'll save you a bunch of time03:25
Romsteri made sure i covered all bases with details.03:25
BurnZeZIt's just hard to be logical when you're low on sleep, and have spent the last 5 days installing tons of distros03:26
Romsterwell you shouldn't need to go any further as crux can become anything you install.03:26
BurnZeZcrux is incredible03:26
Romsterlike ive got crux firewall crux desktop ands oon 3 more boxes for moosfe use.03:27
BurnZeZMuch nicer than anything else I've tried03:27
Romsterthis is as close ot linux from scratch as you could get while having a package manager03:27
BurnZeZJust installed it over my gentoo install03:27
BurnZeZYeah, it's really nice03:27
Romsterdoes take some time skill to manage though03:28
Romsterbut it wont get in the way of you doing stuff.03:28
HenesyI'm sold on desktop/laptop crux, but I'm still working the kinks out of kernel upgrading on ARM03:28
BurnZeZI was using Gentoo for a while, but I ended up installing most of the stuff I used from source, anyways.03:28
Romsteri have yet to learn the laptop stuff like backlight etc.03:28
HenesyI got it working via a kernel module I believe03:29
Henesyit works in a tty with or without framebuffer03:29
HenesyI can try and backtrack and compile some steps if you want03:29
Romstermaybe later on, no use for it just yet.03:30
HenesyWhenever :)03:30
BurnZeZI'll be pretty happy once I get dwb installed.03:31
Henesy"links -g" for the win ;)03:32
BurnZeZI've gotten way too used to dwb's vi-style keybinds03:32
Romsteroh is dwb another editor03:33
Romsterah no browser.03:33
Henesyas much as I love vi(m) I know way too few of its commands/shortcuts and I usually end up just using cat/nano/ee03:33
Romstermidori is nice03:33
Romsternzbl or something was ok too.03:33
HenesyI've used midori, I can attest to its nice-ness03:34
BurnZeZI end up using cat/sed more often than vi(m)03:34
Henesynicest browser I can run easily in X on a pi03:34
Romsterit's nice but if you want to script yeah you need something else.03:34
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Romstersurprised flash works fine in midori03:34
BurnZeZI'm somewhat surprised to not see rcsh in the repos03:35
BurnZeZUnless I missed it03:35
HenesyI believe Dillo was the other one I tested on the pi, was not impressed03:35
Romsterif any of you figure out how to parse javascript though webkit in liek python i'd be really happy.03:35
Romsterused lynx03:35
Romstergood when you haven't got X installed.03:35
Henesylynx never pleased me when I used it for whatever reason. I didn't like the default colour scheme at all and the controls seemed funny, but then again I'm horribly biased because all I use for browsing in tty's is (e)links(2)03:36
Romsteri feel more comfortable with gui for web browsing.03:37
Romsteri just mostly open deluge for terminal stuff.03:37
HenesyI hardly use X on the laptop I use Crux on. If it wasn't for school I wouldn't run X on this laptop either and I'd learn some better CLI tools03:38
Romsteryou may as well compile dwb with gtk303:38
Henesy(at least you don't have to compile qt4, be ever thankful of that)03:38
BurnZeZI'd rather that03:39
BurnZeZAt least qt results in sensible GUIs03:39
HenesyQt4 takes so bloody long though03:39
Romsteri got a qt4 port anyways
Romsterwebkit takes longer03:39
Romster4.8GHz O_O03:39
Romsterthat has to be overclocked.03:40
HenesyTwo laptops with Intel Dual-Core e_e03:40
BurnZeZ3.4Ghz is standard clock03:40
Romsterphenom II 965 black edition 3.4Ghz but i haven't over clocked it yet03:40
BurnZeZSandy bridge OCs way too well03:40
BurnZeZMy temps average 25-30C03:40
Romsternot sure what i can squeeze out of this.03:41
BurnZeZI don't think I've ever gone higher than 60C at full load03:41
Romsteri have low latency ram with heatsink03:41
Romsteri have a massive cpu cooler i'd doubt i'd get past 55C03:41
BurnZeZI've got that crazy noctua one03:41
BurnZeZdh-14, maybe?03:42
BurnZeZI can't remember03:42
Henesy(4M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) well now I feel pathetic :P03:42
BurnZeZI don't think that's right.03:42
BurnZeZOh well03:42
BurnZeZnh-d14 maybe03:42
BurnZeZHenesy: Heh03:43
Henesythese are my highest end computer XD03:43
Henesy2 Pi's, Dell with that, Macbook 5,2 with that (Hate macs, for school :\ ), Old custom-built tower from 1998/2001 with pentium i486 or something like that03:44
RomsterArctic Cooling - AC-XTRM-V203:44
Henesythat looks delicious03:44
BurnZeZI wish I could click the link03:44
Romsteroh right -_-03:44
BurnZeZCurse you xterm03:44
Henesyterminator is nice for X03:45
Romsterhaven't you got X on yet?03:45
Romsteroh your probably compiling gtk303:45
BurnZeZI'm in X now, but haven't installed a decent  terminal emulator03:45
Henesyframebuffer works too03:45
Henesyframebuffer + gpm + synaptics03:45
Henesywhat more do you need?03:45
BurnZeZI don't remember if I have something to view images, either03:45
Romsterman 29" led monitor.... i only have a 27" one.03:45
Romster for those that can click links03:46
Romster21:9 ULTRAWIDE SCREEN03:46
BurnZeZStrangely enough, my favorite terminal emulator is xfce's03:46
Romsterweird aspect ratio03:46
Henesyxfce's terminal is quite nice03:46
Romsterwonder how that would go vertical :P03:47
HenesyI favour e17 for X with XFCE in second and Openbox in third03:47
Romsterpekwm last few years03:47
BurnZeZI just use i303:47
Henesyway back when crunchbang got me loving the openbox03:47
BurnZeZIt's kinda bloated, but the config scheme is just insanely handy03:47
Romsterso BurnZeZ ya think you found your distro of choice now03:47
BurnZeZThis is pretty awesome03:47
HenesyTWIN is nice if you don't want X, very DOS-y if memory serves03:47
Romstermostly power users use this if they can't handle it they go back to some binary distro.03:48
Romsteri originally came from dos.03:48
BurnZeZIf I hadn't found this, I might have given up hope and just switched to Plan 903:48
HenesyI don't claim to be a power-user and I'll attest that this is fairly easy to use03:49
HenesyNever used Plan 9, I take it you have?03:49
Romsteri still have some dos games, need too make room for my 486 dx2 overdrive 120MHz pc so i can play stuff again.03:49
Romsterwith a real sound blaster 1603:49
BurnZeZIt's truely the most well designed OS in existence.03:49
BurnZeZMore UNIX than UNIX is not a joke.03:49
HenesyRomster, I have a sound blaster in the old tower, still works, fantastic card03:50
BurnZeZIf you think about it, we're still near the first generations of OS development03:50
Romsterit's too far from unux now to be even called unix derivative.03:50
HenesyBurnZeZ, difficulty on a scale of Ubuntu-NetBSD03:50
BurnZeZThe difficulty comes from the foreign-ness03:50
HenesyRead the handbook, be fine?03:50
RomsterHenesy, i also got a version 1.5 8bit sound blaster second card ever made. but when i spotted a 16bit sb card i drooled and grabbed it asap.03:51
Henesy(I'm considering making my dell dual boot crux/plan903:51
BurnZeZOutside of that, ease of use is nice, but good documentation is lacking.03:51
BurnZeZIf you're smart enough to read man pages, you'll probably be find, though.03:51
Romsterand readme files *hides*03:51
Henesyreadme's seem to either be really good....03:51
Henesyor really bad....03:52
Henesyand holy hell can they be bad03:52
Romsterwhich ones are bad?03:52
Henesysome source code I have gotten online has had butchered README's03:52
Romsteri seen one README refer to the html documentation...03:53
Henesyever used the FISH shell?03:53
BurnZeZThat shell03:53
Henesythe prediction03:53
Henesyis phenomenol03:53
Henesybut holy hell03:53
Henesyeverything else03:53
Henesyyou want a man page?03:53
BurnZeZ>(DIR) (DIR) (DIR)03:53
HenesyHTML WEB LINK03:53
Henesyfish is also not BASH03:54
Henesyand it is so not-bash-y03:54
Henesythat it will drive you up the wall with its little annoyances03:54
Henesyand its lack of any useful scripting power03:54
Henesy /rantover03:54
BurnZeZI just write all my scripts in rc03:55
BurnZeZIt's by far my favorite shell03:55
BurnZeZI'm so tired that I'm forgetting all the package commands03:56
Romsterprt-get help03:56
Romsterpkgmk pkgadd03:56
BurnZeZI'm typing that nearly every other command03:56
Henesyi accidentally broke my whole os once through an accidental cp typo and asterisks03:57
Romsteryou should sleep and do this when your awake03:57
Romsterthough you could prt-get depinst foo bar baz and let it run over night.03:57
Henesy"ports -u && prt-get sysup" is your friend03:57
BurnZeZYes. Yes it is.03:58
BurnZeZ>run over night03:58
BurnZeZIf I were to re-compile the entire installation with all its dependencies, it would probably take 20 minutes03:58
BurnZeZI need to get rlwrap installed03:59
BurnZeZ16GB here03:59
Romsteronly has 804:00
HenesyAll of my computers combined equal...8-10GB?04:00
BurnZeZI gotta say, the time saved by having a decent rig pays itself off pretty quickly.04:00
Romsterif you want someone to beat you jaeger has some 16 core thing with like 32gb ram or more now04:00
HenesyI don't even04:01
RomsterHenesy, might be good to look into memcached04:01
HenesyDoes that man render 1080p animations for a living?04:01
HenesyRomster, noted04:01
Romsteri can do -j14 when i get these other pc's setup04:02
Romsterdistcc backend on ccache04:02
HenesyWho mentioned rc as a shel earlier?04:02
Henesyis that a thing?04:02
Henesylike a shell?04:02
BurnZeZIt's the Plan 9 shell04:02
BurnZeZCheck it out04:02
BurnZeZIt's the best04:02
BurnZeZI would link you a cool page, but I don't have a browser with which to find it04:03
Henesydarn you BurnZeZ, all of my free time for the next month is now gone XD04:03
HenesyBurnZeZ, do torrents exist for Plan9?04:07
BurnZeZCheck out 9front04:08
BurnZeZThere's software, but whether iso torrents exist, I'm not sure.04:08
Romsterdeluge is a good client on crux btw unless you like something lite like transission.04:10
Henesygetting stuff isn't the problem, I'm looking for .iso downloads in .torrent form04:11
HenesyI have slow internet and I have to move around ever now and then04:11
Henesyso big downloads are easier that way04:11
BurnZeZI would check, but I keep forgetting I don't have a browser yet04:12
BurnZeZArgh. Let me get webkit installed.04:12
Henesyprt-get depinst lynx04:12
Henesyor something04:12
Henesyfireglow, thanks man04:12
BurnZeZDidn't know about that one04:12
Henesydifference between 9front and plan9?04:13
fireglow is most recent one04:13
BurnZeZ9front is a fork04:13
BurnZeZIt brings some newer stuff to the table, including a lot more hardware support04:13
HenesySo you would recommend it over vanilla as far as usability goes?04:14
Henesycharming, thanks04:15
BurnZeZUsing sic without readline is killing me04:17
Henesysomething like "less" ?04:17
BurnZeZBasically an input buffer04:18
BurnZeZrlwrap is pretty handy04:18
Romstergoing for a drive bbl04:19
BurnZeZCatch you in a bit04:19
BurnZeZOh shoot04:20
BurnZeZI forgot about that icu thing04:20
Henesyis that a port?04:20
BurnZeZThe problem I was having earlier with webkit04:21
HenesyWell, now I will have Plan9 and Crux running on my old Dell04:23
HenesyIf i can make both of them to my liking I will use the same layout on my old tower04:23
Henesyand like that the free time of the month after this month is gone04:25
BurnZeZHere we go04:30
BurnZeZI think I know what happened04:30
BurnZeZWait what04:30
BurnZeZNow harfbuzz is failing to build04:30
BurnZeZOh, the footprint04:31
BurnZeZdwb installed04:32
BurnZeZIt feels good to have problems be my own fault, rather than due to some arbitrary decision someone upstream made.04:35
HenesyGet used to that :)04:36
Henesythe few problems I have had with Crux have all been in installing ports and the majority of which are footprint errors04:36
Henesywhich can either be readily ignored or solved04:36
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BurnZeZ[1;2F:names #crux04:46
BurnZeZjaeger: Thanks for the terminus package04:47
HenesyBurnZeZ, I'm looking through docs....I like what I'm seeing...alot04:50
Henesythe not-linux commands and style is going to screw with me for so long though....04:51
Henesythis also seems like a great opportunity to re-learn C04:51
HenesyWell I need to get some semblance of sleep, gnight all04:55
BurnZeZAh, shoot04:57
BurnZeZI need rcsh04:57
fireglowon Linux?04:57
fireglowmaybe it's in 9port04:58
BurnZeZI think it is04:58
BurnZeZI use it for all my scripts, so I can't use them without it.04:58
prologicblame me for what now?05:03
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BurnZeZOh, this is weird05:04
BurnZeZI don't know how I overlooked this 9base package05:04
*** BurnZeZ has quit IRC05:23
*** BurnZeZ has joined #crux05:38
BurnZeZSweet. I've got rlwrap now05:38
*** Henesy has quit IRC05:44
BurnZeZkhm: Do you know about a 9base package for CRUX?05:56
BurnZeZWrong channel05:57
*** Henesy has joined #crux05:57
*** BurnZeZ has quit IRC06:07
Romsterwhats free time :D06:21
linXeaI assume you are a busy man06:24
Romsterprologic, oh i had the and i was running out of ip's and i changed it to /24 and then everything broke nothing i would do would fix it. but a reboot did.06:25
Romsterusualyl first weekend in god knows how long i've had off.06:25
linXeaah, I wish I had one..06:27
linXeaspent 7 h straight with the chainsaw yesterday.. My back is killing me and now I got to move around some domains and what not.. Replacing hosting for a few boxes.06:28
linXeatired of openVZ :)06:32
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux06:33
Romsterso what are you moving too any why are you tired of openvz?06:35
linXeaI prefer to use KVM. I have been using a friends Co-Lo box for a while. THinking about trying Prometheus hosting now06:39
linXeaalso got a local box at another friend that I will use until I find the right hosting service for my needs06:39
*** v33 has quit IRC06:39
Romsterah prologic probably knows of a good host.06:40
Romsterus dollars?06:43
*** himynameisphil has quit IRC07:02
*** himynameisphil has joined #crux07:02
*** Romster has quit IRC07:05
*** Romster has joined #crux07:06
linXeaabout $35-40 US07:39
linXeanot really up to date on the exchangerate to be honest07:40
*** ousia has joined #crux07:47
*** cdoc has quit IRC07:57
*** ousia has quit IRC08:04
*** ousia has joined #crux08:29
prologicwho wants a vm?08:30
prologicI can rent you one if you like08:30
RomsterlinXea is after one.08:49
Romsternote to self kernel does not autoconfigure lan when it's disabled in bios.08:49
Romsterthe one included on the crux 3.0 iso also does not turn on ext4 or devtmpfs and devtmpfsmount by default either.08:50
*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:55
Romsterfrustrated again...09:02
Romsteri've had i changed it to and i've setup another box on both can't resolve stuff despite unbbound having on it's allowed to connect ports09:03
Romsterworked before i changed the ip09:04
*** dkoby has quit IRC09:04
Romsterping ip's wont resolve and i do have resove.conf set correctly.09:04
Romstermeh phone call bbs09:04
jueRomster: what you wrote about the iso kernel is not true ;)09:11
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC09:12
linXeaprologic, sure, if you can offer what I mentioned earlier I am interested unless it is US based hosting. :)09:14
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux09:15
prologicmy server is in the US :)09:29
linXeaah, thanks for offering :) But I will have to pass for various reasons09:32
Romsterjue, i just tested it before on a fresh install.09:46
Romsteri must be missing something in my configuring of network.09:50
Romstergatwway or something.09:50
Romsteri can ping but not the gateway ip
jueRomster: I've just looked at linux-3.6.11.{config,defconfig} that comes with the iso09:51
Romsteri made my own with the make ... command09:52
Romsterbut i had the network controller disabled in the bios when i did that so it omitted that but i added that after so it's got net.09:53
Romsterwha ti don't understand is the other box i did the other day the exact same way was fine until i changed it's ip form to
Romsterit's doing the exact same behavior on ping and resolving dns as i setup today.09:54
Romsteri've got everything pointing to like my desktop is on
Romsterand unbound has access-control: allow09:55
Romstertime to double check my firewall if that's not the cause of it. i was on a /28 block before. now it's on/2409:56
*** Rotwang has quit IRC09:58
Romsterjue, i did make x86_64_defconfig ; make localmodconfig ; make localyesconfig10:05
Romsterthen i had to enable ext4 devtempfs devtempfsmount, and the lan driver but only because it was disable din the bios that i reset as it wasn't posting.10:06
juewell, if you would use the provided .config instead it works ...10:10
Romsteri didn't think at the time.10:12
Romsterphone calls this that other stuff going on.10:13
Romsterboots now net works just can't resolve..10:14
Romsteranoied the only reall differnce is these are on 20 and 21 while my desktop is on 2 but i got it as a /24 so it should goto 25410:19
RomsterBroadcast: on a  /24 than being on 15 for a /2810:21
Romsterso i'm not hitting that.10:21
Romsterideas i'm all out.10:23
Romsteri bet if i stick these on a lower ip like it'll work10:24
Romsterit's all natted so it can't be my isp limiting me?10:26
Romsterbe far easier if i had a IPv6 block already10:26
Romsterargh solved it.... that was not fun... i had /etc/rc.d/{net,lan} guess which file i edited and which i am using in SERVICES -_-10:32
Romsterwasted hours on that damn it.10:32
Romsterdamn i'm stupid.10:32
frinnsti edited the wrong config at work for about 2 hrs wondering why it didnt work :D10:46
*** guzzano has joined #crux11:00
Romsteri should fix that so i don't do that again.11:01
frinnsti use eth0, eth1, eth2 etc in rc.d11:06
*** dkoby has joined #crux11:10
Romsterah might be an idea since i'm at eth2 now11:26
Romstercompiling wine at -j1011:26
*** guzzano has quit IRC11:27
Romsterbit too high gone back to -j811:28
Romsterand not enough, some fine tuning required.11:33
Romstercan't win if i do 3 jobs on the dual core it's over queued of i only do 2 it's under queued.11:41
Romsterhave 1 more dual core and a quad core to get online yet too.11:41
Romster14 minutes 13 seconds to compile wine.11:58
*** guzzano has joined #crux11:59
*** tnut1 has joined #crux12:00
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:29
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*** ousia has quit IRC13:54
Henesyfireglow, where is 9base in the ports database? Searching doesn't yield any results14:01
*** guzzano has quit IRC14:01
*** tnut1 has quit IRC14:03
fireglowHenesy: I don't know, I do not run Crux14:07
*** fireglow has joined #crux14:07
HenesyHeh, alright, I'll figure it out14:08
horrorStruckin context, you shouldnt have rejoined, it was funny14:08
HenesyMe or fireglow?14:09
horrorStruckread sequence again :P14:11
frinnst(not you)14:11
horrorStruckfireglow: so what is it you're running, out of curiosity?14:29
Henesy*cough* plan 9 *cough*14:32
horrorStruckbut what about flash videos :O14:33
joacimthat reminds me. I used to be hating on flash before it was cool.14:33
horrorStruckin all honesty, i never had technical issues with flash14:34
fireglowhorrorStruck: FreeBSD14:34
joacimI would get hate for hating on something they thought was useful and a must-have for any system to have.14:34
joacimI dislike that you need plugins to enjoy websites14:34
horrorStruckfireglow: nice OS for the very little i know about14:34
joacimand i used a 64-bit OS early, and there were no good flash plugins for 64-bit browsers back then14:35
horrorStruckjoacim: i think i agree, it's just that i never really had any technical problems with flash so far14:36
joacimthink i used gecko-mediaplayer to play youtube videos14:36
*** dkoby has quit IRC14:37
horrorStruckyeah i ran 64bit kernel on 32bit userland for years because of this kind of crap14:37
horrorStrucknot anymore :)14:37
joacimpeople used to tell me "just install a 32-bit browser" or "just install a 32-bit chroot"14:38
joacimsounds like a lot of work just to see someones cat on youtube14:38
horrorStruck64on32 was an easy way to get almost best of almost both worlds for me :P14:39
joacimi'm sure flash is useful for a lot of different things, i just dont see a use for it in my life.14:39
horrorStruckwell, it's often forced on you, not always a choice14:40
horrorStruckand dont forget we're discussing flash just because i made a stupid joke wrt plan9 :D14:41
joacimI'm kinda just venting =)14:42
RomsterIntel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          4400  @ 2.00GHz, Pentium(R) Dual-Core  CPU      E5300  @ 2.60GHz, AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor with 10 make jobs over distcc, will need too get the other pc running another night.14:43
horrorStrucki thought your comments were part of uname -a and thought WTF :D14:44
Romsterjoacim, actaulyl i do havea firefox-32 port :D14:44
Romsterbut to play runescape with opengl acceleration.14:44
*** vaddi has quit IRC14:56
*** vaddi has joined #crux14:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: sqlite3-32: ->
*** Kaishi has quit IRC16:17
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*** guzzano has joined #crux20:41
guzzanoEy guys, somebody can share your file /var/lib/pkg/db, thanks20:42
*** darfo has joined #crux21:05
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Romsterguzzano, why would you need that it's different on every system, depending on what's installed.22:44
*** guzzano has quit IRC22:51
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