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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: glib-32: 2.36.0 -> 2.36.102:21
RomsterBurnZeZ, i had one i deleated it can make another if you like02:26
BurnZeZI can't remember I asked about02:26
BurnZeZMy buffer is merged with other channels02:26
RomsterBurnZeZ> Does someone have a binary package of webkit 1.x.x?02:30
BurnZeZOh, right02:32
BurnZeZI made it a bit ago02:32
BurnZeZSorry for not making that known02:32
BurnZeZAlthough I only compiled gtk202:32
Romsterwhat issue are you getting on webkiut anyways?02:32
BurnZeZA bunch of incompatibility with dwb02:32
BurnZeZThe dev fixed it when I talked to him, though02:33
Romsteri build webkit1 and 2 in the same port though.02:33
BurnZeZI altered the port02:34
BurnZeZOh wait02:34
BurnZeZI must be using a different port02:34
BurnZeZI read that as gtk2/gtk302:35
BurnZeZI'll have to check02:35
Romsterno webkit has version 1 and 2 of webkit itself.02:35
Romsterboth are on by default.02:35
Romsterand i also build it for gtk2 and gtk302:35
Romsterto add to the confusion02:35
BurnZeZI'm not seeing it02:35
BurnZeZI'm just seeing version 2.0.002:35
Romsterthat has both in it.02:36
BurnZeZUnless you mean that same tarball contains earlier webkit02:36
Romsterprt-get cat webkit02:36
BurnZeZ>prt-get cat02:36
Romsterit's version 2.0.002:36
BurnZeZI forgot about that command02:36
Romsterbut it builds two flavours fo webkit02:36
BurnZeZI've been manually specifying paths02:36
BurnZeZcat /usr/port/xxx/Pkgfile02:36
Romsterprt-get help if you forget.02:37
BurnZeZSomehow I forgot that one02:37
Romsterhey iv'e been doing pkginfo -i |cut -d' ' -f1 |xargs when i could of done prt-get listinst02:37
BurnZeZOh god02:37
BurnZeZI was doing that exact same thing02:38
BurnZeZAlthough I used sed02:38
BurnZeZsed s/ .*//g02:38
BurnZeZOr something02:38
Romsterheh well there is a easier way you know now.02:39
BurnZeZTo be honest, some of the commands seem disjointed02:39
Romsterwhich ones?02:40
BurnZeZI almost wish they were just all separate scripts02:40
BurnZeZI refer to prt-utils in conjunction with prt-get and such02:40
Romsterprt-get is the front end to pkgadd pkgrm pkgmk02:40
BurnZeZprt-utils are probably where the disjointedness is02:40
BurnZeZI think02:40
Romsterprt-utils needs a makeover.02:41
BurnZeZThat would be cool02:41
BurnZeZI wouldn't mind helping out02:41
Romsterprt-verify is very handy though02:41
BurnZeZIt's actually prtverify02:41
BurnZeZThat's kinda what I was referring to02:41
BurnZeZThings like that02:41
Romsteri got a few tools jaege-r and sepen has too. that should really all be in prt-utils02:42
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RomsterBurnZeZ, if you haven't already look at romster/... pkg-uri and pkg-clean02:43
Romsteryou might find them useful.02:43
BurnZeZOh, cool02:43
BurnZeZI'll check them out02:43
Romsterpkg-clean is mostly for chroot cleaning when you want to test for dependencies.02:43
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Romsterpkg-url will list sources from Pkgfiles02:44
Romsteri have some other tools but they need more work.02:44
BurnZeZDo you store your port in a git repo to monitor your changes?02:44
Romsterall my ports are in git repo's02:44
BurnZeZAre they on github?02:44
Romsterbut i havne't made the git repo itself public i got my own gitolite setup.02:45
BurnZeZAh, cool02:45
Romsteratm them two ports are jsut in the ports tree romster than in there own git tree.02:45
Romstermight merge it into prt-utils or my own utility pack dunno yet.02:46
Romsteri just stuck them there for now to be used.02:46
Romsterfeel free to suggest or make patches for me.02:46
BurnZeZWhat's the quickest way to -vv and list the port location as well?02:46
BurnZeZWhen doing something like prt-get dsearch, that is02:47
Romsterprt-get -vv dsearch foo02:50
Romsteroh location hmm02:50
Romsterpkginfo foo02:50
Romsterlists the location not sure if there is a shortcut to do it during a search02:50
BurnZeZI'll just write it myself if I can't find something02:51
BurnZeZAlthough pkginfo only works with installed things, right?02:51
BurnZeZ>=======> ERROR: Source file 'pkg-url' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).02:52
BurnZeZThe irony02:52
Romsteryeah pkginfo on installed stuff i think02:52
Romsterthe hell...02:52
Romsterit's in the same dir...02:53
Romsterbe tit needs the file:///$name02:53
Romsterbet it*02:53
Romsterro actually file://$name02:53
BurnZeZFor what it's worth, only the md5 and footprint are in the folder02:53
Romsterbut i've seen patches not use a url and work02:54
BurnZeZAlong with the Pkgfile, that is02:54
Romsterpkg-clean is there but i missed pkg-url02:56
Romsterback to work later.02:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dropbear: update to 2013.5707:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qpdf: update to 4.1.007:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_2107:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_2107:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.2.008:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_2108:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_2108:45
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: [notify] xorg-server: update to 1.13.410:08
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-server: update to 1.14.110:08
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Romsterdamn it now imap at google is not working why...12:57
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jaegerI can't connect to gtalk this morning, perhaps related12:59
Romsteri haven't changed any settings.13:00
Romsterseems liek a long standing issue13:01
Romsterexcept i've only hit it now.13:01
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Romsteri can't find anything that will fix the issue though13:03
Romstereven gmail on my phone wont sign in ugh13:09
Romsteri need to setup my own email service. that i intended todo for awhile now.13:10
Romster didn't work either.13:13
Romsteroh wait it did work jaeger13:13
Romsteryou may need to clear and unlock the CAPTCHA. To unlock CAPTCHA for Gmail account, go to the following URL:13:14
jaegerI don't use imap or pop there13:14
jaegerThis is XMPP13:16
Romsterdamn phone wont sign in13:19
prologicyour own email service eh?13:20
prologicwhat software stack?13:20
prologiczimbra, opengroupware are good13:20
Romsterbah now imap died again13:20
Romsteri got my own name i plan to setup sem emails on that but dunno where i'll hos the backend on the same host or just redirect like to some other location.13:21
Romsteranything has to be better than gmail13:21
jaegerI do use gmail but not imap or pop, just the web interface or my phone13:22
jaegerwe use exchange at work, to which I connect via imap13:22
Romsteri need to setup a mail server but with decent spam blocking13:24
Romsterthat i can use my own domain name13:24
jaegerMy preference is postfix+dspam, that's what I use on my personal domain13:25
jaegerlooks like gtalk is recovering now13:25
Romsteri'll look into that.13:26
Romsteryeah working again13:28
Romstergoogle being ddosed or something13:29
sepenjaeger: did you play with zarafa?13:33
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-vmware: 13.0.0 -> 13.0.113:36
jaegersepen: I have not; exchange was in place before I was hired and I'm not in charge of the mail system here :)13:42
sepenzarafa seems a nice project13:44
jaegeryeah, it looked pretty decent13:47
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teK_hey folks14:16
teK_is there anybode here that listened to  "Rechnernetze 2" at university today? :>14:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf-32: 2.26.5 -> 2.28.114:23
Romsterno idea what that is so i'll say no.14:24
Romsterlucky no bugs on pekwm update.14:29
sepenzarafa seems a nice project14:31
sepenpfff, sorry14:31
jaegerteK_: not I14:31
sepenhehe wrong terminal14:32
sepenand wrong history command14:32
sepenI should pay more attention on focused wins ;D14:32
teK_some student in sitting in front of me was browsing our website and doing IRC14:35
teK_so I figured he may be a CRUX user14:35
jaegerah, nice14:35
jaegerask him about it next time you see him :)14:36
teK_one of 2,5 CRUXers at university ;)14:36
teK_im a computer scientist, Im shy as hell!!114:36
teK_No. The lecture was pretty exhausting so I got out of there as quick as I could14:38
nullmarkteK_: which university?14:53
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teK_the fine University of Passau15:34
tilmanfrinnst: they have physical access but they cannot install drivers? :>15:39
frinnstyou need an admin account? :)15:45
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tilmanfrinnst: which is trivial to get if you have physical access (as we all know ;)16:03
tilmani wonder if i have too high expectations from xkcd in this case ;D16:04
jaegermore like too high for the users of which xkcd is making fun16:05
frinnstso, last friday the temp was about -5C.. today +15C16:14
frinnstmore than two seasons is for pussies16:14
sepentemp here +24C16:15
tilmanfrinnst: my thought exactly. i feel i'm being cheated out of spring :|16:27
joacimjumped from 5C to 15C over the course of two days here16:28
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niklaswehmmm lilo broken my windwos partition so I cant login to windows..18:39
BurnZeZWhich partition is windows on?18:42
niklasweBurnZeZ: on sda318:50
niklasweand i got bootmgr.exe missing file18:50
niklasweand I cant rebuild the bootmgr stuff18:50
niklaswewith repair18:51
niklasweBurnZeZ: I have follow this one
niklasweI can find my Windows installation on D:18:52
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niklaswefrinnst: there?19:40
niklaswehmm I fix it, thanks anyway :)19:45
niklaswefrinnst: btw which wm are you using?19:48
BurnZeZDoes the ports system have a standard for applying user patches?19:51
frinnstnot really. but take a look at a few of the ports to see how its done19:52
BurnZeZGot it19:52
teK_besides changing the pkgfile/.md5sum by hand19:52
BurnZeZI'm loving CRUX19:52
BurnZeZThis is the best distro I've used thus far19:52
frinnstwell, you need to change the Pkgfile.. you can just pass -im to ignore the md5sum missmatch19:52
BurnZeZI was looking for some sort of way to drop in a patch/script and automate it, but that may be harder than I thought.19:53
BurnZeZI blame suckless for configuring things inside headers19:54
frinnstyeah, and once you start going down that road it will never end19:54
frinnst(adding that functionality)19:54
frinnstwhen i need a specific option or patch, i just maintain a copy of that port locally19:56
teK_"At Oracle, 'every developer is a security rifleman'"19:56
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frinnsthah right19:57
teK_... shoting him/herself in his/her own foot?19:58
frinnstsecurity genocide19:59
frinnstnew microserver ordered \o/20:12
teK_RT @chriseng: Geer: The introduction of TCP/IP to Windows was a moment of punctuated equilibrium, made every sociopath our next door  neighbor. #srcbos1320:12
teK_the audio-out of my laptop just broke.. after I unplugged my earphones it won't work anymore.. WTF20:17
frinnstgood excuse to buy a new one? :)20:17
teK_this is a x201 from last summer20:18
teK_I'm _really_ angry right now20:19
teK_second hand.20:19
rmullcrack it open and check the solder holding the jack to the board20:21
teK_yeah .. will be the last-resort solution20:21
teK_I have had that problem with a compaq n600, too.. a toothpick helped for several weeks before it finally died20:22
teK_poking the jack won't help either.. strange20:23
rmullusually for things like that touching up the solder is all you need to fix it20:26
rmullif it's something in the software, I have no idea other than reboot20:26
teK_inspecting the hardware maintenance manual right now ;)20:26
teK_speakers work and I used audio-out just some hours ago. Software is the same20:27
rmullCould be a bug, though, where the driver gets into a dead end and needs to be restarted to fix20:28
teK_I restarted this thing20:28
teK_BUT before I tried audio at all the laptop went (too?) hot and shut down itself20:29
teK_but this would be rather odd as a cause20:29
rmullsounds like you may have other issues to work out first20:29
teK_no. I had it on top of a pillow ;)20:29
teK_this + compiling chromium.. go figure20:29
teK_nope. Cold booting this thing didn't help either20:33
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nullmarkteK_: i see. Im at the university hamburg. No other crux user there that i know of :)20:43
teK_btw rmull while in bios + headphones attached the bios beep will be player @headphones20:47
rmullsounds like software :P20:48
rmullno weird obscure hardware switches?20:48
teK_it's a thinkpad20:49
teK_everything is right and in its right place ;)20:49
teK_updates for toady. Kernel the same for 4 weeks20:50
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teK_booting an older kernel results in Sound working20:57
teK_this is getting _really_ weird20:57
jaegerpower-saving setting in the alsa kernel stuff messing it up, perhaps?20:58
teK_I dont why it suddenly stopped working21:00
teK_ok over-heated again.. maybe it swallowed some fibre from the pillow >_>21:06
teK_(600) Default time-out for HD-audio power-save mode  has been set in the kernel config21:09
BurnZeZIs it possible to do something like PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/usr/ports/source/$name"?21:09
BurnZeZI've had a couple conflicting source files due to master.tar.gz21:09
teK_jdk has: source=(file:///$name-7u${version##*_}-linux-x64.tar.gz)21:10
teK_which works with different directory settings for source files :)21:10
BurnZeZThe problem is that source location21:12
BurnZeZI'm downloading it from a url with the filename master.tar.gz21:13
BurnZeZIf two packages use that same filename, and the source directory is set like PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/usr/ports/source", you end up with conflicts21:13
BurnZeZIf two tarballs*21:14
BurnZeZIs there a way to set the filename in the source() bit of a Pkgfile?21:17
teK_+ I never ran into this problem in the past21:17
BurnZeZThe problem is related to ambiguous source tarball naming schemes21:18
teK_rmull: 3.6.7 -> sound on the audio jack works again21:19
teK_watching walking dead now.. no motivation to fiddle with the penguin21:19
BurnZeZOf course, default source directory results in no problems.21:19
teK_thanks to libva this machine won't overheat :>21:20
teK_BurnZeZ: I have been using a shared distfiles directory for years21:20
BurnZeZIt's likely that the tarballs you download don't have generic filenames21:21
BurnZeZThings like latest.tar.gz, stable.tar.gz21:21
teK_those names are stupid. flame upstream. hard.21:21
rmullI ran into a similar problem when using a separate work directory - I was getting file conflicts after an untar procedure overlapped with files that already existed21:24
rmullI forget whether it was because I using the "keep work" option or not21:24
BurnZeZThat, or for some reason the files were unable to be deleted after a package was made/attempted to be made21:25
teK_rmull: I use:21:25
frinnstteK_: i had something similar a couple of months back. i restored a backup of / and sound _WOULD NOT PLAY_21:25
frinnstthen randomly it just started working21:25
BurnZeZteK_: That's a good idea21:25
rmullteK_: Thanks, good tip21:25
BurnZeZUnfortunately I can't do the same with PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR21:26
BurnZeZIt doesn't create the directory if necessary21:26
teK_frinnst: ok.. wtf, too :P21:28
teK_BurnZeZ: again.. master.tar.gz.. flame upstream! :)21:28
BurnZeZI wish I could21:28
BurnZeZIt's mainly because of dead projects on github without tags21:29
BurnZeZNo tags == $HASH.tar.gz or master.tar.gz for the head21:29
teK_yeah github is quite unhandy in this aspect21:30
BurnZeZI thought of just cloning the repo, but this isn't really a great idea21:30
BurnZeZEspecially when you have a decent amount of history21:31
BurnZeZI guess it's gonna be hard for these cases.21:32
BurnZeZIf I were to do it by commit ID, I'll end up with a bunch of 501kl4j1l4.tar.gz21:34
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BurnZeZI kinda wish I could specify the wget call without breaking the package scheme21:37
teK_uhm you can always do:21:37
teK_a) git clone --depth=1 ...21:37
teK_b) rm -r .git in the checked out project21:38
BurnZeZThat's true21:38
BurnZeZIt's just more things to maintain21:38
teK_look at opt/mplayer.. ;)21:39
BurnZeZpls no21:39
BurnZeZNot sure I understand21:40
BurnZeZUnless you mean to store the tarball on a server myself21:40
teK_I do regular checkouts, beautify them and then upload the tarball to for your pleasure21:40
BurnZeZIt just feels like so much hassle for what should be a simple file rename21:41
BurnZeZI must be making it more complicated than it needs to be21:41
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BurnZeZAre the pkgmk.conf variables internal to pkgmk, and thus not available ro refer to in build scripts?21:50
teK_I guess they are in the environment as pkgmk.conf should simply be sourced before execution21:53
BurnZeZI'd rather not use them if they're not guaranteed to always be there21:56
BurnZeZIf I can, I could just perform the wget and specify the path myself21:56
teK_I see no reason why this shouldn't be the case in the future if it is at present21:56
teK_which is ... ugly21:57
teK_more ugly than using a third host21:57
BurnZeZwget xxx > $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/$name-$version.tar.gz21:58
BurnZeZOr whatever the syntax is21:58
BurnZeZAh, -O21:59
BurnZeZOr just -22:00
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BurnZeZSeems like sic has a bug somewhere.22:03
teK_btw based on horrorStruck's comment on his bootchart thingy..22:38
teK_I did a little meme :>22:38
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timcowchipthey got the ricin guy23:58

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