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timcowchipnow if only they can get the marathon bomber(s)00:03
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v33aww man, bumblebee broke again05:43
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frinnstpro tip: dont buy nvidia hardware next time06:42
cdocaw whats wrong with nvidia cards06:46
frinnst07:43 <v33> aww man, bumblebee broke again06:47
cdocYea, but Nvidia cards can double as a heater in the winter06:56
niklasweI have never had problem with nvidia cards, but alots of problem with ATi...06:56
niklasweI create this logrotate file yesterday, but it didn't rotate the logs..07:06
niklasweand now when I running logrotate -v file i says no logs need to be rotate..07:06
BurnZeZAMD card here07:08
BurnZeZRadeon == no 3d performance07:09
BurnZeZfglrx == Horribly unstable and no 2d performance07:09
BurnZeZNvidia and Nouveau seems to be the best at the moment07:09
cdocnouveau has come along way, but I still prefer the proprietary nvidia drivers07:10
BurnZeZOn a related note, has anyone here messed with wayland?07:11
BurnZeZI was hoping maybe someone threw some packages or something but doesn't have them up in a port07:11
BurnZeZsomething together*07:11
cdocI have not sorry07:12
frinnstamd is lovely07:19
frinnstwhat gpu do you have burnzez?07:19
frinnstI only buy ati/intel gpu07:19
frinnstI have a 5770 or something i think07:20
BurnZeZNvidia has superior linux drivers, but I'm not giving them my money07:20
frinnstgranted i dont really have a need for 3d performance, but glamor 2d-rendering works really well07:20
frinnstbinary drivers are not an option for me07:21
BurnZeZI mostly use terminals, so it doesn't matter much to me07:21
BurnZeZ2D performance is what counts for what I do07:21
frinnstI had some issues with my 2d performance before i switched to glamor (3d engine rendering 2d)07:22
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frinnsti love when you google something and the first result is a forum post suggesting OP should use google12:58
joacimI tend to find a lot of "that is not possible"13:01
joacimor the people who respond havent really read the OP13:02
nullmarkI get mostly "why do you whant to do that", "" or "why dont you use $somethingelse".13:02
joacimyeah why dont you use MorphOS?13:03
nullmarkBecause i dont own a Pegasos ;)13:03
joacimThe current amiga communities scares me. So many crazy people :p13:06
nullmarkI like them. Well, ok, i like crazy :)13:09
nullmarkDo you know of the Natami project? That is crazy :D13:10
frinnstthe amiga was awesome'13:10
joacimI think I've heard of it13:11
frinnsti racked up quite a phonebill dialing bbses13:11
frinnstRomster: haha yeah13:11
joacimI would like an amiga 600 or 1200, but I dont think I would use them much13:11
frinnstive had a few of those too13:11
frinnsti still have a floppy-backup of my bbs userdata13:12
joacimi'm more interested in older consoles and modern pcs =)13:12
frinnstshame you need wierdo hardware to read old amiga floppies13:12
Romsterlove xkcd13:13
joacimseen people use sd cards with their amigas13:13
joacim"never mind, i fixed it". and the guy never tells you how he fixed it.13:13
frinnstyes those are the worst13:13
frinnstthey need to be tarred and feathered13:14
Romsteroh i hate the "never mind i fixed it" and i don't know what the fix is.13:15
frinnstlol 90 quid13:16
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