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v33sup guys01:54
joacimhello friend01:55
himynameisphilis bash completion behaving oddly for anyone else?01:56
himynameisphilif i have dirs and subdirs such as foo/bar, and I do 'cd foo<TAB>', it completes successfully as 'foo/bar', but if I type 'nano foo<TAB>' it gives 'foo ' (with a space at the end).01:58
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v33how are you joacim?02:07
joacimtired. is the early morning now =)02:16
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v33oh man02:35
v33go sleep!02:35
v33im looking for a secure vpn service provider...02:38
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joacimyou're not my mother!02:44
joacimbut i'm going to bed tho. good night =)02:44
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v33goonight haha02:45
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timcowchipits 11:45 not 6:4506:42
timcowchipnot this again06:42
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timcowchipson of a bitch06:43
nogagplzdid you break your clock06:44
timcowchipfirst I couldn't login with slim after updating e1706:44
nogagplzwas windows involved somehow06:44
timcowchipnever had windows on this machine06:45
timcowchipI started using c1:2:respawn:/bin/login -f chris tty1 </dev/tty1 >/dev/tty1 2>&1 in inittab06:46
timcowchipand startx in ~/.profile06:47
timcowchipthere was a TZ entry in ~/.profile06:48
timcowchipI deleted it and rebooted06:48
timcowchipexport TZ=America/Los_Angeles06:50
timcowchipI'll try that06:50
timcowchipbooty time06:51
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timcowchipDay changed to Fri, 19 Apr 201306:59
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niklasweError: unable to open display08:09
niklasweXBMC needs hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering.08:09
niklasweInstall an appropriate graphics driver.08:09
niklasweI have my intel driver in the kernel..08:09
tilmansounds like xbmc requires X?08:13
niklaswebut I have X installed08:14
niklasweI had this problem before too.. for 1 years ago:P08:15
tilmanis x running?08:15
niklaswenot right now..08:17
tilman1.) start x08:17
tilman2.) start xbmc08:17
niklaswehehe yes :)08:17
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niklasweIm tired on xbmc right now..12:08
frinnstarent there custom xbmc distros?12:14
niklaswefrinnst: dunno12:30
niklaswethe problem i got is this.. xbmc unable to create gui12:30
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teK_trying to install ubuntu on a amilo pro (for my gf).. installation blanks screen after entering userland.. m(13:07
frinnstyep, sounds like ubuntu13:08
teK_redicilous.. :)13:08
frinnsttrying to do all the impressive gfx stuff on unsupported hardware13:08
teK_I even said nomodeset on boot time13:08
joacimmaybe you just need a new gf who owns a better laptop13:56
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teK_tried mint 14.. same bootsplash as ubuntu.. uh oh :P14:05
teK_it's a company laptop so no choices there14:06
teK_wanted to install linux to usb media14:06
teK_but of no avail :-)14:06
teK_I bet CRUX 'd boot just fine...14:06
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teK_it doesnt because its a 32bit only cpu :P14:16
teK_that doesn't count!!1114:16
jaegerwhat about xubuntu, does it use the same?14:26
horrorStruckthis is somehting i would i try if i not crux:
horrorStruck^ please correct grammar and spelling by yourself, thanks14:30
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teK_tried grml, debian-netboot and ubuntu-12.04. Next: archlinux15:08
teK_xubuntu could be worth a try, too. Give me a minute.15:09
teK_grml booted but the wlan card would not detect my wpa2 wlan but only my  neighbours wpa1-ish one.. wtf :p15:09
teK_arch boots to black, too.. seriously wtf15:16
horrorStrucklinux sucks :D15:33
teK_the kernel boots just fine15:35
horrorStruckwhat kind of video card does it use just out of curiosity?15:35
teK_hard to say.. archlinux memory detector is neat bugt I didnt pay attention15:36
horrorStruckdo you know what's the cpu?15:37
teK_pentium core 2 duo I think15:37
teK_xubuntu boots to black, too15:37
horrorStruckoh ok15:37
teK_Celeron M43015:38
teK_VIA Chrome 9 for Video15:38
horrorStruck^ THIS15:38
teK_don't know what you're talking about *lalallaa*15:39
teK_hahha :D15:39
horrorStruckhehe :D15:39
horrorStruck(still lol'ing)15:39
teK_screw it.. using the two usb sticks and this laptop for setting this crap up15:41
horrorStruckso, do you need a torrent link for winxp :P ?15:41
horrorStruckbtw teK_ IIRC you had some issues with your x201 but were concerned because it's 2nd hand? i just brought mine for repair yesterday, they wouldn't give a fuck about invoice, they just checked S/N and that's all... had 3Y warranty by default. i'm at 3rd MB so far and now fan+heatsink have to be replaced15:48
horrorStruckAND NOW I'M USING VISTA \o/15:49
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jaegerI installed windows 8 on my work laptop yesterday to do some VPN testing... so far it doesn't bother me at all, I just don't use the metro UI much15:49
horrorStrucki use vista every day at work, gmail+excel, it doesnt bother me at all except it's slow15:50
jaegeryeah, that was my only real complaint with vista15:50
jaeger7 and 8 are much better, speed-wise15:50
horrorStruckwifee uses 7, seems to be quite nice15:51
frinnstwin7 is ok, unless you come across some wierd problem15:55
frinnstthen you are screwed15:55
frinnstfuck i hate debugging windows15:55
horrorStruckwhat about clippy? isnt he of any help :( ?15:55
frinnstserver 2012 is real nice, except for the ui15:55
frinnstwe have a hyper-v replica setup for a customer, works like a charm15:56
RotwangI use xp every day at work, it doesnt bother me at all except for ocasional blue screens and also it is slow15:57
joacimcant say i noticed much speed difference between win7 and vista on my computer15:57
joacimtho win7 do feel nicer15:57
horrorStruckthe more patches it received, the more the bastard took time to boot15:58
horrorStruckalso i hate when the machine stalls and you have no fucking idea what is going on15:58
horrorStruckall LEDS flashing, HDD is sweating15:59
horrorStruckbut you just opened character map15:59
horrorStrucki suspect windows update thingy sucks balls16:00
joacima bit off topic, but i'll try. have anyone had any success in restoring a very scratched cd/dvd? what did you do?16:02
horrorStruckddrescue ^16:02
joacimit is a video game =)16:02
joacimgamecube disk16:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libxdg-basedir: updated md5sum16:03
horrorStruckddrescue can image it16:03
joacimi think it is some kind of proprietary dvd16:03
horrorStruckit might work16:04
horrorStruckcreate the img then burn it again16:04
joacimthinking of physically restoring the disk as this is an original copy. and i dont have 8cm dvds around16:04
joacimdont know if it is possible to load a burnt dvd on a stock gamecube either. I do have a freeloader disk, but since this game disk is disk 2, it'll have to be able to pass through the disk swap procedure halfway through the game.16:05
horrorStruckthis is getting too technical for me :P16:06
horrorStruckbut you should get a 1:1 copy normally with ddrescue if everything goes well16:07
joacimor i can download the images from the internet sites. =)16:12
horrorStruckif it's from trusted sources, definitely the best solution16:13
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joacimi trust torrents more than ebay =)16:16
joacimtho it is nice to have physical copies of stuff16:16
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Rotwangmy collegue is in beijing, and he is going to bring me back some white rabbit sweets \:D/16:17
RotwangI want them so bad16:17
horrorStruckwhat exactly is this?16:17
horrorStrucknot even rabbit in it :(16:19
Rotwangno, but they are super cool16:20
Rotwangchewy sweet chinese candy16:20
horrorStruckwell rabbit on the pack looks cute i have to admit16:20
frinnstyeah wtf, no rabbit meat?16:21
frinnst"Product recalls"16:21
horrorStruckrabbit meat candy sounded super cool16:21
frinnst Formaldehyde contamination,  Melamine contamination16:21
horrorStrucklol, what i thought ^16:21
frinnstyou should contaminate stuff with horsemeat!16:22
frinnstthats how you do it16:22
horrorStruckhorsemeat rabbit meat candy <--- instant orgasm :D16:23
teK_horrorStruck: I used some compressed-air to clear the cpu-fan16:23
frinnstrabbit meat candy *CONTAMINATED* with horse meat!16:23
horrorStruckteK_: it's working OK now?16:24
teK_ok a fresh installation of xubuntu boots to black, too16:24
teK_testing, wait.16:24
horrorStruckteK_: i mean, the x201?16:24
teK_it did not shut down the last two days16:24
teK_me too ;)16:24
horrorStruckoh OK cool16:24
teK_compiling chromium as a test..16:25
horrorStruckmine wont even boot: FAN ERROR16:25
teK_and no I don't need XP.. that's on the actual hard disk16:25
teK_man since when does grub understanf if [ ]; then else fi? :p16:26
teK_tried to customise the boot options for xubuntu and now I have to read a book16:26
teK_core2 @ 90C uh16:27
frinnstlol wtf16:27
teK_'minimum emac-slike screen editor is supported. (...)'16:27
frinnstin grub2?16:27
teK_these people are out of their minds :D16:27
teK_2.00-7ubuntu11 to be precise16:28
teK_no syntax highlighting but emacs-like.. m(16:28
frinnstnext grub2 SoC project: merge gnome316:28
teK_CPU went up to 100deg C uh oh.. :P16:29
frinnstthats a laptop?16:29
teK_my x201 overheats, the amilo sucks16:30
frinnstshould be starting to shut down right about now16:30
teK_stoppped chromium16:30
teK_-> 70deg C immediately16:30
frinnsthaha how sad16:30
teK_chromium = compiling chromium!16:30
frinnstbut 30C diff under load?16:30
teK_senesors says so16:31
teK_those grub entries are really funny..16:32
teK_--class ubntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os  ... linux-3.5.0-17-generic-advanced-7d07acd5-...16:33
horrorStruckgrub2 looks horrible, syslinux ftw16:33
teK_ah there it is: recordfail :D16:33
teK_and I just wanted to set init to /bin/sh16:33
horrorStrucknah you have to upstart16:34
teK_there are threads on the internet on how to do this16:36
horrorStruckwont work with linux-3.5.0-17-generic-advanced-7d07acd5 :P16:36
teK_now it hangs after 'loading intial ramdisk'16:36
teK_I'm _so_ frustrated16:36
horrorStruck(just joking)16:37
horrorStruck1.0 ?16:37
teK_I tried arch because it's binary.. so I'm willing to take anything providing xfce or so16:37
frinnstslack does16:37
frinnstmore sane than arch16:38
frinnstslack used to be nice atleast16:38
horrorStruckarch was nice at some point16:38
teK_ok last try is slackware.16:38
teK_when was that? when the installation did not try and fail to start X?16:38
horrorStruckgentoo \o/16:38
horrorStruckfew years ago16:39
teK_the ISO is 666,6MB in size16:39
horrorStruckevil bastards16:39
frinnstwow, my secondary isp sucks16:40
frinnstdownload something: everything lags16:40
frinnst2/512k.. how does one survive with that?16:40
frinnst[2:#crux(+cnt)] [Lag: 1.39]16:41
tilmandid you just quote your bandwidth?16:41
teK_I often get that on freenode and euirc16:41
tilmanrelation to lag..?16:41
horrorStruckisp's suck, worldwide fact16:41
frinnstmy primary does not (when it's up)16:41
frinnst100mbit <316:42
frinnsttilman: yeah this connection is 2mbit down and 512k up16:42
tilman <@  frinnst> download something: everything lags16:43
tilmanuse qos? ;)16:43
frinnsti might use this connection twice per year or something.. wont bother with qos :)16:43
horrorStruckfq_codel <#16:43
horrorStruck<3 even16:44
tilmanfrinnst: k, understandable16:44
frinnstthe monthly cost is next to nothing.. its a good backup16:45
teK_that's kinda excessive I'd say :p16:45
horrorStruckfrinnst: ever tried team?16:45
teK_go outside.. hunt some deer or whatever you do "up" there :D16:46
frinnsthaha fu16:46
frinnsthorrorStruck: team the connections?16:46
frinnstLooking up
horrorStruckyour isp suck :P16:47
teK_here you are <316:47
frinnstnow it loaded!16:48
teK_you're welcome!16:48
teK_slackware's iso is not dd-able to usb sticks?16:53
teK_and yooooooour OUT16:53
teK_I'm done with this16:53
frinnstjust run isohybrid on the iso ?16:54
horrorStruckuse syslinux, super easy to make it bootable16:54
teK_after I waited for the 6th time for dd to finish? no.16:54
teK_I know.16:54
joacimfuck it. toothpaste just added more scratches :p16:56
horrorStrucknext step: horsemeat burgers :P16:58
joacimI'll ask my brother has some kind of polishing compound for cars16:59
teK_backtracak and knoppix would have been good candidates, too.. meee17:00
teK_horrorStruck: does team work with PPPOE or other dial-up connections?17:02
horrorStruckteK_: i dont use it but i think so17:09
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timcowchipI'm downloading an Arch-based *.iso18:51
timcowchiphave I lost my  mind?18:51
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BurnZeZWho set up the kernel for the install cd?19:00
timcowchipI did19:03
timcowchipjust kidding, why do you ask?19:03
BurnZeZDoes it use the same kernel options as the kernel source packaged?19:03
BurnZeZOr was it compiled with a different config?19:03
timcowchipit is compiled during installation with choices you make after running the menuconfig script19:05
BurnZeZOh, sorry19:07
BurnZeZI mean the kernel the install cd boots from19:08
teK_refer to;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-3.6.7.config;h=945ee0dad4b4606309284ab744dfcc20cf9f8b9d;hb=3.0 for details19:09
BurnZeZAh, thanks19:10
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BurnZeZUh, disregard19:59
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