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v33cable management that takes for ever for me00:01
v33i tend to be really picky00:01
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joacimi just make sure none of them arent too tangled up and nothing is hitting a fan01:07
joacimwould like something cleaner looking tho01:07
v33you and i both lol01:10
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Romsteryeah my vables are a mess as long as it's not near a fan i'm good.02:21
Romsterhimynameisphil, problem is i test stuff in a clean chroot only with the required dependencies. on a system there is more stuff installed. more chance of something new.02:23
Romsteri really need to do a test run on a system.02:24
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Romster--disable-manpages      disable manpages [default=enabled]02:25
Romsteralso that why is there man pages when the default is disabled.02:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: disable man pages the default is disabled but that is a lie02:28
Romsterjaeger, any reason why alsa-lib isn't bumped to 1.0.27 yet it's been out for awhile now?02:29
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v33tsk tsk tsk02:46
v33bad cable management...shame on you!02:46
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Romsteri know where everything is so there.02:50
Romsterbbl work02:50
jaegerit says the default is disabled03:02
jaegerstill very happy with my cable management and case03:03
jaegerRomster: just haven't checked it out, honestly. I'll look at it tomorrow morning03:03
jaegerI'll have to take another pic of my case after I remove the platter drives and RAID controller. that should be in the next week or so03:04
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diverseIs there any kernel options for usb mouses?04:44
tilmandiverse: USB_HID, USB_HIDDEV probably05:30
tilman(HID=human input device)05:31
diversesigh, I can't get my mouse to work on X at all even with all the kernel options enabled, I give up...06:11
frinnstenable evdev06:21
frinnst(and use the xorg-evdev driver)06:22
diversefrinnst: I have evdev enabled, how do I force X to use the xorg-evdev driver?06:24
frinnstjust install it, it will be autodetected06:24
diversefrinnst: unfortunately it doesn't work automatically with just the packaged installed06:26
diversefrinnst: what graphics driver do you use?06:29
frinnstati at home, intel at work06:46
frinnstdo you have any wierd hardware? logitech reciever thingy? theres a special driver for that06:46
diversefrinnst: I am using a Corsair M60 mouse. Its corded.06:51
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frinnstno hints in the logs?07:54
poulecacadiverse: Xorg does not complain in its log about whatever mouse related problem ?08:23
Romsterjaeger, the default is a lie.08:31
frinnstbut it says the default is enabled08:34
Romstergot greasy hands not double checking now fuck it08:35
Romstergot darts and i'm alrerady late08:35
Romsterit's fixed now anyways08:36
Romsterdefault=enabled, buggered why i thoguht it was disabled08:50
Romsterand great a fucking speeding fine.08:51
Romsterdoing 66kmh in a 60 zone pricks08:51
Romsterdon't they have bigger fish to get like this fucking person that has a car that blows that much smoke out i can't even see where i'm going.08:52
Romsteroff to darts later08:52
frinnsthah wtf?09:15
frinnst+6k over?09:15
frinnstdont you guys have a margin of error?09:15
poulecacaIn my country the margin of error is of 10% so 66 instead of 60 is finable if cops are assholes09:19
teK_uh, sendmail 8.14.7 is out09:39
teK_I managed to get a ticket on a german Autobahn just three weeks ago. 100EUR :P09:41
nogagplzhey Romster chrissy amphlett died10:24
niklaswehmm and why isnt ipmi_si.ko in centos 2.6.32-358 kernel..10:57
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Romsterthis is $176aud -_-11:29
teK_70EUR fine and 23EUR (!) administrative charges11:32
teK_and the tiny jpeg on the police's letter was really shitty in quality :P11:32
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Romsteryoutube now with ads sucks even more.13:04
joacimi hear they have 30 minute long ads13:09
Romstergot adds spaced evenly though a long clip.13:10
joacimnever had to see them back when i had a reliable html5 plugin for youtube.13:10
joacimcould even define a default quality level, which i no longer can.13:11
frinnstyoutube has ads?13:11
Romsterthis webm and h264 thing is irritating and is holding up removing flash13:11
frinnstRomster: firefox will "soon" get gstreamer support13:12
Romsterfrinnst, yeah in the videos themselves where you can't adblock the buggers.13:12
frinnstthey already support h.264 on windows13:12
Romstersoon, webkit has had that for ages already13:12
Romsterand yeah windws has a plugin for firefox but that's gonna kill webm13:13
joacimsafari only supports h.264 (why do everyone keep saying x264?), and most websites seems to prefer h.264.13:14
jaegerbecause x264 is the popular encoder program13:14
joacimnot sure why safari doesn't support webm.13:14
Romsterbecause for the linux codec it's x264 as it's a patent on the name h.26413:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.0.2713:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.0.2713:24
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: alsa-lib-32: updated to version 1.0.2713:24
nogagplzRomster: adblock works here on the crap ads during videos ._.13:25
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frinnsti dont think that ive ever seen a youtube ad, except for those "zomg pliz subscribe to my superawesome channel!!" notifications13:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.114:03
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Romstereveryone be hatin me for compiling so here is a prebuilt package.
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: pciutils: update to 3.2.0, new dependency kmod15:01
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frinnstfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ms-sql18:46
frinnstonly took maybe 6 hrs to clean up18:46
teK_tell your boss you don't know anything about mssql next time19:20
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frinnstwas upgrading a service that runs on rhel, clients are a mix of linux and win. one (well a couple) of the win-clients didnt like the upgrade21:02
teK_I believe we run about 5-6 different versions of that beast21:03
frinnstthe client bundle shipped with sql 2005 previously. now with 2008r2. the upgrade was not "smooth"21:03
teK_and oracle and pgsql :p21:03
teK_client bundle?21:03
teK_I have a gif for that..21:03
frinnstit crowd \o/21:04
teK_suicide on mssql \o/21:05
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