IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-04-24

darfodiverse: paste the Xorg.0.log, maybe it will give someone an idea00:12
darfonot here though :)00:12
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nogagplzneedlessly hostile01:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bomberclone: fix compile missing linker flag libm02:58
Romsterdiverse, here is an idea boot up a live distro see if mouse keyboard works ok.02:58
Romsterthen poke around it's config to see what's up02:58
Romsterand kernel modules lsmod and Xorg.log02:59
Romsterif it works on other distros it's got to work for crux too.02:59
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diverseRomster: I will try the liveusb I have and do a cat /dev/input/mice to see if it works. I know my mouse works on my old arch system which has a slightly older kernel. I must be still missing something...07:09
diverseRomster: my mouse doesn't work with the live distro, which is strange because the 2.6.4 kernel in my old system works perfectly fine.07:16
diverseRomster: I am getting error messages similar to this everytime I unplug and plug back in the mouse: failed to attach handler kbd to device input10, error: -1607:38
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Romsterdiverse, lsusb08:51
frinnstfuuck.. all delivery/transport companies in sweden are going on strike today09:09
frinnstno netapp/new servers this week then :(09:09
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tjacksonsigh... people are ripping off your patches without due recognition... what else is new11:17
Romsterhi shirokuro11:26
Romsterif it's gnu free patches why not we all share.11:27
shirokuroyes :)11:27
Romsteri rip em off gentoo and other places.11:27
shirokuroi just hate myself, embarrasing jackass11:27
Romsterbut a few i do make myself.11:27
Romsterno harm in using someone else patch11:28
Romsterexcept for one that will asplode all your files.11:28
shirokuroi liked you guys but i was retarded drunk one night..... i actuallky said "blowbang" in chat, you're not supposed to do that, hahaha."11:30
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virusshellow crux linux, i got an unsolvable problem very stranger11:33
virussi installed mineos on a netbook for run a minecraft_server modded by me11:34
Romsterlol could be worse.11:34
virussi tested my program on windows with jconsole : memory used : 15011:34
Romsterviruss,  shouldn't this be at the mineos distro as we don't do that side of it here. mineos forked off crux.11:35
virusswhen i run it in mineos with the same/last version of java, htop tells me 560 mega used11:35
shirokurothat doesn't sound right11:36
Romsterjava is the heap size set the same in windows java as on linux java?11:36
viruss2 day after , the memory used is the maximal 1500 and the server crash11:36
Romstersound like a memory leak11:36
Romsterprobably a bug in java.11:36
shirokurojava windows mb size.. io would not be surprised if they have memory problem11:37
Romsterare you running 1.7.0_2111:37
virussi searched 2 weeks, i thinked it was my program flow memory but found nothing11:37
virussyay the last 2111:37
shirokuroi know java 32-bit is necessary for .. what's that mmorpg11:37
virussi tryed other versions of server.jar, original, bukkit, and i have this memory flow i understand nothing11:38
Romsteri actaulyl bundled jre-32 for runescape use in crux on my romster repo11:38
shirokuroyes, runespace11:38
shirokuromy bad11:38
virussi know minecraft is a bad thing, but i started to learn java with this :s11:38
Romsterviruss, i'm not gona be much help. is it memory leaking in windows or linux?11:38
shirokuromy guess is both ;)11:39
virussmemory leak is on crux, in windows my program work good11:39
Romsterjava does use alot.11:39
Romsterhave any swap at all?11:39
Romsterand how much ram in that box.11:39
virussmemory swap ?11:39
Romsterhdd swap partition11:40
Romsterswapon -s11:40
joacimshirokuro: minecraft prefers 64-bit java =)11:40
shirokuroi built crux from scratch, i don't rememver building any suspect swap-hogs11:40
shirokuroi know runescape needs 32-bit juava11:40
shirokurofor its acceleration11:40
joacimit'll throw you a warning if you set your render distance to far with 32-bit java11:40
virusscrux : swap 32gb and memory 1500mega11:40
Romsteryeah i have to use 32bit for runescape.11:40
virusswindows : swap 4000 and memory 300011:40
Romsterwhy do you have less in linux memory? not the same box?11:41
virussits a netbook, the maximum lol11:41
shirokurothe problem is 64-bit java has not been implemented with linux11:41
Romsterthat wont have much processing power.11:42
shirokuroat least some browser would not be using it11:42
Romstershirokuro, say what there is 64bit jave for linux11:42
virussin windows my program use only 150 mega, it must work on this netbook ?11:42
Romsterthough i haven't seen any program use 64bit browsers or java, as 32bit is more wisespread.11:43
shirokurothere is such a thing but linux does not use it11:43
shirokurofor games like that11:43
Romsterviruss, java has a heap size you allocate, perhaps the heap size in linux java is not big enough.11:43
shirokurowe have 64 bit java support but it is not what runesvape builders etc. intended. we are missing a vrucial acceleration feature11:43
shirokuroclient-side accelration11:44
shirokurothat is it11:44
shirokuroclient-side accelration11:44
shirokuroclient-side accelration11:44
shirokurothat's the difference11:44
Romsteroh so it's missing some bits still.11:44
virussthe size is defined by the param -xmx -xms ?11:44
RomsterThe Java Virtual Machine takes two command line arguments which set the initial and maximum heap sizes:11:45
Romster-Xms and -Xmx. For example if you want to give your Java program needs a 64Mb initial and 256Mb maximum heap size you could launch it as follows:11:45
Romster   java -Xms64m -Xmx256m jdbc_prog11:45
virussi tryed 256/1024 and 1024/102411:45
shirokuroit doesn't matter. viruss!11:45
virussthe problem is always here11:45
Romsterhave you tired using 32bit java?11:46
Romstersince as shirokuro has pointed out 64bit is missing some stuff.11:46
virussi never installed 64bit11:46
Romsteri wasn't even aware of.11:46
virussmy computers are 30 only11:47
Romsteri'm clearly mis reading again walks away.11:47
virussah it was for me, i thinked you talked about 64 with shirokuro, not with me11:48
virussim sorry mis understood too11:48
shirokuroviruss, if you read the wiki from runescape11:49
shirokuroyou will see why 64 bit is deficient11:49
shirokuroit's not a windows only problem11:49
virussi never used 64bit technology11:49
virussi have no material who accept it11:50
shirokuroit should be better, but in the case of java it's not11:50
shirokuroand that ... is only windows holding it back! bwahahahaha11:50
shirokurosorry, that's my opinion11:50
virussfor the moment (for me) windows = 1, linux = 0)11:51
virussand i dont understand why11:51
shirokuroyeah, java windows is 32 bit, as the website says it has java client-side gpu rendering11:51
shirokuroit will be faster, the server is not rendering your business11:51
jaegerhow is the client-side rendering relevant for a minecraft server? I just woke up, maybe I'm missing something11:52
Romstermorning coffee :D11:52
shirokuroi wasd talking privately11:52
virusswhy are we talking about 32/64 bit technologie ? 32bit is bad ?11:52
shirokuro32bit java renders your shit 'locally'11:52
shirokuronaturally that is faster11:53
Romstermy cpu/gpu confirms this.11:53
viruss+1 for jaeger11:53
shirokuroi would love to play runescape11:53
virussmy program, minecraft_server render nothing it just send packets11:53
shirokuroi have observedw this phenomenom11:54
shirokuroavtually minesvraft played well for me11:54
shirokurobut runescape was garbage11:54
jaegerI think you're on different topics here11:54
jaegerthe server only runs a console, no graphics11:55
virussjaeger maybe you can help me ?11:55
shirokuroi was only on @java topic that i wa inadverdently invluced int11:55
shirokuroi wasin the middle of an apology for being drunk11:55
virussi run htop in my crux linut, no cpu usage 26mega memory used, no memory flow11:56
shirokuroseriously though, if you read on runescape page it will tell you they use 32-bit java and its benefits11:56
virusswhen i start a minecraft_server, or a modded server, or bukkit i have a memory flow11:57
shirokuroi played minecraft with my brorther, open a port with iptables, no problems11:57
virussfor example, in my widows computer, jconsole tell me there is 150 mega used on my modded server with no memory flow11:57
joacimshirokuro: minecraft communities tend to tell you to use 64-bit java, some will even tell you about fps gains for the client.11:57
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virusswhen i run it on crux , htop tells me 640 mega used, and 4 or 5 hour after 1500 mega used server crash11:58
shirokurojoacim: probablty so, but viruss is having a weird memory ;ea11:58
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shirokurojoacim leak11:58
sepenviruss: use memtest to check your memory11:59
jaegerviruss: I'm no java or minecraft expert but if there's a leak there's nothing you can do about it except maybe run it with a different version of java11:59
jaegerfor what it's worth, I've run a mineos server here but it's a 32-bit VM with 32-bit java11:59
joacimmight even be a bug with minecraft too. I've seen teh program behave stragenly on different computers.12:00
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virussi installed the last version 32bit in crux, the same that the windows computer12:00
jaegerI've not run it in several months, though, could be that a newer version of minecraft or java has the leak but the old ones did not12:00
virussversion 2112:00
joacimi know the client for minecraft 1.5.1 is having memory leak issues12:01
shirokuroin my personal experience runescape ran VERY BAD! buty minecraft great12:01
virusssepen damaged memory can make memory flow without the computer to crash ?12:01
shirokuroi head to use a patch for the keyboard inpuit though12:01
jaegerIt's probably possible but far more likely that it'll crash with bad RAM12:01
virussi will try memtest its a good idea, the only idea i found in 2 weeks of searches12:02
jaegerYou could also try older versions of java to test, even a 6 version12:02
sepensize of your modules? you said it crashed after 1.5GB right?12:02
shirokurohm, if your memtest fails that is kinda conclusive12:02
virussyay because installed memory is 150012:02
jaegerDid you force the heap sizes? If I missed that part of the conversation just say so12:02
virussi tryed heapsize 256/1024 and 1024/102412:03
jaegerIf, for example, you set the maximum heap size to 512m, does it overrun that number or does it crash?12:03
virussi didn t tryed reduce the heap12:03
virussi will try it too12:04
jaegerI need to get ready for work, will be back from there soon12:04
virussthanx for all see you12:04
shirokurottyl jaeger12:04
jaegernot sure any of it helps but no problem, heh12:05
jaegerback in a bit12:05
sepenlater jaeger12:05
shirokuroviruss, have you tested lots of servers?12:05
shirokurowe should play minecravt one of these days, kinda fun game ;) ;)12:06
joacimshirokuro: v33 had a server going.12:08
virussi played a lot in the past12:09
shirokuromm, v3312:09
virussbut now its just a source code for learn java for me12:09
shirokuroi hope his optimus is still working ;) ;)12:09
virusssince i made a 9numbers calculator with redstone it not interrest me anymore xd12:10
shirokuroviruss, let's say who care about ram java12:11
shirokuroand play some game12:11
shirokurowould you play with me :(12:11
virussthe server is launch12:12
virussyou want test it ? xd12:12
shirokurosorry, i van't12:12
shirokuronot at home. bbl12:12
virusscome fast before the memory crash xd12:12
shirokurobut that's weird12:13
virusslol thanx but i cant put more memory in xd12:14
virusslimited 1500 mega12:14
virussacer powered12:14
shirokurothat acer is holding you back ;)12:15
virussi will try to reinstall a mineos in another computer for make another test12:16
virussand make a memtest12:16
virusssee you and thanx for the help12:16
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tjacksonyou guys are forfing me to install your5 exvellent distro. van't agree with that.12:28
tjacksonthat's right, forfing.12:29
Romsterwe arn't forcing anything.12:29
tjacksonjust having some fun. ;) brb12:29
Romsteryou call that fun...12:29
tjacksonstop forfing me!!!12:30
Romsterstop trolling seriously.12:31
tjacksoni'm not :(12:32
tjacksonjust waiting gor a usb to burn, sorry12:32
Romstershirokuro should of guessed12:33
tjacksoni made a glibc+ distro btw12:35
tjacksonbut hhow the hell do you market that versus the best altarnate distro? hey guys, use CRUX. oh, yeah, well, i built gettext. big woop... ;)12:36
tjacksoni really did spend like a week getting the build perfect on that, but i realized taht nobody cared12:38
teK_on a related side note.. is anyone using qemu+splice?12:38
frinnstteK_: yeah, a bit12:38
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shirokurothat aside, everybody thinks you have to be a damn brain surgeon to use linux12:50
shirokuroi will spare you the ways you must use git to upgrade12:53
jaegerviruss: if you're bored with the default stuff check out direwolf20's pack, it's got a lot of mods for stuff like steam power, etc.12:58
jaegerplenty of time-wasters :)12:58
virussstrange thing12:58
virussi limited heap size to 256/512 and 1h30 after it crash : memory used : 150012:59
jaegerdefinitely sounds like a leak12:59
virusshow can java go away the limitation13:00
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joacimdid you run the same version of minecraft on both mineos and windows?13:02
virussi run 1.5.0 but interresting thing13:06
virussbut its strange that only 1 guy discovered this13:06
joacimi seen people complain about memory leaks in the client elsewhere13:06
joacimmaybe there are more duplicate bugs. I dont know.13:07
viruss3persons talk about it13:09
viruss1need java update13:10
viruss1 use beta catalyst driver13:10
virussthe 3rd not being replicate13:10
virussi will do another test, i reinstall mineos on another computer13:11
virussin this time i try memtest on the netbook13:11
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root____4i'm scared... i started unscrewing my laptop to use crux again..13:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: 4.39.1 -> 4.40.113:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: syslog-ng: 3.3.8 -> 3.3.913:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-protocol: 0.12.2 -> 0.12.513:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libgcrypt: 1.5.1 -> 1.5.214:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.4.0 -> 1.4.114:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: 1.4.0 -> 1.4.114:09
virussmemtest is ok14:22
virussill be back later map is uploading aee ya14:23
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virussall done14:39
virussmemory flow still present in a fresh mineos installation in another computer14:39
virussnetbook passed the memtest with no error14:39
virussi searched in the bukkit issues and the mojang issues in atlassian, this is not a bug. The few people who had a memory flow who posted a issue conclued by "not reproductible"14:41
virussso 1 the program isn't the problem (run in windows with no memory problem)14:42
viruss2 its not a java problem (i think, its up to date, same version in windows and crux)14:42
viruss3 its not a mineos problem (fresh installation)14:43
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viruss4 ? its a crux problem ? i really dunno what it can be else so am i in the good place ?14:44
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jaegerI think it's a java problem but don't know for sure15:02
virussi have no idea for what to test now15:03
virussits a great distribution, its sad if i must go in windows for java to work :s15:04
virussnobody else use java here ?15:04
jaegerhave you tried a different version of java?15:04
Romsterjava problem, dunno but could you run it in wine? or a VM15:05
virussthe 1.7v17 and the 1.7 v2115:05
jaegertry 6u43 or whatever the last 6 version is15:05
Romsterddi you try 1_6_4315:05
virussok i try it15:05
virussjre-6u43-linux-i586.bin ?15:07
virusscan crux read a bin file ?15:07
jaegerIf it works in linux it works in crux15:08
virussyay but java 7 i had a tar gz15:08
jaegerYou should probably get the 64-bit version, though, if you're still using a 64-bit mineos15:08
Romster you'll need to edit it to suit a pure 32bit system15:11
virussi hate vi15:24
virussi want to connect as root xd15:24
Romstervi is old use vim or if oyu hate that use nano15:25
Romsteri can't stand nano, it's soo limiting it feels like a noob editor to me.15:26
Romsterbasics only.15:26
Romsterdon't help i try to use vim syntax in nano when i'm editing files on a remote server with no vim...15:27
virussok i arrived to turn the config "no" in "yes"15:34
virussits the only thing i need to do with text editor, after i ftp if i need change something15:35
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virussits sad in mineos the root login isn t permitted by default15:35
virussok java 6 is now installed i reboot15:37
virusswe will see15:37
virussError occurred during initialization of VM java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object15:40
virusshu ? Oo15:40
virussreplace bin fodler maybe dont work from 1.7 to 1.6 i try ports system15:42
virusssame error, refuse to initialize15:48
jaegerno idea there, sorry15:49
jaegerHave you asked the mineos discussion group? Maybe someone there has run into it15:49
virussok i will try this15:49
virussbut not today ive been enough fukede by thi f*kn machine xD15:50
virussthanx a lot for your help guys and continue to work on it its a very good distrib !15:50
jaegergood luck15:51
virussthanx ! see you15:51
virusssee you Romster15:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: fetchmail: update to 6.3.2616:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: msmtp: update to 1.4.3116:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nfs-utils: update to 1.2.816:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: imagemagick: update to 6.8.416:09
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gcc: update to 4.7.316:11
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diverseRomster: sorry, what do you want me to find with the lsusb command?17:09
jaegerdiverse: pastebin your "lspci -k" output sometime if you get a chance17:13
jaegeranother thing to test: when you plug in or unplug your mouse, do you see info about it in the output of 'dmesg'?17:23
jaegerso you have a p8p67 deluxe, looks like. I have a p8p67 pro at home and all works fine17:27
jaegeranother question: do you have your mouse plugged into a usb 2 (black) or usb 3 (blue) port?17:28
diversejaeger: just from unplugging and plugging it back again I get output to the terminal automatically, something like this: input: failed to attach handler kbd to device input9, error: -16, and a few more messages. My motherboard is actually a p8z68 deluxe. I have my mouse plugged into the usb 2 port.17:31
jaegerah, ok, guessed that from the lspci output17:31
jaegercan you paste the "few more messages"?17:31
diverseI can't really, but I will type them out:17:32
jaegertype them into a dpaste or pastebin if you do, rather than here17:32
jaegerhave you tried using the mouse in other usb ports?17:35
jaegerwhat filesystem do you use?17:38
diversejaeger: yes I have tried the mouse in other usb 2 ports. I use ext4 filesystem on the bootable partition. Here is the paste:
diverseI double checked the output so its accurate17:41
jaeger <-- try this config17:41
Amnesiahow much space does gcc need @ compilation?17:42
Amnesia3 gb wasn't enough..17:42
diversejaeger: is it safe to use a 3.8.4 config file for a 3.6.11 kernel?17:42
jaegerpossibly. or try 3.8.x17:42
jaegerI can upload the kernel and modules from it if you like17:43
diversealright that sounds good.17:43
diversewhere would I put the module files though?17:45
jaegermodules go in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)17:45
jaegerin this case /lib/modules/3.8.417:45
Amnesiado you folks know, cause I might have to attach an external hd to get gcc compiled17:47
Amnesiaonly got 4 gb ram:)17:47
jaegerno idea here, sorry17:47
diversejaeger: so I just move the lib directory I extracted to /lib ?17:49
jaegershould be safe to since all I put in the tarball are the modules, kernel, and system.map17:50
jaegerI'd say just do a mv lib/modules/3.8.4 /lib/modules/17:51
AmnesiaI'll grab an external hd -.-:P17:53
diversejaeger: alright, and I move the vmlinuz and file to their appropriate paths.17:54
jaegeryeah, /boot or wherever you put them17:54
diverse/boot/vmlinuz and /boot/System.map17:55
diverseanything else you want me to do?17:55
diverseor just reboot?17:55
jaegerupdate lilo if you use that17:56
diverseI use syslinux17:56
jaegermake sure lilo.conf points to the right kernel and run /sbin/lilo17:56
jaegerso make sure syslinux knows where to find it, then reboot17:56
diverserebooting now17:56
diversealright, I will do cat /dev/input/mice now.17:58
diverseargh... I didn't get any garbage output from moving the mouse...17:59
jaegerstill get errors if you plug and unplug the mouse?18:00
diverseyeah, and with one extra line18:00
diverseI wonder if its udev's fault...18:01
jaegerThere's definitely something wrong, you should see something like that paste18:02
jaegerAnd that paste is from the kernel config I uploaded18:02
diversethat was from the dmesg output you got?18:03
jaegeryes. I unplugged and replugged my mouse18:03
diverseshould I give you my dmesg output?18:04
diverseI already unplugged and plugged back in the mouse.18:05
jaegerI don't think it would help18:05
jaegerSomething's wrong with your USB stack, don't know if it's hardware or software18:05
diversebut whats odd is that in my old arch system that I still have around, it works perfectly fine, and its running on 3.6.4 iirc.18:06
jaegerSorry, don't know what to tell you. I know that kernel config supports everything needed, I'm using it right now18:06
jaegeryour arch install is on that same machine?18:07
diverseon a different hard drive.18:07
jaegeryou could try using the kernel from the arch install18:07
diversewell arch does the kernel a bit differently since it uses an initramfs image using a tool called mkinitcpio iirc18:09
diversemaybe I should try using a different mouse.18:09
jaegercouldn't hurt to try... I'm out of ideas18:10
diversejaeger: I plugged in a new mouse and didn't get that automatic output, I check dmesg and it looks good, but when I cat /dev/input/mice, I still don't get anything, but I want to test it in X.18:21
diversesince I use nvidia, what is the procedure to get it to work again? I already force rebuild it.18:22
jaegergl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia18:27
diversejaeger: I keep getting the "Module nvidia not found"18:30
jaegerafter rebuilding the package, run depmod -a18:31
diversealright I started over by rebuilding it, ran depmod -a, then gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia, and it still doesn't work...18:33
jaegerDid you reinstall the package after rebuilding it?18:34
diverseI did prt-get update -fr nvidia, I thought that should do the trick?18:36
jaegerit should18:38
joacimdo you have a supported card?18:39
diverseOh wait, I rebuild it again and now I noticed it actually failed, thats why.18:40
diverseyes it is supported, I got it to work before.18:40
diverse"Unable to determine the target kernel version"18:42
jaegerthe source is required if you want to rebuild the nvidia driver against that kernel version18:43
diversealright, but I only got the lib directory and vmlinuz and files for you, do I need to download and extract the sources at /usr/src/ ?18:45
diverse*from you18:45
jaegerIf you want to rebuild nvidia with 3.8.4, yes18:45
joacimhow long ago was before? my card was supported a month or two ago, but isnt anymore.18:46
jaegerthe 560ti is pretty recent, should be supported for some time18:46
joacimoh ok. i think the last cards to get dumped were the 7000 series18:47
diversejaeger: alright I extracted the kernel source to /usr/src/linux-3.8.4 and doing prt-get update -fr nvidia, still doesn't work...19:00
diverseI guess I should go back to the other kernel...19:00
jaegerextracting it isn't enough, you'll need to compile it with that config19:00
jaegeror at least prepare the headers/symlinks, not sure. easiest just to compile19:01
diverseprobably cleaner just to compile as well19:08
frinnstI have that exact same motherboard19:23
frinnst3.9-rc config19:24
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diverseok that is f'ing weird...19:36
diverseI got the mouse to finally work only on usb3 ports...!19:37
diverseand the Corsair mouse only works on usb3 ports, wow that is weird...19:37
diversejaeger: ping19:38
diverseok I need food, I'm starving, brb.19:42
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diversejaeger: back22:06
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diverseAnyone around?23:44
jaegersorta. working on my ESXi server, semi-AFK23:47
diverseESXi server?23:47
jaegerVMware vSphere 5 ESXi - it's a virtualization server23:48
jaegerI have around 8 VMs running on it to do various things including most of my crux stuff23:48
diversevery nice23:48
jaeger <-- bought one of these for it, just arrived today23:49
*** v33 has joined #crux23:49
diversehow much storage space are you going to use?23:49
jaegerOnce I get all my drives swapped around it'll have 1TB for VM disks and 3 2TB drives for my NAS VM23:50
jaegerIt has 1x 1TB, 3x 500GB, and a 60GB SSD for cache in it currently23:51
jaegerthe 3x 500GB will be replaced with 2TB drives23:52
*** joacim has quit IRC23:52
diverseWait how do you make an SSD act as cache for the hard drives? I have been wanting to do that forever!23:54
diverseIs there a way to do that in Linux?23:55
*** joacim has joined #crux23:56
jaegerIt's an ESXi feature in this case23:56
diverseSo, what are you planning to use the NAS VMs for? Backup?23:59

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