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v33god, so many fishy shit going down lately00:02
diversev33: like what?00:04
v33this dude offered quite a bit of money00:04
v33to make his online experience as untraceable as possible00:04
v33sketchy as hell if you ask me00:04
v33told him i could do a chain of vpn as well as tor00:05
v33but he didn't like how he had to pay for other services... -____-00:05
v33some people lol00:05
diversesome people can be stupid and don't know what they are doing, its a fact of life.00:07
diverseif those people are willing to learn and understand, then thats different.00:08
joacimhow do i hack my ex-girlfriends' facebook?!00:08
joacimbeen a while since i've seen creepy people on irc00:08
diverseumm... you find an exploit on facebook to get admin access then go to your ex-girlfriends page and pwn her, done.00:09
joacimi mostly see them on local or regional irc channels00:09
joacimbeen years since i've been to those tho00:09
diverseSo, who uses SSDs on day-to-day usage?00:12
jaegerI use quite a few of them00:20
jaegerAs for the NAS, it's for my media storage00:20
diversejaeger: do you use ssd for your crux install?00:21
diversejaeger: Do you backup routinely, incase the SSDs fail?00:22
jaegerI keep backups but not because of the SSDs... they don't have any significantly higher failure rate than anything else00:23
diverseThey are no worst off then HDDs?00:24
jaegernot anymore, no00:24
diverseYou are saying its reliability increased?00:25
jaegerThey've been reliable for a long time now00:25
diverseSo do you combine your ssds in a raid 0 or something?00:27
jaegerno, not a good idea00:27
diverseso just as a bunch of drives in one volume?00:29
jaegerno, just use them like normal drives... what an odd question00:29
diversejust curious00:29
diverseI assume you put them together as one unit to get the most storage.00:30
jaegerah. no need for that00:30
diverseoh thats right, you have the NAS VMs00:32
diverseThats why you have the ESXi server for storing most of your data.00:34
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diverseor thats likely another wrong assumption...00:40
jaegerlarge data goes on the NAS, both that and important stuff on the SSDs get backed up externally00:42
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diversejaeger: how is the ESXi server building going so far?01:09
jaegerIt's back up, seems fine01:15
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Cryptorchilddoes anyone ever build computer cluster with CRUX?01:49
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Roomster<diverse> Wait how do you make an SSD act as cache for the hard drives? I have been wanting to do that forever! <- bcache03:00
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RomsterCryptorchild, i use distcc on 4 machines04:35
RomsterAmnesia, you could try make bootstrap-lean05:10
Romsterinstead of make05:10
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diverseRomster: why do you have 2 nicks in this channel?07:04
frinnstzimbra suck at korean spam07:08
frinnsti've been training that sucker for a few months now.. shit still get through07:08
diversefrinnst: what are you talking about?07:11
diversefrinnst: also how about mulster?07:14
frinnstSearches related to mulster07:14
frinnstchild molester07:14
frinnstalso monster and molester07:14
diversemulster = multi + romster07:15
frinnsti guess monster is appropriate :)07:15
diverseyou essentially just called Romster both a molestar and a monster.07:16
diversewhich coincidentally they end with "ster"07:17
diversefrinnst: I bet you are proud of yourself now!07:18
Romsterdiverse, one is my laptop07:20
diverseOh, on a different machine.07:21
Romsterfrinnst, da fuck07:21
diversefrinnst did it, not me!!!07:21
Romsterromster was taken so i used monster.romster as monster rhymed with romster.07:22
diverseYeah it does ryhme well.07:23
Romster-flto=jobserverthen i decided to do * for a domain unlimited possibilities!07:23
diverseSometimes I feel like saying "You know, Romster is the Monster!"07:24
Romsteroops good on me for pasting -flto=jobserver -_-07:24
diverseRomster: so did you hear how I fixed the mouse problem?07:25
AmnesiaRomster: attached an external HD07:25
Amnesiaso I'm covered:)07:25
Romsterdiverse, nope what was it?07:28
Romster17:28:36 up 35 days, 27 min,  1 user,  load average: 12.07, 11.28, 9.5207:28
diverseI had to plug the mouse in a usb3 port, of all things!07:28
Romsterthe heck...07:28
Romstershould work in usb2 as well07:29
diverseyeah, doesn't work in any usb2 port, even though my old arch install does this fine.07:29
Romsterit's not uncommon to have 2 or even 3 different usb drivers for the same motherboard.07:29
frinnstso you must lack the correct driver for usb2?07:29
Romstermost likely.07:29
frinnsti pasted my kernel config yesterday. we have the exact same motherboard p8p65 deluxe or whatever its called07:30
diversewell I took jaeger's special config file and build my kernel on top of his, assuming usb2 should work...07:30
diverseI have the p8z68 deluxe board, not p6507:31
frinnstwell can you plug anything else in the usb2 ports? not detected either?07:31
diverseah yes, if I plug in a logitech mouse in usb2 ports it worked.07:32
diverseBut usb2 doesn't like my Corsair mouse07:33
frinnstah, so must be some quirk then07:33
diverseI suppose or maybe the usb2 ports don't deliver as much power... but then again I did have this mouse working on usb2 in the old arch install.07:34
diverseits better than nothing07:36
Romsterthat is really confusing.07:36
diversedo you want me to check something just in case?07:38
Romsterit works let it be07:38
Romstermight be one thing though07:39
diverseJust give me the kernel option name07:39
Romsterdo you have ehci_hcd module loaded?07:39
Romsteror built it.07:40
Romster$ zgrep EHCI_HCD /proc/config.gz07:41
Romsterif that isn't laoded or built in the ransfer mdoe will be 1.1 instead of usb 2.007:41
Romstercore2 compiling gcc is painful.07:42
diverseI get that CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD=y07:44
Romsterthen you have usb 2.0 speeds07:45
diversebut I also get: # CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD_PLATFORM is not set07:45
Romsterthink there might be usb2.1 now but what ever i call it usb2 speed.07:45
Romsteri haven't got that set07:46
Romsternot sure if anything even uses that.07:47
Romstergeneric driver so it might be worth enabling.07:48
diverseyou recommend I enable that?07:53
Romsternot sure, but you could test if that makes any difference with your mouse in usb207:53
diverseI will look into it later, too tired now...07:53
Romsterdoubt it'll break anything. seems to set memory and irq when you plug i/unplug a usb device.07:53
Romstermight not be required due to udev rules too. don't know.07:54
diversethat sounds useful07:54
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profilAnyone who got a crux kernel with xen support? the installation iso doesn't seem to support xen08:27
Romsterjaeger's updated iso might?08:29
Romsterguess he is asleep now though08:29
profilRomster: ahh, thanks, gonna try it08:32
profilRomster: too bad, same thing with that iso.. "ERROR: Will only load images built for the generic loader or Linux images: Invalid kernel" :(08:40
Romsterdamn maybe prologic is about, he does VM stuff too08:40
Romsterelse you'll have to wait around08:41
Romsterdone any xen stuff prologic08:43
prologicbut it's very similar to other technologies08:43
prologickvm, vmware, etc08:44
Romsterdamn it'll either be jaeger sepen or pittalo then.08:44
Romsterprofil, , willprobably haev to do a custom kernel and drop that in the iso08:44
frinnstdont think they use xen08:44
frinnstmight be worth asking on the mailinglist08:44
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: ed: update to 1.810:46
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: less: update to 45810:46
Romstercurl -I
RomsterHTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden11:18
Romsterwhy do i get that11:18
Romsteri have a feeling some sites hate my transparant proxy11:19
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Romsterthey never did in the past11:19
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Romstermorning jue frinnst11:22
fireglow-hey Romster11:22
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profilRomster: yeah, I guess I will start crux in qemu over ssh and install the system there, and add support for xen in the kernel, then start the new installation in xen12:24
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Romsterif you poke jaeger when he is awake perhaps his updated iso could support xen later on.12:26
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frinnstwoot, new netapp \o/12:56
teK_despite the strike?12:56
teK_lucky guy12:56
jaegerI don't use xen so have no plans to put it into the ISO12:57
profilno problem, will use kvm instead :)13:00
jaegerOut of curiosity, any reason you can't build a xen kernel outside the ISO?13:00
profilI have no place to build right now, thought it would be easier to set up the new system and do it at the same time13:01
profilbut I have no real need of xen, and its a bit more complicated than qemu, so I will stick with qemu13:02
jaegerfair enough13:02
profilI need to get rid of arch on my server/htpc, but I want the installation to be smooth. I got no keyboard connected to that machine, and its easier to install it over ssh13:04
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jaegervirtualization isn't needed to install via SSH13:10
frinnstteK_: they called off the strike after 1 hour :)13:20
frinnstand it was delivered by a dutch lorry so doubt it would have made a difference13:21
frinnstthe servers are still mia :(13:21
frinnstmissing in action13:21
teK_ah :D13:22
teK_hopefully ou will find more than their dog tags :|13:22
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timcowchipold English spelling18:50
timcowchipThor's day18:50
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profiljaeger: but its the easiest way. How would you do it?20:03
jaegerprofil: I'd boot the CD, enable SSH, set a root password, edit hosts.allow, and install20:07
jaegerrequires a keyboard and monitor just long enough to do the initial start20:07
profilyeah, its easier this way then :)20:09
profilIf I had a real server it would have IPMI :D20:10
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jaegerI love IPMI, got tons of it at work and 1 on my ESXi server at home20:15
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profilI started working with it yesterday on a new server at school, really nice20:24
profillike kvm over network20:24
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BurnZeZSo nobody created a golang package?22:12
BurnZeZI'm kinda surprised22:12
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