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v33how are you joacim?01:47
joacimdoing quite well =)01:51
joacimand you?01:51
joacimlost control over my economy. i discovered ebay :S01:53
v33uh oh01:54
v33what have you been buying o.O01:54
joacimbought a couple of video games01:54
joacimbut i've been looking at so many more of them01:54
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joacimall those video games i didnt buy in highschool due to being a sony-fanboy :p01:54
v33why not emulate them?01:55
joacimused to do that when i was younger01:56
joacimbut i've grown tired of having to mess around with all those emulators01:56
joacimnot all systems are supported through emulation like the snes01:56
joacimzsnes and snes9x have been doing a good job for more than a decade, and bsnes recently achieved 100% accuracy01:57
joacimi dont think i can say the same about dolphin, epsxe/pcsx, or pcsx201:57
v33i've been given the task of creating a bootable usb envirnment thats encrypted01:58
v33no idea how the hell thats suppose to go down01:58
joacimi've only experienced epsxe, and with that one i grew tired of having to find just the right plugin-combo for each game and having to reconfigure the plugins for different games.01:58
joacimit seems like most emulators for those generations are like that01:59
joacimemulation is fun tho, but i just prefer the real hardware on my crt television =)01:59
v33i miss the old games ^___^01:59
joacimgot resident evil (remake) and zero on the way in the mail02:00
joacimwant to buy pn03 and viewtiful joe too02:00
joacimI'll need to buy some more ram and fix my teeth before i buy any more video games :p02:01
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joacimI'd like to try and install windows on my usb drive.02:02
joacimgot this usb drive from my old laptop but nothing to use it on. dont want to install windows on the same drive as OS X.02:03
v33oh man02:03
v33video game heaven lol02:03
joacimthat stuff is always so messy. =)02:03
joacimi wouldnt know. dont think my HD 3000 can run that many games =)02:04
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joacimi think it depends more on the age of the system to me. I emulate SNES and earlier, but prefer to use the real hardware when it comes to the playstation/n64/saturn or newer.02:07
v33i have my n6402:17
v33still works like a charm!02:17
BurnZeZromster: Seems like the whatpulse package got broken02:18
joacimsome really beautiful examples of PS2 and gamecube games working great in emulators. think jaeger made one of xenoblade.02:20
joacima video thati s02:20
BurnZeZromster: Ah, didn't notice it was so outdated02:21
joacimI'm going to bed. Good night. =)02:28
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diverseWhere is jaeger lately?02:36
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BurnZeZAnd look at them now02:46
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Romsteri never got whatpulse to work and it's binary crap so i gave up on it.05:22
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Romsterok now i have the other quad core online, i can do make -j14 shortly after gcc is updated.08:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.5.28 -> 1.5.2910:54
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frinnstRomster: how many boxes do you have connected?11:55
teK_and: how good does this setup scale wrt compilation time?11:56
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prologicYou know...13:56
prologicCentOS/RHEL really sucks13:56
Rotwangwhy rhel sucks?13:59
RotwangI use it at work, and it is not bad13:59
frinnstyeah me too14:02
frinnstdoes the job14:02
prologicit does the job until it doesn't14:02
prologicin this case14:02
prologicI need Python 2.714:02
prologicplus lots of geospatial  libraries and tools14:03
frinnstyeah in that case you might run into trouble14:03
prologicanything that elgis provides is too old14:03
prologicand has dependency issues anyway14:03
prologicso I'm being forced to compile form source regardless14:03
prologicthe epel/elgis repos are utterly useless14:04
prologicold != stable14:04
frinnsttry debian stable :)14:04
prologicuggh even worse :)14:04
prologicat least they don't have a system python problem14:04
prologicthat's the other thing that shits me about CentOS14:04
frinnstubuntu server is usually pretty good in cases like these.. fresher packages14:04
prologicyou have to have separate python anyway14:05
prologicor else you break yum14:05
prologicgod forbid! :)14:05
prologicbut I doubt I can swing Ubunu server past my work place14:05
prologicwhen I'm done I'l have Ansible play books to re-create the entire environment on a blank CentOS 6.3 install14:06
prologicso all is not in vein14:06
jaegerubuntu is my server of choice for most things at work14:06
prologicsome days I wish I could use crux at work for server deploys :)14:06
prologicI'd be much happier :)14:06
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frinnstyeah that would be a lot easier to swing, if youre not allowed to use ubuntu :)14:08
jaegerIt seems in neuroscience lots of things are targeted at older dists like cenetos but I've made them work in ubuntu with little trouble14:09
jaegerusually easier to make older things work in newer dists than the opposite14:09
frinnstyou dont need to run the "supported os" for support reasons?14:10
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frinnsti love when you get a reply "we dont support centos, only rhel"14:10
jaegerI very rarely need support for the few commercial linux apps we run, the rest are unsupported14:10
jaegeror only community-supported14:10
jaeger(like AFNI)14:10
prologicsorry guys14:11
prologicI'm off to bed :)14:11
frinnstwe run one app we could potentially require support for. luckily they dont seem to mind us running it on centos instead of rhel14:11
jaegerXNAT is one for which we might need support but they'll support either14:12
frinnsti remember these being a lot faster last time i used one..14:12
jaegerI've tested it on centos 6, ubuntu 10.04, and ubuntu 12.0414:12
jaegerwhen was "last time" ?14:13
frinnsthmm, 2005? :)14:13
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teK_btw jaeger does xbmc compile for you?14:32
teK_neither 12.1 nor a current pull from git will do it14:32
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Romsterfrinnst, teK_ 5 boxes so far with distcc haven't timed anything yet. seems to be a bltleneck on some compiling but i'm not using pump mode yet either.15:32
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guzzanoSomeone who manages C?16:09
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v33anyone here have a cutieboard?16:38
frinnstRomster: you need to provide pics :)16:38
frinnstv33: ask in #crux-arm16:38
Romsterfrinnst, later16:39
Romstermessy cable setup16:39
v33oh alright frinnst :P16:41
jaegerteK_: 12.0 and 12.1 have both worked for me16:42
jaegerteK_: I've got a port in my repo for it16:42
v33anyway, hows everyone doing?16:54
horrorStruckcheap beer time so i guess "great" is appropriate17:05
frinnst7pm and im still not dressed17:06
frinnstweekends ftw17:06
horrorStruckyou'll take care of this tomorrow17:06
v33man, i hate weekends17:08
v33i always wake up to the sound of the neighbors kid yelling about some shit17:08
joacimno package deliveries :S17:08
v33no post on sundays!17:09
horrorStruckyou guys are students, right :P ?17:09
joacimthe beer section at the store closes early17:09
joacimand no beer on sundays17:09
horrorStrucknow that sucks17:09
frinnstyes you can get mail on sundays!17:09
joacimno kids in my neighborhood, but i do have lots of drunks that shout at night...17:09
horrorStruck"you're a disgrace to the uniform" :D17:11
v33haha sienfield17:13
tilmanjoacim: you're in norway, right?17:17
horrorStruckfrinnst: you've seen this (it was all over the place but just in case):
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teK_jaeger: I used your  repo to install xbmc19:31
teK_to no avail :|19:31
jaegerWhat's the problem?19:42
teK_recompiling so Ican paste19:43
teK_some C++/gcc/... compilation-fuckup19:43
teK_DVDStateSerializer.cpp:206:13: error: no match for 'operator<<' in 'stream << xmlDoc'19:51
teK_that is, I guess19:51
teK_uh, mike_k pasted this 6 days ago, too (found via google)
jaegerteK_: looks like the tinyxml stdc issue19:52
teK_'the' issue? you're familiar?19:53
frinnsthorrorStruck: no but im aware19:54
jaegerteK_: yeah. use the tinyxml from my repo as well19:54
teK_uh, sweet19:56
teK_Rotwang: maybe you want to include jaeger's patches :}19:57
frinnstcool, google maps in gl20:01
frinnstfirefox only uses 100% cpu20:01
jaegeronly :D20:01
teK_chromium is laughing at you20:01
frinnstyeah, totally unusable20:01
teK_250% "idling"20:02
teK_(youremember? last time I told it were 800%)20:02
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teK_-- Packages installed20:04
jaegeroh snap!20:04
timcowchipis xbmc something like mythtv?20:05
timcowchipdoes it work with any of these products
teK_uh dunno20:09
teK_I plan on buying a raspi20:10
teK_tried to emulate stuff with qemu... laaaarge fail20:10
teK_really :P20:10
joacimthinking of getting one too. has this somewhat cheap kit that includes an sd card, case, and power adapter20:11
teK_my son wants to build the case with LEGO  bricks.. ;)20:11
frinnstI still dont know what do do with mine :/20:12
teK_send it to me :p20:12
joacimirc =)20:12
joacimI plan on using mine for network diagnosis20:13
frinnstmaybe colocate it at work?20:13
frinnsthmm, yes. me likes this idea20:13
joacimto see if my router needs replacing20:13
tilmanfrinnst: why colocate it?20:13
v33really want the odroid x2 now20:13
jaegerI have a raspberry pi running openelec and xbmc, it works great20:13
tilmanyou just as well serve crap from it from home (using your gazillion mbit/s line)20:13
frinnstget a proper connection, static ip etc20:13
teK_trying openelec in vbox right now.. its laggy as hell :\20:13
jaegernavigating the menus is slow but the video playback is fine20:13
teK_ah *G*20:14
jaegerno idea why it's slow in vbox, it's definitely slow on the rpi :)20:14
teK_so it just sucks20:14
jaegerhehe, perhaps so20:14
tilmanunfortunately my guruplug still works perfectly fine20:14
tilmandon't have a reason to replace it with better hardware :/20:14
frinnsttilman: the raspberry isnt "better" :)20:14
frinnstwell, maybe for some video thingy20:15
teK_btw jaeger how to use e.g. the youtube video-add on? I dont seem to be able to make it 'start or so20:15
jaegerNo idea there, I've never used it20:15
teK_ah.. "Downloading 0%" well >_>20:15
tilmanfrinnst: + more oopmh in the cpu. SIMD extensions eg (neon)20:15
RotwangteK_: what patches?20:16
Rotwangwhats going on?20:17
jaegerhuh... a swedish guy is doing really well at dreamhack starcraft 2, didn't see that coming20:18
teK_xbmc won't compile without them it was ahalf serious suggestion  :)20:18
Rotwanghere have this pacake20:19
joacimwhich swede?20:19
tilmancompetitive sc2 so boring to watch ;p20:19
jaeger <-- that guy20:19
teK_jaeger: xbmc requires mesa-demos to run :20:19
Rotwang"professional Protoss player"?20:19
jaegertilman: I agree, but I got sucked in by it being on the front page at :)20:19
Rotwangwhat happened to this world?20:19
jaegerThe game is boring to me but I love the crowd reactions and the announcers, "e-sports" are hilarious20:20
teK_but itlooks nice, thanks again jaeger! :)20:21
tilmanjaeger: hearing the casters talk about the game, yet not understanding anything they say <320:21
jaegertilman: I have no real justification but that amuses me :D20:21
jaegerat this point I just want to know if the swedish guy will win20:21
tilmaneg when they are describing the base buildups as "2 rax" or whatever :D20:21
tilmanjaeger: i'm watching a completely unrelated stream from a guy in a swedish netcafe, which is apparently showing that sc2 game you're watching20:22
jaegerheh, nice20:22
jaegerthe official one is for reference20:23
joacimi used to watch tastosis cast in korea20:23
joacimstreamed on gomtv i think20:23
tilmanthis is DH qualifier or something?20:23
joacimmany years ago now20:23
jaegerno idea, I didn't follow the roster :)20:24
joacimi've never actually played SC2 =)20:24
tilman"1/1 zerglings vs +1 zealots" :D:D20:24
jaegerOne thing I like about this stream is even though I know very little about starcraft I can still tell when shit is going south, hehe20:28
tilmanhuge crowd :o20:28
jaeger+100k people on the stream20:28
jaeger107k now20:29
tilmannot sure why they are talking about grand finals when dreamhack is 6+ weeks off (?)20:29
tilman(i'm guessing, iirc it's in june)20:29
jaegerno idea here20:29
tilman\o/ ;)20:32
jaegerjoacim: hah, that rage video is nuts20:34
jaegerIt certainly matches the few call of duty fans I know here :D20:34
jaegerSuch professionalism :P20:35
tilmanfps w/o mice and keyboards is just o_O20:37
joacimi dont remember if my generation acted like that in online games. Very few games had voice coms like that back then.20:37
tilmanbrits vs frenchies :D20:37
joacimi would just play enemy territory and not speak to anyone.20:38
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tilmanjaeger: best interviews ever?20:49
jaegerI was away from the computer, didn't see the interviews20:52
jaegergot my two 200mm case fans replaced, woo20:56
tilmanthey interviewed two koreans who spoke surprisingly bad (to me) english20:57
teK_sweet sweet sweet. yatse via smartphone works, too, covers andstuff. amazing! <321:06
frinnstdamn i need a new series to watch21:06
teK_watch it NOW21:07
joacim I'm watching trailer park boys21:07
teK_or Boss (only two seasons, sadly)21:08
teK_or Black Mirror (six episodes)21:09
frinnstI watched the fist episode of boss. dont remember why i stopped watching21:11
frinnstnever watched the other two21:11
teK_there's only two (I hope)21:12
teK_you watched the obvious ones: Game of Thrones and the walking dead?21:13
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teK_fetch Legit21:25
frinnsti am21:25
teK_but don't blame me for dreaming about Romster :D21:25
frinnstok now you really scared me21:26
teK_the main act has a REALLY bold australian accent21:26
teK_don't worry21:30
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frinnstteK_: legit: awesome23:34
frinnstatleast the first ep23:34
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prologicgah I'm such a retard23:56
prologicI just brought down my server23:56
prologicby bringing down the wrong interface!23:56
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