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prologicoopps indeed00:03
prologicwon't do that again :000:03
joacimi sometimes reboot mine when i intend to run ports -u00:04
prologiclol really?00:15
prologicit happens00:15
prologicas long as you don't do something like rm -rf /00:15
prologicor some part thereof00:15
prologicor chown -R some part of the system you didn't want00:15
joacimI reboot my computer often to play video games in windows. It has become "natural" for me to type shutdown after logging in as root =)00:18
prologicyou should just run windows in a vm00:26
prologicsay virtualbox or vmware00:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sqlmap: inital import00:26
prologicperformance is pretty good these days afaik00:27
prologicor even in a kvm guest00:27
joacimI'm thinking of splitting the video game computer and file server00:30
joacimget a dedicated system for each00:30
joacimor get a server and use my mac for video games.00:30
prologicI'm in the process atm of bridging a virtual lan on my server00:36
prologicto my local lan at home00:36
joacimheh. managed to make virtualbox crash.00:41
joacimwell. now i learned not to change the keyboard layout in fedora 1800:51
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jaegerdon't use the "crash" keyboard layout :)01:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf1: contrib -> romster03:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: distcc: include pump mode and server03:18
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timcowchipwhat is gdk-pixbuf1?06:46
timcowchipbesides an image loading library for GTK+06:49
horrorStruckwhat kind of answer do you expect exactly :) ?06:49
timcowchipI was wondering if the 1 was significant07:00
timcowchipI have gdk-pixbuf installed07:01
timcowchipI assume that by adding the 1 means its not an upgrade07:02
timcowchipgtk depends on gdk-pixbuf07:04
timcowchipwhich is probably why it needs to coexist with gdk-pixbuf107:05
timcowchipso why make a port for gdk-pixbuf1?07:08
timcowchipI'm going to patch backlite for ffmpeg-0.11 like arch and slackware07:10
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horrorStrucktimcowchip: ah ok, it's just a different branch07:34
timcowchipoh ok, thanks horrorstruck07:46
timcowchipI pushed the patches and build files for backlite07:48
timcowchipUX is crashing alot since upgrading harfbuzz I think07:55
timcowchipI might have to break down and install firefox07:56
timcowchiplast update was firefox-20 on apr 2nd07:58
timcowchipthe one before that was firefox-19 on mar 8th07:59
timcowchipI think I'll wait until early may for firefox-2107:59
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prologicRomster, why?08:34
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diversehello everybody08:55
frinnstRomster: :D08:57
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Romsterwhy what?09:01
Romsternothing is using gdk-pixbuf109:01
Romsterthat was for the older gtk109:01
Romsterwhich is not even in opt anymore.09:01
Romsterwhy must everyone question everything i do. -_-09:02
diverseRomster: because you are the Monster.09:02
diversefrinnst: since you use SSDs, do you enable "discard" by default when creating the filesystem or do you put it in fstab?09:03
Romsternot having fun with pump mode on distcc. can't quite figure it out yet09:04
Romsteri'm using a SSD too diverse09:04
diverseWell I am thinking of getting one and setting up another Crux install.09:06
diverseI want to set it up with LVM2 so I can get the snapshot feature and expand when I need to.09:07
diverseRomster: what does your SSD setup consist of?09:09
diversefrinnst: Romster: Also, when you compile, do write to the ram to avoid write cycles?09:15
frinnstno, not bothering with that09:18
diversefrinnst: you do it all directly on the SSD?09:19
RomsterINTEL SSDSC2CT120A309:27
Romsteri have a ramfs for pkgmk work directory09:28
Romstererr tmpfs i mean09:28
diverseRomster: it seems frinnst is okay with not have a tmpfs for pkgmk. Although it wouldn't be a bad idea to set it up with tmpfs, as ram is way faster.09:31
Romsterssd and ram is near the same speed.09:32
diverseRomster: how many MHz does SSDs run at these days?09:33
Romsternever looked that up. what am i? wikipedia?09:34
diverseRomster: you sounded like an expert to me. :)09:35
diverseRomster: so what do you run it on, ext4 or btrfs, lvm, dm-crypt?09:38
diverseRomster: how long have you used it?09:56
diversethat one I am really curious about09:56
RomsterOct 25  201210:06
diverseNice, so its been running well for at least 6 months10:08
frinnstmine is close to a year old now i think10:08
Romsterhmm i think i got distcc pump mode working.10:10
diversefrinnst: which model was yours?10:10
frinnstintel 330 120g10:11
frinnsthave an identical one at work, works just fine10:11
frinnstand an intel x25-80b g210:11
frinnstand an intel 320 40gb :)10:12
diverseintel's is pretty reliable.10:13
frinnstpoint is, you dont need to worry10:14
diverseI am looking for a good 512gb ssd, which one do you guys recommend?10:20
diverseintel has up to 480gb10:20
Romsteri got swap on my ssd too and ccache10:20
Romsterall going ok.10:21
tilmanare such large ssds worth it yet?10:21
tilmani don't think so10:21
diverseRomster: thanks for the reassurance.10:22
diversetilman: you mean worth it price wise?10:22
Romstergood for database and fast seek time stuff.10:23
Romsteri don't think any amount of raid0 could compare to a single SSD.10:23
diverseI want the faster file i/o since a lot of what we do on our machines uses it. To use HDDs would just bottleneck the system, it literally is the slowest part of a modern system.10:26
tilmanok then10:26
diverseRomster: so you are right.10:27
Romsterwhen am i ever wrong? :P don't answer that.10:27
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diverseRomster is the Monster! :D10:28
joacimwhy not? I've never seen you be wrong.10:29
diversetilman: I am willing to spend the extra cash to get the 512gb, of course at a good price.10:31
Romsteri'm not always right tilman that's the point.10:32
tilmandiverse: yeah, nevermind me. i thought we're talking about consumer use ;)10:32
Romsteryou'll be paying a bit for a 512GiB SSD10:33
Romsterlast i looked there about $800aud10:33
diverseon the crucial 512gb is going at $385us, pretty good if you ask me.10:35
Romsternever seem a 512GiB that low before.10:35
Romsterdid the prices crash the past week or two.10:36
Romsterlist price $69910:36
diverseThere you have it though10:40
diverse45% percent off10:41
diversetilman: what do you think about that? ;)10:44
Romsterdunno how they do that but if you can get it at that price.10:45
tilmandiverse: i don't keep up with hardware. all i know is that a couple of years ago, intel ssds were considered the bestest10:45
diverseI will need to look into that and compare both brands.10:46
diverseRomster: its Amazon, its what they do!10:47
Romsterjaeger, may have mroe insight he helped me on SSD choices.10:47
diverseI will ask jaeger about crucial10:48
diverseThe price looks good and its got 4.5 stars with 1700 reviews10:49
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] util-linux: update to 2.2311:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.3.411:03
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libfontenc: update to 1.1.211:16
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jaegerRomster, diverse: the M4 is a decent drive but has been plagued with firmware bugs in the past (sorted now, I think, but not 100% sure) and just isn't as competitive as sandforce's or samsung's controllers13:37
jaegerAt that pricepoint it's probably a good deal but you can get better performers13:39
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timcowchip 960Gb17:38
joacimheh. I can see myself be content with about 200GB.17:44
timcowchipme too17:46
timcowchipI've got crux arch and slackware, all on 160Gb's17:46
jaegermy largest ones are 240/256, been happy with those so far17:59
jaegerdiverse: regarding your earlier question about 480gb vs. 512gb, they're probably the same. Depending on the manufacturer and controller they're marketed differently18:02
jaegersandforce markets their 256gb drive as 240gb with 16gb reserved for RAISE (which is sandforce-specific)18:03
jaegersamsung sells their 256gb 830 as 256gb, on the other hand, but they use their own controller18:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ii: 1.6 -> 1.718:05
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BurnZeZAre there any python3 packages?18:11
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timcowchip python318:14
BurnZeZOh, neat18:14
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BurnZeZAh, found one18:15
BurnZeZThis repo seems fairly updated18:15
BurnZeZI wonder why he hasn't submitted it18:16
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BurnZeZIs there a port handler for git repos?18:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pidgin: 2.10.6 -> 2.10.718:17
timcowchipall you need is the Pkgfile18:18
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v33anyone here use bumblebee?18:28
BurnZeZtimcowchip: Yeah, but his repo is pretty neat18:28
Rotwangno, I like to have my /usr not removed18:28
BurnZeZRotwang: Heh18:29
RotwangI was referring to bumblebee18:29
BurnZeZI know18:29
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BurnZeZAll these ports18:54
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teK_frinnst: happy you like Legit19:19
teK_there's an awesome episode about who gets which part of the seat in a plane. Explained by example^Warguing with a huhge black gay man19:20
frinnstyeah, i've already burned through all eps :)19:23
frinnstblack mirror's turn now19:24
frinnstteK_: i like the ransom demand :D19:37
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timcowchipjust pushed an enlightenment forecast module up to my repo21:16
frinnstblack mirror is fucked tek21:17
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teK_firs things first21:19
teK_what do you exactly mean by 'ransom deman'21:19
teK_I don't quite understand.. I love the scene when Billy stares at the thiefs that enter Steve's house :D21:20
teK_"I will kill you. Bitch" .. in his wheel chair :D21:20
frinnstteK_: the first episode of black mirror21:21
frinnstwith the prime minister and the princess being kidnapped21:21
frinnstsoooo fucked :)21:21
teK_I love Black Mirror because the scenarios drawn are not unlikely to be brought up in reality :)21:22
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frinnsthave you seen Utopia?21:27
teK_I haven't21:28
frinnstif you like black mirror i can highly recommend it21:28
teK_did you stop after E01? ;)21:28
teK_and thanks, will check it out :)21:29
teK_Rupert Murdoch Battle With Britain S01E0121:29
teK_ok wtf21:29
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profilHmm, I guess this may have been asked before, but is there a repo for precompiled packages?21:34
Henesysubversion port 404 errors21:35
timcowchipsubversion port 404 errors?21:36
teK_not really, profil. You can try
teK_if you trust it.21:37
frinnsthey, I was gonna say that!21:37
Henesythe subversion port is broken, 404 error on the download21:37
BurnZeZIt's a feature21:38
frinnstseems they remove the old version as soon as they release a new one21:38
frinnstHenesy: poke sepen via email or file a bug21:39
teK_svn port? Where?21:39
Henesysure thing21:39
timcowchipchange version=1.7.8 to version=1.7.9 in the subvresion Pkgfile21:43
teK_ah network port != crux port ..21:43
timcowchip shows only version 1.7.921:44
timcowchipthen you can install my forecasts-svn port21:45
timcowchipor my handbrake-svn port21:47
Henesytimcowchip, thanks21:47
timcowchipor np21:51
timcowchipI mean just np21:51
frinnstcome on linus, release 3.9 so i can go to bed21:56
Henesyis that coming out today?21:58
Henesyjust after i upgrade to 3.8.821:59
Henesyof course it does21:59
teK_there's 3.8.1022:00
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Henesyasdfg of course there is22:00
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HenesyTonight I'm going to try installing Crux on my macbook. I have a Dell running it where I put in all the modules and whatnot I think I'll need in the kernel already.22:12
HenesyWish me luck22:13
teK_take notes and create a wiki article :)22:14
cdocWiki articles specific to certain laptops/hardware would be great.22:15
HenesySure thing, I'll probably put the kernel config online somewhere for future reference. Plans for right now are to make it school/work worthy  in <2 days22:15
cdocGetting my Centrino Wireless-N 2230 was a bit of a pain, I'm sure it could help someone. The Crux wifi page is a bit dated22:18
teK_hopefully because installations got a lot easier by official kernel support for wifi22:20
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