IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2013-04-29

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v33you guys heard of unraid?03:34
HenesyCan I guess that it takes a raid and puts it all on one drive/fs?03:38
diversev33: link?03:39
v33thought it was a pretty neat idea03:41
Henesyooo, this is interesting03:42
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tuxhathello i got a tiny little problem with alsa-utils i have the deps install gettext and alsa-lib already install , i get a complaint at the end umm something like snd_pcm_abort aplay error04:10
tuxhati mean it install alsa-oss fine , but i don't understand why not alsa-utils when i have the deps, and i notice another broken ports is feh .. not that i'm complaining about crux distro, infact i really love this distro alot .. its just some issues that i think can be easyly fix , if i can get some help please04:13
tuxhatperhaps it is my kernel setting when i compiled it .. well it's late i suppose i can figured it out sometime later today when i wake up.. i always got my debian box on the other sata.. cheers04:28
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Romstertuxhat prt-get update -fr `revbdep`07:45
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timcowchipwhat time is it?07:54
timcowchip is 7 hours ahead07:55
frinnst09:54 <timcowchip> what time is it?07:56
timcowchipits 00:55 in Portland
Romsteri'm in the other portland in australia07:57
timcowchipis that where is?07:57
cdocSeattle > Portland ;)07:57
nogagplzseattle eh, isn't that microsoftville07:58
timcowchipI finally got my clock fixed07:58
timcowchipslackware was setting my hwclock to utc07:59
timcowchipswitched slackware to localtime, now all is good07:59
timcowchipseattle is in bill gate's front yard08:00
teK_his estate is not that big, I looked it up once08:00
teK_BUT when he enters the main gate his garage door + heating has enough time finish things until he arrives at the house08:01
timcowchipportland is in linus torvald's back yard08:01
cdocm$ers live on the east side, Bellevue, Redmond etc but close enough08:01
cdocMicrosofts broken software keeps many people including myself employed so I am not complaining08:05
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diverseits funny how the discussion changes from "what time is it" to which OS/Kernel founder has certain city property. Within 20 lines, how did that happen?08:09
timcowchip"what time is it" is a geographical question, I guess08:10
diversea vague one at best.08:12
timcowchipwho maintains the e17 repo?08:15
diversepitillo does08:15
teK_e17            15      rsync  pitillo at ono dot com           
diverseor look it up before asking...08:16
timcowchipI did: rsync -aqz e1708:16
diversethen why ask a rhertorical question?08:17
timcowchipI suppose I could have looked inside a Pkgfile08:17
diversewhat are you trying to do...?08:18
timcowchipI made a port for an e17 module08:19
diverseiirc, he doesn't want to maintain the modules.08:20
timcowchipok then08:21
Romstercdoc, yeah keeps me employed too.08:24
diverseRomster: what does your job consist of?08:25
Romsterjust stick in in your repo08:25
timcowchipRomster: do you mean the module port?08:26
Romsterbuilding comptuers, removing viruses, scanning hardware failures, data recovery, photocopier servicing, camera system servicing, isp reseller so deal with all sorts of internet fault finding.08:26
Romsteri may have left some stuff out i also fix some electrical gear, like resolder new power sockets on notebooks.08:27
Romsterwhy is that funny?08:27
Romsteroh and we deal with accounting software quicken and myob08:28
cdoc@Romster are you the guy who keeps putting all the IP Cameras public :P08:28
Romsterwell the ones that have security camers on the net have passwords on them08:28
cdocAny of you read the new HD Moore SCADA paper?08:29
PingaxHello crux guys =)08:29
cdocHe found something like 114,000 public SCADA devices08:29
cdocMy face when I read that08:30
Romsternot my doing we still use video camera and only a handful of ip cameras08:30
diverseRomster: I am laughing because I agree how microsoft can keep you in business, by having to clean, fix, remove all sorts of problems with windows.08:30
diversefor clients08:30
Romstersome faults are the clients too08:31
Romsterlike letting there anytivirus expire then wonder why they have a virus08:31
cdocMy first job out of college was a Windows admin, 4 months later I gave my 2 weeks because I wanted to pull my hair out.08:31
cdocMicrosofts Security Essentials failed there AV test again this year08:32
Romsteri had a good one, some client did some renovations, then the printer wasn't working.... after moving desk unscrewing cover on cubbord and finding network cable for printer not pluged in and no spare ports on the network switch and i drove 15killometers with no spare switch.... was not impressed08:32
Romsterwhich tests is that?08:33
timcowchipwhen John McAfee wasn't killing neighbors in Belize, he was scripting virii for windows08:33
cdoc@Romster I think the last one was the Dennis Lab tests08:34
timcowchipthen selling the cure....Norton AV08:34
cdocor crux08:35
diverseyay honeypots!08:37
cdocYoull still find slammer and code red out there08:38
diverseif you want to screw some hackers, use honeypots and IDSes08:40
cdocYea, but today its usually all bots08:44
cdocor people using exploit kits, so just set up an apache server and wait for Google to bring you bots08:45
diversehmm, they could send the bot to a proxy and make it difficult to locate their origin too.08:49
cdocOr setup in an underdeveloped country where there are no computer laws :P08:50
diverseif they do that, they would still be violating international laws and possibly prompt the recipients to hack back.08:52
Romsterwhen everyone is on ipv6 good luck finding stuff.08:53
timcowchipdid my commits get pushed?08:54
timcowchipthere should be a backlite update and the e17 module08:54
cdoc@diverse read about the Love Bug virus08:55
cdocthere are no international hacking laws08:55
Romstertimcowchip, synced08:56
Romsteri'm off to darts later08:56
cdocsee ya08:56
timcowchipthanks Romster :)08:56
diversecdoc: as long as their origin is hidden, yeah, nothing can't be done.09:08
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diverseRomster: just curious, is there any reason to keep the emulators-i686 repo anymore?09:22
cdocIm heading out, see ya later09:26
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tuxhathey i'm having some issue with the snd-hda-intel driver09:39
tuxhatthe modules doesn't seem to be loading up, but its added in the kernel09:39
tuxhati do a lsmod | grep snd09:39
tuxhati see no modules being loaded up :(09:40
frinnstwhat does modprobe say?09:41
poulecacabut its added in the kernel09:41
poulecacaas a module or you said Y09:41
tuxhatshould it be loaded as a module ?09:41
poulecacaso its ok09:41
frinnstoh, so its not a module then09:41
poulecacaits part of the kernel now09:42
tuxhati see09:42
tuxhatwhen i try to install alsa-utils it complains09:42
teK_you need to select a submodule from the menu, too. iirc.09:42
tuxhatiirc ?09:43
tuxhatso ur saying PCI sound devices should be a M instead of a *09:46
poulecacaiirc == if i recall correctly09:46
tuxhati search for iirc and i dont find anything09:46
tuxhatin the menuconfig09:47
tuxhat00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)09:47
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tuxhatsorry dude i just got what u meant by iirc .. duh09:50
tuxhathmm a sub module ?09:50
tuxhatall i see is sound card support --- >09:50
tuxhatu have oss device number and alsa and oss09:51
tuxhatfirst 2 are *09:51
tuxhatshould Intel HD Audio be M09:52
tuxhatas a module or *09:53
diversewhat is the command you are running to install alsa-utils?09:53
tuxhatsudo prt-get depinst alsa-utils09:53
tuxhati have the deps for it anyhow09:53
diverseis it failing on build or install?09:54
tuxhatgettext and alsa-lib i  think are the deps09:54
tuxhati can pastebin it for u09:54
diverseits better to see the errors you are getting09:54
tuxhatstrange eh10:00
diversewhat does CONFIG_SND_PCM say in your .config file?10:00
tuxhat.config ?10:01
tuxhati'm a bit confused10:01
joacimyour linux .config file10:01
joacimshould be where the source is unpacked (under /usr/src usually)10:02
tuxhati see kconfig10:03
tuxhatsorry i don't see what ur trying to tell me to find10:04
tuxhati think i know what u mean10:04
diversedid you found the file?10:06
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diverseok, go back to make menuconfig and type: /CONFIG_SND_PCM10:08
joacimfiles starting with a . are hidden files. you dont see them by simply running ls =)10:08
tuxhatyeah duh10:08
tuxhatim not thinking here i havn't got much sleep10:08
tuxhatbeen battle this alot10:09
tuxhateverything =y10:10
tuxhatexcept for snd_pcm_xrun_debug10:10
tuxhatso SND_PCM =y10:10
tuxhatSND_PCMCIA =y10:11
tuxhat" " OSS =y10:11
tuxhatmaybe this is the problem10:12
tuxhatvideo alsa  =n media_support =n video_capture_drivers =n v4l2 =n v4l =n10:13
tuxhatthats ns SND_PCM10:13
tuxhatso that has to be enable i suppose eh10:13
joacimAll I ever enable are the default modules that get activated by enabling alsa10:13
joacimand the drivers for my sound chips10:13
tuxhatwell my sound card drivers are =y alsa =y10:14
tuxhateverything = y10:15
tuxhatexcept the ones above10:15
tuxhatmaybe thats what is the problem i dont know10:15
tuxhatResuming in non X mode: glxinfo not found. For package install advice run: inxi --recommends10:15
tuxhatMachine:   Mobo ASUSTeK model M2A-VM version 1.XX Bios Phoenix version ASUS M2A-VM 5001 date 02/04/201010:15
tuxhatso if i do a recompile the kernel do have to remove the one in /boot10:16
tuxhatand cp the the new one to /boot ?10:16
diverseIts not in the kernel, you are missing some dependencies somehow.10:17
diverseanyway, rest on it, you need sleep.10:18
tuxhathow can i be missing dependencies when it say gettext and alsa-lib10:19
tuxhati have them10:19
tuxhatalsa-oss install fine10:19
tuxhatwhy not alsa-utils ?10:19
diversei don't know, ask Romster about that tomorrow when you wake up.10:19
tuxhatok dude thanks for the help have a good one eh10:20
diversehmm, I wonder if he is using an older version of alsa-lib?10:31
diversethat snd_pcm_abort function was just implemented in 1.0.27, so maybe he forget to update his existing packages?10:32
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diversejoacim: I don't think he is missing anything, just not updated on all packages.10:34
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diversejoacim: if you see him next time, tell him to prt-get sysup10:40
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joacimif i remember =)10:59
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tuxhathey i figured out eh11:06
tuxhati done a prt-get sysup11:07
tuxhatand that corrected everything11:07
tuxhati needed to updated my ports and deps11:07
tuxhatjust wanted to let u people know :)11:07
tuxhatthanks for the help anyways.. i'm just happy to fix this11:07
diverseNow thats irony, rofl.11:17
diversejoacim: I was spot on!11:18
joacimi forgot to tell him :(11:19
diversejoacim: you didn't need to, he figured it out himself.11:20
diversethat or he really saw the irc log11:22
diversejoacim: thanks for your commitment though11:22
diverseI was right about that.11:29
joacimit was a joke =)11:29
darkrabbitThe irssi-xmpp pluging is suddenly not bad11:29
darkrabbitMUCs are nicely implemented (all I really need from it)11:29
joacimmy home connection is a bit unstable, so i when i run irssi on windows or weechat on my mac, i will often drop out from irc, if i run weechat on my crux install, i never (or rarely) drop out from irc.11:30
joacimeven tho my connection is just as unstable when my irc client is running on my crux install11:31
joacimwhy is this?11:31
Henesythe rate at which it checks in with the server? (refreshes?)11:35
rmulljoacim: Different timeout settings?11:35
Henesy^or that11:35
joacimin the irc client? weechat on my mac runs with the same settings as the one on my crux11:35
Henesyis it the same version?11:36
joacimsame version too.11:36
joacimboth run 0.4.011:36
rmullsame irc network?11:36
joacimshould be.11:36
joacimi'm on three different networks. when i drop out from freenode, i usually drop out from efnet and rizon too.11:37
rmulldoes crux (or osx) bundle a config that adjusts the default timeout differently than other platforms?11:37
Henesyi wouldn't be surprised if osx does11:37
joacimit doesnt look like homebrew installs a custom config for weechat11:40 on both my mac and crux installs are the same (60)11:42
joacimi'll set it to 120 tho, to see if it makes any difference11:42
frinnstanybody ever play around with owl? (
frinnst2.6.18.. even worse than debian! \o/11:47
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teK_downgraded xorg-server. Crash persits11:54
frinnstthats what you get for using a shitty browser11:57
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teK_thanks for  your moral support12:04
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teK_Utopia is brutal12:17
teK_now I have a broken system AND a broken heart12:17
teK_thanks man12:17
Romsterwhat did you do12:28
teK_update xorg-server12:30
teK_frinnst: Wilson Wilson rocks :D12:32
Romstertuxhat> hey i figured out eh <- headdesks12:32
teK_but he encrypts IP addresses. That's a no no.12:33
Romsterxorg-server 1.14.1-112:33
Romsterhere no signs of breakage. want me to test something?12:34
rauzi run the 1.14.1-1 too and i have no problems encountert at the moment12:35
teK_Romster: I had locked it for some time as I needed this system not to break :p12:35
teK_so I rebuuilt anything with xorg in its name12:35
Romsterwhat video driver you on ati nvidia?12:36
teK_still crashes12:38
teK_but I didn't touch it. It was the xorg-server update that triggered this12:38
Romstertried to gl-select use xorg then back to gl-select use nvidia12:38
teK_nope, wait12:39
Romsterand before that force rebuild nvidia rmmod nvidia ; depmod -a ; glselect dance startx12:39
Romsterthen see if glxgears works.12:39
Romsternvidia link to the xorg-server. if xorg-server is changed it needs to be recompiled as well. as any other input xorg ports.12:40
teK_it's reproducable..12:41
teK_first of all: gl-select fixed it12:41
teK_then I updated to 1.14.1 .. same error. gl-select. worls12:41
teK_reall, thanks. :P12:41
Romsteri've hit that issue before myself -_-12:42
teK_I tried strace, logs, options etc.12:42
teK_funny thing: only certain websites would crash chromium12:42
teK_youtube NOT being one of them, but did crash ;)12:43
Romsterprobably hitting some video mode that nothing else was calling12:43
Romsteri'm not so useless after all :)12:43
teK_first suspect was flash anyway :P12:43
teK_I never thought that12:43
Romsterflash always gives trouble regardless.12:44
teK_it does12:44
Romsterbut it should only crash the browser not the entire desktop12:44
teK_yes, that's spooky.12:44
jaegerfrinnst: all browsers are shitty in some way, it seems :)12:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: util-linux-32: 2.22.2 -> 2.2312:54
teK_but it's always me hitting the shit in chromium. It seems.12:55
Romsterjaeger, can something be done with that PKGMK_ARCH argument exiting when doing . /etc/pkgmk.conf12:56
Romsteri edited it in my chroot to default to 64 if not set.12:57
teK_that thing annoyed me the other night :12:57
Romstermight of been valid in the past but the 64 part has nothing set.12:58
jaegerRomster: that's been fixed for some time13:00
Romsterhas it... guess i've ignored rejmerge of that file13:01
jaeger21 jan. looks like13:01
Romsterso my fault then...13:01
Romsteris pkgmk ignoring alias?13:02
Romsteroh build is in a subshell.13:04
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Romsterrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/util-linux/pkg/usr/share': No such file or directory13:30
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/util-linux#2.23-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.13:30
Romsteris it just me?13:30
Romsterseems i've broken my chroot somehow... just my luck13:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pinentry: 0.8.1 -> 0.8.313:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdb: 7.5.1 -> 7.613:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 4.2.4 -> 5.0.013:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
Romstersolved it i made a wrapper and i omitted $@14:17
frinnstteK_: indeed.. awesome series14:42
Romsterwell if i'm gonna find anythign that hates parallel compiling i should with -j1814:43
frinnsthow many eps have you watched?14:43
frinnstRomster: :)14:43
Romstergonna time chromium shortly.14:44
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teK_frinnst: finished e0214:57
teK_had to watch good wife and game of thrones, too14:58
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frinnstdamn, we seem to like the same series.. makes me feel dirty and everything14:58
teK_or we're both just mainstream14:59
frinnstyes, thats a much less scary thought. lets go with that15:00
teK_have you watched the season final already?15:02
Romsternot all of chromium's build distributes, there is probably some spot where g++ is hard coded.15:11
Romster real    40m20.972s user    71m55.444s sys     9m6.070s15:38
Romsterhave some issues though, one box only has 512MB ram not enough. and my other quad core hasn't got enough power, needs a bigger psu. it keeps having a fit when under heavy compiling.15:39
Romsterdunno if those figures are anything to write home by.15:40
jaegerhow many cores are you using total? I'm tempted to build a VM with that many cores and see how it compares :D15:42
Romster14 cores in total15:43
Romsteri got some kinks to work out still.15:43
Romstercore 2 2ghz 2gb ram, core 2 2ghz 512mb ram, core 2 2.6ghz 3gb ram, phenom 4 core II 2.4ghz 4gb ram, (kept having to reboot that due to under rated psu), phenom 4 core 8gb ram (my desktop)15:46
jaegergot 96 cores and 512GB virtual RAM to play with in the new cluster I'm testing :)15:46
jaegerIt's only running 4 VMs right now, too, but we only stood it up last week15:46
Romsteri doubt distcc could compare to that15:46
Romsterwith the crappy hardware i got here.15:46
Romsterit's all on gigabit switch15:47
Romsteri need to get a ram module a bigger psu and probably get some ssd's to repalce there root drives with.15:47
Romsteri managed to get distcc's pump mode to work.15:48
Romsteri pulled ccache out of the build too. not sure if distcc pump mode likes ccache.15:48
Romsteri think it bundles all the headers up in such a way that pump mode decides to demote to non-pump mode.15:49
Romsteroh pkgmk CFLAGS etc are stock off the 3.0 iso ones.15:49
Romsterused 14 cores and -j18 as distcc decided to use. i had -j14 before but seems to under use the other nodes.15:50
Romsterhard to strike a good balance and not have too many context switching.15:50
Romsterso that 512gb virtual ram is like on raid0 or ssd?15:51
Romsteryou probably have ram deduplication of page tables and compression too.15:52
teK_I think that not bandwidth but latency is the issue with the interconnection of the distccd cores15:52
Romsterspinning hdd's on the other machines wont be helping there.15:53
Romstertalking nano seconds between all my boxens networks15:53
Romsterrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.238/0.261/0.281/0.017 ms15:54
Romsteryeah not quite 0.3 of a millisecond.15:54
Romsteron the entwork side.15:54
jaegerRomster: it's 512GB of physical RAM split between 4 ESXi hosts15:55
jaegerI said virtual because it would be in VMs15:55
teK_ 4.8 years     Average time it takes to complete a bachelor's degree  <- lazy americans15:55
Romsterlol teK_15:56
Romsteryeah i'm aware of the latency of different caches and interconnects north/south bridge network hdd etc.15:57
Romsterall i can go on is real world numbers and remove the bottlenecks as time and money permits.15:58
Romsterwell s/remove/reduce15:58
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frinnstRomster: 3.9 had some lvm-ssd cache thingy iirc, tried it ?16:09
Romsterthere is bcache16:10
frinnst"The device mapper has added a target (dm-cache) that allows a fast device such as an SSD to be used as a cache for a slower device such as a rotating disk."16:10
Romsterbut i haven't tired that either.16:10
frinnstgah, stupid spice. everytime i switch between a spice display and a regular one everything flashes16:12
Romsterprobably not what you wanted despite the first word that came to mind 'funky'16:14
Romsteras in weird quirk that should not happen but happens to be weird.16:15
Romster02:15 already :/16:16
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Romstersleep time later.16:35
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frinnstasdf, gpu-crash17:21
frinnstdownside of kms - pitch black17:21
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Amnesiafrinnst: :-)17:31
*** tuxhat has joined #crux18:34
tuxhati took my fluxbox configs that i had done for my debian base distro and use it with crux linux18:35
tuxhatthe dark alloy i port the e16 theme to a fluxbox style18:35
Amnesia /topic ratemydesktop ^^?18:36
Amnesiadrew the background yourself?18:36
tuxhati'm just showing my crux linux setup < is it wrong to be proud of ur setup ?18:36
tilmantuxhat: i used to do that until some years ago ;D18:37
tuxhatnah i didn't done the art18:37
tuxhatits on the page18:37
tuxhatwhere they have some art work18:37
tilmantuxhat: that screenshot looks like it's straight out of 2002 :p18:38
Amnesiaapparently I lived in a cave for the past x years^^18:38
tuxhatthe dark alloy theme reminds me of a pimp up risc os GUI18:38
tuxhatwell i like a unix looking system not a mac / windows wannabe system like ubuntu and mate and cinnamon18:39
tilmanthey aren't mac/windows wannabes18:39
tuxhatif it looks 2002 then it goes well with 2000 / crux linux system :P18:39
tilmanthey want to provide a desktop that's usable by the average joe18:40
tilmanand he's not a geek like you :p18:40
tilman.oO(jeeeeez, i'm so grown up :P)18:40
Amnesiagnome 2.x used to be fine18:40
Amnesiashame for the bloat though18:41
tuxhati always used fluxbox18:41
tuxhatfor the most part18:41
tuxhatand xmonad18:41
Amnesiahm I used to run fluxbox in the past18:41
AmnesiaIt's ok18:41
Amnesiafluxbox is a fork of blackbox right?18:41
tuxhatyeah gnome 2 back in the day was pretty bloated for me18:41
tuxhatbut fluxbox evol18:41
tuxhattabbing feature is quite handy18:42
Amnesiahm currently I'm abusing dwm:)18:42
tuxhati'm thinking on making my own pkgfile and a distro with fluxbox as u see it18:43
tuxhatdwm is great too18:43
tuxhati use dmenu 4.518:43
tuxhatwith fluxbox18:43
tuxhatand have the keybinding set to alt+p18:43
Amnesiahm, never needed dmenu18:43
tuxhati think dmenu is quite handy sometimes18:44
tuxhati notice some ports are problem18:44
Amnesiait's a "menu applet" right?18:44
tuxhati had some problems with vlc , and gimp18:44
tuxhatdmenu is like a run command18:45
tuxhatthat floats on top18:45
tuxhatand its visible when u have a mod key set up for it18:45
Amnesiahm ok18:46
tuxhatkind of like what awesome wm has18:46
tuxhatwell in 3.518:46
AmnesiaI've bounded urxvt to  ctrl + alt + t18:46
Amnesiaso that's basically the same:018:46
tuxhatmines is alt+t for bash and alt+z for zsh18:47
tuxhatfor rxvt-unicode18:47
Amnesiatbh I'm glad I'm done with my set up^^18:48
tuxhatto what u like eh18:48
Amnesias/set up/setup/18:48
Amnesiayeah configuring stuff sucks^^18:48
tuxhatif i can get spacefm on here i'd be happy18:48
tuxhatalot of deps for it18:49
joacim-heh. configuring stuff takes ages. I hate it. =)18:49
joacim-i rather use something i can kinda just jump into without doing much configuring18:49
tuxhatwell the setup u see is like about a 24 hour work18:49
Amnesiathat's not too bad18:49
Amnesiaguess mine took a bit longer^^18:50
tuxhatwell its just that pcmanfm is kind of a "c*nt" to mount stuff and it complains alot18:50
joacimi used to spend weeks changing stuff18:50
Amnesiasame here18:50
Amnesiatuxhat: try and ditch gui apps:)18:50
tuxhatyeah i'm thinking going with MC18:51
Amnesiawhat's the need for a file manager:)?18:51
tuxhatwell if i were to ditch gui apps i might as well ditch X11 :P18:51
Amnesiacoreutils's enough18:51
tuxhatwhat is coreutils18:52
Amnesiaprt-get info coreutils18:52
Amnesiaimo it's the most efficient way to do (most) things18:53
Amnesiaand afaik it reduces the chance of getting RSI18:53
Amnesia(I might be extremely wrong 'bout that:P)18:54
Amnesialet's google..18:54
tuxhatwell i kind of new a nice frontend web browser i totally would use links or something if it had better or even have java support18:54
tuxhati get it.. "keep it simple"18:57
joacimcurrent websites should in theory work well with links.18:57
tuxhateven fluxbox is still keeping it simple18:57
tuxhatyeah links is quite great18:57
tuxhati sometimes just hangout in console18:57
Amnesiajoacim: I'm blocking javascript by default..18:57
tilmani like the jumanji browser18:57
joacimassuming the html file is structured correctly. too many developers do strange things with their html files.18:57
Amnesiaand a shietload of sites don't work well without it18:58
tilmancan't replace firefox 100% though18:58
tuxhatbut yeah u got a good point there18:58
tuxhatwhere people can phish a html script18:58
joacimjavascript shouldnt be a requirement either, but again, too many developers make it a requirement.18:59
Amnesiatilman: does jumanji support js?18:59
tuxhatjust like with "pulseaudio" << its annoying18:59
Amnesiajavascript sucks..18:59
tuxhati like the fact that crux linux keep pulseaudio out18:59
tuxhatthough i wish i can get vlc from ports without it complaining :(19:00
Amnesiatuxhat: give mplayer a shot19:00
*** cdoc has joined #crux19:00
tuxhatoh yeah that what i install19:00
tuxhathaha because its the only movie player i see that actually work in install19:01
tuxhati suppose your right mplayer is perfect19:01
tuxhatthough i use vlc to watch flash video as i don't support any kind of flash19:02
Amnesiavlc doesn't support flash either19:02
tuxhatmaybe i can stream network videos to mplayer19:02
tuxhati know it doesnt support flash19:02
Amnesiaboth do support "flash videos" though19:02
joacimi believe vlc comes witha plugin that plays most flash videos19:03
tuxhatbut u can watch flash or just the stream videos19:03
Amnesiajoacim: wuuuuut ?19:03
tuxhatyeah as well with totem19:03
joacimthere is also gecko-mediaplayer for mplayer (requires gecko/mozilla/firefox tho)19:03
Amnesiaif it's simple flash video files19:03
Amnesiathen both can do it19:03
tuxhati have firefox19:03
Amnesia(including  embedded in browsers)19:03
Amnesiajoacim: think that's the same:)19:04
joacimi've used that one too, but i dont think it is the same as gecko-mediaplayer19:05
Amnesiahardly any sites embed videos directly in their page though19:05
tuxhatyoutube does19:05
joacimboth should work fine tho19:05
tuxhatcool thanks i will check it out19:06
Amnesiayoutube also obfuscates the direct link19:06
joacimit is easy enough to get around that stuff19:06
tuxhatyeah gotta becareful with google :P19:06
Amnesiathat's what I use19:07
frinnstalso, html19:07
joacimi have this html5 extension for safari that plays all youtube videos, including the ones that youtubes' html5 player refuses to play19:07
tuxhatsafari ?19:08
Amnesiamost likely it pulls it out of the source using the same manner19:09
joacimthe apple inc. browser19:09
tuxhatoh i know what it is , nevermind19:09
Amnesiayou folks should give pentadactyl a shot if you;re running firefox19:10
cdocIt doesn't work wit any of the new builds ..19:11
tuxhatVi in firefox19:11
tuxhatit says not available for firefox 1819:11
cdocYea it hasnt worked for like 10 months19:11
cdocUnless you downgrade19:12
tuxhatoh well doesn't matter i have alt+v loads up gtk-vim lulz and i have console vim19:12
tuxhatso i think thats enough vi for me19:12
Amnesiatuxhat: pentadactyl?19:12
Amnesiait's extremely easy to avoid the version check19:12
Amnesiaunzip the xpi file19:12
Amnesiaedit the install.rdf file, and rezip19:13
tuxhatits a xpi file19:13
tuxhathow u "unzip" a xpi file ?19:13
joacimi kinda prefer vim for editing in a terminal, but i hate vim keybindings elsewhere.19:13
Amnesiaedit <em:maxVersion>1.0</em:maxVersion>19:14
cdocI think apvlv is nice19:14
tuxhati also use geany19:14
cdocvim keybindings for pdf viewer19:14
tuxhatwhich i think is pretty simple and nice editor19:14
Amnesiajoacim: "o" for open, "s" search @ $searchengine, "t" open in new tab19:14
joacimprefer emacs-like keybindings19:14
joacimeven tho i've never used emacs19:15
Amnesiatuxhat: unzip $xpi_file19:15
tuxhatyeah alot of people like emac  i never got the liking of it19:15
tuxhatthough i learn to love vi19:15
tuxhatusing bsd alot in the pass vi was my fav editor19:15
cdoc@Amnesia Thanks I am looking into this now, I didn't know it was so simple to hack pentadactyl to work19:16
tuxhatcrux make a perfect system because i love linux kernel and i love bsd world19:16
cdocHave you heard or Arch-BSD?19:16
tuxhatnah not think i dont want arch linux19:16
Amnesiathe linux kernel's a mess...19:16
tuxhati cant type19:16
tuxhatarch linux "was" good19:17
tuxhatwhen judd vinet was maintaining it19:17
cdocWhy do you not like it anymore?19:17
cdocmany people didn't like the jump to sysd19:17
tuxhati think their pkgbuild are pretty poorly maintain19:17
tuxhatthe system breaks alot19:17
tuxhatand they took out sysvinit19:18
tuxhatand i like rc.conf bsd init runlevels19:18
tuxhatand i like to add services in a rc.conf file19:18
joacimarch was always in a transition phase when i tried it19:18
joacima few times with xorg i think19:18
tuxhatoh i love arch linux in the pass what really got me to hear about crux to be honest19:19
tuxhatbut when i test out crux linux i was like wow this is amazing19:19
tuxhatit fit me this distro19:19
tuxhatthe philosophy, the system everythign about it19:19
tuxhatcouldn't ask for a better system it gives me everythign i need linux and bsd world19:20
tuxhati was thinking on putting netbsd 6.1 but i didnt i put crux instead :P19:20
tuxhatas crux linux is pretty much like netbsd19:20
cdocIts a cool project IMO19:21
tuxhatnot interested19:21
tuxhatif im gonna really use "bsd" i rather use crux or a actual bsd distro like netbsd or openbsd19:21
tuxhatkfreebsd :P19:22
tuxhati rather use minix with netbsd world over archbsd19:23
cdocI still need to try out minix19:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: zlib: updated to 1.2.819:23
tuxhatits actually a pretty good system19:23
tuxhatmuch like crux in the  philosophy of unix19:24
cdocI played with Plan 9 for a week19:24
tuxhatyeah plan 9 was interesting19:24
cdocYea but Minix is pretty old right?19:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: update md5sum19:24
tuxhati remember playign it in the late 90s as well19:24
tuxhatminix is like unix almost19:24
tuxhatnow is more like netbsd with a microkernel19:25
tuxhatif RMS was so stubborn hurd can be good with a bsd world to it19:25
tuxhatbut u know how much RMS hates openbsd and canadians19:26
Amnesiaheh, ever saw: :-)?19:26
cdocI have alot of respect for RMS, but he takes his philosophy a bit too far19:26
tuxhati like my pepsi too :P19:27
cdocDr Pepper is best19:27
tuxhati think thats why i have a hard time to sleep19:27
teK_if  philosophy 'd be the only thing he'd take :D19:27
joacimSolo is the best one19:27
tuxhatrms wants to be like dmr19:27
tuxhatyeah i heard of that19:28
cdocI have never heard of it19:28
tuxhati say a license still really lose the purpose of freedom in a software :P19:28
cdocYea, but if all software was FOSS I wouldn't have a paycheck :P19:28
tuxhatto me freedom shouldn't have a license19:28
tuxhati can't afford to buy a computer19:29
tuxhatmines like going on 6 years old19:29
tuxhati mean i like GNU software over most anyhow19:29
tuxhatbut i do like bsd software and open source19:29
tuxhathaskell is license by bsd19:30
tuxhati wonder what RMS think of haskell :P19:30
cdocOnly time I've messed with haskell is when I was using xmonad19:30
tuxhatyeah same here19:30
tuxhatand xmobar :D19:30
tuxhati got ghc compiled on crux19:31
tuxhatbut i can't seem to get ghc-x11 and cabal-install to compiled19:31
cdocI just use spectrwm now, because thats about what I build after I am done with xmonad19:31
tuxhatonce again complaining again with deps19:31
cdocAh dependancy hell, never a good place to be19:31
tuxhatit say like ghc-x11 depends only on ghc19:32
tuxhatbut i dont think thats the case19:32
tuxhatbecause i have ghc19:32
tuxhatwell me figuring out depinst with prt-get19:32
tuxhatwas a breeze for me19:32
tuxhatwell crux linux won me as a user.. i will stay on this system for now on .. i hope crux stick to their setup, because i like it how it is19:34
cdocI played with crux for about a year before finally making the entire jump about a month ago19:34
Amnesiatuxhat: make yourself an install script19:35
Amnesiait'll make your life a lot easier19:35
tuxhatwell to me i find it the best open source os so far and i tried alot of distros19:35
cdocYea Crux is very simple, but leaves all the power to the user which I enjoy19:36
tuxhatfull total control19:36
tuxhat:) the way it suppose to be19:36
tuxhati like debian , but its to automatic for me19:37
tuxhatknoppix was better .. debian distro now is like meh19:37
tuxhatdamn small linux was a good system19:37
cdocI like using debian sid on servers if I need something quick19:37
tuxhatoh yeah for sure19:37
tuxhatmake a great enterprise19:37
tuxhatbeats centos19:38
cdocI can't stand anything Red Hat based19:38
tuxhatsame here19:38
tuxhatrpm frrrt19:38
tuxhatnah i'm more into source base systems19:38
tuxhati like netbsd alot , but i discover somethign better (crux)19:38
cdocWe need a Crux wallpaper :P19:39
tuxhati got my buddy to go on crux to haha19:39
joacimI'm using centos for my online banking.19:39
joacimfigured it would be easier to deal with since oracle makes rpm packages for their jre19:39
tuxhatoh i got the crux wallpaper (are you making fun of me )19:39
joacimi'm pretty sure all norwegian banks require java for their login forms19:40
Amnesiajoacim: centos has a lot of outdated crap right?19:40
joacimyes. like gnome 2.x =)19:40
tuxhati dont have a bank account19:40
Amnesiaold software + banking...19:40
tuxhati stay away from that19:40
joacimi have a fedora 18 setup too, but i found that one to be confusing.19:40
cdocNo its not old, they use backported software19:40
cdocSo there version #'s don't change, apart from the rpm packages19:41
tuxhati have my own custom debian distro that i done myself on my other sata and crux on this sata19:41
joacimi think their firefox is a little old, but i'm pretty sure they have tons of security patches for their stuff19:41
cdocYea, all security patches nothing else19:41
AmnesiaLet's hope so^^19:41
cdocsame with CentOS or Debian stable19:42
tuxhatwell debian is GNU distro by default, but they have a "non-free" repo << bad idea19:42
tuxhatcentos is clean it looks just like gnome debian squeeze19:42
cdocany mechanical keyboard lovers in here?19:44
tuxhati have a basic K120 logitech keyboard19:44
tuxhati paid like $819:44
tuxhatbut i like the keys19:44
tuxhatvery bulky19:44
tuxhatand its a standard keyboard meaning no media keys or anything19:45
tuxhatthis prt-get completion19:45
cdocI just got a Leopold with browns last week, its alright. The PBT keys feel a little cheap though19:45
cdocboo feh package is broken19:50
teK_it is?19:51
Amnesiabuilt fine over here19:52
teK_same here19:52
Amnesiacdoc: any details?19:52
cdocI keep getting pkgadd: empty package19:52
cdocim digging now19:52
AmnesiateK_: ever saw: ?19:53
*** tuxhat has quit IRC19:53
teK_but I read of a journalist who built a computer (processor) with basic logic gates19:53
teK_it ha a number display and could do fibonacci19:54
Amnesiaffs, I'm doubting whether I should make a patch for gtk..19:56
AmnesiaI'm annoyed with the fact that GTK apps create a Desktop folder in my homedir19:56
teK_I can understand that ;)19:57
cdocI hate that they capitalize the first letter19:57
AmnesiateK_: why it's created in the first place, or my annoyance:P?19:57
teK_the latter. It's like chromium's ~/Downloads19:58
Amnesiait's fscking ridiculous19:59
cdocAh, I was missing giblib. Feh installs fine false alarm, my mistake19:59
Amnesiacdoc: give "prt-get deptree $pkg" a shot19:59
cdocI need to go back and RTFM20:00
frinnsthmm, the intel p-state driver in 3.9 isnt very good20:03
frinnstdoesnt react fast enough20:03
frinnstanybody else tested it? (its the new frequency scaling driver thingy)20:04
Amnesiafrinnst: is it enabled by default?20:04
Amnesialet me check the config..20:05
Amnesiacurrently I'm using the "standard" governors20:05
frinnsti used to use CONFIG_X86_ACPI_CPUFREQ20:05
frinnstyeah, but not the govenor - the driver20:05
frinnstits in a submenu if you use menuconfig20:05
Amnesialet me have a look:020:05
Amnesiathink I'm also using the default driver20:05
teK_so BSE was a conspiracy, good to know, frinnst20:06
AmnesiateK_: that prevent sthe creation of it20:07
frinnstwat? ive had a beer20:07
Amnesiapff got to waste a fscking inode to prevent the creation of a file, how fucked is that..-.-20:07
frinnstbombay stock exchange?20:08
frinnstah, mad cow + utopia? :D20:08
Amnesiathink that's the default20:09
teK_mad cow + utopia.20:09
teK_Amnesia: I don't use much GTK software20:10
Amnesiaah 'k20:10
Amnesia<- firefox20:10
Amnesiathat's the only thing I require it for:/20:10
Amnesiafrinnst: yep, default driver20:13
Amnesiabut you've had shitty scaling with intel's p-state?20:13
teK_p-state was available since longer, wasn't it?20:14
Amnesiadepends whether you mean intel's p-state btw:p20:15
teK_I do.20:17
Amnesiahm dunno20:18
teK_but I think it's because I've been using 9-rc* for quite some time..20:18
Amnesiahm guess that explains20:20
Amnesiadoes your packagemanager know anything 'bout your kernel?20:20
teK_a little20:21
teK_from nvidida's footprint:20:22
teK_drwxr-xr-x  root/root lib/modules/<kernel-version>/20:22
teK_thats where `uname -r` goes to20:22
AmnesiaI made a package^^20:22
cdocAmnesia: Do you have Alaskan Amber in Portland?20:26
AmnesiaI don't have a clue20:27
AmnesiaI'm no yankee^^20:27
cdocAre you in Portland? Or do I have you mixed up with someone else20:28
AmnesiaI guess so20:28
AmnesiaI'm not from Portland20:28
cdocNevermind, disregard haha20:28
cdocMost of you from ~Scandinavia ?20:31
frinnstno, maybe a handful of us20:40
teK_frinnst: are you agreeing with Letts?20:54
teK_and the whole fertility "vaccine"?20:54
Amnesiafertility vaccine:)?20:55
frinnstyeah, fuck everyone :)20:59
teK_everyone but 1/20!20:59
teK_Amnesia: watch Utopia20:59
Amnesiais it a film?20:59
frinnstseries from the uk21:00
frinnst6 episodes or something21:01
*** Vincent0ne- has joined #crux21:01
Amnesiahm *googles*21:02
AmnesiaI'll add it to my watchlist, ty21:04
Amnesiastill waiting for the new breaking bad series though:D21:05
Vincent0ne-does crux linux have video editors in 1 of the ports21:05
AmnesiaVincent0ne-: ffmpeg21:06
Amnesiaprt-get dsearch video21:06
Amnesiaif you'd want to cut/filter/encode you can pick avidemux21:07
*** cdoc has quit IRC21:08
Vincent0ne-I have to try that one21:09
*** timcowchip has joined #crux21:23
*** Rotwang has quit IRC21:30
timcowchipdiverse: what time is it?21:38
*** cdoc has joined #crux21:41
timcowchipI'm the one who lives near Portland, OR21:43
cdocAh, yea I mixed that up a bit21:49
timcowchipI don't drink beer though21:50
timcowchiptrying to keep my liver livin'21:50
timcowchipthere's a crux map here:
cdocNeat page21:54
frinnstnot very up to date i think21:54
timcowchipwhen I emailed Johannes Winkelmann to be added to it, he said he was wanting someone else to take over maintaining it21:56
timcowchipits just a 16Kb html file, I could host it, if I would be considered worthy of such a responsibility22:02
teK_it's a Google Maps API-something I think :)22:03
cdocI got a couple gigs of free space on my server if anything else needs to be thrown onto it.22:03
teK_would be awesome to have uptodate data22:03
*** deus_ex has joined #crux22:46
*** timcowchip has quit IRC22:46
*** cdoc has quit IRC22:54
*** cdoc has joined #crux23:10
*** cdoc has quit IRC23:20

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