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v33so, hows everyone doing?00:57
diversev33: so so, you?01:05
v33watching the internet troll a dude01:06
v33"lenex is insecure"01:06
diverse\o/ yay for inexperienced trolls!01:06
diverseis it just a flame war?01:08
v33they're just making fun of him for saying stupid things01:09
v33he just said he doesn't want to use lenux because it has lots of backdoors01:09
diverseOh, so people are making fun of the troll?01:10
diverseis this video live?01:11
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diversev33: He is the person being made fun of?01:12
v33he just said he's going to use atnt linux01:13
v33i mean01:13
v33atnt unix01:13
diversewhat a load of bs01:13
diverseare you trolling him right now?01:13
v33just watching the video and laughing at the comments01:14
diversepaste here a funny comment from there01:15
diversev33: could you troll him though?01:17
v33could i?01:17
v33i suppose so01:17
diversedo it!!01:17
v33i feel kinda bad though01:17
v33he seems like a nice dude01:17
v33who has no idea wtf he's talking about01:17
diversewell he is setting himself for flaming with the broadcast01:19
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diversev33: he is pretty stupid if you ask me01:22
v33dear god, the horror01:22
diversewhat happened?01:22
diversev33: ?01:23
jaegerthe missing info is that HE is the troll01:23
jaegerhe's trolling everyone raging at him quite successfully01:23
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v33he's threatening to end everybody haha01:24
diverseis this really worth watching? Someone being stupid?01:25
v33yes because he has mx blues. i love the sond haha01:26
diverseyou really have nothing better to do...01:29
pidsley compiler ABI info - done01:31
pidsley-- Looking for include file arpa/inet.h01:31
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v33got a bit of free time today01:36
v33why the hell not :P01:36
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v33anyone here take melatonin06:01
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frinnst<3 spice06:52
frinnstcut & paste between vm's.. wee06:52
frinnstdo you get flickering/flashing when switching between a spicy window and regular x11 ?07:42
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teK_will have to test08:03
teK_but I don't recall remember having that problem08:03
frinnsti run it fullscreen on a third monitor08:44
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Romsterjaeger, so what time did you get for the compile?10:42
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jaegerI haven't tried it, was only speculating at the time11:52
teK_frinnst: just tried spicy in fullscreen mode (but not a xinerama-setup) and experience no flickering12:01
Romsterqud core is off until i get a bigger psu for it, i fixed up the low ram in one of the core2's12:04
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teK_but there are other issues with mouse focus.12:41
teK_may be spicy's fault12:41
teK_are you using it wihtin fluxbox? I always had problem with qemu in it (windows losing their decoration until a fb-restart and such)12:43
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Dark_lightIs there a way to make changes to a port permanent? say that I want to compile mesa with --share-glapi is there a way to make this permanent for every update?14:06
joacimyou'll have to maintain your own version and port your changes over with every update14:12
Dark_lightok :-\14:14
joacimyou might be able to do something cool with git14:15
joacimi know some package managers (homebrew for os x) can preserve changes made by users.14:16
frinnstyeah, fluxbox14:30
frinnstand xorg-ati14:30
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frinnstthats what work felt like today16:15
frinnstwe had a netapp service guy over today to switch a faulty battery. the offending controller was turned off and everything migrated over to the other one16:16
frinnstwhen he yanked the offending controller the live one also went dark16:17
frinnstyep, and one diskshelf didnt want to return online16:18
frinnstthats when we shat ourselves16:18
frinnstluckily everything worked out and the downtime was minimal16:18
frinnsti am now drunk16:19
jaegertell us about your mother and/or NAS16:19
Romsterreal69m25.838s user112m10.480s sys26m28.629s webkit -j14 (without the other quad core)16:23
Romsteri should do a time without distcc to see if it's actuaully helping or hindering.16:24
Vincent0ne-did anyone have problems compiling mlt on crux16:46
pitilloVincent0ne-: have you tried with lastest version?16:59
Vincent0ne-I am using crux 3 and went with the allen ports for kdenlive17:01
pitillocan you check with lastest 0.8.8 version? bump the Pkgfile version by hand and give a try17:02
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Vincent0ne-version I see is /usr/ports/alan/mlt/mlt#0.7.8-1.pkg.tar.gz17:05
pitilloyes, that's why I'm asking :)17:05
Vincent0ne-How do u bump it up with this linux as it quite new17:06
pitillocan you change the port's version to the lastest and try again? you can contact the maintainer by email and ask him about it17:06
Vincent0ne-there is another with mlt17:07
pitillocheck /usr/ports/alan/mlt/Pkgfile and update the version to 0.8.8... remove .footprint and .md5sum files and rebuild the port17:07
pitilloit's the same version Vincent0ne-17:07
Vincent0ne-got it to download 0.8.817:09
Vincent0ne-what is the latest version of kdenlive17:10
pitillocheck its webpage17:10
Vincent0ne-mlt compiled and installed17:10
pitilloyou can notice the maintainer :)17:11
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Vincent0ne-its no wonder it cant get kdenlive latest its bz217:14
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timcowchipI have a question about ports -u18:36
timcowchipI have timcowchip.httpup in /etc/ports18:36
timcowchipand prtdir /usr/ports/timcowchip in prt-get.conf18:36
timcowchipwhen I run ports -u my repo gets updated18:37
timcowchipbut when I run prt-get sysup the changes don't get applied18:38
frinnstdo you have changed ports in your repo thats also in core/opt/contrib/etc ?18:38
timcowchipthis is usually where I get told to rtfm18:39
frinnstif so, then the order listed in prt-get.conf matters18:39
frinnstwhat does prt-get diff say?18:39
frinnstcompared to "ports -d"18:39
timcowchipNo differences found18:40
timcowchipthere isn't a diff atm18:40
timcowchipI changed a Pkgfile for the E17 module port18:40
timcowchipbut Romster hasn't synced it yet18:41
timcowchipI going by past experience with my question18:41
jaegerkeep in mind that ports and prt-get are separate tools, prt-get.conf needs to be notified about custom repos18:42
frinnstwell you need to change either the $version or $release if you want prt-get to pickup the change18:42
jaegernm, see you already updated prt-get.conf, missed that18:42
timcowchipoh ok I should update the release #18:43
timcowchipthanks :)18:44
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Romstertimcowchip have now22:55
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