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v33so, how is everyone today05:52
prologicgreat :)06:09
prologichow about yoruself?06:09
v33i have a stats test tomorrow06:34
v33sorta not ready for it06:34
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timcowchip\o/ I upgraded myself07:13
timcowchiprealease 2 of the E17 forecasts module07:13
timcowchipI think I'll make some more E17 module ports07:22
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: updated to 9.1.214:19
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prologicHey guys17:43
prologicudev in openvz ct17:43
prologicmake any sense?17:43
prologicwhat about running klogd?17:43
prologicI think not17:43
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BurnZeZlf94: Why not just use linuxemu?19:03
BurnZeZaiju: wat19:12
BurnZeZHow did I even19:12
frinnstwrong term? :)19:26
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niklaswegood evning!19:57
joacimhello =)19:58
niklaswehow are you joacim ?20:00
joacimdoing well. and you? =)20:00
joacimwatching some bullshit20:02
joacimthinking about watching some trailer park boys too =)20:03
niklaswehehe okey :) Im trying to figure out why my nginx config doesnt work correctly :P20:04
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timcowchipmy E17 Crux desktop with extra maodules21:00
niklaswetimcowchip: looks nice :)21:01
timcowchipthanks :)21:02
niklaswetimcowchip: was it much job to fix E17?21:03
timcowchipIt just worked21:04
timcowchipI made ports for the extra modules21:04
niklaswehmm time for bed21:12
timcowchipgood night niklaswe21:13
DaViruzwhat's that weird bridge surface?21:13
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niklaswegood night timcowchip21:16
timcowchipits a metal grating21:30
timcowchipyou can look through it down at the Columbia River21:31
joacimoh i would freak out going over that one21:32
joacimi hate walkways made out of those21:32
timcowchipI walked across it once21:33
timcowchipwhen you drive a car over it, the tires vibrate21:33
DaViruzoh. never seen that on a vehicle bridge before21:43
timcowchipIt was built in 192621:44
timcowchipactually that's when it was first opened21:45
timcowchipmy daughter says it tickles, when we drive over it21:45
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frinnsthmm, opensmtpd21:50
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