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v33any way around my schools annoying security not allowing me to update my ports?02:37
BurnZeZHijack sysadmin or ssh tunnel02:37
v33how would one do it through an ssh tunnel?02:40
v33would i have to ssh into another comp then update from there>02:51
prologicWhat's blocked for started?02:51
v33im not quite sure. its left to the default, but, all it says is its been rejected02:53
v33when i try to update ports that is02:53
v33i think its port 222202:57
prologicwhat does curl -v -o - <some_url> do?02:57
prologicoh you can't ssh into your box?02:57
v33oh no, i never setup ssh on my box :(02:57
v33regret it now. haha02:58
prologicI'm confused02:58
prologicI have no idea what is blocked by what you're describinig02:58
v33i have ssh installed if thats what you were asking02:58
prologicor where you're coming from and going to02:58
v33the actual application, but, im using the school wifi now,a nd it wont let me update the ports02:59
v33im pretty sure the port its trying to connect to to update the rsync file, is 2222. i dont have ssh setup on my other computer at home to use that to run ports -u02:59
v33sorry, im not being very clear lol02:59
prologicno no you're not at all03:01
v33not sure if sarcasm or sympathy haha03:01
prologicprobably both :)03:02
prologicanyway there are many ways to get around a restricted network03:02
prologicip over dns03:02
prologicssh tunneling03:02
prologicssh tunneling through web proxies over port 443 using CONNECT semantics with listening remote sshd listening on port 44303:03
prologicalternative web proxies (many available on the web)03:03
prologicget yourself a 3G USB Dongle!03:03
v33ill just wait till i get home lmao03:06
v33a splash of sarcasm is always nice though :P03:06
prologicall my suggestions are serious ones btw :)03:07
prologicI've personally done them all03:07
prologicip over dns is slow though03:07
v33i think id be better off setting up a machine at home i could ssh into03:09
v33might get me an rpi to do so03:09
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diverseRomster: ffmpeg needs to be updated to 1.204:52
nogagplzwhat stuff will that break04:53
diversenogagplz: I don't know if there is API changes, but Romster could upgrade to the latest 1.1 branch instead, 1.1.404:55
diverseis that why you asked?04:56
prologicdiverse:  you could test it yourself?04:57
prologicsee if it breaks anything that depends on ffmpeg?04:57
diverseI would need to log out of here and test it in my crux-testing hdd04:59
prologicso do it? :)05:00
diverseWhat would be a good example to test it with?05:01
prologicanything that depends on it?05:01
prologicpet-get depends ffmpeg05:01
diversealright, so after updating the pkgfile, do a "prt-get update ffmpeg" then "prt-get update -fr $(prt-get depends ffmpeg)"?05:03
diverseprologic: ping05:04
diverseprologic: how do you recommend I go with this?05:08
diversenogagplz: does your deadbeef port use ffmpeg?05:24
prologicyeah something like this05:26
prologicand see if anything breaks05:26
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nogagplzdeadbeef will survive just fine without ffmpeg05:30
diverseIf worst comes to worst, Romster can upgrade to 1.1.405:31
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timcowchipffmpeg doesn't "need" to be updated since it will break everything that depends on it06:08
timcowchipprt-get lock ffmpeg06:09
niklaswegood morning06:10
timcowchipgood morning niklaswe06:11
niklaswehow are you timcowchip ?06:12
timcowchipI'm good, and you?06:13
timcowchipI just patched a port to work with the current version of ffmpeg06:14
timcowchiphave a good day. I'll be putting my kid to bed soon.06:17
niklasweaha I see :)06:19
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timcowchipyou're in Norway, right?06:21
diverseprologic: I got ffmpeg 1.2 to build. That command doesn't find anything that depends on ffmpeg, just what ffmpeg depends. Actually what port does depend on ffmpeg anyway?06:21
timcowchipprt-get dependent --all ffmpeg06:22
diversetimcowchip: you did your homework, I am impressed.06:23
diverseAlright, I will try vlc06:24
niklaswetimcowchip: was that question to me if I living in Norway?06:24
timcowchipyes isn't that where .se is?06:25
niklaswetimcowchip: nope I living in sweden :) and we have .se06:26
niklaswenorway has .no06:26
timcowchipand Sweden is .nu06:26
niklaswenope sweden has .se :)06:26 is Denmark?06:26 are denmark06:27
timcowchipdoes Sweden use .se and .nu?06:27
timcowchipwait I'm wrong about .nu06:28
timcowchipI guess we both found the same wikipedia page06:30
timcowchipI assumed .nu was Sweden because crux.nu06:31
timcowchipthat's like assuming .com is USA06:31
timcowchipI have a .us email address06:33
diverse".com     UNITED STATES (generally)"06:33
diverse".net     UNITED STATES (generally)"06:34
diversesame for .org06:34
timcowchipwhy update ffmpeg?06:34
diverseI should ask you, "why not?"06:35
timcowchipbecause it breaks 2 of my ports06:36
diverse1.2 does?06:36
timcowchipI haven't tried it yet, but I had to patch one of them to work with 1.106:36
diversewell I am testing vlc for 1.206:37
timcowchipdoes vlc work with 1.2?06:39
diverseI am going to find that out right now! I'm compiling.06:39
timcowchipRomster made a port for ffmpeg-compat that uses 0.10.606:42
timcowchipI suppose I could upgrade ffmpeg-compat to 0.11 and use it to build against if 1.2 breaks it06:46
diverseAlright, I got vlc to build with ffmpeg 1.2, it appears to run06:51
timcowchipyou probably don't have backlite or handbrake06:51
timcowchiphandbrake needs to be built with automake-1.11.6 or automake-1.13.2 whens its released06:53
diverseAlright I got xine-lib to build with ffmpeg 1.206:55
diverseprologic: I don't see anything wrong with ffmpeg 1.2, both vlc and xine-lib build fine with ffmpeg 1.206:56
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timcowchipmythtv depends on ffmpeg07:10
frinnsttimcowchip: "nu" translates as "now" in swedish07:11
frinnstand also for a long time ".se" was only avaiable to businesses while .nu was available to register for everyone07:11
frinnstso it became quite popular07:11
frinnstoh, the wikipage explained it :)07:13
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Romster1.1.4 should be higher tan 1.107:51
Romsteroh right diverse is being irish07:53
Romsterdiverse> nogagplz: I don't know if there is API changes, but Romster could upgrade to the latest 1.1 branch instead, 1.1.407:54
Romsterbbl more fixing stuff07:54
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timcowchipcould somewbody please downgrade lua?08:14
timcowchipfrom 5.2 to 5.108:15
diversewhat stopping you from doing it yourself?08:15
timcowchipwhy don't you do it?08:17
diverseSigh, just edit the pkgfile and rebuild it yourself! Besides I am not the maintainer, don't ask me!08:18
timcowchipdo you maintain anything?08:19
frinnstwhats wrong with lua?08:23
diversefrinnst: its likely some package of his is not building/working correctly with the newest version of lua.08:24
frinnstyes i figured that, but what exactly?08:26
timcowchipI found a 5.1 version lua but it won't build08:27
timcowchip5.2 doesn't seem to work with conky08:28
frinnstbuild or runtime error?08:28
timcowchipfor the 5.1 version?08:28
frinnstno, the current in opt/contrib/whatever08:28
frinnsti dunno08:28
frinnstcan you paste the error?08:29
timcowchipit'll take a while, but yes08:29
frinnstjust "downgrading" the port for everyone might cause other issues for others08:30
diversewhich is why I suggest he edit the pkgfile anhd downgrade it himself08:32
timcowchipthanks frinnst, I'll try that one08:34
frinnstis that really lua version related?08:39
timcowchipits the same with slackware08:40
timcowchipworks fine with 5.108:40
timcowchipI'll try the link you gave me08:41
frinnstlooks more like conky needs fixing08:43
niklasweWill try E17 after I saw timcowchip screenshot, It looks nice.08:43
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linXeaniklaswe, o/09:23
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niklaswelinXea: :)10:40
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niklasweI really hate centos right now..12:02
teK_why is that?12:03
niklaswebecause we I have sync to the latest centos-repo but our machine doesnt find any new package..12:04
niklasweI have run yum clean all and alos try yum clean metadata12:04
niklaswebut it doesnt find the new mod_sec version..12:04
teK_file a bug12:06
teK_meanwhile download && install the rpm by hand12:06
niklasweyeah I will do that...12:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 2.5.4 -> 2.613:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-gtk: 0.18 -> 0.1913:10
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Romsteri just got home and it's just past midnight14:15
Romsterffmpeg this lua that... file a bug report if it's an official port citing references bug traces.14:16
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Romsterhrmm it appears lua51 is not compatible with lua52, always something.15:56
horrorStrucknot working tomorrow Romster ?15:59
Romsteryes i'm working later today15:59
Romsterjust hitting 2am i should get to bed shortly15:59
horrorStruckah i thought we had 4 hours diff, only 3 now16:00
Romsteryeah no dst now16:00
horrorStruckwe dont have that here16:01
Romsterit's a pain readjusting.16:01
horrorStruckdepends which way16:01
horrorStruckwhen you gain 1 hour it's fine :P16:02
Romsterit's when you lose it, yeah and have to wind all the clocks forwared to get it back an hour.16:03
Romsteras not all clocks have a back button16:03
Romsternot gonna do a half arsed job of ports right now. and i'm busy this weekend and got monday and tueday nights taken up. it'll probably be either sunday evening or wednesday when i get too lua.16:09
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: zlib-32: 1.2.7 -> 1.2.816:23
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: 9.1.1 -> 9.1.216:23
Romsterzzz later16:31
Amnesiathere's some nasty kernel bug in 3.9.016:41
AmnesiateK_: it just happened:)16:48
Amnesiagot a kernelpanic16:49
Amnesiait was ext4 related16:50
Amnesiasomething with its journal16:50
teK_oh ok16:53
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timcowchipto correct what I said about lua-5.1 before18:20
timcowchip lua builds and installs18:21
timcowchipbut building conky with --enable-lua I get
timcowchipconky with --enable-lua finds lua-5.2 just fine18:23
timcowchipI never should have said "would somebody please downgrade lua,  "18:30
timcowchiplua-5.2 works as a dependency for edje18:32
timcowchipit also worked as a dependency for awesome window manager18:34
joacimthink you can install both 5.2 and 5.1 at the same time18:39
joacimshould be an example of it in arch's aur18:40
niklasweI really hate to buy shoes..18:41
timcowchipthanks joacim18:42
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timcowchipI used to be a "has-been", now I'm a "am-is" -Mickey Dolenz Jr.21:02
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timcowchipis there a user named "retard" in this IRC?21:47
timcowchipretard: do you have Down Syndrome?21:49
timcowchipon behalf of my daughter, who has Down Syndrome, I find the use of "retard" to be offensive, and not at all funny21:51
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timcowchipjust did prt-get update -fr backlite after pkgmk -u ffmpeg-1.2 and everything still works22:25
timcowchiprebuilding handrake with automake-1.11.6-122:52
diverseI successfully build vlc and xine-lib with ffmpeg 1.2, I don't see why not?22:57
timcowchipdiverse: do something for me, change the version in the lua pkgfile from 5.2.2 to 5.1.4 then rebuild it23:30
timcowchiplet me know how it works for you23:31
timcowchiphandbrake also works with ffmpeg-1.223:55
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