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Romstertimcowchip, make the dependency lua51 in conky-lua i'll fix up a lua51 port after work02:16
Romsterdiverse, takes time which i haven't got to test everything.02:19
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timcowchipthanks Romster I commited a conky-lua to my repo with lua51 as a dep02:58
diverseRomster: I understand. You can probably safely update ffmpeg to 1.1.4 instead of 1.203:42
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niklaswegood morning06:15
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diverseniklaswe: did you try e17 yet?06:40
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timcowchiphi niklaswe06:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: spectrwm: update to 2.3.006:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samba: update to 3.6.1406:46
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: iproute2: update to 3.9.006:47
timcowchipdid e17 install ok?06:47
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niklaswediverse: nope not yet.06:57
timcowchipI just added the E17 repo to my prt-get.conf and the e17 httpup to /etc/ports then prt-get install e1707:00
niklaswetimcowchip: Hello, I havn't try it yet, I only has crux  on my ws at home :), so I will try it this evening..07:11
timcowchipok niklaswe, I keep forgetting that is daytime where you are07:24
prologicI need some ideas07:25
prologicSome ideas for managing a central repository of binary packages07:25
prologicI don't like pkg-get right now (tried it) - it adds too much weight to my openvz container07:26
prologicnamely because it depends on perl07:26
niklaswetimcowchip: the time in sweden is 09:26 in the morning07:26
Romsterprologic, write one in python?07:59
timcowchipfreebsd uses pkgadd to install binarie packages08:02
Romsterwell the archived packages of crux are binary now.08:03
timcowchipportsnap fetch08:03
Romsterprologic, needs something to handle dependencies and download.08:03
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timcowchiplike pacman08:04
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timcowchipor slapt-get08:05
timcowchipfreebsd pkg_add will pull depenencies08:10
timcowchipunlike crux pkgadd08:11
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teK_why python or perl? /bin/sh comes as a hard dependency for CRUX08:16
prologicI'm not writing it in Python08:22
prologicthat's the same problem as pkg-get depending on perl08:22
prologicAlso I don't think I need to worry about dependencies necessarily08:22
prologicbecause I intend on using configuration management to install packages08:22
prologicSo it could be as simple as rsync a shared directory of packages and using pkgadd08:23
prologicThis is what I'm thinking at the moment08:23
prologica build server (standard crux) which exposes a shared directory of built packages08:23
prologicthe production containers (minimal crux) will sync to this and ansible playbooks will just pkgadd stuff from there08:24
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diverseWhat do you guys think of partclone? Looks useful for backups.09:12
frinnstfor disaster recoveries maybe09:13
diversefrinnst: what do you use suggest otherwise?09:15
diverseI suppose I could dd an image instead?09:18
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prologicAnyone have anything useful to add to my dilemma :)09:41
frinnstfile backups are generally better than a cloned drive09:42
frinnstsince you will clone potential filesystems errors09:42
frinnstand you wont get a differential backup09:43
prologicUse my rsync differential backup scripts at
prologicuses bash, rsync and relies on hard links09:44
prologiccan't seem to build gcc10:08
prologicnevermind :)10:16
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tuxhathey i need alittle help not that i really need openshot... but i kind of hate avoiding a problem11:06
tuxhatwhats up with python mlt ?11:06
tuxhati install mlt and openshot source it complains still about mlt11:06
tuxhati think i need a dep of "melt" but i can't seem to find a source for it also perhaps i need python-mlt and i can't seem to find anything for it11:07
tuxhati give up11:10
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Romsterprologic, i'd liek to setup a small build farm for making all possible combinations of prt-get depinst got a small 4 pc distcc setup now. a fast host but i think it's near full on hdd space.14:13
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prologicActually Romster you just made me realize something15:13
prologicI _could_ write it in Python15:13
prologicAnd package it using
Romsteri was thinking that prologic15:16
Romsteri should of been more clear.15:16
prologicI wanna see how small i can get the executable first15:17
Romsterif you want really small compress with lzo15:18
Romsteri did make a patch ages ago for pkgmk to compress binaries with lzo, can't remember if it was included in the hvl pkgutils or i didn't put it in there.15:19
prologicyeah trying to install upx15:19
prologicbut it's failing15:19
prologicgot it :)15:24
prologicoh well15:24
prologic3.3M is the smallest I can get a hello world app down to15:25
Romsteri meant to say upx not lzo15:41
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tilmanrecommend a tool to rip a dvd from VOB files please18:26
frinnsthm, i thought my ssd started acting wierd yesterday: -bash: /sbin/reboot: Input/output error18:28
jaegertilman: vobcopy, perhaps?18:30
jaegeror transcode if that's still around18:30
tilmanjaeger: i already have the VOBs, and i want to encode them with a fancy-schmancy video codec18:32
tilmansorry for being unclear :P18:32
tilmanlast time i did that was in 2004 it feels like ;D18:32
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jaegertilman: ah :) I'd probably use ffmpeg to make h.264 videos from them18:35
jaegerThough if you want some other format ffmpeg can do nearly everything18:35
tilmanalrighty, thanks18:35
jaegerI don't think it's smart enough to autosense vobs for you so you might need to do something like "cat *.vob | ffmpeg -i - <whatever options>"18:36
frinnstrun 1: total bytes scrubbed: 27.19GB with 2 errors18:38
frinnstrun 2: total bytes scrubbed: 51.02GB with 0 errors18:38
jaegeruh oh :/18:42
tilmanfrinnst: what tool is that anyway?18:42
frinnstdunno what happened, the sata-port did a reset18:43
frinnstrebooted, everything seems fine18:43
tilmanaha, never ran that18:43
tilmanprobably shouldn't until they have a working fsck18:43
frinnstthey do :)18:43
frinnst(for some errors) :)18:44
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frinnstwtf does "roggen-weizen" and "gehaltvoll-fruchtig" translate to?19:01
tilmanrye wheat?19:01
frinnstoh, quite possible19:01
frinnstthats what it says on the label on the beer im drinking :)19:01
tilmanfrinnst: the fourth word is 'fruity', not sure how to translate the 3rd one :p19:01
frinnstfirst is the type, the other is the taste :)19:02
tilmanlennart and me agree that "rich" might fit19:03
tilmanwhatever the fuck that actually means for a beer19:03
tilmani didn't know there are german beers that are fruity btw ;p19:04
frinnstgot a 6pack from my sister.. 6 different types19:05
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niklaswehmm have they remove flashplyer from chromium.. I mean the builtin..?20:11
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prologictilman, vobcopy21:55
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frinnstniklaswe: new microserver: N54L22:10
frinnst2.2ghz cpu :)22:11
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timcowchiptilman: handbrake or backlite23:22
timcowchiphandbrake doesn't make a dvd though23:23
timcowchipbacklite will make an *iso from vob23:24
timcowchipbothh use ffmpeg23:24

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