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v33hello hello02:13
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horrorStruckniklaswe: they dont ship flash with chromium, chrome only. but you can get it from a chrome rpm or deb and make it work with chromium02:40
horrorStruckniklaswe: (md5sum is probably wrong now) and make sure you start chromium with something like this
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niklaswehorrorStruck: ah tanks, do you know why they have remove flash from chromeium?05:06
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v33it doesn't respect yoru freedom06:08
horrorStruckniklaswe: was it ever included?06:19
horrorStruckbut some licence issue most likely06:21
v33hi horrorStruck06:23
horrorStruckhi v3306:26
horrorStruckno fire in your area?06:26
v33how did you know o.o06:27
v33theres one in my city actual06:28
horrorStruckheard about fires in CAL on the radio this morning06:29
v33yea its pretty bad06:30
horrorStruckare you in a safe zone?06:30
v33well, the fire in my city wasn't too major06:30
v33but you can tell there is smoke in the air06:31
horrorStruckwhat is burning actually, forest zones?06:31
v33well, we dont really have forests around here06:32
v33nothern cali has some trees06:33
v33its just dry bushes and what not i think06:33
horrorStruckyeah what i just read on reuters06:33
horrorStruckand learnt the word chaparral :P06:34
v33quite the word lol06:36
diverseis it better to backup with files or with clone images?06:55
tilmanjaeger: ffmpeg worked like a charm. was fast as hell on modern multi-core hardware, too :D07:03
diversetilman: which version of ffmpeg?07:04
tilmandiverse: the one from contrib. 0.10.607:04
tilmanprobably very outdated07:06
tilmandiverse: i installed it from 2.8's contrib :o07:06
diverseindeed, the latest ffmpeg is 1.2, and the main ffmpeg port we have is 1.107:06
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diverseI am urging Romster to update it to 1.1.4 to get the latest bugfixes07:08
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diversecoincidently, the ffmpeg-compat port in 3.0's contrib is at 0.10.607:10
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timcowchiptranscode works with ffmpeg-1.207:17
timcowchipfunny, prt-get dependent --all ffmpeg doesn't list transcode07:19
timcowchipyet prt-get depends transcode lists ffmpeg07:20
diverseprobably because you haven't point prt-get to your the local port directory07:22
timcowchiptranscode is in contrib07:22
timcowchipI have prtdir /usr/ports/contrib in prt-get.conf07:24
timcowchipsox works with ffmpeg-1.207:25
diverseI don't see it listed there!07:27
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timcowchipI believe what I said was "prt-get depends transcode lists ffmpeg" and it does07:36
diversetimcowchip: the pkgfile link that I gave you, shows that transcode does NOT depend on ffmpeg.07:39
timcowchipand yet prt-get depends transcode lists ffmepg!07:39
diverseThat might be a dependency for a dependency that transcode uses, i don't know.07:40
timcowchiptranscode depends on mjpegtools which depends on libquicktime which depends on ffmpeg07:45
diverseIt appears you got libquicktime to compile with ffmpeg 1.2?07:47
diverselooks like 1.2 is safe07:49
timcowchipyes it does07:49
diverseRomster might be able to update it safely.07:53
timcowchipI don't see why not07:53
timcowchipthe libquicktime dependency util-linux-ng needs to be changed to util-linux08:15
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Vincent0ne-does anyone have problems compiling imlib-1.9.15 as this appears to be a dependency for kde based programs09:27
tilmanthe 90s called. they want their imlib back09:28
tilmanVincent0ne-: i think imlib 1.9 is the development branch that led to imlib 2.009:29
tilmanVincent0ne-: ->try installing imlib2 instead09:29
tilmanv1 was called imlib 1.4 iirc09:29
Vincent0ne-that is installed09:29
Vincent0ne-I know Kdenlive seems to try to fetch this one09:30
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tuxhathello good people, i am having some trouble here with nvidia gl09:33
tuxhatit keeps saying "no screen"09:34
tuxhatand i nvidia-xconfig09:34
tuxhatalso done gl-select use nvidia09:34
tuxhatit works if i "disable" aka gl-select use xorg09:35
tuxhatand if i remove the xorg.conf09:35
tuxhatwell i suppose i will figured it out.. i think everyone here is ZzzZzz09:36
prologiccheck th logs for errors10:52
prologicensure you have appropriate kernel drivers isntaleld/loaded10:52
Vincent0ne-I think he sorted it10:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: feh: 2.9.1 -> 2.9.212:35
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horrorSt1uckRomster: thought you might be interested
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timcowchipimlib2 is a dep for conky-lua19:32
timcowchipjust updated the Pkgfile19:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dbus: updated to 1.6.1020:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: rpm2targz: adopted port20:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dvd+rw-tools: adopted port20:21
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v33hi gys20:25
timcowchiphi v3320:26
v33how are you timcowchip20:26
timcowchipgood and you? are you in nocal?20:26
timcowchipor socal?20:26
timcowchipventura county?20:27
timcowchipI used to live in Newbury Park20:28
v33near the la area20:29
timcowchipthe Angels are losing to the Orioles 2-020:31
v33meh, not much of a fan20:35
timcowchiphow are the fires going?20:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: cedega: removed orphaned port20:36
timcowchipI haven't anything new today20:36
timcowchipsomebody's cleaning up the ports20:36
v33not too bad. they lifted the evacuations from here so...20:39
frinnstmore to come20:40
frinnst and are about to be nuked20:40
frinnstunless somebody steps up20:41
timcowchipis this in preperation for things to come?20:41
frinnstnot really, im just fed up with seeing them20:41
frinnstmost are untouched for 5 years or something20:42
timcowchipok then20:42
timcowchipv33: we had to evacuate once20:43
timcowchipit was my daughters first day at school20:43
timcowchipthat's where they sent everyone20:44
v33oh that stinks20:44
timcowchipwhen I was young I helped cut fire breaks in the Sierra Madres20:45
timcowchipwe removed everything tat could burn from the crests of hills20:46
timcowchipsupposed to stop fires from jumpimg over to the other side20:47
timcowchipfrinnst is bringing the rule of law to the wild20:49
frinnstno mercy!20:58
teK_I thin valgrind should stay21:00
teK_so I'll end up maintaining it21:00
frinnstgood, its the only port that i didnt want to lose21:01
frinnstbut not enough to maintain it myself :)21:01
frinnstthanks for playing into my trap!21:03
teK_I'm so glad to have you aboard21:04
v33crux is getting more popular, im sure as people join, youll have a few more maintainers21:08
teK_it is?21:17
v33i see it being thrown around more often online21:19
v33so i assume so21:19
v33looks like a few more people joined on the irc21:19
v33i have a feeling crux is going to be the gentoo replacement for /g21:20
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tuxhat: thumbs up on crux eh :21:38
tuxhathaha i finally got openshot to work ... and i dont really need it i just wanted to see if i can get it sorted and i did.. that was a bit of a mission...21:39
tuxhati'm gonna make a distro base on crux linux 3.021:41
Vincent0ne-my kdenlive also works21:41
tuxhatoh you got it sorted21:41
Vincent0ne-sorted out the mlt stuff21:42
tuxhatdoes kdenlive detect freg0r-plugins21:42
tuxhati install the freg0r-plugin and openshot still complains about it21:42
Vincent0ne-When I find away I can put the title module in to mlt I will try that21:42
Vincent0ne-its probley installed in to user/local21:43
tuxhati had to delete /usr/share/pixmap/openshot.svg21:43
tuxhatbecause i think u need like librsvg2 or something21:43
tuxhati can't install it becaue i need a newer version pango21:44
tuxhatim like meh21:44
tuxhatso i just deleted the damn icon and openshot work21:44
tuxhatand it still has a icon i dont see the point of that openshot.svg anyhow21:44
tuxhati think they should just take it out since it will stop openshot to work if u cant view svg files21:45
tuxhatsome programs i had to change the make files alot21:45
tuxhatto get them to work21:45
tuxhatlittle hacker i am21:45
Vincent0ne-at least I managed to compile the wave machine prank video on kdenlive without problems21:47
tuxhatgentoo is not a bad distro , but i dont like to have to always setup cflags and stuff i find it just a long process and after setting it up its always have to do like package.use or something i forgot be awhile i havn't use gentoo.. i heard of crux alot i never really used it i dont know why .. i was tripping out on arch linux for about 5 years and just never see the point in using crux.. but once i started to use crux man i dont want to use any other d21:48
tuxhatCRUX ROX :)21:49
tuxhati like it alot because of the unix philosophy setup of the system and i dont know its just great keeping traditional linux to the heart in this system i like to compiled everything i like it i dont know how to describe how i'm feeling when using crux linux its like just WOW like WOW awesome distro and i must say to the DEV. NICE job i love ur taste on how ur build ur distro i admire your work21:51
tuxhati'm also glad some others in my small community are testing out crux and im glad to promote it a bit people should know how wonderful crux linux is.. i done alot of videos latley on my youtube channel about crux linux21:52
tuxhatu know how arch linux is very popular... its sad that they get alot of credit for a system that breaks all the time and it started out by being inspired by crux .. judd vinet a canadian developer that inspired by Crux ... which he base Arch Linux on... and crux is just left out.. what made arch linux great was the philosophy / setup of crux in it.. thats why i love arch linux, and when i tried Crux i see it all in there.. and i think crux is way better 21:54
v33tuxhat you from /g/?21:54
tuxhatwhats that21:54
tuxhat /g/21:55
tuxhatgoogle ?21:55
tuxhatnah im from #tuxhat21:55
tuxhatmy little small neglected linux community21:55
tuxhatVincentOne- is from there too21:55
tuxhati'm just a canadian Linux user21:56
tuxhati'm just inspired by crux alot21:56
tuxhatit open up my mind alot and giving me good ideas i want to make another distro but i want to ditch debian linux because its not for me.. i like debian with knoppix years ago but i dont like debian to much now its just like windows or simular lulz i swear it is.. crux liunx is perfect for me21:57
tuxhatu know how it inspired "judd vinet" the developer of arch linux21:58
tuxhatwhen that what crux is doing to me21:58
tuxhatwell ^21:58
tuxhati want to do a distro but i dont want to lose crux base because i think its perfect the way it is21:58
tilman10 years ago, the funny people said suse and redhat were like windows21:58
tuxhatthey are21:59
tilmantoday, they claim debian is like windows?21:59
tilmanW T F21:59
Vincent0ne-I think Crux rox pretty good in my view after using it for week21:59
tuxhati consider suse and red hat like windows too21:59
tuxhati consider crux linux more like unix21:59
tuxhatin every way21:59
tuxhatlike today unix21:59
Vincent0ne-I thought Ubuntology was more like Windows22:00
tuxhatyeah and vincent not a guy that really distro hops he is a UNIX type guy and him saying that must mean something special about crux22:00
tuxhatubuntu , debian , red hat , suse , puppy linux22:01
tuxhatall like windows22:01
tuxhatdebian is like windows i find22:01
tuxhatits all automatic and stuff22:01
tuxhati like crux linux its keeping it simple much like openbsd and netbsd but better because it uses linux kernel instead and it having the bsd init and bsd world and ports system is VERY amazing like simular to pkg-src22:02
tuxhati relaly like that22:02
tuxhatand i like that its optimized for x86_6422:03
tuxhatso its all pre set for ur cflags22:03
tuxhatonce again like "bsd"22:03
tuxhati say crux linux is the best thing that happen to linux22:04
tuxhatand i wish i used it in the pass :(22:04
tuxhatbut im glad i started to use it22:04
tuxhatin 2000 i never heard of crux22:05
tuxhati was using knoppix during that time22:05
tuxhati heard of crux 5 years ago when i was using arch linux22:06
tuxhati'm sorry i talk about22:06
tuxhati'm just very nerdy like that22:06
tuxhatsuse is windows novell sucks balman cock22:08
tuxhatfuck EFI22:08
tuxhati always hated novell i use to hack their faulty security on NT systems at my school back in the 90s lulz22:09
tuxhatnetware lulz22:09
tuxhatsolaris was tight back in the day22:10
tuxhatminix kind of reminds me of solaris22:10
Vincent0ne-512 charators used to crash a netware 4.1 and 4.11 server22:11
tuxhatthank god for crux , because i was gonna ditch linux and went on NETBSD i still love netbsd but crux is way better its like netbsd + MORE22:11
tuxhatlike that unix backdoor on login22:11
tuxhatu heard about that vincent22:11
tuxhatken thompson the legend :)22:12
tuxhatseems like people are quiet when i enter a #channel22:13
tuxhati know i'm a fucking riot eh22:13
tuxhati'm canadian what do u expect22:13
tuxhati cant type22:13
Vincent0ne-probley sleeping22:13
tuxhatwhere is NU anyhow22:13
tilmanare you from quebec?22:13
tuxhati live close to quebec22:14
tuxhatim from new brunswick22:14
tilmanthanks for confirming22:14
tuxhatwhat is that a problem :P22:14
tuxhati talk to alot of people in quebec hardcore linux users22:14
tuxhati tell yeah22:14
tuxhatcool22:16 is sweden, denmark, netherlands and belgium22:16
tuxhatnu stands for "now" in swedish, danish and dutch22:16
tuxhatmy grand father on my mum side is from denmark22:17
tuxhatmy mum is half danish22:17
tuxhatshes a nutter to eh :P22:17
tuxhati dont mean that as a bad thing22:18
tuxhatso crux from like northern europe22:18
tuxhatcool :)22:18
tuxhatits only 7:18 pm here22:18
tuxhatatlantic standard time22:19
tuxhatall week been hacking on crux linux22:19
tuxhatcompiling all the programs i use22:19
tuxhatand i got everything to work22:19
tuxhatwhich i had trouble with gentoo in the pass that i didnt got everything work.. so a bit of hacking and getting everything to work is a + because crux just works its hardcore man22:20
tuxhatsolid system :D22:20
tuxhati dont even compare crux to gentoo22:20
tuxhatcrux is way better than gentoo in so many ways22:20
tuxhatcrux is more like Netbsd22:21
tuxhatand freebsd22:21
tuxhatand kept the philosophy right22:21
tuxhatgentoo tries to base their system on a bsd world but do it so wrong22:21
tuxhatand can confuse people i say.. as crux keep it simple and logic22:22
tuxhatand i love the philosophy of it and it make sense to me22:22
tuxhatcrux should be use by more user which is why i want to do my next distro base on crux linux 3.0 base to promote it more .. i hope i get more people invole with crux.. because its a great distro and i think more people should give it a go22:23
tuxhatcrux linux bring back unix to people in today world thats how i look at it because of the philosophy and how the system is setup... i mean its better than unix but just the way it works reminds me alot like unix logic22:24
tuxhatalright i suppose im talking to myself22:25
tuxhatwell i just wanted to say thanks for time and letting me talk .. i had to much coffee today im all hype up :P lulz22:25
tuxhatwell u folks have a good one eh22:25
frinnstdear god the text22:28
Vincent0ne-he is a big talker22:29
frinnstheh, watching his install guide22:51
frinnsthis root-pw starts with hcl :)22:51
frinnstpainful to watch him trying to figure out why the network isnt working :)22:52
frinnsti keep screaming YOU ARE SETTING A STATIC IP AND NOT USING DHCP22:53
frinnstthe routing is fucked up22:53
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