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frinnstprobably because you have llvm installed. seems you need llvm-3200:52
frinnstdoesnt seem to be a 32bit port yet00:52
BurnZeZShould it really break the build, though?00:52
BurnZeZI guess I could remove llvm and re-install it after compiling this00:53
frinnstmesa-32 detects llvm, tries to use it: breaks00:53
frinnstyeah that would be a workaround00:53
frinnstplease file a bug00:53
BurnZeZI figured I'd mention it here to see if it's a known problem00:53
frinnstif you have a couple of minutes to spare :)00:54
BurnZeZApparently I have to register01:02
BurnZeZI don't really have a working email right now01:02
frinnstguess the mailinglist is not an option either then01:14
BurnZeZThere's a mailinglist?01:14
BurnZeZHuh. Didn't know.01:15
BurnZeZI don't use mailing lists, though.01:15
BurnZeZ(Along with what you already mentioned)01:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: cleanup01:22
diverseSomehow it bothers me how he keeps calling Crux, "Crux Linux" like thats the official name...01:36
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BurnZeZOh god04:14
BurnZeZWrong place with the thing04:14
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v33so hows everyones day coming along05:25
Romstertilman, vobcopy06:58
Romsterhmm vobcopy if oyu need to decess it, else ffmpeg/transcode it.06:58
Romstercat *.vob > movie.vob06:59
Romstertcextract -i movie.vob -t vob -x mpeg2 > movie.m2v06:59
Romstertcextract -i movie.vob -t vob -x ac3 -a 0 > movie.ac306:59
Romstermplex -f 8 -o "NAME%d.mpg" movie.m2v movie.ac306:59
Romsteri got stuff for mencode if you need a example.07:00
Romsterthe backlog, finally someone other than myself that can monologue!07:17
Romsteri'll look over the orphaned ports in a bit.07:26
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Vincent0ne-frinnst, is that Introduction to Crux Linux video?07:30
Romsterit's GNU CRUX07:36
Romsteror just crux07:36
Vincent0ne-Romster, I am actually asking that other guy if that is the name of the vidoe07:36
Romsteroh okay07:37
Vincent0ne-I am looking at the video to see what frinnst was talking about07:37
Romsteri didn't bother to look07:37
Vincent0ne-I see what people mean by him calling it Crux Linux07:38
diverseRomster: this tuxhat guy keeps calling Crux, "Crux Linux" so you are going to see a lot of ambiguity and a pit of stupidity :)07:38
Romsterafaik linux is the kernel part07:39
nogagplzso long as he's having fun who cares07:39
Romsteror is it as ther is herd too.07:39
Romsterit's all confusing07:40
diversewell someone could start a FreeBSD kernel or Hurd version, you never you know ;)07:40
Vincent0ne-tuxhat loves cfdisk, I always used fdisk07:42
diverseI am starting to like parted these days.07:43
v33romster, sometimes i wonder if you ever sleep07:44
Romsteri do sleep v3307:45
v33how many hours? lol07:45
Vincent0ne-he forgets to mkfs07:45
diverseVincent0ne-: here is the reason why I am just calling it Crux:
Romsterbetween 3 and 8 hourd07:45
v33have you ever tried melatonin?07:47
prologicyse sorry07:47
prologicit is just CRUX07:47
prologicbecause there's also CRUX Arm07:47
prologicCRUX PPC07:47
diverseprologic: like the creater intended :)07:47
prologicHas anyone built CRUX + Hurd yet?07:47
prologicor even BSD?07:47
v33i'd like to interject for a moment...07:48
prologicCRUX to me is pkgutils, prt-get and rc07:48
RomsterBurnZeZ is not using GNU in crux;07:48
Romsternever heard of melatonin07:48
prologicGNU is just the collection of software/tools07:48
prologicmany of which are no longer GNU :)07:48
Romsteryeah bash gcc etc.07:49
v33wans't there a new gnu lisence that everyone hates or something? lol07:49
Romsterhe is using plan9 shell rc, llvm for compiler.07:49
prologicbash, gcc, glbc, binutils, autoconf, etc, etc07:49
prologicGNU software07:49
prologicnot the GNU licensess07:49
diverseRomster: and rewriting pkgutils07:49
prologicwho's rewriting pkgutils?07:49
prologicand what for?07:50
Romstersome think GNU is bloat07:50
v33well anyways, grab yourself some melatonin and enjoy sleeping like a god lol07:50
diverseprologic: the BurnZeZ guy and for it to work with rc shell.07:50
prologicrc shell?07:50
diversethe Plan9 shell07:50
Romsterv33 i have no problems sleeping, i have problems waking up lol07:50
prologicoh ic07:51
diversewhy would he want to use it, is beyond me.07:51
prologicI'll likely continue my port of pkgutils to Python at some point07:51
v33oh god07:51
prologicso I can have the benefits of the CRUX package management on ohter systems07:51
prologiclol at the youtube video07:53
prologicyea we all know this07:53
diversewhats it about?07:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libxdg-basedir: dropped07:55
v33so many packages being dropped :(07:56
Romsterprologic, BurnZeZ is rewriting pkgutils.prt-get so it works on plan9 or something07:56
Rotwangv33: no other port was dependent on this one07:56
v33oh alright07:56
v33so spring cleaning for crux?07:56
diverseIt would be cool if Crux moved away from bash and use zsh by default imo.07:58
diverseRotwang: read the features section:
diverseits commandline completion is superior in many ways.08:03
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diverseMaybe showing a video will help08:03
Rotwang$ prt-get search --path zsh08:04
Rotwanghere it is08:04
prologicI disagree diverse08:05
prologicI'd rather CRUX move to dash by default08:05
prologicor something even more lightweight08:05
prologicthe default shell should serve no useful purpose to the user other than to aid with the system itself08:05
prologicI really should redo my dash patches that I did a while back08:05
Romsterdiverse, you can use zsh for your home shell08:10
diverseRomster: I know08:10
Romsteror any shell for that matter. but bash has to stay on for core.08:10
Romsteri'd rather see dash as prologic said be the default.08:11
nogagplzwhy bother using a fancy shell like those at all, morse code and one wire to administer the system08:11
Vincent0ne-When I messed with other UNIX system when bash was not available I been fine with the shells installed to it08:13
diverseRotwang: here is the video if you are interested:
prologichey I'd use lua to bring up the system08:15
prologicif it actually made things simpler08:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: imlib: contrib -> romster08:16
Vincent0ne-tuxhat messed up grub I see, I used lilo since redhat 4.1 and still use it now08:47
Romsteryeah i'm using lilo i tried grub to it was horrid08:48
diversedoes lilo support gpt?08:48
Romsteri'm not sure08:49
Romsteri don't have anything with GPT on it yet.08:49
Vincent0ne-im not sure only place I saw GPT was in freebsd08:49
Romsterthe only 3TB hdd i could of used GPT on i decided to use as a raw device for lvm2.08:49
Vincent0ne-appears that people has not tested lilo with gpt disks yet08:55
diverseIf it doesn't support gpt, I am stuck with grub2 or syslinux08:57
Vincent0ne-only OS I have seen GPT used was when I messed with freebsd09:04
Romsterlinux can use GPT09:07
Romsterand i've seen OS X using it too.09:07
Romsternot certain if windows does or not.09:07
Vincent0ne-only place I have used windows is at work I done away with windows a long time ago09:09
Romsteryeah i use it at work all the time. at home i have windows but i rarely boot it up. but it'son my laptop. been to lazy to setup linux on that yet09:10
Vincent0ne-Windows was previously used for making videos until I found a Linux Video Editor which was just as useful09:13
Vincent0ne-I have kdenlive for my type of videos09:15
Vincent0ne-managed to get running on crux09:15
Romsteroh so your on kde4?09:16
Vincent0ne-I dont actually use kde4 as a wm09:21
Romsterso your using kdelibs and some other DE/WM?09:21
Vincent0ne-only to run the video editor as it is closer to the windows program I used09:21
Vincent0ne-will have to look at lives as well09:26
Romsteri gave up kde3 years ago but i used that when i migrated from windows to linux.09:26
Romstersince then i've never used anything kde.09:27
Vincent0ne-the windows program  I used to use was pinnicle studio09:27
Romstervideo capturing, what kde program are you using now for that.09:28
Vincent0ne-I don't capture on computer I tend to film things and make videos09:29
Romsteri've been converting vcr tapes to dvd on occasion for them vcr tapes of family outings.09:32
Vincent0ne-I know a camera is very handy for cold callers09:34
Vincent0ne-Now I see what frinnst  meant by tuxhat's network set up on that video09:37
diverseAbout the net daemon, I wonder why there isn't a 2nd one that provides the dhcp, like a net-dhcp script that is provided?09:45
Vincent0ne-that is an interesting one, its wierd how it is missing09:46
diverseits not missing, its just not there. The idea was you had to mess with your net service to use dhcp to make it work. My suggestion is, "Why not provide a similar script that does that along with the net script?"09:48
diverseHave your static and your dynamic ip routing to choose.09:49
teK_just put the dhcp-call into rc.d/net ..09:50
diverseteK_: what if I wanted to switch back to static without having to go back on and look for it in the documentation? My point is, why not provide both options at the same time? You could make a copy and edit that, but why not provide it by the package?09:54
Romsterwhy not use wicd in those situations?09:55
teK_if that's the problem, copy the net-Script09:56
teK_either way you should be able to memorise how to configure an ipaddress and a routing table entry :)09:56
diverseteK_: I did mention about copying it earlier.09:58
diverseAnyway, I thought my idea would be of convenience to new comers.10:00
Vincent0ne-I am a newcomer to crux myself10:04
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diversenetsplit ahoy!10:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ffmpeg: 1.1 -> 1.211:05
diverseThanks Romster! :)11:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libquicktime: correct dependency name util-linux-ng -> util-linux11:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: amule: correct dependency name util-linux-ng -> util-linux11:11
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-base-32: correct dependency name util-linux-ng-32 -> util-linux-3211:12
Romsternp diverse11:12
Romstereeps freenode is even net splitting too.11:13
diverseRomster: I am glad everything checked out for ffmpeg 1.211:16
Romsteryeah i like to make sure, before pushing versions.11:17
Romsterthat way i should have very few breakages11:19
Romsterwhy are we keeping rpm2targz since bsdtar can decompress rpms now.11:19
diverseffmpeg 1.2 looked clean to me when I was compiling it with vlc and xine-lib.11:20
Romsterprt-get dependent --all ffmpeg |xargs11:20
Romsterxine-lib libquicktime mythtv vlc sox11:20
Romsteri checked them all11:21
diverseRomster: are you thinking of dropping rpm2targz?11:23
Romsteri didn't pick it up not my choice.11:24
frinnstI adopted it11:26
Romsterhmm qt3 fails to compile needs another include added to some files #include <stddef.h>11:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: added icu dep11:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: fixed footprint11:55
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: fix compile with and without llvm-3215:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: dbus-32: 1.6.8 -> 1.6.1015:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 319.1715:28
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 319.1715:28
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v33hey guys19:21
teK_hopefully the ffmpeg update will fix my issues while playing wma files19:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: valgrind: picked up port19:24
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timcowchipcleaning up firefox19:41
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frinnstccache seems to hate you20:19
frinnstwierd error20:19
timcowchipshould I try it w/o ccache?20:20
frinnstyeah, that error has nothing todo with firefox really20:20
Vincent0ne-frinnst, I saw tuxhat's video I see what u meant on the networking problem20:21
timcowchipok, editing pkgmk.conf20:21
timcowchipseems to be passed the point of the error20:25
frinnstdunno if your cache was buggered or whatever20:26
timcowchipcould switching automake versions back and forth bugger it?20:26
timcowchipbecause I've done that20:27
frinnstno clue, dont know much about ccache or how it operates20:28
timcowchipsome people don't need ccache :)20:29
timcowchipfirefox was one of the reasons I use it20:30
timcowchipoh well, someday I might just get better hardware20:31
timcowchipIf I want to use mythtv, I'll need to anyway20:31
timcowchipI guess it wasn't passed that point of error20:35
timcowchipor do I need to un export CC="ccache gcc?20:36
timcowchipjust commenting it out of pkgmk.conf doesn't do anything until I log out and then log back in, right?20:37
timcowchiplet me try that20:37
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timcowchipstill errored and I'm pretty sure ccache isn't being used20:49
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timcowchiprebbooting seems to have done the trick21:14
timcowchipI suppose export -n CC="ccache gcc" would have worked21:18
timcowchip"f" me.....I spoke too soon again21:18
timcowchipstill get the error21:19
timcowchipseems to be taking longer to happen without ccache21:19
timcowchipbut I guess that's what ccache is supposed to do21:20
v33is it possible to turn an old phone into a ftp server?21:22
v33google says it is. hm...21:23
joacimI've seen some fun stuff for my old symbian phone. can turn it into a wireless ap21:24
joacimcould probably turn it into an ftp server too =)21:24
v33i was looking at the21:25
v33odroid x2 and was going to use that as a sftp server and htpc21:26
v33but its pricey21:26
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timcowchipUX rhymes with Crux21:40
timcowchiphope it doesn't sux21:40
Vincent0ne-theres a couple of OS with UX in21:41
timcowchiptalking about firefox UX21:42
timcowchipor as it used to be called "nightly"21:43
v33rhyming ux with crux.....type to take up rapping21:43
Vincent0ne-I have seen nightly version once before21:43
timcowchipI can't build /usr/ports/opt/firefox21:44
timcowchipeven if I could build it, it would take all day21:44
diversetimcowchip: are you going to be a rapper?21:48
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timcowchipI think I'll wait until I'm 7021:51
timcowchipthen I can rap about being crotchity21:51
diversehow far until you are 70?21:54
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joacimthought you were talking about user experience...21:56
timcowchip5 years21:57
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timcowchipRomster: I'll need a lua51 port before I can build tolua++23:16
timcowchiptoluaa++ can't find lua with the old installed23:17
timcowchipsame as conky with --enable-lua couldn't find it23:18
timcowchipand of course lua-5.2.2 can be found, but doesn't work23:19
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